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This Week on My TV: November 30, 2013

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E8 "Necromancer") Abbie teaching Ichabod the fist bump. I don't know how I feel about that, but I completely understand his skepticism. -- Captain: I can hardly believe Jefferson foresaw holding a headless man prisoner. Ichabod: He foresaw holding the worst type of demons that would walk the earth. A product, no doubt, of his years trying to reason with the French. -- ::snicker:: Andy Brooks is "unhappily resurrected." -- Dead guy, mental patient and a time traveler from the Revolution. That's just awesome. -- Is it me or is it really uncomfortable to watch Ichabod talk into the neck where the Horseman's head was severed? -- Screaming that you're in control is generally a pretty accurate indicator you're anything but. -- Sword fights are pretty freaking cool. --  The Horseman is Abraham!! Excellent twist!

**(Revolution, S2E7 "The Patriot Act") Dopey Monroe is funny. -- Rachel's father sold out Aaron. Not cool! -- Nothing like telling someone not to be afraid right after they watch you set two people aflame by looking at them, Aaron.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E9 "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word") If there's one thing I've learned from watching television, it's that if someone I don't know approaches me and asks for me by name, I'm going to immediately be suspicious that I am being served. -- Panty hose? Do people still wear those? -- Um, there was a pending Arizone/Callie baby? Man, this show is withholding details all over the place lately and revealing them with the flashbacks. -- Callie's dad weirds me out a little now that I think of him as Mr Alzate from Last Man Standing. -- Why do they make April dress like an old lady? -- If all the doctors are at Callie's lawsuit trial, who is on duty at the hospital? -- Ah crap. I don't like Arizona. But I also can't argue with Callie's father's reminder that they took vows and you don't walk away from the family you've created without trying to make it work.

**(Elementary, S2E8 "Blood Is Thicker") Gosh it seems quiet up on that roof where Sherlock and Mycroft are fencing. I get that they're up on the roof but that's New York City happening below and around them. Shouldn't the city noise carry? -- Is that dwelling where Sherlock and Watson live supposed to be charming? Because I find it kind of gross. -- What is with all these television show hotels and apartments catering to the very wealthy who demand total privacy but no security? -- Does Mycroft own no comb? -- Sherlock's posture, or rather, lack thereof bothers me. -- What exactly is Mycroft up to and with whom??

**(Blue Bloods, S4E9 "Bad Blood") I love sarcastic Frank. Asking Baker where the file was when she made a remark that didn't help the discussion Frank was having with Garrett about Thanksgiving. Calling Garrett "Mrs Reagan" when he was nagging. -- Does Baker have a first name? Does anyone know it? -- I swear, it seems like every police drama has a cop with a bad seed sibling. -- Kirk Acevedo seems to be popping up everywhere since Fringe ended. Blue Bloods. Person of Interest. Law and Order: SVU. -- Frank: Oh, please call me by my first name: Commissioner. -- "Forthwith" used twice this episode, but none by Jamie! I guess they have a quota, but no way to work it in when he only appeared at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

**(CSI, S14E5 "Frame By Frame") Did that girl seriously swallow a roll of film, *dry*? -- Faked death. I did not see that coming. -- Kind of bummed the highly touted return by Catherine was only in flashbacks.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E10 "Somebody That I Used to Know") I don't like watching Bailey struggle. -- What is with all the making out in plain sight at the hospital? -- I'm annoyed with the whole Callie/Arizona thing. And I'm annoyed with Leah. They are all acting like children. -- Since when is Alex the most stable member of the group? Weird. -- Jackson has really piercing eyes. When he's on the screen, I find it impossible not to look at them. -- Let's just clear the air: Owen and Cristina are not over each other. Jackson and April are not over each other. -- Cristina and *Shane*?? -- Doctors make the *worst* patients. I'm looking at you, Webber. -- The whole bit when Meredith tells Derek that she kind of liked it when Cristina was mean to other people, but likes it less now that Cristina is being mean to her? In some ways, I sympathize with that. It doesn't feel great when a quality you liked in a friend somehow gets used against you.

**(Top Chef, S11E8 "Piggin' Out") Does anyone have any idea what the Quick Fire Guest Judge, Dr John, was saying? Hip tang? Clipped my wings? Verily hip? That was some lingo...when I could understand a word he said! -- I think I am starting to figure out my favorite contestants: Louis, for sure. Stephanie. And...Shirley or Carlos, maybe? -- That was a whole. freaking. pig. -- Did Nicholas forget to pack a comb? -- Whoa. Best food Tom has had in eleven seasons? That is some high praise! -- Louis? NOOOOOO! And now that means he is facing Janine in Last Chance Kitchen and I was rooting for her there. I have to stop picking favorites.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E11 "Bedtime Stories") All in rhyme. Here we go! -- Ha! Rhyming using names from the Yankees! -- Nice! Dude on the bus managed to rhyme 'Canada' with 'janitah'. -- The Council of Players all played by Barney. Bronx Donnie. Tuxedo Charlie. Staten Island Lou. Pickle Jar Bob. Captain Bill. Boom. The end. True story.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E10 "And the First Day of School") Sophie, Luis and Chef Nicholas! All in one episode! Jackpot! -- Caroline whining about how there were no gifts for her. At least she wasn't using the whiny voice from that episode earlier this season, I guess? -- One of the chefs in Max's class looks like a young Manny Ramirez (of Boston Red Sox fame). It's a trifle unsettling. (Ha. Trifle. Max is in pastry school. I slay me.)

**(Mike and Molly, S4E4 "Careful What You Dig For") Why are Mike and Molly living back upstairs and not in the finished basement they fixed up all of a sudden? Yet another unexplained detail in this season. Don't these writers understand this makes me crazy?? -- Mike: I thought you wanted to dig up some dirt? Molly: I did, but I didn't think I was eating it! -- That scene on the couch with Susan Sarandon was the dictionary definition of awkward. And then they followed it up with the lap dance? -- Did Molly escape in the final scene without shoes?!

**(Mom, S1E10 "Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges") I kept expecting that opening scene to be a dream. -- Christy's house is turning into a clown car. Bonnie on the couch, ex-husband in the driveway. -- Bonnie being domestic is weird. The pimped out furniture brought things semi back to normal. It felt right again after she went running down the street when the cop siren sounded outside the house. -- I do not approve of episodes without Nathan Corrdry.

**(Elementary, S2E9 "On the Line") That opening scene, with the victim setting up her suicide to frame the man she believes murdered her sister, was both disturbing and clever. -- I appreciate Sherlock leveling with Watson, that he isn't nice, that's he's abrasive and difficult, that he isn't sorry and won't change, but that he makes effort for her because he considers her exceptional. I don't think he needs to be nice. He is who he is. -- The cases are interesting, but I keep feeling like the show needs...something. A bigger picture theme or arc or something. Solving a case from week to week isn't enough. Moriarty is in prison and we know Mycroft is up to his ears in something but it still feels like the show needs a little more depth.

**(The Mentalist, S6E8 "Red John") Wow, they sure made short work of that squad room. -- Grace: Where's Jane? Lisbon: Don't ask. Cho: She just did. ... Cho's dry personality kills me. -- After Jane traded phones with the bicyclist, how did he know which payphone number to dial to call Bertram back? -- Agent: FBI! Back it up! Cho: CBI! Back it up yourself! -- The Sheriff is Red John?! I did *not* see that twist coming!! -- What the heck did the Sheriff do with his voice while he was conversing with Patrick?! He was talking normally, then all of a sudden said something about winning the game in this weird high-pitched voice, and then switched right back to his regular speaking voice again, as if it never happened! -- I totally knew, the second Patrick stepped into that church and I recognized it, that he had stashed a gun there on his last visit there. -- How did the Sheriff run that far and that long with a bullet hole in his gut? -- So... now what?

**(The Blacklist, S1E9 "Anslo Garrick") What was that flashback Lizzie had?? -- Red: With all due respect, if the intel were worth having, I would have it. Ressler: There's a price on your head. Red: There's a running price on my head, Agent Ressler.-- Ressler: He doesn't even know this place exists. Red: All he *does* is extract people from places that don't exist! Places exactly like this. -- Who taught those FBI security guys how to come around corners without protecting themselves? They got picked off like sitting ducks! -- I appreciate that Liz didn't just climb out of the vent in the elevator on the first try and without breaking a sweat or suffering so much as a scratch. -- Red: Well, let it never be said I valued a Zegna Venticinque tie over a human life. --Anslo took out his own man shooting the bulletproof glass of Red's cell. Whoops. -- Red: Donald! Donald! Feeling any wittier yet? Any strange cravings for beluga caviar or Marcel Proust? ... Oh, Red. You have the best lines! -- Red: We become who we are. You can't judge a book by its cover. But you can by its first few chapters. And most certainly by its last. -- Ressler: We're not going to live through this. Red: I think we will. Ressler: How? Red: Have you ever sailed across an ocean, Donald? Ressler: No. Red: On a sailboat surrounded by sea with no land in sight? Without the possibility of sighting land for days to come? To stand at the helm of your destiny. I want that one more time. I want to be in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. I want another meal in Paris, at L'Ambrosie in the Place des Vosges. I want another bottle of wine. And then another. I want the warmth of a woman in a cool set of sheets. One more night of jazz at the Vanguard. I want to stand on summits and smoke Cubans and feel the sun on my face for as long as I can. Walk on the wall again. Climb the tower. Ride the river. Stare at the frescos. I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book. Most of all, I want to sleep. I want to sleep like I slept when I was a boy. Give me that. Just one time. That's why I won't allow that punk out there get the best of me, let alone the last of me. -- You always kill the guy after you knock him out, Lizzie. Always always. -- And now my jaw is firmly on the ground. Both Red's bodyguards, dead?? -- I'll tell you what. If the poo hits the fan, I want Red on my side.

