Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Week on My TV: February 28, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Mentalist, S7E12 Brown Shag Carpet) This episode made me so nervous. Everything from wondering if Lazarus was going to be waiting in the Airstream for Lisbon to whether or not new guy Tork was the serial killer to freaking out over Jane investigating the room where Lazarus was holding him. So much intensity. Oddly, though, I wasn't worried that he would survive the gas explosion, not with one episode still left in the series. -- Lisbon made the weirdest "I just got proposed to" face ever. -- Clearly, Lazarus is going to have some issues with Jane tricking him. Just how this series needs to go out: with another serial killer.

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E13 And the Great Unwashed) LOL: Sophie hiding in the walk-in refrigerator wearing earmuffs that perfectly match the print of her coat. -- Nola: The road can be long. So whatever you do hold onto your foolishly hopeful smile.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E11 Immaculate Deception) So, we are *finally* coming back to the topic of a  baby. It was nice that they revisited this, instead of pretending it never was "on the table." -- I know it was dishonest, which has no place in a marriage, but Mike freaked out about finding out Molly was back on the Pill, like she admitted she'd had her tubes tied! -- Mike [reassuring Molly that there were more ways to have a child than via birthing it]: There's adoption. There's...abduction. ... Not funny, in reality, but the way Mike said it, in the context of the show, sure was. -- Mike and Molly were outside, building a lighted trellis for Joyce, in Chicago, in February. I have just one question: Where was the snow??

**(Scandal, S4E13 No More Blood) That was some quick thinking by Olivia to put an end to her being sold to Iran. -- Oh, come on, Andrew. Did you seriously challenge Mellie while she was in red? Everyone knows that is when she's at her most fierce. -- With Olivia unable to keep Huck in check, thank God Quinn and Jake stepped up. He was teetering far too close to the point of no return. -- I totally fell for Cy's daydream of walking out on Fitz. -- Rowan: People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won't be. -- STEVEN!!! The Russians that won the bidding on Olivia were really Steven! Well played, Scandal, well played. -- Indeed, Abby. Once a gladiator, always a gladiator. -- So, after promising Quinn there would be no more blood, Huck opted to give Andrew a stroke? Ok... I will say that, propped up in his hospital bed, Andrew looked pretty pissed off. -- That was quite a declaration and dismissal Olivia gave Fitz.

**(The Mentalist, S7E13 White Orchids) Cho has smiled more in the last three episodes than he has in the whole rest of the show combined. -- Because walking through a convenience store and the City Clerk's office looking like charred hamburger doesn't draw any attention at all, Lazarus. -- I think it's weird that despite being engaged, they still call each other Lisbon and Jane. -- Bringing Cho dress shopping was a stroke of brilliance on Lisbon's part. -- Rigsby and Van Pelt!! -- The final case closed and the wedding were the perfect ending. I could have done without the pregnancy announcement, which just felt forced to me. -- Cho, I think I'll miss you most of all.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E4 Hero) Saul Goodman. 'Sall good, man. ::snort:: -- Was that Jimmy's first scam? With the man and the wallet and the "Rolex"? -- OMG, Jimmy took the hush money, to literally hush about the money. -- LOL: Jimmy's new billboard. -- I totally called that the billboard rescue was a scam the second the guy fell.

**(Elementary, S3E15 When Your Number's Up) Sherlock: Luke doesn't speak a word of English. In fact, he barely speaks a word at all, one of his many virtues. -- Did Sherlock seriously use the turn of phrase "after he recused himself of your pants"?? -- I've noticed that I am far less interested in each case of the week than in the way Sherlock interacts with the other characters.

**(The Middle, S6E16 Steaming Pile of Guilt) That bang-her-head-on-a-locker-while-attempting-to-flirt bit Sue pulled? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what I looked like. Ya know, back when I used to have cause to flirt. -- Weird Ashley is in college? I thought she was a Wrestlerette with Sue? I thought she was in Sue's class, not Axl's. Or was she in the grade between them? This is too much thinking for a sitcom. -- Look at Axl being all sweet and having a real relationship with Devin! -- How are Brick and Frankie eating cake while lying down in his bed? Isn't that a huge choking hazard?? -- Sue's "best laugh" is somewhat disturbing.

**(Person of Interest, S4E16 Blunt) Mr Reese looked a whole lot "creepy stalker"when he was peering around corners in that college dorm, looking for the latest number. -- I'd like to know how, exactly, Person of Interest's patented "whisper voice" works in a dance club, where typically it's difficult to hear someone shouting at full volume. -- May be my favorite description of Mr Reese yet: tall drink of darkness. -- So this "new job" Root just landed gets her programming access inside Samaritan, right?

