Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Fill-in: March 29, 2008

Friday Fill-in #63

1. Some relationships are meant to stand the test of time.
2. Staind is the last concert I saw; it was a good concert, but not the best experience.
3. Spring should be longer; it feels like we've already moved right along to Summer.
4. Oh no! I forgot to do my Friday memes yesterday! ;-)
5. I've recently started burning my Spring candle scents.
6. an Easter lily never fails to make me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Friday night I
watched Castaway, tomorrow today my plans include relaxing all day and Sunday, I want to go to church, do my grocery shopping & get back to more relaxing in preparation for Heather's arrival on Tuesday!


Friday's Feast: March 28, 2008

Feast One Hundred & Eighty Three

What does the color dark green make you think of?

Christmas trees

How many cousins do you have?

(assuming you mean first cousins only) three on my dad's side. six on my mother's.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?

probably an 8.5 -- my job forces me to tell "white lies" pretty often ("i'm sorry, he is not on property right now, can i offer you his voice mail?"), and i am better about telling people when they've hurt me but not always, and sometimes the truth is really better left unsaid (when you don't have something nice to say, just keep your mouth shut), but i am a terrible liar, so honesty it is. and i prefer it that way, because i've been lied to a lot & i can't say that i enjoy it all that much...

Main Course
Name something that is truly free.

unconditional love.

Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.

Small plants rise in new growth. -- ok it barely makes sense. but i had to put something. you have no idea how long i've been sitting here trying to think of *anything*. =P


Friday Fun: March 29, 2008

Style Edition

1. Which decade do you fall in? 20’s, 30’s, etc.? I won’t ask for an exact age!

30s. hence the Thirty-Something Bloggers badge up there under my header.

2. Do you subscribe to the theory that there are age appropriate clothes? Or can they, in general, span the generations?
i think some clothes can span the generations, but there are also clothes that are age-appropriate. being in the Disney parks is a great way to illustrate this. there are plenty of young girls wearing clothes that reveal *way* too much for their tender ages, and there are other women who are clearly in denial of their age when they go clothes shopping.

3. Do you think you “dress your age” in accordance with the current “appropriate” styles?
i think so.

4. Are there “young” clothes that you wish you could wear but don’t feel like you still can? Is it based on your age or body type?
when i look at what a lot of the younger girls wear & what is sold in the stores aimed at that age group, i don't particularly feel like i am missing out on anything. i am pretty comfortable with the clothes that are available to me. still fun!

5. Do you find that you are more comfortable in your own skin as you get older?

6. Do you have a thing for a particular kind of clothes? Like you love all things cargo pants, or tennis shoes, or T-shirts, etc.?
i love clothes that are deceptively comfortable. you know, the ones that look good & like they should be uncomfortable... but they're not!


Friday, March 28, 2008

SPF: March 28, 2008

Kristine's assignment for us this week: NUMBERS. It seems like everything lately revolves around numbers; age, dates, birthdays, weight, money, sizes…everything is a number.

i present to you: my favorite Red Sox number. =)

let's play some baseball already!!

(by the way, lest there be any confusion, this was his All-Star batting practice jersey from 2007 -- that is why it is orange & black!)


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Randomness: March 27, 2008

This week marks the 100th post of 'randomness'
A set of random questions:

1. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
oh man. there are so many... coffee. mint chocolate chip. vanilla. road runner rasberry. moose tracks. neopolitan. black raspberry. and a whole bunch of specialty flavors: Apple Pie (Edy's Grand). Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong (Edy's). White Christmas (Publix). Vienna Mocha Chunk (Friendly's). i really could just go on & on...

2. What shampoo do you use?
Loreal Vive Pro for highlighted hair.

3. How do you like your eggs?
scrambled. deviled. hard-boiled (just the whites though). egg salad.

4. What's the first thing you do when you get online?
check my email!

5. What is your favorite tv show?
Red Sox baseball. ;-)

6. Which do you prefer, the sunrise or the sunset?
i love them both. sunsets are so vibrant. but there is something equally beautiful about the soft colors of the wakening sky.