**(The Good Wife, S5E9 "Whack-a-Mole") Lockhart/Gardner is playing super dirty now. Stealing the Florrick/Agos office furniture? Not to mention peeking into the files to scavenge the account opposite Florrick/Agos. Wow. -- Damian Boyle's Irish accent is fake?! Or is he just messing with the judge? -- Alicia (about her pin that Damian is now wearing on his lapel after stealing it from her desk): You're the world's number one mom? Damian: Well, I have my moments. -- Witness on the stand, screen name "LotionMyFeet": Call me Mr Feet. Will: Uh, no thanks. -- Jackie: Is that what is was? Confusion? What, 'where were your panties'? Supreme Court nominee, Rachel: That was a long time ago. I was twenty-five. Jackie: Yes. And you have slept with the husband of someone with a shorter memory. -- Did Damian seriously give Kalinda three birthdates when she was vetting him? Oh, he is a piece of work. -- I would not like Jackie as my enemy. She has a real mean streak. -- Kalinda: Cutting out early? Damian: Yeah. This is generally the time I wire my ill-gotten gains to my account in the Caymans. What do you need? ... I don't think I like Damian, but it may be fun watching him square off with Kalinda. -- Eli may kill Jackie. Those two have one of the most amusing relationships on television. -- I think "Kluger the Magnificent" is my favorite judge. But what on earth was he up to asking Alicia out for coffee?!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E9 "Sanctuary") Quite possibly the creepiest episode of the season. I'll tell you what: that may have reawakened my old fear of trees, born of the mean, apple-throwing trees in the Wizard of Oz! -- Ummm, Ichabod has a son?? Very curious what became of him.


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Unconvetionally Thankful

What may come as a shock to some, I once had a boyfriend who told me that I didn't listen well, that I was very negative and that I often made things difficult for people I care about.

If you happen to be one of those "some," ready to jump to my "defense" and scowl at the faceless image of a long ago beau, let me ask you to pause for a moment:

He was right.

You read that correctly. Long before I was the cheerful, positive person you've likely come to know, I was, well...not. I wasn't unhappy, exactly, but I was unsure. Unsure of life, unsure of myself, unsure of where I stood. Being unsure made me feel insecure and less than. Add to that my naturally quiet nature, at least until I get to know you, and it was a short trip to being negative. And, as I've since learned, being negative makes one unpleasant to be around, for sure, and on the worst days, downright exhausting. It made me high maintenance, because I *didn't* listen well to what he needed or how my actions and attitudes made him feel or even to the good things he tried to share. In short, I made it incredibly difficult for him to be around me as time passed.

Obviously, this relationship ended.

As I got older, I like to think I started to gain some wisdom through introspection. After years of glaring at his harsh criticism (when I wasn't still outright ignoring it), one day, I took a hard look at it and was honest with myself: I needed to do some work on me, because I didn't really like how I was or how it made me feel.

I worked hard, and I continue to work hard, because we're never a completed project, at being a better version of myself. I wanted to be cheerful -- genuinely cheerful -- and I wanted to have a positive outlook on life. I wanted to be low maintenance. I wanted to not be a burden on the people I care about. I wanted to be easy to be around, ready to enjoy this life, willing to *really* listen instead of letting myself spiral into feeling attacked, which lead to the inevitable argument being picked.

It's funny how this decision altered me in ways I never anticipated. I will always have a quiet nature, even more so when I first meet people, but I'm more confident in myself, and even when I'm not, I try to move outside my comfort zone at least some of the time. But the biggest gift for me is that I have found myself profoundly grateful. I am grateful for big things and small, the grand scale and the simple. I think I was generally grateful before, but now I'm more aware of just how much I have to be grateful *for*. And most surprising, I am even grateful for the criticism and grateful for who it made me. At the time, I didn't want to hear it, but now I am grateful for those words being the catalyst for me becoming someone I really like.

People talk about all the various blessings in life for which they are thankful on Thanksgiving -- food and family, friends and creature comforts, and on and on -- and maybe this isn't something we're "supposed" to voice among those expressions of gratitude, but today, I am also grateful for who I have become and for the person whose constructive criticism I rejected for years, because without those frank words, I may not have grown in this way, even if it took me an exceptionally long while to get to the place where I was willing to hear it and do the work. The proof of my efforts is in the shocked reaction of those who didn't know me "before."

Blessings can be big or small, yes, but they can also come wrapped in packages we don't recognize.


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Photo-a-Day: Week 47


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This Week on My TV: November 23, 2013

New title, same idea. (The old title was annoying me, so I'm trying something new on for size, til I one that fits.)

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E6 "The Sin Eater") Abbie: What is the point in baseball? Ichabod: Please. Enlighten me. Abbie: All right! For me baseball is about three things. First: tradition. The rules never change. You can always count on the grass to be green, the lines to be white, so no matter how crazy the world gets, it makes you feel safe, like everything's ok. Second: it's about teamwork. The players have to have faith in each other and watch each other's backs, because without that, the team don't work. And what I love is that this sport doesn't discriminate. You can be a short long reliever, a long shortstop, black, white, Hispanic, and that is the American dream. -- Noble!! I will happily watch John Noble in just about anything now, following his portrayal of Walter on Fringe. He did not disappoint. (Although the part where he ate the blood-soaked sponge was a bit ick.) -- Very interesting way to weave in the Freemasons. -- What will happen now that Ichabod and the Horseman's link has been severed?

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E7 "The Midnight Ride") Ichabod's disdain over purchasing water and his amused disbelief about voicemail. For such a dark, intense show, he certainly brings the comic relief. -- The expression on the Captain's face when he lays eyes on a man with no head walking toward him was worth its weight in gold. -- Captain: I need to fill out a report. I need the Governor? Ichabod: What are you going to tell him? Captain: What do you think I'm going to tell him? The Headless Horseman is mowing people down to being about the End of Days? For questions, please call Ichabod Crane, the man who beheaded him in 1781? -- Ichabod in the Paul Revere museum was *hilarious*.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E6 "Map of You") Wow, Mer is really mad at Cristina. -- Is everyone going to have a connection with that red coffee mug? Derek. Shane. Jo. Mer. Stephanie. Oops. Nope. Broken. OMG, it's still showing up, even broken! On a cart passing Derek. Broken pieces in Shane's hands. And now he's gluing back together. Ok, so obviously the red mug was symbolic. At least I noticed before the final scene, when it was spelled out for the viewer. -- LOL! The patient is holding Derek's sensors hostage in his head, unless he takes out the tumor with them. -- I adore Mer and Der together. I really love the way their relationship has evolved. -- I didn't think I could dislike Arizona more. And now that she's messing with an intern's head, I do.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E7 "Thriller") Confession: I always get nervous about the Halloween episodes of this show. The potential for things to get ugly and gross in a hurry is just too enormous for me to not worry where it could go. -- Is Arizona seriously getting involved with Leah? Ugh! -- Did a crazy patient seriously *bite* Leah?? UGH! -- Was that overhead scene with Leah and Stephanie lying head to head on the locker room benches a throwback to early Cristina and Mer? Because it sure felt that way. -- Shane treating the elderly patient that Heather was caring for "under the table" and telling her to come see him next time because he would be her doctor now that Heather's dead? I bawled.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E8 "Two Against One") Stephanie: It's life-saving technology, Shane. If you want it faster, page God. -- I cannot believe that Cristina betrayed Mer by stopping the liver model on the 3D printer. This is going to be painful to watch, isn't it. The dismantling of Mer and Cristina, I mean. -- What on earth is going on with Bailey, *now*? Are they really hinting at brain tumor?

**(Elementary, S2E6 "An Unnatural Arrangement") I think *my* heart stopped when the masked man starting talking to that woman from the chair in her living room. Other than that, I was kind of less impressed with this episode. It felt like it was lacking some critical element.

**(Elementary, S2E7 "The Marchioness") Why do I not recall that Watson actually went to bed with Mycroft when they were in London?! -- Sherlock said "coitus." Which is an instant Sheldon Cooper reference and made me laugh right out loud. -- Sherlock poking the sheets on Watson's bed with a stick, because he wasn't sure if Mycroft was in there with her. Sometimes, you slay me, Sherlock. -- So it's ok for Sherlock to sleep with Watson's friend, but he can't stand that she slept with his brother?

**(Blue Bloods, S4E8 "Justice Is Served") Danny on a jury. I'll admit, I was a little surprised. You'd think there would be some sort of "conflict of interest" there, or, at the very least, he would have been dismissed by the defense. -- You'd think the other jurists would take notice that a cop thinks a defendant isn't guilty. -- Jamie's partner. Why cover up her assault? It just doesn't make any sense to me, even after she's listed all her reasons. -- Frank: I'm the Police Commissioner. I know everything.