**(Modern Family, S6E16 Connection Lost) I really expected this episode to be annoying, at first, with its format being entirely on Claire's laptop, using different apps and social media. Turned out to be one of my favorite sitcom episodes this entire season. It was executed brilliantly. Among my favorite moments: Phil yelling back at Alex, while in the Facetime frame, for her to tell Claire "I'm in the shower!" when he was clearly playing his video game. Claire's discovery that Haley changed her Facebook status to "got married." The revelation that, if Haley married Andy, her name would be Haley Bailey. The presentation of Luke's mohawk haircut from Gloria. Jay's confusion, using Facetime. When Haley wandered up from her bedroom, where she'd been the entire time her whole family thought she was in Vegas, marrying Andy.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E16 December Solstice) LOL: Barba holding Baby Noah. -- Carisi: That's assault in the third degree? Maybe even attempted murder, am I right, counselor? Barba: Seldom. ... ::snort:: I love Barba's snark. -- Barba [to Carisi]: It pains me to say this, but you're right. -- Barba's Mother: Benson. He talks about you. You drive him crazy. ... So the apple doesn't fall far from the snarky tree, huh? -- After the episode ended, we discussed who we believed, of the three, and decided that Judith (the blonde daughter) was probably the closest to telling the truth. The brunette daughter, Delilah, clearly had an ax to grind, and while I think Charmaine did love Walter, she also seemed to be manipulating the situation to get herself his child for additional power and wealth.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E16 The Intimacy Acceleration) I thought Sheldon and Penny were the perfect participants to test the "make two people fall in love" experiment. -- Awww! Sheldon admitted he is comfortable with Penny. -- Sheldon: I'm so warm and comforting. I'm like a human bowl of tomato soup. -- That was a very tender exchange Howard had with his mother's ashes. -- Not even Amy knows Sheldon's birthdate?! -- I would never be able to stare into anyone's eyes for four minutes without cracking up.

**(The Blacklist, S2E13 The Deer Hunter) This "Deer Hunter" serial killer was really rather gross. -- Red [while running his hand over Aram's hair]: I used to have a teeming mane just like this. -- I love that the way to Red's heart is through food. I also love that he *always* has a story to tell...although, if he sits down and starts telling you one, odds are he's about to "ask" you to do something you'd rather not. -- Good thing Lizzie does leg work. She nearly needed those killer thighs to fend off the Deer Hunter Part Two. Irony: It followed her whole speech about the killer being just like her husband, when that thigh move was Tom's thing. -- Ressler: Don't ask me to feel your pain, Liz. I've got enough of my own. -- LOL: Samar telling Aram he'll always be sexy, no matter what his hair situation is, but "just don't get fat." -- Liz: Are you scolding me? Red: Yes. Yes, I'm scolding you. -- I think Red is right. The fact that he will get the Fulcrum and then she will never see him again is *exactly* what she's afraid of.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E17 Awakening) Ichabod: Well, the Articles of Confederation were written on the back of a bar napkin. -- Abby [about the Liberty Bell]: You cracked the original? Ichabod: A little.. -- The bells made from the Liberty Bell mold were all cast to call witches to action...wha?? -- Katrina: You stood by Moloch's side while he swore to bring the apocalypse. Henry: His apocalypse, not mine. ... Henry implying he had no desire to bring about an apocalypse while loyal to Moloch? Or that he had his own apocalypse in mind instead? -- LOL: Ichabod's commentary on spoilers, power tools, and seasonal items. Ichabod [to Katrina]: What you say now cannot be unsaid. -- When Ichabod shouted "HENRY PARRISH!!!", all I could think of was "you better hope he doesn't call you by your middle name." -- Irony: When Ichabod appeared in modern times, he was nearly run down by a modern vehicle. When Abbie got sucked back in time with Katrina's time travel spell, she was nearly run down by a stagecoach. I find this amusing. -- I want to be disappointed that Henry is dead, because the one thing this show didn't need to lose was John Noble, but then...dead in Sleepy Hollow is only really dead about 50% of the time.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E18 Tempus Fugit) Ben Franklin was the best part of this episode. -- LOL: Ichabod sliding Abbie's phone across the table when he sees it says "slide to unlock." -- [following Abbie fighting off a patriot soldier in her jail cell] Abbie: More than that, we're friends. Ichabod: That's a relief. -- Considering the fact that Abbie changed time by her summons preventing Ichabod's death, I was thinking that she was lucky she was really lucky she didn't "Zuzu's petals" all the photos on her phone that led to Ichabod believing she was who she claimed to be. -- Ichabod had a tough day, losing both his wife and son at the same time. -- Interesting place to leave the show for the season, with Grace's warning that the biggest battles for the Witnesses are yet to be. I wonder who their next opponent will be? Where was Abraham hiding out? Is Hawley still going to lurk around? Are we done with Gabriel? Will Katrina and Henry find some supernatural way to be restored?

