Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lost for words.

Over the last three weeks, I have tried and tried to wrap my head around the 2013 Red Sox season, to find the words, to make sense of what happened. I keep going over the three different World Championship seasons, each with their own individual flavor and personality.

2004: The ineffable season. Emotional, in a way only 86 years of not winning it all could be. Awe-inspiring. Washing over us like a tidal wave. "Why not us?"

2007: Sleek, smooth, almost effortless. The consummate professionals. Going about their business and their business is winning. "Why not us again?"

2013: Shock. Unexpected. Redemption. Fear the beards. Every lil thing gonna be all right. "Why not us again in 2013?"

One common thread though: magical.

I don't think I could pick a favorite! 2004 was the year of breaking the curse, surreal and deeply emotional. 2007 felt so...easy, like that team was just so smooth and polished. 2013 was been fun and redemption and joyful, in a way it hasn't felt in years, a shock to the system in its complete reversal of 2012, like a photo and a negative. However 2013 ultimately played out (and of course, I wanted them to win it all!), it already felt like the high of success, long before the trophy was hoisted above heads and champagne sprayed through the air.

I think, in the end, it is best done justice by the snippets of my immediate reactions on social media:

"This team has defied every expectation I had of them this season. I wanted them to just be likable and play hard, regardless of outcome. This? Has been redemption on a level for which I never dared to hope."

"Redemption complete. Tears. Goosebumps. Laughter. Profound joy. So very proud of this Red Sox team. 2013 Champions. I'll be savoring this moment, this feeling, this season, this group of players for a long, long time. Every little thing is indeed all right."

"Turns out there *is* crying in baseball. It happened last night, on my couch, as I watched my Red Sox celebrate everything they accomplished in 2013. And that gorgeous Commissioner's Trophy is just one thing on a long and redemptive list."

"This team is pure magic."

What a wild and fabulous ride the 2013 Red Sox provided. Even weeks later, I am still astounded. And it feels good. I'm really only sorry it's over because I miss them already.

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