**(The Good Wife, S5E4 "Outside the Bubble") Elsbeth Tascioni! She always feels like a character that would have belonged on Boston Legal. Perhaps the reason she is one of my favorite recurring characters. -- Eli and Jackie squaring off. It's been done a hundred times before, but their sniping at one another brings me great amusement. -- I thought for sure Diane was going to be screaming at Will for making an offer to Alicia to take her place as a managing partner after Diane left the firm. I think I audibly gasped when she figured out that Alicia was leaving Lockhart-Gardner. Although how she made that assumption based on the fact that Alicia wasn't decorating her office seemed a stretch for me.

**(The Good Wife, S5E5 "Hitting the Fan") Why does Howard *still* have no pants on?! Has no one felt the need to take him to task on this? -- Not a fan of Alicia's suit with the elbow patches. Odd. I usually like her wardrobe. -- Wow. That was some intense action with everyone getting fired and escorted out. And Peter declaring war on Lockhart-Gardner. Things are about to get crazypants.

**(Parenthood, S5E2 "All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard") I don't get it. Why do Sarah and Amber think Ryan needed to have "a plan" for his proposal? Was it somehow less sincere a proposal because he didn't tell all his friends first and have some elaborate plan beyond realizing she was the woman he couldn't live without? -- Not cool, not believing in your wife's campaign, Adam. -- I kinda sorta love that Crosby is honest with Jabbar about how awful it is having a newborn around. -- Do we not even acknowledge Haddie's existence anymore? Is she away at college in another dimension?

**(Reign, S1E3 "Kissed") Have to admit the supposed almost-prince of Portugal seemed like far more a catch than Francis and France's scheming and double-crossing. So now we know how "the lion will fight the dragon on a field of poppies" translates. I wonder how Nostradamus' other visions will come to fruition. Will Bash survive? What will transpire to unite Mary with Francis instead of Tomas? -- Two thumbs up: Mary's dance with Tomas and Mary's first kiss with Francis...both steamy!

**(The Good Wife, S5E6 "The Next Day") Diane wakes up exactly the same way I do: eyes pop open, I blink, sit up and reach immediately for my glasses. -- Why does every female character with long bangs on this show (Diane, Alicia, opposing counsel) not have ant flippy misbehaving cowlicks? I'm jealous. -- David Lee is a complete jerk. Seriously. Is he *ever* likable? -- I'm not sure what Will's...romantic encounters...have to do with anything. So, why spend so much time on them and give them so much...detail? -- Diane crying is just strange. She's usually so cold and emotionless.

**(The Mentalist, S6E7 "The Great Red Dragon") Where did all those random police officers or detectives that were sent out on the manhunt come from? Six seasons in and I have *never* seen  a single one of them in any episode! And now they are filling the desks in the squad room? -- Yes, Agent Reed Smith, a pipe is a great defense against a guy with a gun. ::eyeroll:: -- I can't decide if I think Red John is Bertram or someone Bertram works for. -- I have a strange uneasy feeling about the FBI showing up and disbanding everyone for their investigation. And where is Agent Reed? Weren't Lisbon and Patrick supposed to be protecting him? And what is Patrick's plan now? There's no way he's just "letting it go," as he claimed to Lisbon in the elevator.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E10 "Mom and Dad") I have decided that I do *not* like Robin's shirt. -- Daphne and Marshall singing "500 Miles" while all the various scenes flipped by was funny. And then the one with baby Marvin driving happened. And I died laughing.. -- Detective Mosby on the case of the calligraphy ink which was spilled on the Gretzky photo Ted was holding for Barney until he gave it Robin as a gift. Oh Ted, you lovable dork, you. -- Lily: You can't even detect sarcasm! -- Wayne Brady's got a case of The Crazy Eyes! "I win!" -- ZABKA-TAGE. Seriously, has Billy Zabka had any work since Karate Kind til he got the call from HIMYM? -- No Mother? Booooo!

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E9 "And the Pastry Porn") Why do all the Polish female characters (ok, fine, just Sophie and the one-armed cleaning lady she sent to work in Max and Caroline's apartment) wear shirts that show the top edges of their bras? -- I kept feeling like I recognized the guy who plays the French chef who runs the pastry school. So I did a little online search. And I discovered I have only seen him in one other thing. The first Sex and the City movie. And that explains why I remember him.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E3 "Sex and Death") So...are we ever going to talk about Molly's pregnancy announcement from the Season Three finale? Or are we to assume something unfortunate happened and that's why she's gone bat poo crazy? -- The scene where she and Victoria are laying the coffins and they scare the cleaning lady was easily the best part of this still-young season.

**(Mom, S1E9 "Zombies and Cobb Salad") Interesting way to cover some backstory for Bonnie, Regina and Marjorie. I feel like a little history gives a character some depth and their mini AA meeting in Christy's living room did that nicely. -- Not enough Nathan Corrdry, too much French Stewart. -- Living room, living womb. Har har.

**(The Good Wife, S5E7 "The Next Week") David Lee looks like such a douche with that Bluetooth in his ear all the time. -- Love love love Alicia's amused smile to watch everyone at Lockhart/Gardner freak out when she showed up there. -- Ha. The "Uncle" (Aunt?) Jim twist was amusing. Good to see writers on their toes! -- Because of *course* the Florrick household uses ChumHum as their search engine. --That website of spy cam video of Grace Florrick is deplorable. -- Oooo. Alicia's brother totally stepped out of line telling Will that Alicia left to start her own firm because she has feelings for him still. -- I wonder how that cafeteria fight is going to come back on Zach, regardless of the fact that he was standing up for his sister's privacy and integrity. -- The back-and-forth between Alicia and Lockhart/Gardner over the lawsuit is like an intricately choreographed dance: Alicia's statement in the deposition could work on Lockhart/Gardner's favor, but she wants her capital contribution reimbursement first. So they give her the check, she gives the statement they need, and then that scumbag, David Lee, calls her up to say "oh by the way, you were a partner for part of the time you worked on that case and didn't bill under the proper fee amount, so you now owe us six million dollars!" So, Alicia counters with Hayden, who of course knows the books inside out, after he auduted the firm, and he points out that, oops, it was David Lee who was actually the partner in charge of that case, *not* Alicia. And then the lowest of low blows. Anthony lies in his deposition, implicating Alicia, not Lyman, as he first claimed, in order to get a partnership back at Lockhart/Gardner?! Those darn fourth-years are proving to be a real thorn in the side of Florrick/Agos. -- Hayden joining Florrick, Agos and Associates! I really like him. -- *What* is going on with the webcam hackers?!

**(Person of Interest, S3E9 "The Crossing") Did Fusco leave with Shaw and not even bother to tell his son?! -- There might be nothing better about this show than when Mr Reese leaves a location with about half dozen bad guys writhing and groaning in his wake. The subway car and the pile of thugs seeking the bounty HR put on Reese's head was no exception. -- I didn't like Lionel early on in this show, but man, it was rough watching him get tortured. -- Reese kissed Joss...WHAT??? -- Fusco looked terrifyingly evil when he was strangling the dirty cop who was supposed to be offing him. -- They killed Carter?! 'Scuse me while I leave my jaw right there on the ground. -- There may be no sadder sound than Mr Reese sobbing grief when Carter died in his arms.

**(The Middle, S5E7 "Thanksgiving V") Seriously unnerved by Axl's helpfulness. How are they not more suspicious? -- 10-years-younger Brick (asking for lime Jello salad) was way cute! -- Mike: What's the matter with her? Frankie: She's sixteen. It could be anything: boys, hormones, Justin Bieber did something. -- Did Axl seriously put the cut piece of turkey BACK ON THE BIRD?! -- Mr Goodwin (as Mike's sister-in-law gropes him): Did you need a napkin? Because that one's mine. -- Frankie's crazed stampede is exactly why even the idea of Black Friday shopping crowds terrify me. -- Things I am thankful for: my Thanksgiving will likely *not* include everyone trying to beat each other out to share bad news. Yikes.

**(Modern Family, S5E8 "ClosetCon '13") Jay: I'm going to try to squeeze them for that $9.95 wifi fee. They're selling air! -- Manny: Can't take any chances since Mom gave birth to the Hope Diamond over there. -- Haley: You did it because my pizza guy's coming and now there's airplane in my hair! -- Cam (about his Gram): She even agreed to come to the wedding. Mitchell: Standing outside with a sign. -- Baby Joe flying the remote control plane into Phil's head! HAHAHA!