7. When is the last time you went to the mall?
that would be this past Saturday. reminded myself why i hate the mall. =P

8. What was the last food that you ate?
chocolate raspberry yogurt. which reminds me: time to heat up my lunch!

9. What is your favorite animal?
i find White-Cheeked Gibbons fascinating.

10. Do you collect anything?
not exactly. i am drawn toward snowmen, snowflakes & jingle bells at Christmastime though. hmmmm... and judging by my feed reader: blogs. LOL


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

stupid is as stupid does, sir

ok, i know when there's a problem with some piece of technology that They say "it's not the machine, it's the operator" but... in this case, i blame the machine. or in this case the printer that says "error: paper jam" when what it really means is "error: paper tray empty". in my experience, you actually *need* paper in order for it to get jammed.

just sayin'.


drive me crazy (the sequel)

apparently yesterday's rant didn't quite cover it.

i also hate it when people slow downto 2mph for three-quarters of a mile before they make a right hand turn. and then need to come to a complete stop in the middle of traffic just before they (finally!) make it. arg!!


win some, lose some

ok, so we split. i'm satisfied with that. my biggest concern is making sure the guys can get back on track once they're back on native soil.

truthfully (and i'm probably going to some grumblings about this but hey), i am still not sold on Lestah being as great as they claim. he gives up an awful lot of hits. and yes, usually he manages to wriggle out of it. today though? not so much. all those hits given up resulted in a three-run homer with one poorly placed pitch. i am not saying he's a lost cause, but i would much rather see him as a third or fourth starter. and with only one run (as Manny is modeling for us here), the Sox ship out 1-1 for the next leg of their super long road trip.

credit where credit is due: the A's pitched a nice game today. you can't argue Harden's 9 Ks (13 total for Oakland pitching).

onto bigger & better things. like:

Youk's 191-game errorless streak at 1B. that's just two away from the all-time consecutive errorless infield record held by Steve Garvey. which just solidifies how insane it is to have talked about shifting him back across the diamond for any reason. (and no, not *just* because i happen to prefer we not need anyone "new" at third.)

and Manny's $10k check for being the MVP in the first game. "i think i'll use it for gas," he says. what i am even more concerned with, though, is the free color copier he received. because you know that the clubhouse is going to be wallpapered in color reproductions of Manny's... er... face pressed to the glass.

and i could *never* pass up a chance to make fun of Lugo. seriously, is his face made of plastic?! i think that having an artificial face disqualifies him of any MVP awards, right off the bat.

and speaking of... just replace "Lucy" with "Lugo" here. heh.

(you can click on the image to enlarge it, by the way.)

so after that two-game teaser, we get a five-day break. then instead of 6am games, we get 10pm start times. one extreme to another. can't a girl catch a break?? see you all April 1. no fooling. (har har har)

(photos from the Boston Globe)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i get by with a little help from my friends

JD Drew a last minute scratch? no problem! Brandon Moss will help him out! and come up with a game-tying solo shot in the top of the ninth!

(Yahoo! Sports)

Matsuzaka having a rough start? obligatory home run given up? don't worry. Cap'n Tek will settle him down.

(Boston Globe)

looks like Oakland might try to extend that one-run lead in the eighth? Ellsbury's got a Coco catch up his sleeve. (hey! speaking of sleeve. his one lucky long sleeve is gone!)

(Boston Globe)

Sox need runs? who ya gonna call? Manny!! bases clearing double in the sixth and then again in the tenth to break the tie!

(Boston Globe)

Jon did not look like $800k today. just sayin'. but a base-running blunder from the A's certainly saved his save for him when he couldn't seem to place a pitch for any amount of money.

(Boston Globe)

do you suppose they have an Anti-MVP Award they could give to JFL, though? (that's Julio Freaking Lugo, for those of you joining us late.) because *that* would help *me*. ok fine. i will begrudgingly admit he had a decent game. i'm sure that won't last though. =P

it's ok. i think i can "settle" for a 1-0 start. bright & early again folks! actually, so early, even the sun's not up yet. let's go Lestah!!


drive me crazy

in no particular order:

**going to two different CVS's to find that neither one of them have my facewash in stock. and Skin Effects is a CVS-exclusive line.

**people who feel the need to stop in the Sunpass Express lane. (that would be the lane at the toll plaza that reads the little transponder in your windshield so you don't have to pay cash. some of you know this as the EZ-Pass.) the whole point is that we *don't* stop in that lane. we slow down but keep moving.

**when great blog ideas start somewhere you cannot possibly write them down. and then by the time you can POOF!

**drivers who ride your rear bumper so closely that if you so much as tap your brakes, they are going to be in your backseat.

**internet connection hiccups.

**when March Madness runs over & pushes back my shows. and then my DVR is not recording the show i wanted to see. >=[

**people who pay more attention to eating their breakfast, applying their makeup, fiddling with their cell phone and *not* enough to their driving.

