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This Week on My TV: November 30, 2013

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E8 "Necromancer") Abbie teaching Ichabod the fist bump. I don't know how I feel about that, but I completely understand his skepticism. -- Captain: I can hardly believe Jefferson foresaw holding a headless man prisoner. Ichabod: He foresaw holding the worst type of demons that would walk the earth. A product, no doubt, of his years trying to reason with the French. -- ::snicker:: Andy Brooks is "unhappily resurrected." -- Dead guy, mental patient and a time traveler from the Revolution. That's just awesome. -- Is it me or is it really uncomfortable to watch Ichabod talk into the neck where the Horseman's head was severed? -- Screaming that you're in control is generally a pretty accurate indicator you're anything but. -- Sword fights are pretty freaking cool. --  The Horseman is Abraham!! Excellent twist!

**(Revolution, S2E7 "The Patriot Act") Dopey Monroe is funny. -- Rachel's father sold out Aaron. Not cool! -- Nothing like telling someone not to be afraid right after they watch you set two people aflame by looking at them, Aaron.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E9 "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word") If there's one thing I've learned from watching television, it's that if someone I don't know approaches me and asks for me by name, I'm going to immediately be suspicious that I am being served. -- Panty hose? Do people still wear those? -- Um, there was a pending Arizone/Callie baby? Man, this show is withholding details all over the place lately and revealing them with the flashbacks. -- Callie's dad weirds me out a little now that I think of him as Mr Alzate from Last Man Standing. -- Why do they make April dress like an old lady? -- If all the doctors are at Callie's lawsuit trial, who is on duty at the hospital? -- Ah crap. I don't like Arizona. But I also can't argue with Callie's father's reminder that they took vows and you don't walk away from the family you've created without trying to make it work.

**(Elementary, S2E8 "Blood Is Thicker") Gosh it seems quiet up on that roof where Sherlock and Mycroft are fencing. I get that they're up on the roof but that's New York City happening below and around them. Shouldn't the city noise carry? -- Is that dwelling where Sherlock and Watson live supposed to be charming? Because I find it kind of gross. -- What is with all these television show hotels and apartments catering to the very wealthy who demand total privacy but no security? -- Does Mycroft own no comb? -- Sherlock's posture, or rather, lack thereof bothers me. -- What exactly is Mycroft up to and with whom??

**(Blue Bloods, S4E9 "Bad Blood") I love sarcastic Frank. Asking Baker where the file was when she made a remark that didn't help the discussion Frank was having with Garrett about Thanksgiving. Calling Garrett "Mrs Reagan" when he was nagging. -- Does Baker have a first name? Does anyone know it? -- I swear, it seems like every police drama has a cop with a bad seed sibling. -- Kirk Acevedo seems to be popping up everywhere since Fringe ended. Blue Bloods. Person of Interest. Law and Order: SVU. -- Frank: Oh, please call me by my first name: Commissioner. -- "Forthwith" used twice this episode, but none by Jamie! I guess they have a quota, but no way to work it in when he only appeared at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

**(CSI, S14E5 "Frame By Frame") Did that girl seriously swallow a roll of film, *dry*? -- Faked death. I did not see that coming. -- Kind of bummed the highly touted return by Catherine was only in flashbacks.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E10 "Somebody That I Used to Know") I don't like watching Bailey struggle. -- What is with all the making out in plain sight at the hospital? -- I'm annoyed with the whole Callie/Arizona thing. And I'm annoyed with Leah. They are all acting like children. -- Since when is Alex the most stable member of the group? Weird. -- Jackson has really piercing eyes. When he's on the screen, I find it impossible not to look at them. -- Let's just clear the air: Owen and Cristina are not over each other. Jackson and April are not over each other. -- Cristina and *Shane*?? -- Doctors make the *worst* patients. I'm looking at you, Webber. -- The whole bit when Meredith tells Derek that she kind of liked it when Cristina was mean to other people, but likes it less now that Cristina is being mean to her? In some ways, I sympathize with that. It doesn't feel great when a quality you liked in a friend somehow gets used against you.