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E2 "Lost Girl") Rumplestiltskin cutting off his own shadow doesn't make the shadows any less creepy.  -- Mirror: Careful! If you drop me, I'll give you *fourteen* years bad luck! -- That was, ummm, quite a lot of cleavage in Regina's Fairy Tale Land dress. -- The non-shadow version of Peter Pan is a bit fresh. Was that a pass at Emma? (breathlessly saying) You've got fire. I like fire. -- Charming: Sadly, I agree with the pirate. Hook: I'm winning you over. I can feel it. -- Grumpy (to Charming about Snow): Look, handsome, she may love you, but that chiseled chin ain't fooling us. -- What is it that's so sexy about a man with his arms around a woman  he loves, guiding her while she prepares to shoot an arrow? -- Excalibur. ::slaps forehead:: Why didn't I see *that* coming? -- The Lost Boys are rather intimidating. -- Defending against poison-laced arrows with a sword, Charming? That's impressive. -- Yeah, yeah, Charming. You showed Snow she just needed to believe in herself, but planting a fake Excalibur? That was just wrong. -- So, love triangle with Emma, Hook, and Neal/Bae, who is somewhere in Fairy Tale Land, pining away for Emma? -- Um, they can't kill off Charming...can they?

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E9 "The Thanksgiving Decoupling") Ah, Vegas wedding chapels. Thanks for that reminder of the good old days of Friends, Penny! -- Mrs Wolowitz: How can one little toe hurt so much? Howard: Because that one little piggy is getting crushed by the whole barn!! -- Not to be cruel, but how did Raj find an apron that fit him, considering all the references to Mrs Wolowitz's size? -- Raj: My, my. The plot, like my gravy, thickens. -- Sheldon talking football and bonding with Bernadette's father. Enough said. But seriously. How did Sheldon drink a beer and not make a face? -- Amy: Sheldon ignored me for a week when he got that Roomba vacuum. Sometimes I kick it when he's not looking. -- Drunk Sheldon (about Bernadette): She's so tiny. It's funny when she's mad. -- Mrs Wolowitz sighting due to a gout flare-up? Eh, kinda lame reason.

**(SVU, S15E9 "Rapist Anonymous") Wow. Lovely dinner party conversation and Liv and Mayhem's Cassidy's. -- Why am I immediately suspicious of that rape victim? -- I know the defense does its best to make the defendant look as innocent as possible, but why does that always seem to include glasses? -- Could they not find a sweatshirt for Nick that didn't look two sizes too small? -- Every time a lawyer tells a judge that they're sorry for something, they couldn't possibly look less sincere. -- I don't know what was up with that defense attorney's eyes, but holy cow, was it distracting. Especially close up. -- Rollins makes a lot of bad decisions. -- Getting back to being suspicious of that victim. I knew she was giving off a variation of the "Single White Female" vibe.

**(Scandal, S3E3 "Mrs Smith Goes to Washington") I'm pretty sure Cyrus of all people should not be giving love advice. -- How many coats does Olivia Pope own?? -- Harrison's skeptical face is awesome. -- David Rosen: Call her old-fashioned, but my boss, the Attorney General? Like, hates it when I aid and abet terrorists. -- I adore David standing up to Cyrus. I applaud it. -- Wait a second. How did a woman wearing a bomb get inside the Capital?! -- Hooch-fueled drunkeness from Mellie was...interesting. -- Liv's father deserved to die at Huck's hand for the way he broke Huck. And poor broken Huck, whose betrayal by Olivia ground the broken pieces into dust. -- The dual phones ringing in Liv's apartment messed with my ears. -- Liv's father is in her head as much as he's in Huck's.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E9 "Thanksgiving") Why is Mandy walking around the house using Bluetooth? Seriously? -- The grandfather showing up and greeting Kristin by saying it's like she's an entirely different person. Which I am pretty sure is a dig about the fact that she's played by a totally different (still not as good) actress. ::snicker:: I love that this show never takes itself too seriously. -- Ed brought wine from his vineyard, named in honor of his second wife: rich, playful and has a nutty finish. Ha! -- Confession: I will never understand the spread in football, no matter how many times I hear it explained. -- I always get serious house envy every time I watch this show (even though I love my own house).

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E10 "Thanksgiving") Eve: I'm a teenager. I complain about stuff. That doesn't mean I don't love it. -- The conflict over cranberry sauce: canned vs homemade amused me. I actually like both! -- After all the table settings got dumped off the table while they were moving it, how were there still two napkins with the silverware perfectly laid out left *on* the table, while it tilted at an angle??

**(The Good Wife, S5E8 "The Next Month") David Lee dismissed the client of the week and Howard Lyman ended up driving her straight to Alicia. How are they  both still partners at Lockhart/Gardner?? -- Why is Will's new hoochie in his office all the time?? -- Eli: I changed my mind. Marilyn: You've never changed your mind! Eli: No? Well, this is what it looks like! -- Eli eating his sandwich and being annoyed by interruptions is so totally how I look while I attempt to eat lunch at my desk. -- Eli running after Natalie looked like the magician from that old Christmas cartoon about Frosty the Snowman. -- HAA!! Natalie called David Lee a jack-o-lantern. -- Why do women always ask "was she good?: when the name of another lover comes up? Do they *really* want to know?! Because I really don't. Ever. -- Howard Lyman: I was just kidding. Diane: Kidding is what got us into this mess. Howard: No, political correctness is what got us into this mess. ... I don't like Howard, but I can't disagree with him on this one. -- I'm kind of loving the spark between Peter and Alicia.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E3 "Forget Me Not") The Knave of Hearts was once one of Robin Hood's Merry Men?! That's quite a connection. -- That caterpillar is freak. ee. -- That jar of eyeballs looking back at Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts/whoever he is. Ewwww. -- Grendel looking through the Forget Me Knot made me sad. -- Knave (as Alice breaks free of the rope binding): How did you do that? Alice: You're the one who kept telling me to use a wish! Knave: A wish? A bloody waste! It's just a rope! Alice: Their sharp corners come in handy. There's more than one way to use a wish! -- Well, I can see why Aice would fear a Bandersnatch. Yikes! -- Whoa! The Knave's Anastasia is the Red Queen?!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lost for words.

Over the last three weeks, I have tried and tried to wrap my head around the 2013 Red Sox season, to find the words, to make sense of what happened. I keep going over the three different World Championship seasons, each with their own individual flavor and personality.

2004: The ineffable season. Emotional, in a way only 86 years of not winning it all could be. Awe-inspiring. Washing over us like a tidal wave. "Why not us?"

2007: Sleek, smooth, almost effortless. The consummate professionals. Going about their business and their business is winning. "Why not us again?"

2013: Shock. Unexpected. Redemption. Fear the beards. Every lil thing gonna be all right. "Why not us again in 2013?"

One common thread though: magical.

I don't think I could pick a favorite! 2004 was the year of breaking the curse, surreal and deeply emotional. 2007 felt so...easy, like that team was just so smooth and polished. 2013 was been fun and redemption and joyful, in a way it hasn't felt in years, a shock to the system in its complete reversal of 2012, like a photo and a negative. However 2013 ultimately played out (and of course, I wanted them to win it all!), it already felt like the high of success, long before the trophy was hoisted above heads and champagne sprayed through the air.

I think, in the end, it is best done justice by the snippets of my immediate reactions on social media:

"This team has defied every expectation I had of them this season. I wanted them to just be likable and play hard, regardless of outcome. This? Has been redemption on a level for which I never dared to hope."

"Redemption complete. Tears. Goosebumps. Laughter. Profound joy. So very proud of this Red Sox team. 2013 Champions. I'll be savoring this moment, this feeling, this season, this group of players for a long, long time. Every little thing is indeed all right."

"Turns out there *is* crying in baseball. It happened last night, on my couch, as I watched my Red Sox celebrate everything they accomplished in 2013. And that gorgeous Commissioner's Trophy is just one thing on a long and redemptive list."

"This team is pure magic."

What a wild and fabulous ride the 2013 Red Sox provided. Even weeks later, I am still astounded. And it feels good. I'm really only sorry it's over because I miss them already.


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Photo-a-Day: Week 46


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Food and Wine Fest 2013: Top Five

Food and Wine Fest has come to another close, Actually, this happened a couple of weeks ago already, so I suppose it's time for me to stop living in denial that it's over again for another year. As always, after completing my passport and trying all the dishes on my list, it was time for my Grand Finale Tour.

Without further ado, the 2013 "best of the fest" (in no particular order, because, let's face it, we're lucky I managed to narrow it down to five) were...

5. Florida Grass-Fed Beef Slider with Monterey Jack and Sweet and Hot Pickles (Florida Local)

4. Venison Sausage with Pickled Mushrooms, Baby Arugula and Black Currant Reduction (New Zealand)

3. Kalua Pork Slider with Sweet and Sour Pineapple Chutney and Spicy Mayonnaise (Hawaii)

2. Shrimp Taco with Purple Cabbage (Mexico)

1. Vegetarian Haggis with Neeps and Tatties (Scotland)

It was so unbelievably difficult to eliminate these two from the running:

Honorable Mentions
Seared Rainbow Trout with Bacon, Frisee and Maple Minus 8 Vinaigrette (Canada)

Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans, Onions, Avocado and Cilantro (Brazil)


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TV Loves and Hates: November 16, 2013

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E3 "For the Triumph of Evil") Ichabod: I think our definition of 'possible' has been irrevocably broadened. Ya think?? -- Jenny: What's your name, talk, dark and British? Ichabod: Ichabod Crane. Jenny (laughing): What do your friends call you? Icky? Ichabod: Not if they wish to remain my friends. -- Ok, chief, the street sign of the horse rider with the head broken off *was* a little funny. -- Ichabod's reactions to modern life slays me. They can have so much fun with this. This week's amusing moments: television remote controls, energy drinks -- "The only necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." What a great quote.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E4 "The Lesser Key of Solomon") HA!! Ichabod's conversation with the "OnStar" person. -- I have to admit, I'm kind of loving the random weaving of history, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," the book of Revelation, and a healthy dose of imagination.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E3 "Everybody's Crying Mercy") Poor Owen. I can't even imagine how it would feel to be have to work so intimately with your ex-wife, the ex-wife he still very clearly loves, the ex-wife who still clearly loves him. -- Cristina telling Alex it's the girl that's special, not the "moment." Every time we think Cristina is a robot, she shows she isn't. -- It's such a trip to see the interns acting like our core group when the show started, and to see our core group acting like real doctors, all grown up.