**when those same people don't GO when the light turns green. then race ahead & squeak through the light at the last second, leaving me stuck for another traffic light cycle.


are you ready?

couldn't hear you. i said... are you ready??

(Boston Herald)

Mike Timlin has been waiting for*evah* for this. he's wicked excited (even if he will spend the game as a spectator)!

(Boston Herald)

Matsuzaka is ready. "let's see 'em hit *this* pitch!"

(Boston Globe)

Lestah is ready & waiting. he will see YOU tomorrow.

(Boston Herald)

Commander Kickass is ready. stupid DL. and what's with these games in the middle of the night??

(Yahoo! Sports)

Coco says "you know you love it."

(Boston Herald)

the Captain will ask you one last time: are *you* ready?

(Boston Herald)


Monday, March 24, 2008

meanwhile back at Fenway...


so close you can almost taste the hot dogs & beer

just a few last thoughts for Spring Training. you know why? because in roughly nine and a half hours, it will be BASEBALL SEASON!!

1. i am a little bummed that Sean Casey will be unavailable for any playing time in Japan with a stiff neck. i have taken an almost instant liking to The Mayor. how can you not? does the guy *ever* look like he's not having a blast? and it rubs off on everyone around him. =)

(Boston Globe)

(Boston Globe)

(Boston Herald)

2. before one of exhibition games with the two Japanese teams, the players did a hat exchange. i can't help thinking... look at the size difference between Youk's & Hirano's heads! i bet those hats didn't fit too well. and also? we all know how Youk managed to sweat even in the chilliest playing conditions. i love Youk as much as the next Sox fan, but i don't think i would wanna wear his hat.

(Boston Globe)

3. i've said it before. i am sure i will say it again. but there is no way Pedroia 5'9". no. way.

(Yahoo! Sports)

(Boston Herald)

4. this is going to be the year of JD Drew, i can feel it. he's been playing some kickin' defense. and he's had two home runs in two days, one a game-winning grand slam in yesterday's exhibition game. if he keeps up with the way he ended last season, i *might* forgive him for that 7 on his back...

(Yahoo! Sports)

5. no offense to Matsuzaka, but his presence in this photo really spoils the dream for me. ;-)

(Yahoo! Sports)
and this one is missing the hardware... ::sigh:: there's just no pleasing me, is there. =P

(Yahoo! Sports)

6. why is it that i never know what to say about photos of Papelbon...? words just don't do it justice anyway.

(Yahoo! Sports)

7. i want to see the follow up for this photo in which all we see is Julian's feet when he jumps ten feet in the air & Manny is rolling on the ground, laughing.

(Yahoo! Sports)

see ya in the morning for some Sox!!


Sing Along: March 24, 2008

I don't know what brought us together
What strange forces of nature
Conspire to construct the present
From the past

("I'll Go On Loving You," Alan Jackson)


Sunday, March 23, 2008

By the Way Sunday: March 23, 2008

~Last Night~

By the way...

Did anyone call you last night?
actually, yes! Nichole called me!

How late were you on the computer last night?
ummm... about 11pm i think. that's early for me, especially on a Saturday. i was sleepy last night.

What did you have to eat last night?
a chicken & fish basket while i was out running errands.

Did you watch any good TV shows or movies last night?
ummm... i don't really remember what i watched last night. probably because there was nothing good on. i record The Ten Commandments though. i just didn't want to start watching it when i knew i would never make it awake through til the end.

Did any news items stand out to you last night?
nope. i didn't watch or read the news.

Did you go out last night?
yes. running errands. all freaking day.

What was the weather like last night?
cool & rainy.

What was the last thing you said last night?
good night.

What time did you go to bed last night?

~Eat Your Veggies~

By the way...
What's your preference...

green beans or green peas?

carrots or cucumbers?

corn or black-eyed peas?

broccoli or brussel sprouts?
broccoli (but i will let you in on a secret: they taste a *lot* alike!)

potatoes or asparagus?
oooo... tough call. potatoes. by a smidgen.

cabbage or spinach?
depends. is the cabbage as sauerkraut?

zucchini or cauliflower?
another close call. zucchini by a slim margin.

radishes or sweet peppers?
sweet peppers -- raw please!


pretty in pink?

we hear all these horror stories about bridesmaid dresses. actually... there's something to that really. i mean, i've worn my fair share of... well...