**(Top Chef, S11E8 "Piggin' Out") Does anyone have any idea what the Quick Fire Guest Judge, Dr John, was saying? Hip tang? Clipped my wings? Verily hip? That was some lingo...when I could understand a word he said! -- I think I am starting to figure out my favorite contestants: Louis, for sure. Stephanie. And...Shirley or Carlos, maybe? -- That was a whole. freaking. pig. -- Did Nicholas forget to pack a comb? -- Whoa. Best food Tom has had in eleven seasons? That is some high praise! -- Louis? NOOOOOO! And now that means he is facing Janine in Last Chance Kitchen and I was rooting for her there. I have to stop picking favorites.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E11 "Bedtime Stories") All in rhyme. Here we go! -- Ha! Rhyming using names from the Yankees! -- Nice! Dude on the bus managed to rhyme 'Canada' with 'janitah'. -- The Council of Players all played by Barney. Bronx Donnie. Tuxedo Charlie. Staten Island Lou. Pickle Jar Bob. Captain Bill. Boom. The end. True story.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E10 "And the First Day of School") Sophie, Luis and Chef Nicholas! All in one episode! Jackpot! -- Caroline whining about how there were no gifts for her. At least she wasn't using the whiny voice from that episode earlier this season, I guess? -- One of the chefs in Max's class looks like a young Manny Ramirez (of Boston Red Sox fame). It's a trifle unsettling. (Ha. Trifle. Max is in pastry school. I slay me.)

**(Mike and Molly, S4E4 "Careful What You Dig For") Why are Mike and Molly living back upstairs and not in the finished basement they fixed up all of a sudden? Yet another unexplained detail in this season. Don't these writers understand this makes me crazy?? -- Mike: I thought you wanted to dig up some dirt? Molly: I did, but I didn't think I was eating it! -- That scene on the couch with Susan Sarandon was the dictionary definition of awkward. And then they followed it up with the lap dance? -- Did Molly escape in the final scene without shoes?!

**(Mom, S1E10 "Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges") I kept expecting that opening scene to be a dream. -- Christy's house is turning into a clown car. Bonnie on the couch, ex-husband in the driveway. -- Bonnie being domestic is weird. The pimped out furniture brought things semi back to normal. It felt right again after she went running down the street when the cop siren sounded outside the house. -- I do not approve of episodes without Nathan Corrdry.

**(Elementary, S2E9 "On the Line") That opening scene, with the victim setting up her suicide to frame the man she believes murdered her sister, was both disturbing and clever. -- I appreciate Sherlock leveling with Watson, that he isn't nice, that's he's abrasive and difficult, that he isn't sorry and won't change, but that he makes effort for her because he considers her exceptional. I don't think he needs to be nice. He is who he is. -- The cases are interesting, but I keep feeling like the show needs...something. A bigger picture theme or arc or something. Solving a case from week to week isn't enough. Moriarty is in prison and we know Mycroft is up to his ears in something but it still feels like the show needs a little more depth.

**(The Mentalist, S6E8 "Red John") Wow, they sure made short work of that squad room. -- Grace: Where's Jane? Lisbon: Don't ask. Cho: She just did. ... Cho's dry personality kills me. -- After Jane traded phones with the bicyclist, how did he know which payphone number to dial to call Bertram back? -- Agent: FBI! Back it up! Cho: CBI! Back it up yourself! -- The Sheriff is Red John?! I did *not* see that twist coming!! -- What the heck did the Sheriff do with his voice while he was conversing with Patrick?! He was talking normally, then all of a sudden said something about winning the game in this weird high-pitched voice, and then switched right back to his regular speaking voice again, as if it never happened! -- I totally knew, the second Patrick stepped into that church and I recognized it, that he had stashed a gun there on his last visit there. -- How did the Sheriff run that far and that long with a bullet hole in his gut? -- So... now what?