**(Elementary, S2E3 "We Are Everyone") Sherlock: No Belgian is that bad at backgammon. -- Joan: Can you just stop saying 'nefarious'? -- I love when Sherlock pickpockets someone and then says he "liberated" whatever he took from its previous owner. -- I busted up laughing when Sherlock didn't want any prolonged contact with Joan once she showed she'd mastered sleight of hand.

**(Elementary, S2E4 "Poison Pen") The little peeks into Sherlock's past and the compassion he has shown in glimpses have really started to grow his character. I like!

**(Reign, S1E1 "Pilot") Completely unrealistic fluff? Yes, please! Sometimes a girl just needs betrayal and scheming and romance and naivete and a little mystery. If i wanted historical accuracy, I would watch the History Channel.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E7 "Drawing Dead") Foxwoods reference! And new ties for Frank!

**(Top Chef, S11E6 "Campfires, Cream Cheese, and Countryside") I have to admit, I kind of liked the brutal honest guest judge John Besh showed with regard to the garbage many of the chefs dared to serve.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E7 "Start Shoveling Snow") Mike Baxter saying "I *love* that kid!" every time Eve does something financially conservative makes me laugh, especially when it's at his (literal) expense!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E5 "John Doe") Ichabod: You and I have very different definitions of 'old'. -- Ichabod fighting that stupid plastic packaging: What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument? -- The lost colony of Roanoke! That was a really interesting tie-in.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E6 "October Surprise") Guy: She was the perfect intersection of hot and crazy. Blonde: What went wrong? Guy: I underestimated the crazy.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E7 "Dissonant Voices") I did not see that twist coming with those girls. Wow.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E4 "Puttin' on the Ritz") Ohhh, I love when Mer and Der dress up... -- HAHAHA! Cristina called Mer out on knowing how to pick someone up at a bar. I love when a show doesn't forget where its characters came from.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E9 "Platonish") Challenge accepted! All those challenges the Lily and Robin gave Barney were entertaining. Although Barney getting a girl's number speaking nothing but dolphin was weird, the one without using the letter E was hilarious. -- Kinda loving that Barney tied to pick up The Mother on one of his challenges. Also, The Mother? Kinda loving her too. I wish we had more than one season to get to know her. (Why, yes, I *am* aware that she is a fictional character on a television show.)

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E8 "And the It Hole") Caroline: It's just Sophie. Sophie: That was the name of my talk show back in Poland: Just Sophie. Max: I wish I could have been a guest on that show. Sophie: There weren't any guests. That's why it was called Just Sophie! ...Sometimes I wish this show were "just Sophie" because she's actually pretty funny.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E2 "The First and Last Ride-Along") Molly: I've got arms like a t-rex.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E5 "I Bet It Stung") Bailey: You stole my liver? Meredith: I named my son after you. You can't be mad at me! Bailey: Your son is a devil spawn! He drinks the milk of a liver thief! -- Callie's explanation of how she expected to be dancing in her underwear again after leaving Arizona, but somehow found herself in an episode of Big Love, living with Mer and Der made me laugh really loudly.

**(The Mentalist, S6E6 "Fire and Brimstone") I totally thought Patrick was going to kiss Lisbon following all those heartfelt words on the bluff overlooking the ocean and the sunset...and then he drove off, leaving her stranded. BAHAHAHAHA! You got me *good*, The Mentalist!

**(The Blacklist, S1E8 "General Ludd") Red on a swing set while a housewife prints money in a garage...what?! -- Man with Many Names (regarding the template he stole for the new $100 bill): And you're going to, what, stop me? Turn me in? Red (laughing): I'm going to rob you. Because unlike you, I happen to believe in capitalism. I like money. I like the lifestyle it affords me. I like the things that happen when you give it away. -- I still don't buy that Red is Lizzy's father. It's too obvious. And they keep setting the viewer up, almost saying he is...and then they change the scene or the subject. My theory is that he knows her father, probably very well, either through their criminal exploits or because he may be responsible for leading him into a life of crime. Somehow, Red feels responsible for her now, for reasons as yet unrevealed. He may have even set up for her to be taken in by her now-late adoptive father, since he seemed to know Sam and all about that. But Red's daughter, I believe, is someone else. The same someone he looked up on that FBI search site, the same someone who may have been in that photo he stole from The Stewmaker's trophy album. We know he *had* a daughter, because we saw her growth marks penciled on the wall of their old house that Red purchased and exploded. We saw him flashback in his memory of a young girl as he stared at the backyard. I'm just not convinced that Lizzy is his daughter, but I think he cares about her in a fatherly way because he *is* a father and she is roughly the same age his daughter would have been...though I suspect she's no longer alive.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E1 "The Heart of the Truest Believer") Hook (about Rumple): Oh, that's a great use of our time. A wardrobe change.

**(Revolution, S2E6 "Dead Man Walking") Charlie certainly didn't fall far from the Rachel tree: headstrong and a little bit of the crazy. -- This show is all about reaching new character lows: Miles knew Monroe lost his wife and baby during childbirth, and, when he found out about Monroe's lovechild with Emma, he intentionally hid the child from him? Dude. -- Rachel's father as the mole. Interesting choice.

**(Person of Interest, S3E8 "Endgame") Two (mostly unrelated) quotes that really amused me... Shaw: Everything but the kitchen sink! I tried but it wouldn't fit. -- Reese: That's *my* grenade launcher??

**(The Middle, S5E6 "The Jump") Sue has the best victory dance moves. -- Axl: I brush my hair with a fork!

**(Elementary, S2E5 "Ancient History") Sherlock: Sounds like a wild goose chase. Only at the end of a proper goose chase, you get to eat a delicious goose. -- Watson: Who is Manny Tartanian and why does he have a lisp? Sherlock: Childhood sledding accident, but let's not get caught up in the backstory of an alias. -- Sherlock was Watson's friend's mystery lover?! HAHAHAHAHA!

**(Reign, S1E2 "Snakes in the Garden") The cream lace dress Mary wore was gorgeous! -- Intrigue and treason and treachery, oh my! Makes from some captivating entertainment! -- Despite myself, I think Francis is starting to grow on me.

**(Modern Family, S5E7 "A Fair to Remember") Haley: I’m Alex, who are you? Andy: I’m their manny. Haley: Nice try, I know their Manny and you look nothing like him. Andy: Ohhh, you’re Haley. -- Lily: What's wrong with Daddy? Mitchell: He's beating back his demons. -- Phil: His voice is the drug they should be dispensing because apparently it cures everything.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E8 "The Itchy Brain Simulation") Penny (upon seeing Lucy for the first time):  I always pictured her as Indian for some reason. Bernadette: I think that reason is called racism. -- The look Amy gives Sheldon when he's going on and on about the agony of waiting for years for something to happen (in this case, Leonard discovering the unreturned DVD that would be a lesson tool for Sheldon) without ever knowing if you'll get any satisfaction from it was *priceless*. Somehow, I think  every day that Sheldon survives without *Any* killing him is a win for Sheldon!

**(Top Chef, S11E7 "Jazz Hands") The musical chairs version of Quick Fire challenge was pretty awesome. I also thought the judges sent the right one packing, even though I keep waiting for it to be Captain Vietnam's turn. Thrilled to see Janine is holding her own in Last Chance Kitchen!

**(Scandal, S3E2 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner") Fitz (to Liv): Something happens and you're the one I want to talk to. -- I'm a pretty big fan of when Fitz looks pleased with himself. I'm also a big fan of how that often leads to Cy looking pained and aghast.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E9 "Homecoming") Ian's tux caught on fire. HAAA.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E8 "Vanessa Fixes Kyle") Mike: He's the nicest guy in the world. It's like you pissed off a Carebear.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E2 "Trust Me") Knave: I can't swim! Alice: How have you lived your whole life and... Knave: I was busy doing other things! Alice: Like what?! Knave: Like being afraid of water! -- Genie: Wishes come with a consequence, Alice. The bigger the wish, the greater the consequence. -- Knave (to the Fairy): Don't make the good guys pay for the bad guys' mistakes. -- Part of me thinks it would be cool to travel around by magic carpet...and then part of me thinks that would result in some major motion sickness. -- The Red Queen is like a pointy, angry, red version of Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E5 "Wonderland Story") Liv's abduction experience is causing her to be way off her game. She's make assumptions and judgments based on her own feelings, and it's preventing her from being a good detective.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E7 "Drawing Dead") I really do not like the Mayor. Or bookies that chew gum like cows.