**(Mom, S2E15 Turkey Meatballs and a Getaway Car) Bonnie in charge of an AA group was both a brilliant move by Marjorie and also the worst idea, ever, for those that have to attend those meetings. -- I find Gabriel's current role bittersweet. I'm glad he's still on the show, but I wish his character was more likable and had more depth. -- That menu meeting was highly disturbing. -- I really like the magenta shirt Bonnie wore in this episode.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E17 Kyle’s Friend) Kristin asked Mandy to throw a huge party for her 21st birthday, like the ball in Frozen. Isn't she having a wedding or something? Throw your own party. -- LOL: Ed telling Mike he sounded like "hobo-pedia." -- Interesting concept between Kyle being too nice and getting taken advantage of vs Mandy being not nice and selfish but finding real pleasure in actually helping someone. -- I don't know why, but I kept expecting Morgan to be caught stealing something from the Baxters.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E15 Headlong Toward Disaster) Nice twist bringing Welch in to fill Newhouse's vacancy. -- I must be getting jaded. I expected Celia to turn out to be a junkie just looking to take advantage of Brett. -- Otis is right: new chief Pridgen is a douche -- Beth's clearly going to be nothing but trouble for Casey. -- Brett sure makes it a habit of getting over-involved. -- I wonder if Boden and Newhouse will be back or if they've been quietly shuffled off to make room from the conflict-inducing Pridgen and Welsh.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!: February 27, 2015

It's Oh Hey Friday! time, hosted by September FARM. The idea is that you talk about five things -- any five things, themed or random -- and away we go!

The "Looking Forward to March" Edition!

It's almost a new month! I have some pretty fun stuff coming up with that calendar flip.

Flower and Garden Fest at Epcot! I know where I'll be pretty much every Saturday from now through the middle of May. (Spoiler alert: There will be deliciousness from the Outdoor Kitchens involved. There will also be Instagramming.)

Full blown orange blossom season. I only wax poetic about this every single year. You probably roll your eyes. I say, if you lived in Florida, you would understand why I obsess.

Tickets to see the Red Sox play the Braves in Spring Training at Disney's Wide World of Sports. I'm fairly certain the fact that the entire internet is has latched onto llamas and dress color indicates a severe baseball deficiency. I'm totally craving a healthy dose of Vitamin MLB.

The return of my Sunday Night Television Lineup. Give me all the Once Upon a Time and Madam Secretary and The Good Wife!

Witnessing a hat-less Hollywood Studios with my own two eyes. This is a source of contention among Disney geeks. Devastated over the hat's removal. Elated that it's gone. It's all very polarizing. Personally, I never had any strong feelings about the hat, itself, just its location, which blocked the amazing facade of The Great Movie Ride, which always felt like a shameful waste, tucked out of view back there. What really concerns me, though, is that with all the times this park has changed names, we (my inner circle, that is) took to calling it Park With Hat. And's not.

How about you? What are you looking forward to in March?


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Glass jar on a shelf.

The other day, I was thinking, about, oh, I dunno. The same random stuff that flits through my brain on any given day, in no way fit for print. Wait. That makes it sound like it's inappropriate or profane or something. It's not. It's just random and boring and sometimes not even comprised of fully formed thought. (Glad we cleared that up.)

Anyway, I was thinking and one train of thought morphed into another until I reached this one: I know some pretty amazing people. Engaging. Funny. Talented. People who make an impression.

Sometimes that makes me feel...well...unremarkable.

When you're the "quiet sort," it's easy to feel...not invisible, but...transparent? Like you just blend in with the background, so that you're visible but only barely, and only if someone actually pauses to really look. Imagine looking at an empty glass jar on a shelf -- it's like that. It's easy to be overshadowed or overlooked. Not even on purpose. It just happens.

This isn't anything new for me. In some ways, I'll be honest, I rather prefer it. I flew under the radar all through school. I had no enemies and I could get along with anyone. I was just flexible enough to fit in where ever I needed to, without the pressure of people expecting me to be the pretty one or the popular one. (It still surprises me -- in a funny way -- when people from high school remember me! I don't think I could have blended into the scenery any more than I did during those years.) I've never been a fan of the spotlight, never craved being the center of attention. I think it's served me well. As Megan's mother once told her, on Mad Men, "The world cannot support that many ballerinas." Some of us, simply put, must exist on the periphery in support roles.

You see, I may not leave an indelible mark on your memory, but I go out of my way to be kind. To quietly offer help in whatever capacity I am able. To be the type of loyal that always has your back, even when you don't ask for it, without fail. To lay open my soft heart with compassion. To speak soft words of encouragement. To express genuine gratitude and sincere compliments. To uplift with the positive attitude that hasn't always come naturally to me, but for which I have worked long and hard. In a world where people are quick to judge, quick to complain, quick to criticize, quick to tear down, I like to think that, maybe, these qualities actually make *me* a little more remarkable than I often see myself.

I'll never command your attention. Which makes me realize I need to be grateful for the people who have actually made the effort to see me. I don't always make it easy.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

20 Questions: February 24, 2015

1. What’s your favorite emoji?
The smirky half-smile. Or the tears of laughter. Or the wide-eyed face, which can be used to convey oh-so-many emotions. Or maybe the monkey covering his eyes (my eyes, MY EYES!!). But I live for the moments I get to deploy the pants followed by "on" and the fire. Whatever, I'm a Libra. I am terrible at choosing just one.

2. Favorite pizza topping?
I'm usually drawn just just plain cheese with extra sauce...unless I'm someplace that can execute a good margherita pizza and then I'm all in, because hello! That's like caprese on a pizza.

3. Bacon or Nutella?
Uh, bacon. (Also, I've never had Nutella. For real.)

4. Favorite curse word?
I honestly curse so rarely that, when I do, anyone who knows me, even a little, actually stops in their tracks and stares at me. (Or, if you're my friend, Daniel, you laugh hysterically.)