(a cousin's wedding, June 1981)

(my aunt's wedding, June 1985)

(my mom's wedding, June 1993 -- that's me all the way to the right)

(my dad's wedding, June 1997)

Saturday, though, i went to try on my dress for Alison's wedding. and she picked a beautiful dress. flattering style. and a shade of pink that actually looks good on me.

that being said, thank God she did not pick clover green -- the color of my sample -- because a) ick, 2) made me look kinda sick and d) can you say Jolly Green Giant? speaking of color: with the exception of the floral dress for my mother's wedding, every wedding i've been in, i've worn pink. and even the floral one had pink in it! note to self: if you ever end up getting married, pick some other color than pink. ;-)


Happy Easter!

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal;
Christ hath burst the gates of hell.
Death in vain forbids His rise;
Christ has opened paradise.

Lives again our glorious King!
Where, O Death, is now thy sting?
Once He died our souls to save;
Where thy victory, O grave?

(Christ the Lord Is Risen Today," v. 3 and 4)


Saturday, March 22, 2008

born in a stranger's stable... buried in a stranger's tomb

In life no house, no home
My Lord on earth might have;
In death no friendly tomb
But what a stranger gave.
What may I say?
Heav'n was His home
But mine the tomb
Wherein He lay.
("My Song Is Love Unknown," v. 6)


Friday, March 21, 2008

SPF: March 21, 2008

it's back! it's back! for our first week back, Kristine claimed to "go easy on us": show us your favorite photo. ha! that is not easy at *all*. i cannot pick a favorite! so... i picked one of the many...

why is it a favorite? i love the angle, looking up. i love that it's not your usual view of Cinderella Castle. i love that it's at twilight. i love the colors. i love that there are no people in it. i love that it looks completely peaceful, which is often difficult to achieve, literally, at the center of Magic Kingdom.

how about you? did you play? tell me! click the button at the top of this post & tell Kristine!


God's great act of love is complete.

What punishment so strange is suffered yonder!
The Shepherd dies for sheep that loved to wander;
The Master pays the debt His servants owe Him,
Who would not know Him.

The sinless Son of God must die in sadness;
The sinful child of man may live in gladness;
Man forfeited his life and is acquitted;
God is committed.

O wondrous love, whose depths no heart hath sounded,
That brought Thee here, by foes and thieve surrounded!
All worldly pleasures, heedless, I was trying
While Thou wert dying.
("O Dearest Jesus, What Law Hast Thou Broken," v. 4,5,7)

Calv'ry's mournful mountain climb;
There adoring at His feet.
Mark that miracle of time,
God's own sacrifice complete.
"It is finished!" heat Him cry;
Learn from Jesus Christ to die.
("Go to Dark Gethsemane," v. 3)


Friday 5: March 21, 2008

Isn't it Time You Applied Yourself?

1. What was the last thing you filled out a written application for?
oh man... ummmm... probably my apartment lease? i don't apply for much.

2. What computer application software last impressed you with what it could do?
Picasa. i love my Picasa.

3. Where did you last apply a Band-Aid?
the knuckle of my thumb on my left hand.

4. What’s a rule that applies to many people in your life but not to you?
if most people are quiet, it's usually an indicator that something might be wrong. not so with me. i'm just quiet. period.

5. When were you last required to apply some elbow grease to something?
last night when something boiled over on my stove. =P


Thursday, March 20, 2008


tagged by Holly

What I was doing 10 years ago:
i was 21. working in daycare. and my baby brother was still three months from being born. wow... ten years ago. crazy.

Five things on my To Do List today:
today is almost over! and tomorrow is Good Friday, so the only thing on my list is to work & go to church. why don't we talk about what i need to do on Saturday when i actually have a list:
1. haircut/highlights
2. go to David's Bridal to get my dress for Alison's wedding ordered
3. grocery shopping
4. stop at the bank
5. see if i can find a pair of sandals since it's starting to warm up & my last pair got retired

Snacks I enjoy:
green grapes. Garden Salsa Sun Chips. chocolate. ice cream. Wheat Thins.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
i hate this question! i can't even fathom this. i woud be responsible with my money. not go crazy spending. but i would definitely spoil my loved ones. and see the Disney Parks in Asia & Europe. oh yeah & own a better camera. ;-)

Three of my bad habits:
1. apologizing for things that are not my fault
2. being excessively critical & demanding of myself
3. not saying no when i need to because i hate letting other people down. i would rather inconvenience or compromise myself than disappoint someone else.