**(Top Chef, S11E6 "Campfires, Cream Cheese, and Countryside") Nina is getting a little full of herself with all these wins. Strike her from the list of potential personal favorites.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E7 "Start Shoveling Snow") The way Mandy treats Kyle makes me sad.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E4 "Puttin' on the Ritz") Seriously? No warning at all before a broken bone pokes out through someone's leg?!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E5 "I Bet It Stung") That conversation between Mer and Cristina about being in different places now about broke my heart.

**(Mom, S1E8 "Big Sur and Strawberry Lube") Adam and Christy seriously break up? I do not approve.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E1 "The Heart of the Truest Believer") I am not a fan of creepy Pan.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E8 "The Itchy Brain Simulation") Could we just let Raj be happy at least once? Sheesh. The joke about pathetic, always-alone Raj has played itself out.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E2 "Trust Me") The worst CGI *ever*. So bad, they are actually hilarious.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E3 "Everybody's Crying Mercy") How, exactly, do you do chest compressions on someone whose chest is wide open?

**(Elementary, S2E3 "We Are Everyone")  Moriarty is writing love letters to Sherlock??

**(Blue Bloods, S4E7 "Drawing Dead") Estimate on the number of times Jamie Reagan uses 'forthwith' in any given episode?

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E5 "John Doe") How is it Abbie didn't get infected by that disease? Is it because it's transmitted only by touch? But if that's the case, how come the woman in the HazMat suit got infected through a hole in the suit by her shoulder? It can't be because she is one of the Wintnesses, because Ichabod was infected, but then would he have had to stay in Roanoke with the healing waters in order to survive?

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E5 "I Bet It Stung") James Remar is playing Karev's father?? I didn't even recognize him at first!

**(Mom, S1E8 "Big Sur and Strawberry Lube") Did Claudia (Cloudia?) seriously have a glass of wine in a public bathroom and then leave without washing her hands??

**(The Mentalist, S6E6 "Fire and Brimstone") Why is it that when Patrick and Lisbon tell the Red John suspects that a meeting is being set up Thursday at 8pm, no one asks *where*?? Shouldn't that be a question?

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E1 "The Heart of the Truest Believer") How is it that Hook is struggling to maintain any sort of control over the ship, yet Emma stands there like she's on dry land?

**(Revolution, S2E6 "Dead Man Walking") Why is Rachel always lurking in windows? Is Monroe really dead? What (or who) is Rachel digging up?

**(Person of Interest, S3E8 "Endgame") Are they really going to kill off Fusco?? Please tell me no...

**(Reign, S1E2 "Snakes in the Garden") Just how many parties, exactly, are plotting Mary's demise? And who is Clarissa and what is her story?

**(Top Chef, S11E7 "Jazz Hands") What is this season's obsession with watermelon salad?

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E8 "Military Justice") Military cases always make me wonder: How much of this really happens and gets covered up?


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Photo-a-Day: Week 45


Saturday, November 9, 2013

TV Loves and Hates: November 9, 2013

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good Wife, S5E3 "Precious Commodity") I really enjoyed the case Alicia was on (the surrogate who doesn't want to abort the baby, even though the parents demand she do so, after the baby is diagnosed with a potentially fatal disorder). It was different and interesting. Also interesting: the position Alicia is in between the new firm she's helping to form and the offer from Will to take Diane's place.

**(Parenthood, S5E1 "It Has to Be Now") I adore Kristina's hair. Shallow. Not the point of the episode. I love that she is chasing her dreams and not waiting and all of that. And Amber and Ryan got engaged. And Jasmine and Crosby's baby is here. But seriously. Kristina's hair. I want her hair.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E1 "Pilot") I *really* did not need another show, but there was so much raving over this one, I had to give it a shot. Wow. That was some exciting drama. And yes, I am hooked. So many layers and details to this show that I can't believe how well-done the pilot was!

**(Elementary, S2E2 "Solve for X") I absolutely love the relationship between Sherlock and Watson now. It is affectionate in a way that fits with two people who have navigated some deeply emotional territory together. The scene where Sherlock is concerned that Watson's guilt is making her vulnerable to be taken advantage of, and later, when he told her he'd like to visit the grave site with her next time, touched me. I like the show of emotion without there being any romance.

**(Modern Family, S5E6 "The Help") This season has been really funny. There are so many jokes to be made about Cam and Mitchell attempting to survive planning their wedding. I mean, Pepper and the purple wedding palette and the unicorn entrance? It's really way too funny. - Gloria: This the new manny! Manny: I'm being replaced?! - Roz!! And the fact that she was Phil's father's accidental hooker? *Hilarious*.

**(The Mentalist, S6E5 "The Red Tattoo") I didn't have a single thing invested in the "murder of the week" or in all the Visualize nonsense, but who needs any of that when the Red John identity is so close to (maybe) being revealed! This has been some serious edge-of-my-seat drama. I'm not even sure if I have a guess which of the remaining five suspects it is.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E7 "No Questions Asked") This is the kind of episode HIMYM does best. I love all the "repeating" series of events and all the brief (but clear!) flashbacks. And all of the "no questions asked" situations were very amusing. I'm going to miss this show.

**(The Middle, S5E5 "Halloween IV: The Ghost Story") 1. Axl not being cool anymore because he's just a freshman. 2. Frankie buying the gross candy so they don't eat it all before the trick-or-treaters show up...and then they eat it all anyway. 3. Sue. Oh, Sue. I do love her optimism and genuineness. Her whole stardust speech about the universe being filled with amazing and inexplicable things was actually pretty impressive. 4. Brick was a bookmark for Halloween because of course he was. And Brick had his first date! And he fainted because of course he did.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E1 "Seal Our Fate") Grey's, I really want to hate you for making me cry but that was an excellent season premiere.

**(The Blacklist, S1E6 "Gina Zanetakos") I love that I can't decide if I'm supposed to love Red or hate him. I'm pretty sure I believe him though. I think there's more to Tom than he's letting on and I think Red knows what *and* why.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E1 "Down the Rabbit Hole") I have no idea what the heck I just watched. It felt like one of Walter's acid trips from Fringe. Yet somehow I need to know what happens next. - Jafar (to the Red Queen): Threats are for people who aren't prepared to act.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E2 "I Want You With Me") Finally, the interns have bonded. Too bad it had to be over one of their deaths. (Seriously, you could  not pay me enough to work at that place. There isn't enough money to convince me I have a death wish.) -- Bailey and when you know, you know. -- Mer is so not owned by her brokenness anymore. She knows her weaknesses, accepts them, and carries on. I wanted to cheer when she made that speech to Catherine Avery about how Richard picked Catherine to be his girlfriend, but he picked Mer to be his family. And that voice-over closing by Richard saying he made a lot of bad decisions, but not the one picking Mer as his healthcare proxy: sob! -- Jackson (to April): You didn't want me when I was okay, when I wanted you. You just want me now, because you're in something that is real, and that scares the crap out of you. Marry this guy because you want to make a life with him, or don't and move on, but none of this has to do with me. -- April, I might be mad at you but what you said to Matthew? I so get it: I'm not good at this. This is all new to me. I was never that girl that got picked at the dance. I'm not good at it, and I'm indecisive, because I see eight sides of everything, and that's what you're picking when you pick me, and you may not want that. I thought nobody would ever want that.

**(The Blacklist, S1E7 "Frederick Barnes") This show is so good, we couldn't even wait to work our way through our common shows on the DVR from the oldest to most recent. We had to skip ahead and watch last night's Blacklist. So many excellent elements to this one, but my favorite was the following exchange: Red: Every cause has more than one effect. Say what you will about Frederick, but someone who was willing to burn the world down to protect the one person they care about...that's a man I understand. Liz: Is that meant to be directed at me? Red: Aren't you presumptuous. Liz: Is that how you somehow justify your actions, by some misguided notion of protecting me? From whom? My husband, I suppose. I don't need your protection. Red: Maybe not. Liz: But I do need you to do this job. I've accepted that. And, believe it or not, I appreciate what you do for the Bureau. And at work, you and I are partners. But that's where this relationship needs to end. At work. I don't want you in my personal life. I don't know how to make that clear. Red: You know the problem with drawing lines in the sand? One breath of air and they disappear. You may not like me. You may not understand how or why I do what I do. But I'm here because you want answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet. Now if that doesn't matter to you, the solution is simple. I get in this car and I disappear. Liz: You have a deal with the government. You have a tracking device in your neck. Red: You don't believe Raymond Reddington could cease to exist in sixty seconds? I offer that particular package to clients. Liz: You're offering to walk away. Red: I'm not going to beg you to allow me the privilege of helping you. So say the word and I'm gone. [pause as they stare at each other] Tell me to go, Lizzie. [silence from Liz] Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow. -- All that right there? Is precisely what makes this show so amazing in a nutshell. Great lines. Great acting. Great characters. James Spader, knocking it out of the ballpark.

**(Person of Interest, S3E6 "Mors Praematura") When Shaw punched Root, I died laughing. You just know Shaw was waiting for that opportunity.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E7 "Golf") Annie: Stay completely still. Mike: You know who you're talking to, right?