5. What is your favorite dance move?
What would call this one?

Seriously, I have no business dancing. Unless it's in the safety of my own living room and for the sole purpose of making my husband wonder what on earth he signed up for.

6. Are you superstitious?
Only as related to the Red Sox and Patriots.

7. What is your favorite action movie?
Probably, RED. I like my action with a side of humor.

8. Favorite place that you’ve been to?
Toss-up: Boston or San Francisco.

9. Are you good with tools?
I am good at marrying the man who is good with tools.

10. Have you ever had a crush on an older man?
I married him! (Related trivia: I have dated guys both younger and older than me, some differences larger than others, but never anyone born in the same year as me. It's always been a minimum of a year in either direction.)

11. If you had a theme song following you around everywhere you go, what song would it be?
I was hoping I'd have some divine inspiration before I had to answer this one but...all I've got is the theme song for Friends.

12. What time do you get up in the morning?
I wake up between 5:50-6:15, naturally. What time I get out of bed varies on what I have planned for the day, which is most often work, so 6am, 6:02 at the latest.

13. At what time do you go to bed?
Again, your mileage varies. I average 11pm, but it could be later, if I'm watching one of my DVR'd shows or earlier, if I'm just ready to be snuggled in bed. I always read for 15-30 minutes before lights out though.

14. Do you have a doppelgänger?
Not that I've ever noticed or had pointed out to me.

15. Which dead person would you least want to haunt you?
Are you kidding me?? I don't want *anyone* to haunt me! I already jump out of my skin when living people show up where I don't expect them and I cannot stand to have my back to a blinds-open window after dark. Do you know what even the most benign haunting would do to me?!

16. Have you ever gotten a spray tan?
Nope. I did try that "self tanning" lotion a time or two, back in the late 90s, but even that looked ridiculous on this super pale girl. Do you know what would happen to me if I tried a spray tan, anyway? Remember that episode of Friends where Ross goes to have one done? Yeah.

17. Frosted tips on a guy: Yay or Nay?
It really depends on the guy. Give me someone specific and I can tell you.

18. Do you prefer Twitter or Instagram?
I enjoy each, for what they are, but I am visual, so there is a certain pull to Instagram for the photos...and the lack of character limit.

19. Favorite Disney Princess?

20. First screen name?
Same one I still use today: Daybreak1012. It isn't all that clever but it's never "already taken" and the consistency makes it easy to find me, if I use a particular media.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 7

Since November 2008, I've been documenting the bits of everyday life in a monthly format, through various incarnations. I've loved these "little life snapshots." But for approximately the past six months, I've been craving a change. More than a little tweak, this time, but a different perspective. After taking note of the bloggers I enjoy who do something similar on a weekly basis, I've finally blended my favorite aspects of their weekly posts with some of the framework of my monthly snapshots...and thus was born Snapshot from Along the Broken Road, v. 2.0

Checking in for the week of February 15 through February 21.

Firefly Summer (Maeve Binchy) - Still chugging along. Feels like I'm never getting anywhere with this one, although I'm a good two-thirds through, now. I'm starting to reach the point where I'll be glad when this is over and I'm reading *anything* else.

There were so many leftovers from the end of the previous week that Sunday became a "leftovers" day, and we still had enough to carry us through Monday's work lunches. Sheesh. We had some breaded-and-back chicken thighs with some of our freezer sweet corn and the very last of the mac and cheese (which was delicious, but we really need to halve that recipe next time, oy). We had breakfast for dinner, because quick-and-easy is the name of the game when I have midweek Lenten church to attend in the evening. And then we had a good ol' Florida cold snap, so we were all about the tortellini florentine soup and the (last minute swap in of) loaded potato soup -- yum! And on Saturday, there was Kona Cafe, over at Disney's Polynesian, for lunch and meeting up with a longtime online pal who happened to be in the area.

This was not my most productive week ever. I didn't sleep particularly well several nights. Combine that with chilly weather, and all I really wanted to do was nest on the couch in a blanket cocoon. I did manage to cross something off my Fun To Do list, though, and see the newly redesigned  Polynesian lobby.

Merry Cookie (BBW) - Still working my way through this vanilla goodness.
Merry Marshmallow (YC) - Vanilla and marshmallow, which is delightful, but a bit disappointing, since I could barely smell it while practically sitting on top of it.

Ever in search of just the perfect decorating touch for the house, I was beyond excited to see this soft beauty on clearance at Target. Feminine without being frilly. Perfect addition to the master bedroom. (Also known as: makes my husband sigh that he has something else to remove from the bed before he can get into it. Every marriage has its compromises.)

We got our Mardi Gras on in the office on Tuesday.

I did not get the baby, but I still got cake. #Winning

My morning reading.

These are exactly what they look like. Only dark chocolate. I need to have these taken away from me. It's for my own good. Don't say you weren't warned.

Breakfast. It's what's for dinner.

From dust you came and to dust you shall return.

I've fallen in love with the lighting in the Polynesian lobby.

It's been ages since I last ate here.