**(The Blacklist, S1E9 "Anslo Garrick") What was that flashback Lizzie had?? -- Red: With all due respect, if the intel were worth having, I would have it. Ressler: There's a price on your head. Red: There's a running price on my head, Agent Ressler.-- Ressler: He doesn't even know this place exists. Red: All he *does* is extract people from places that don't exist! Places exactly like this. -- Who taught those FBI security guys how to come around corners without protecting themselves? They got picked off like sitting ducks! -- I appreciate that Liz didn't just climb out of the vent in the elevator on the first try and without breaking a sweat or suffering so much as a scratch. -- Red: Well, let it never be said I valued a Zegna Venticinque tie over a human life. --Anslo took out his own man shooting the bulletproof glass of Red's cell. Whoops. -- Red: Donald! Donald! Feeling any wittier yet? Any strange cravings for beluga caviar or Marcel Proust? ... Oh, Red. You have the best lines! -- Red: We become who we are. You can't judge a book by its cover. But you can by its first few chapters. And most certainly by its last. -- Ressler: We're not going to live through this. Red: I think we will. Ressler: How? Red: Have you ever sailed across an ocean, Donald? Ressler: No. Red: On a sailboat surrounded by sea with no land in sight? Without the possibility of sighting land for days to come? To stand at the helm of your destiny. I want that one more time. I want to be in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. I want another meal in Paris, at L'Ambrosie in the Place des Vosges. I want another bottle of wine. And then another. I want the warmth of a woman in a cool set of sheets. One more night of jazz at the Vanguard. I want to stand on summits and smoke Cubans and feel the sun on my face for as long as I can. Walk on the wall again. Climb the tower. Ride the river. Stare at the frescos. I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book. Most of all, I want to sleep. I want to sleep like I slept when I was a boy. Give me that. Just one time. That's why I won't allow that punk out there get the best of me, let alone the last of me. -- You always kill the guy after you knock him out, Lizzie. Always always. -- And now my jaw is firmly on the ground. Both Red's bodyguards, dead?? -- I'll tell you what. If the poo hits the fan, I want Red on my side.

**(The Good Wife, S5E9 "Whack-a-Mole") Lockhart/Gardner is playing super dirty now. Stealing the Florrick/Agos office furniture? Not to mention peeking into the files to scavenge the account opposite Florrick/Agos. Wow. -- Damian Boyle's Irish accent is fake?! Or is he just messing with the judge? -- Alicia (about her pin that Damian is now wearing on his lapel after stealing it from her desk): You're the world's number one mom? Damian: Well, I have my moments. -- Witness on the stand, screen name "LotionMyFeet": Call me Mr Feet. Will: Uh, no thanks. -- Jackie: Is that what is was? Confusion? What, 'where were your panties'? Supreme Court nominee, Rachel: That was a long time ago. I was twenty-five. Jackie: Yes. And you have slept with the husband of someone with a shorter memory. -- Did Damian seriously give Kalinda three birthdates when she was vetting him? Oh, he is a piece of work. -- I would not like Jackie as my enemy. She has a real mean streak. -- Kalinda: Cutting out early? Damian: Yeah. This is generally the time I wire my ill-gotten gains to my account in the Caymans. What do you need? ... I don't think I like Damian, but it may be fun watching him square off with Kalinda. -- Eli may kill Jackie. Those two have one of the most amusing relationships on television. -- I think "Kluger the Magnificent" is my favorite judge. But what on earth was he up to asking Alicia out for coffee?!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E9 "Sanctuary") Quite possibly the creepiest episode of the season. I'll tell you what: that may have reawakened my old fear of trees, born of the mean, apple-throwing trees in the Wizard of Oz! -- Ummm, Ichabod has a son?? Very curious what became of him.

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