**(Top Chef, S11E5 "Lea Michele's Halloween Bash") Michael went home. And now I happy dance.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E6 "Growing Boys") Linda making it clear Danny is *her* man. I love how "real" Danny and Linda's relationship is done on this show. -- Frank and Garrett are like an old married couple. Their exchanges amuse me. Especially the looks Frank gives Garrett. -- Frank Reagan: I play hard but I don't play dirty.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E6 "Larabee for School Board") The Mike Baxter and Chuck Larabee love-hate bromance is *awesome*. -- I've been looking for an autumn wreath for my front door. I want the one on their front door. And the front door (but I'd want it more if it had some small windows near the top); I just love the rich, warm natural wood.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E8 "The Lighthouse") The Mother is back! And the proposal! ::swoon::

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E7 "The Proton Displacement") Koothrapanties?? LOL! -- Bill Nye the Restraining Order Guy. LOL! --  Amy (about Raj and Howard) "I knew it! They're going to have sex before Sheldon and I do!"

**(Mom, S1E7 "Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast") That moment when Bonnie chucked the cell phone out the window? I've fantasized about that a thousand times since owning one myself.

**(Person of Interest, S3E7 "The Perfect Mark") This week's number is Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men! Well, not the same character, obviously, but still. I love when my show "cross pollinate." -- Mr Wren. I am always so amused by all the different bird names Harold chooses. -- I did *not* see the number's girlfriend turning the tables on him at the end! Well played, Person of Interest! -- So now Carter realizes she's been spilling her guts to the king of HR. Things are about to heat up in a hurry!

**(The Good Wife, S5E3 "Precious Commodity") Please tell me Peter isn't eyeing that ethics adviser woman.

**(Parenthood, S5E1 "It Has to Be Now") Speaking of hair, this episode. What on earth is up with Drew's college hair? Blech.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E3 "Defcon 1") No one likes a snitch. No one likes a bitter former employee potential arsonist. No one likes that consultant lady. No one likes guys who pretend to like girls but are really spying for the mob guy that employs them. And I really hope no one likes that ridiculous facial hair on Otis' chin.

**(CSI, S14E4 "Last Supper") I dislike when shows make me conflicted. It should have been a fun episode...until they included cooked parts of the victim BEING EATEN by PEOPLE. That's gross, even for a show that routinely features autopsies.

**(Top Chef, S11E4 "Captain Vietnam") I'm frustrated that there are still so many chefs to keep track of. I'm annoyed that I can't remember most of their names. I'm bummed that Janine was told to pack her knives - partially because I liked her and partially because hers was one of the few names I actually knew. I really do not care for Travis and his know-it-all attitude, and therefore, I am annoyed that he did not go home. I also don't care for that suck-up guy with the curly hair, whose name I don't want to have to learn, so I hope he gets eliminated soon.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E6 "Teammates") Ian is a lame version of Axl from "The Middle." Mike and Annie need to toss his lazy butt out to learn about the real world.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E7 "No Questions Asked") Why do you keep holding out on more The Mother scenes, HIMYM writers? You're making me sad.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E1 "Seal Our Fate") I am *really* not a fan of Arizona. Like, at all.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E6 "And the Piece of Sheet") Caroline's whining was so bad, it made me want to...I don't know. Something violent.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E2 "I Want You With Me") Not a fan of Jackson's mother, April's indecision (tough talk from a self-proclaimed Libra? not when it comes to matters of the heart, thank you very much), or Arizona's reaction to her own cheating.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E6 "Larabee for School Board") *What* is up with Mandy's glasses?? I had glasses that size when I was in high school. Please don't tell me that look is coming back.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E7 "And the Girlfriend Experience") Well now, there was not one redeeming quality to that episode.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E1 "Molly Unleashed") I liked the old open credits/song better than the one they changed to. And Molly breaking down wasn't funny. It didn't even feel sad. I just wanted to smack her.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E5 "Lost and Found") Does Frank not have any other ties? He wears that red one with the black diagonal stripes a *lot*. And why are all the Reagans getting taken hostage this season? First Erin in the courtroom, now Jamie at the jewelry store.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E6 "Teammates") Leigh Mike's sister or Annie's best friend or both? Because if she's at least related, I can sorta maybe see why she's around so much, but I still can't figure out what her actual purpose as a character is supposed to be.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E2 "The Blood Moon") Does anyone else who watches this show also think twice about looking in a mirror now? Holy heck.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E7 "No Questions Asked") *What* in the *world* was up with that purple unitard and *why* was Robin wearing it? What even happened there?

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E1 "Seal Our Fate") Is Dr Webber going to survive? Is everyone at this hospital cursed, even with its new name? Is there anywhere Alex hasn't slept with someone?

**(Mom, S1E6 "Abstinence and Pudding") How much do you suppose that actor gets paid to play Paul?

**(Person of Interest, S3E6 "Mors Praematura") So there is a third category of numbers now: the relevant, the irrelevant and the necessary? Do tasers really leave behind confetti?

**(Blue Bloods, S4E6 "Growing Boys") Once again, I have to ask: Is that Frank's only tie?

**(Revolution, S2E5 "One Riot, One Ranger") Is it me or are we getting borderline Fringe-y here a bit?

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E8 "Bed Bugs") Was that episode supposed to endear Leigh to the viewers? Because I'm going to need more than that.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who Am I?

This exercise fascinates me. Not the what I wish I were. Not a list of my favorites, necessarily. But what answer tells who I really *am*.

If I were a(n)...

MONTH, I would be... October in New England. The perfect balance between warm and cool. Reds and oranges and browns. Both cozy and refreshing.

COLOR, I would be... apple red. Reminiscent of autumn and Red Sox.

TIME OF DAY, I would be... the hour surrounding sunrise, where everything is peaceful. The day is new and fresh, still quiet, and with muted colors, slowly warming as the sun peeks over the horizon.

SUPERPOWER, I would be... time travel. Relive favorite memories, savor them again. Visit with loved ones who've passed away, hear more of their stories. Explore other times in history, observing quietly from the edges.

FLOWER, I would be... something soft and unobtrusive, like a bluebell or a snowdrop. Something that goes unnoticed, unless you're looking closely.

SONG, I would be... Kenny Chesney's "I'm Alive," because if anything captures my attitude toward life, it's the words in that song.

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be... pajama pants: soft and comforting, made for relaxing.

ANIMAL, I would be... domestic cat. Independent when necessary. I require my personal space and others are only welcome into on my terms. I can be sleepy or playful...occasionally a bit hissy.

FOOD, I would be... a box of chocolates. You never know quite what you're going to get. Especially before you open the box.

MOVIE, I would be... "It's a Wonderful Life." A life lesson, one I try to live by.

CITY/TOWN, I would be... Anytown, USA. A sense of history, minimal bustle, where people take the time to smile and sit on the front porches and know one another's names.

SPORT, I would be... baseball. A thinking man's game. Subtle. All in the details. And occasional moments of "did you just see that??"

TV CHARACTER, I would be... Meredith Grey (just without all the surgery, the inappropriate relations and the repeated instances of dodging death). I've been through my share of "dark and twisty." I am fiercely loyal to those who've gone into battle with me. I know who I am now, my strengths and my weaknesses. I've done the work to arrive at my happy ending and the view from here is pretty good.

EMOTION, I would be... contentment. Being able to pause and see the good in what is, right now.

DIRECTION, I would be... northeast. You can take the girl out of New England, but more and more, I am realizing you can never take the New England out of the girl.

SOUND, I would be... laughter. It's good for the soul. I seek out ways to be silly every day.

HOLIDAY, I would be... Thanksgiving. There is something to be said for gratitude and appreciation.

SCENT, I would be... vanilla. I blend well with many other scents, but I'm just fine all on my own too.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photo-a-Day: Week 44


Saturday, November 2, 2013

TV Loves and Hates: November 2, 2013

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(The Blacklist, S1E4 "The Stewmaker") Red is listed in Lizzie's phone as "Tony's Pizza." I get why, but the name chosen strikes me as so richly comical. -- Red has *the* best lines (not to mention the talent to deliver the heck out of them). For exmaple: 1. Lizzie: Where are you? Red: Keeping up appearances. I'm a criminal. The minute I stop being one, I become quite useless to you. 2. Lizzie: A man's life is at stake! Red: A man's life is always at stake, and, tragically, low stakes at that. 3. Red: Your witness is dead, you lost Lorca, and he took agent Keene. I'd say my meeting with Lorca might be the equivalent to you falling on your ass and landing in a pile of Christmas.  -- I am dying to see inside Red's head, especially when he says stuff like this: Lizzie: You're a monster. Red: Yes. Lizzie: How can you live with that? Red: By saving your life. -- Pretty sure getting on Red's bad side isn't something that will ever end well. -- OMG OMG, Angel Station!! Tom wants to take Liz *back* to Angel Station?? Where they apparently were or near on the date that classified murder took place?? The layers of this show are riveting!

**(Person of Interest, S3E4 "Reasonable Doubt") I don't think I've ever seen Mr Reese so completely disgusted by two people as he was with the two he left on the boat!