Crab cakes. Verdict: delicious.

Wandered over to my favorite resort hotel on property, Wilderness Lodge.

The details get me every time.


Getting acquainted with the new lens I got for Christmas.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Week on My TV: February 21, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E16 What Lies Beneath) As soon as I saw those construction guys poking around that tunnel, the first thing I thought of was when my Gram would tell me "curiosity killed the cat." -- Why is it that a statement like "whatever attacked these men took them down this trapdoor" is immediately followed by trying to open said trapdoor? I would think "seal that sucker up and beat feet." Good thing I'm not a Witness, huh? -- So...Ichabod just knows how a camera works now? (Also major cringe over that piece of equipment landing on the ground with a thud.) -- LOL: When Ichabod kept waving his hand through the Jefferson hologram and Jefferson asks him "Must you?" But related to that, if Ichabod can wave his hands through Jefferson, how is Jefferson able to pick things up?? -- You would think that if the Fenestella was meant to be protected until Abbie and Ichabod could find it that the reavers would have been programmed to recognize the Witnesses and not attack them as well. -- Uh oh. Henry is collecting souls and apparently Irving isn't enough, because it seems he's got Katrina in his grasp now too.

**(Elementary, S3E14 The Female of the Species) If I ever have to hear Sherlock say zebra (zeh-bruh?) one. more. time... -- Joan [answering a knock at the door]: You really are on your best behavior. It must have killed you not to just pick the lock. Sherlock: Nonsense. I had several more seconds worth of the waiting in me. Your mail. I did pick that lock although I did not steam open any of the correspondence. -- Well then. Joan's coming back to the brownstone. -- Moriarty?? Wow. I didn't think we were hearing from her again, and yet she seems to have quite the reach from whichever place she is being imprisoned. When Joan first started reading that letter, I assumed it was from Mycroft.

**(Scandal, S2E16 What Lies Beneath) OMG. Nobody told Abby about Olivia being kidnapped. -- I find it weird, almost to the point of being uncomfortable, when Mellie and Fitz discuss Olivia in the sense of her romantic relationship with Fitz and it's not in the form of an argument. -- Cyrus: Good morning, powerful people. I come bearing vengeance. -- Cyrus calling Andrew a weasel was worth of an amused snort. -- LOL: When Mellie and Cyrus started listing countries after Fitz said "We're the United States! Who has more money than us?" -- My initial reaction to Gus bucking against Ian's wishes: Ooo, Gus, I might choose my next words carefully; treading lightly might be wise. And after he shot Ian in the head: WTH?? Gus has gone straightup Crazytown. Also, he is creepy gross, coming on to Liv. -- Quinn: Doesn't matter how many times you reinvent your identity, Sallie Mae *will* find you. -- So, all that money B-613 was skimming and hiding has now become Huck's, as reparations for his "time in the hole." Well played, Huck. Enough with the Crazy Eyes, though, hmmm? -- I am over, so so over, the way they keep writing Huck as a horrifying animal. It feels like a crutch at this point. It's not even "shock and awe," anymore. It's just distasteful. I'm also kind of over this entire "kidnap Olivia Pope" arc. Time to wrap it up and move along. -- That was quite an admission by Mellie. Not surprising, but definitely unexpected to hear her verbalize her ambitions to be President. -- The scene with Mellie meeting the plane of the fallen soldiers made me cry. -- Final scene theory: Iran didn't by Olivia. Papa Pope did.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E14 Intimidation Game) Rollins: This security footage is like trying to find a geek in a geekstack. -- Well, video-gaming themed episodes rank right up there in the boring category, for me, as boxing themed episodes. -- We kinda thought that Raina woman and her husband were going to turn out to be behind the threats and kidnapping as a publicity stunt.

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E12 And the Knock-Off Knockout) I have news for Max. She couldn't date James Spader if she were the last woman on earth. -- Caroline: Han, I hope you're a better actor than Max. ... Oh. The. Irony. This show is way funnier when it doesn't realize what it's actually saying. -- Speaking of gay wedding planners, whatever happened to the gay waiter at the diner? He vanished as abruptly as he arrived.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E10 Checkpoint Joyce) It was nice having an episode off from Molly's writing. Joyce is funny when she's mad. Nothing was especially noteworthy about the episode, though. Not even anything quotable.

**(CSI, S15E17 Under My Skin) That blonde girl, Cara, was THIRTEEN?? -- This was a pretty run of the mill episode. I felt like they would have/should have spent the final two episodes of the season on the Gig Harbor Killer. -- This was obviously a set up for Nick's exit. I wondered how they were going to write him out. I guess that answers that question.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E3 Nacho) It's so weird to see people using payphones. -- That DA has the easiest lines ever when he's talking to Jimmy: Can't do it. Can't do it. Can't do it. -- I knew Jimmy was going to have to pay for letting himself out of the lot without paying or getting validation stickers. The look on the gate attendants face was hilarious, though. As was the confrontation when Jimmy returned. I think my favorite character is the gate attendant. I wonder how much more we'll get to learn about him, now that he seems to be forging a relationship with Jimmy away from the gate. -- LOL: It takes weeks for the CSI unit to get back DNA results. -- LOL: Jimmy saying "Nacho is nacho man." -- What is up with the abrupt endings to every episode?? You're just sitting there, watching a scene, and then BAM. Credits roll.