Five places I have lived:
1. Bristol, CT
2. Terryville, CT
3. Davenport, FL
4. Clermont, FL
5. Auburndale, FL

Five jobs I've had:
1. receiving clerk for Bloomingdale's By Mail
2. receptionist for a small computer company
3. daycare provider for sixteen babies between the ages of six weeks and two years (five years' worth!)
4. accounts payable *and* receivable for TWO dealerships simultaneously (have i mentioned how bad i am at math?? this was the longest two years of my life. i was pretty good at it, if i say so myself, but i will *never* do that again.)
5. Lifestyle Assistant at the clubhouse of an active senior community (fancy way of saying i worked in the office and handed out poker chips & pool passes)

Current position:
office administration. that's the best way to describe it. there are way too many facets of my job to even start listing. let's just say it all starts & ends right at my desk.

no tagging. if you want to play along, consider yourself tagged. and let me know so i can check out your answers!


Sing Along: March 20, 2008

Daddy shakes his head and says
And says "Baby, just slow down"

Cause you're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this
("You're Gonna Miss This," Trace Adkins)


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i'll tell you something...

i better *never* hear another man make a snide reference to PMS after the little boy hissy fit i just witnessed from a grown man.

as you were.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And I Quote: March 18, 2008

"Over the line?! You're so far past the line, you can't even *see* the line... The line is a dot to you!"
(Joey Tribbiabi on Friends)


Monday, March 17, 2008

picture perfect

no photos of me this time but...

it was a perfect day, low-to-moderate crowds & gorgeous 80* weather, at Epcot on Saturday.

the perfect kind of day to spend time with friends, play with my camera & enjoy the park as they get ready for the Flower & Garden Show, complete with all new topiaries!

it didn't hurt to have lunch at Biergarten either. ;-)


the closer we get, the slower time goes...

a few random thoughts spinning off today's Sox-Yanks Spring Training game.

1. Colon's line: 3 walks. 2 strike outs. 4 runs on 3 hits. all in 2/3 of an inning pitched. and a one-way ticket to Pawtucket, i hope.

2. Julian came out & plunked Jeter, then caught Benedict Damon looking. ::suppressing a smirk::

3. Youk hit a pretty little home run. bodes well for many things. including two of my three fantasy baseball teams.

4. some punk named Albaladejo came thisclose to hitting Papi. maybe we should go over the rules one more time: there is no hitting of the Papi!

5. the YES guys spent a good deal of time salivating over Julian, saying how versatile he is & how they could sure use someone like that in their bullpen & how the Sox are open to trading him. if anything, this should be incentive for the Sox to hold onto him like he is made of gold.

6. Girardi sure was chatting it up with the YES guys today. he was giving them a *ton* of information. which leads me to ask: if we listen to his interviews, are we going to find ourselves charged with spying on our opponent?

7. most comedic moment of the game: learning that Hip Hip Jorge had to have extra wires specially added to his catcher's mask to protect his ears. thank God our pitchers have nice normal-sized ears tucked right up against their heads, that do not require special additions to their gear.

i refuse to discuss the score of this game. they started Pettitte to our Colon. they had a headstart before the first pitch eas even thrown. i am really just ready to be done with this pre-season nonsense. let's play some games for real already!


Sing Along: March 17, 2008

Remember when
Old ones died
And new were born
Life was changed,
Disassembled, rearranged
We came together,
Fell apart
And broke each other's hearts
Remember when

Brought back the love,
We found trust
Vowed we'd never give it up
Remember when

Remember when
Thirty seemed so old
Now lookin' back
It's just a stepping stone
To where we are,
Where we've been
Said we'd do it all again
Remember when

("Remember When," Alan Jackson)


Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Feast: March 14, 2008

Feast One Hundred & Eighty Three

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting
when i take the time to write neatly, i would say a 9. i can print perfectly or my "regular" handwriting is a hybrid between print & cursive that seems to have its very own personality. when i am lazy or in a hurry though, i have a scrawl that coud rival any doctor's. ;-) then i rate it a 3 at best.

Do you prefer baths or showers?

showers. i love the nice hot water pounding down on my shoulders. baths are ok but i can't take bubble baths so what's the fun?

What was the last bad movie you watched?

i did not really enjoy Good Luck Chuck.

Main Course
Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.

OMG Red Sox. but it's a good addiction. it's one that i share with quite a few people who are important to me. and it's resulted in some awesome new friendships. and i think it even entertains my non-Sox and non-baseball-fan friends! i really do hate to miss a Sox game for whatever reason though. it has to be a pretty good one. and then i need updates on the score.

Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?

i absolutely love a soft piano solo. like... Jim Brickman.


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