**(Modern Family, S5E5 "The Late Show") Maybe one of the best episodes of this show. I loved the three perspectives with the same theme and the common goal. Phil's suit. Cam and Mitchell's matching outfits. Lily's commentary. Comedy gold.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E5 "Haunted House") The way they slide political commentary into this show amuses me quite a bit. Even when it's not something I agree with.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E4 "The Truth About Lying") I know, I know. Not a real person. But I love how Frank handled the Inspector General wanting to fire Jamie's partner by making her "walk a mile" in a officer's shoes in a state of heightened adrenaline.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E6 "Knight Vision") I don't know what it is, but I love when they keep playing out a hypothetical scene over and over with variations, so the scene where Marshall "practices" telling Lily about the offer of being a judge had me cracking up. And speaking of Marshall being a judge, mark my words: with the minister dying, he's going to end up marrying Robin and Barney.

**(Mom, S1E5 "Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag") Allison Janney a) looks really good and b) has a chemistry with Anna Faris that belies the fact that they are only five episodes into this entire show.

**(The Middle, S5E4 "The 100th") I don't even know where to start. Sue's giant hair. Brad and Sue breaking out into "Summer Love" at the parade. The cow on fire. Darrin rescuing Sue.

**(Scandal, S3E1 "It's Handled") All the limos to evade the media! So freaking brilliant!

**(The Blacklist, S1E5 "The Courier") Reddington, again, with the best lines. "Let me clear something up: I'm never telling you everything."

**(Person of Interest, S3E5 "Razgovor") Carter is not playing around anymore! I'm so glad she is holding that sneaky little rookie under her thumb now.

**(Top Chef, S11E3 "Commander's Palace") I really liked this elimination challenge. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to totally recreate someone else's dish from memory, never mind that the someone is a successful chef and would be eating the food I made! I'd just pack my own knives up and go. Save them the trouble.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E5 "Interns") I don't see the purpose of the always-there best friend. I feel about her like everyone on the show felt about the orange lollipops.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E5 "And the Cronuts") Why do they think making Max loud and screamy makes her funny. It doesn't. It really doesn't.

**(Scandal, S3E1 "It's Handled") Trying to decide who I hate more: Cyrus or Olivia's father. Wow. Evil. Destructive in ways I can't even find adjectives to describe.

**(The Blacklist, S1E5 "The Courier") Why do shows insist on being so gross? I had to look away when the Courier sewed himself shut, when the disk was removed from his body, when he was extracting his escape kit.

**(Top Chef, S11E3 "Commander's Palace") Not at all a fan of the tv in the Stew Room. That just seems mean.

**(The Blacklist, S1E4 "The Stewmaker") One technical question: Why did *I* know those were not U.S. Marshals that took Lizzie's witness but the FBI did not?! Sheesh. Have they never watched movie or tv shows? I was *immediately* suspicious! And she even had Red's warning! And one question related to a cryptic revelation: Whose photo did Red extract from the Stewmaker's trophy photo album?? Red hasn't been revealed as someone who takes trophies of his own -- he needs to be able to move through the world unencumbered if he needs to vanish into this air without a trace -- so she clearly meant something to him!

**(Mom, S1E4 "Loathing and Tube Socks") Is it me or was Christy's "smile" a bit Sheldon-esque?

**(Revolution, S2E3 "Love Story") Why is it that when someone is approaching and time is running out, they always freeze and stare at each other? When time is of the essence, wouldn't it be more prudent to, you know, hurry?

**(The Mentalist, S6E4 "Red Listed") Are they implying Red John isn't a person so much as an organization? (If so, I would find that very dissatisfying.)

**(The Blacklist, S1E5 "The Courier") What is Red's "big picture" agenda? Who is the man with the apples? How is Tom going to attempt to explain himself to Liz?

**(Scandal, S3E1 "It's Handled") Remington??

**(Revolution, S2E4 "Patriot Games") What in the world is happening with Aaron? He dreams, the "fireflies" show up and then a couple of dudes burst into flames, what?!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: October 2013

A photo of me:

Following a lot of eating over the course of four days. I felt about as round as Spaceship Earth in the background.

1) Candle scents* this month:
Shortbread Cookie. Lake Sunset. Black Cherry. Sparkling Cinnamon. Storm Watch. Summer Scoop. Oceanside. Harvest. Red Apple Wreath.

2) What I am reading this month (you can find me on Goodreads!):
The first thing I did was finish off the last few pages of That Old Cape Magic (Richard Russo). I think my review on Goodreads sums it up quite well, so I'll just stick with that: I really wanted to like this more but, good grief, was this a slow book that never seemed to know where it wanted to go. Or maybe it did, but I just couldn't make myself care. It wasn't unreadable. It was mostly just kind of dull, except for a few, brief moments. I'll probably skip reading more Richard Russo. One Book in the Grave (Kate Carlisle) - Every time I pick up another book in this series, I'm reminded just how much I enjoy it. This was no exception. The characters make me laugh out loud (which I try to stifle, since one of my two prescribed reading times each day is in bed with my sleeping husband next to me) and the deeper into the book I get, the more my heart races, and then I feel this urge to turn the pages faster in response. Already looking forward to the next book. Plain Truth (Jodi Picoult) - This was the first time I'd read anything by this author, and while I was eagerly anticipating this book, my experience with a new-to-me author and a book I was excited to start, I was a bit hesitant, hoping I wouldn't again be disappointed. I didn't need to worry. This one was quite the page-turner. There was good suspense, well-developed characters, and I felt like I got a crash course in Amish culture to boot. I immediately added more of Picoult's books to my "to read" shelf as soon as I finished the final page. Strawberry Shortcake Murder (Joanne Fluke) - I do really like the somewhat cheesy nature of this series. It's fun and light and sometimes it's just what I need. Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce (Stanley Weintraub) - I'm working my way through this one. It's been a bit slow going, more due to distractions and plans than the actual content.

3) Three things on my mind:
1. Bitterness does no one any favors. Not the one wearing it and not the one witnessing it.
2. I've discovered that I have a love/hate thing going on with gallery walls. On the one hand, I love that you can fill a larger wall space with many smaller pieces. On the other, gosh, that's a lot of visual clutter. I think I prefer them with a little more structure and maybe identical frames. Maybe.
3. The Red Sox won the World Series. It's still sinking in that this is real and not a dream. (Hence, no exclamation points.)

4) Movies I saw:
Baseball season is still going. Specifically Red Sox baseball. No way some movie trumps that.

5) Calendar image for the month:
I really like this one. Possibly enough to pull it out of the calendar after 2013 concludes and find a frame for it, so it can be added to the wall I eventually want to do in the den.

So...we went from scorching and parched to damp and bone-chilling? What gives, calendar? Also, I would like Mother Nature to comply, but so far, no dice.

6) New recipe tried this month:
This month had a houseguest and many many trips to Food and Wine Fest. We kept things pretty familiar in the kitchen.

7) Restaurants where I ate:
Food and Wine Fest was my restaurant.

8) Five things I am loving this month:
1. Even though the temperatures aren't showing much sign of yielding to cooler trends, there has been a hint less humidity and a breath of breeze. Even a week where it was comfortable enough to shut off the air conditioner and open some windows. Every little bit helps.
2. October baseball. I cannot take it for granted. Not after the way things went down for the Red Sox in 2011 and 2012 -- great lessons for a fan in a) humility and b) gratitude. What a treat this entire season has been.
3. First houseguest! My mother came to visit for a week. I made a four-day weekend of it and we hit up Disney for some magic and some Food and Wine Fest. And somewhere in the vicinity of 29 miles walked in those four days.
4. Three trips on Big Thunder Mountain and five spins around Test Track. That never stops being fun!
5. Having two DVRs. Makes navigating MLB playoffs, regular season NFL games, and every show I watch in new episode mode a little less tricky.

9) Three goals I had this month and three goals for next month:
1. October and November issues of magazines perused. At this point, I'll settle for being current and tackling The Stack after that. (Fail, fail, fail. I finished October's issues and that was it. Poo.)
2. Get the guest room ready for its inaugural occupant and get a few more mums planted to fill out the flower garden. (This was, admittedly, a higher priority. Not sure my mother would have appreciated "Sorry there's no comfy room for you to stay in while you visit, but look! I finished this pile of magazines!)
3. Keep looking for the elusive lamp that I like for the living room that come with a side of sticker shock. (Nothing. To my credit, I *have* looked. Either I don't like it or I won't spend that much. Decorating is not an exercise in instant gratification.)

1. No more excuses. None. November and December issues *will* be tackled, plus one month from The Stack.
2. Start making my various Christmas lists. It will be here before I know it and I hate feeling rushed.
3. Switch out the Halloween for more autumnal decor.

10) Something I learned:
It is incredibly humbling to learn that you prioritized a particular relationship far higher than the other person in said relationship. But humbling is not a bad thing. Life lessons are necessary. I choose to learn from them, not be defined by them.

11) The best part of this month and the worst part of this month:
The best: In a month with a lot of good from which to choose, it *has to be the Red Sox World Series win!
The worst: Absolutely no real down time in October. I felt like I was always either going or doing, and if I wasn't going or doing, I was not getting enough sleep, because no way was I missing a minute of playoff Red Sox! By the end of the month, I was exhausted.

12) A photo I took this month:
How about me make it two this time? Mostly because I can't decide which I like better.

*All scents are Yankee Candle, unless otherwise noted.


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