**(CSI, S15E18 The End Game) DB's beard: not a fan. -- Arg! We get no resolution on Paul Winthrop. his mother, or his pimp "reverend" father?! And what about Julie? A coma? This Gig Harbor killer has been one of the most frustrating serial killer arcs on CSI. -- I'm not sure how I feel about Nick's exit. It was less unsettling than Brass leaving last year, but it lacked warmth and sentimentality of Catherine's departure, even with the montage.

**(The Mentalist, S7E11 Byzantium) Funny how, after years of working with Patrick's unconventionality, they are all so skeptical of someone who may have psychic abilities. -- Cho is very clearly still dealing with what happened to Vega. -- I startled so hard when Wiley got smacked in the head. -- So, The Mentalist is going to wind things up with a (short) serial killer story, it seems. Interesting way to go out...

**(Marry Me, S1E14 Dead Me) Haaaa. Jake and Annie and "not on the table" because "we're just not those people." -- Annie's now-former boss was...interesting? Especially with that "not a dry seat in the house" remark. (Ew.)

**(About a Boy, S2E14 About a Boyfriend) I have to admit, Fiona and Mr Chris's adventure that ended up with them getting arrested for trespassing to skinny dip in a state park was both hilarious and exactly why I don't have many adventures. I almost never relate to Fiona, but I did to her trepidation this time! -- Awww, Marcus has a girlfriend, took her on a date, and got himself kissed. Maybe under that tough exterior, Shea isn't so bad after all.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E14 Call It Paradise) Finally, something new and different! Arctic temps (LOL, I feel your pain about surviving another winter, Cruz) and an abandoned baby. -- Mills and Brett sure do get into a lot of bad situations. -- Let me get this straight. After all those cozy moments with Dawson and the abandoned baby, Casey's best plan is to go after some random girl? -- Severide's job offer from the investigation division: meh. -- Whoa. I thought Boden would go check on his baby and come out to see what went "thud" because his dad passed out. I didn't expect him to come out and discover his dad had died. That made me cry.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E15 The Comic Book Store Regeneration) Bernadette: Your mom having fun in Florida? Howard: She's loving it. She finally found someplace where everyone complains about how much they sweat. -- LOL: Amy was testing Penny to see if she could figure out the puzzles being used on the chimps. -- Yay! The comic book store is back! -- Howard: I didn't marry you for good points. I married you for support no matter how ridiculous I'm being. ... Isn't that pretty much in the fine print of the vows? -- I wondered how they were going to handle the death of the actress who played Howard's mom. Well done, Big Bang Theory. Excellent tribute. -- Sheldon [to Howard]: When I lost my own father, I didn't have any friends to help me through it. You do. ... Big moment for Sheldon. Yeah, I cried.

**(Person of Interest, S4E15 Q&A) At first I thought: it appears Samaritan is not finished playing its recruitment game. More Nautilus clues! Then I though: oh, we're going to revisit Claire. I didn't realize she was a minion of Samaritan, after all, until a split second until it was confirmed. -- So...VAL is like Siri with a mean streak? -- Just when I was wondering if we were ever going to see Root and Shaw again, Root shows up, two guns blazing, and rescues Mr Finch from the clutches of Greer and Samaritan.

**(The Middle, S6E14 The Answer) Mike: Every minute I'm yelling is a minute I'm not killing her boyfriend! -- I want to laugh at Brick's swaddle, but that's kind of how I walk around the house when it's chilly so... -- Axl: Her name is gonna be Sue Sue McGrew. ... Dead. That line killed. me. dead. -- How on earth did they manage to fit three full-sized people in Darrin's tiny house?! -- Sue: Right now, my life has all these questions. Where am I gonna live? What am I gonna do? And I'm not ready to have those questions answered yet. I have so many dreams and things I wanna do... I've never seen California, I've never lived in my own apartment, I've never eaten a truffle...I mean, I've had the chocolate kind, but I think there's another kind. I want to travel and learn to paint and hail a cab. I want to cry when my parents drop me off at college. I want to live in a dorm and have a weird roommate and then meet another girl on my floor that I love and move in with her next semester. There's just this whole list of things...and getting married isn't on that list. I love you, Darrin, I really do...and you might be the person that I'm supposed to be with forever...but I don't want my forever to start right now. --  Oh, I wanna hug poor Darrin. I hope this isn't the end of the story for Sue and Darrin, but even more than that, I hope this isn't the last we see of Darrin on this show. He's one of my favorite characters.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E12 The Great Pretender) Mer [opening monologue]: Everybody has something to hide. We can't just expose all our secrets to the world. That's how we get hurt. That's how we risk hurting other people. We have to decide how much we let out. And keep the truth to ourselves. -- Dude. That woman faked fainting to get out of saying no to a marriage proposal?? And I thought *I* hated confrontation. -- LOL: Dr Herman messing with everyone. -- Mer's face when Maggie hugs her after Mer tells her where she really was all weekend. Because Mer doesn't hug. -- I may be on board with the budding friendship between Arizona and Dr Herman (what *is* her first name?!), but while I love Amelia and I love Owen, I don't believe I am on board with that kiss. I do really, really love the way Alex said "I'm gonna marry that girl" about Jo, though. -- Mer [closing monologue]: It's scary to reveal everything about ourselves. Fear makes us hold ourselves back. Is that so wrong? Maybe...probably. But still, it helps to be a little sneaky, a little protected. It's not safe to just blurt out all of our secrets. You can't just lay all the truth out there, expose ourselves to God and everybody. Because once the truth is out, we have to face it ourselves. -- Those monologues? They are why I have always, on some level, identified with Meredith Grey.

**(The Blacklist, S2E12 The Kenyon Family) I always found the story of Lot and his daughters one of more disturbing stories in the Bible. And yet not as disturbing as what was going on in that culty commune where most of the action was this episode. -- The "watchers?" Creepy. Capital C. -- Boy, Ressler sure takes a beating on this show. If someone is going to get dragged, you can pretty much bet it will be him. -- Glen: I have two weeks of vacation I need to use before the end of the year. Red: It's February!! ... My favorite: Red's face, pretty much every time he has to deal with Glen. Although, his reaction when that woman standing behind him while he waited at the DMV sneezed on his head? That ranks right up there. -- I expected it to be Red who pulled the strings to get Cooper into that clinical trial for whatever fatal disease it is he's battling. I haven't reached a conclusion, yet, whether or not I trust the guy that got him in. -- What was with that Presidential limo underneath the floor of the Kenyon church?? I have to admit, Red was pretty entertained by it, which is always a treat to watch, but it seemed so random. -- So. Red collected a phone number from the safe in St Petersburg (which I will confess I understood to be the Florida one, not the Russian one) and now someone he doesn't know has called him. Who is it?? I find it difficult to believe there are very many people in the underbelly of the world that Red isn't acquainted with.

**(Modern Family, S6E15 Fight or Flight) They really need to update the opening. Joe isn't a little baby anymore! -- Speaking of not a baby anymore. Luke is so...big now. -- Other than Phil's glee over sitting between a magician and a masseuse in coach, after Claire snapped up the single upgrade to first (and found herself seated with the most obnoxious human being on the planet), this was a rather 'meh' episode for me. Haley and Alex texting with Luke's ladies. Jay, Gloria, Manny, and the cooking class bully. The baby shower for Sal. It all fell a bit flat for me.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E16 Three Sundays) Kyle: Well, there's a mannequin down. Ed: That's never good. Especially in the hunting department. -- I was holding out hope that maybe they had forgotten about the Outdoor Man restaurant deal between Kristin and Mike. Apparently not. -- I admit that I do not remember Wendy being pregnant, so I was a little confused when Ed glumly admitted she had lost the baby.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E15 Undercover Mother) When Carisi was undercover, he looked like Richard Blais. -- When Rollins and Amaro were tailing the delivery driver, it was snowing pretty heavily. When they caught up to him, it was blue skies and sunny, not a single flurry. -- Busted on Super Bowl Sunday. But the episode was aired on February 18. Super Bowl was over two weeks ago. Oops on the timing. Had to work in an underinflated joke though. ::eye roll:: -- Lt Murphy!!! -- I was shocked when Murphy clocked Carisi upside the head for real. And then I remembered Murphy doesn't have any idea who Carisi is! -- Johnny D is Noah's father?! So Noah's murdered mom may have been one of his girls. Nice twist.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E16 In the Box) The way this episode started, I kept wondering if we picked it up in the middle. It was a strange place to start. -- When Garrett handed Frank that letter, I thought for sure he was turning in his resignation. Here's the thing about this story line though. How long has Garrett been Frank's right hand man? Did he honestly think Frank was going to pulls strings for him? Has Frank *ever*?? For *anyone*? He can't even manage to give well-earned commendations to his own kids without doing it begrudgingly. -- Danny is never ever *ever* going to let Baez forget that she "owes him" for saving her from that hostage situation. -- The story with Janko doing a collection to help out the widow of an older man gunned down in a gang shooting to help her pay for her the funeral was a nice story. I wonder if we'll learn more about that gang from the kid who slipped Jamie the twenty dollar bill with the phone number on it? -- LOL: Frank's "absolutely not" in response to Linda's suggestion that they hold hands for grace before Sunday dinner.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!: February 20, 2015

It's Oh Hey Friday! time, hosted by September FARM. The idea is that you talk about five things -- any five things, themed or random -- and away we go!

The "Brain Dump" Edition!

In the seven nights that have occurred since the last Oh Hey Friday! post, five of those nights have included dreams in which I am holding a baby. I know, I know, no one cares about anyone else's dreams on the internet. I'm just weirded out, because I am relatively certain I am not with child, so what gives, brain? Why all the bambinos while I slumber?

Nothing reinforces, for me, my utter lack of accessorizing skill like Thursday, when it was Florida-cold (read: high 50, low 29, lots of gusty wind) and I decided to attempt wearing a scarf. I felt like a fraud all day. A cozy fraud though.

Two weeks past my original trim-and-highlight appointment date. One more to go. I think I've gone through all the stages of hair growth during this time. The "well, this is awkward" length. The "hey, this isn't half bad, why haven't I powered through sooner!" length. The "oh yeah, now I feel like a shaggy version of Cousin It" length. ::sigh:: Related: I had honestly forgotten how dark my natural hair color is.

I've been thin-skinned lately. That's been a lot of fun. Or not. Soft heart = my blessing and my curse.

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. Listening to Callie and Amelia discuss having lost the game they used to have, all I could think was thank God I don't have to date anymore, because I have never had game. Ever. OMG. How did I find a husband again??


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Five a Day.

I stumbled across this one and it caught my attention. Decided to play along.

Wordpress Daily Prompt:
You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

I have to assume some things:
1. My captors must be making deliveries, since even if I choose five foods, they can't just give me a lifetime supply.
2. It doesn't say if my island hut is equipped with electricity, much less whether I have a refrigerator or means of heating my food. I'll imagine they're kind enough to make the delivery in an ice chest, so it doesn't spoil.
3. We're talking tropical island, not Arctic.
4. It doesn't specify that they have to be a single ingredient, so I'm taking that into heavy consideration and using it to my advantage.

I sure hope my captors have a good sense of humor.

Ok, five foods.

1. Fruit salad - That will give me a decent variety of fruit, so I don't have to pick just one.
2. Granola bars - Gotta have a little fiber!
3. Noosa yogurt - Amazing flavors. Dairy intake. Tastes like dessert.
4. Pasta salad - Made with my recipe, which means I will get a good variety of veggies, some meat, and some cheese. Plus, it's good food when it's warm outside.
5. See's chocolates - Mixed boxes equal good variety, and let's be honest, there has to be some chocolate.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 6

Since November 2008, I've been documenting the bits of everyday life in a monthly format, through various incarnations. I've loved these "little life snapshots." But for approximately the past six months, I've been craving a change. More than a little tweak, this time, but a different perspective. After taking note of the bloggers I enjoy who do something similar on a weekly basis, I've finally blended my favorite aspects of their weekly posts with some of the framework of my monthly snapshots...and thus was born Snapshot from Along the Broken Road, v. 2.0

Checking in for the week of February 8 through February 14.

Firefly Summer (Maeve Binchy) - Just when I thought I might have to resign myself to nothing happening and simply making my way through 600+ pages, all of a sudden there was some forward progress in the story and I'm able to read a bit more quickly. Finally!

I feel like we went "old school comfort food" as a menu theme this week! There was tuna casserole; chicken parmesan over angel hair with broccoli; meatloaf patties, potato salad, and green beans; barbecue ribs, John's mac and cheese, and baked beans. On Valentine's Day, we capped it off with lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on Disney property: Biergarten, in the Germany pavilion at Epcot. That place is ultimate comfort food for me, because so many of the dishes on the buffet are reminiscent of meals my Gram used to make.

Scanned in two more old photos (thanks for the motivation, Throwback Thursday!), bringing my 2015 total to six, toward my goal of fifty. Also renewed my WDW Annual Pass (yay!), paid off my car (woohoo!), and brought my rings for their six-month inspection and cleaning (we went to Jared!).

Welcome Christmas (YC) - Finally finished this bad boy up. Ready to move on to something else, but I also kind of miss it. I'm a headcase.
Gingerbread (YC) - It may not be cookie season anymore, but I love a warm, spicy scent on a cool night.
Frosty Air (YC) - This one smells just like a fresh snowfall. I had to, as an homage to all my favorite people currently enduring snowstorm after snowstorm in the northeast.
Peppermint Bark (YC) - I typically dislike candles with any sort of chocolate scent, but this one, with the peppermint, is so lovely. The only problem is now I want all the peppermint bark.
Merry Cookie (BBW) - New jar candle in the bedroom! This one is vanilla bliss. I love vanilla.
White Christmas (YC) - Another "snowy" scent. I love them in the bathroom, because they smell so clean, but with a seasonal angle.
Christmas Eve (YC) - I know, I know. It isn't Christmas anymore and this makes the third scent I'm using with "Christmas" in its name. I group my candle scents by season and this one came up in the rotation.
Creme Brulee (YC) - This was an old scent, long retired, that I've been hoarding, but I had to burn it before it no longer had any scent to give off. It's vanilla with some honey and spice. A nice twist on a classic scent.

I'm cheating with a screen cap here, but this purchase means there is much joy in Dawnville!

This, my friends, is a zero balance. Those baseball tickets were a celebration of no more car payment!


I have a herd of little solar-powered critters in my work window. It started when my boss left one there one day, after a trip to the Dollar Store. They've multiplied, thanks to anonymous co-worker donations. This one is my favorite. Go ahead, tell me I can have or do something "when pigs fly."

Some days, all I can think about is getting to this part of my daily routine. It recharges me on so many levels.

Lately, we've been obsessed with adding "onion crunchies" to our salads.

These are like clouds for my feet.

MUAHAHAHAHA. (I am deliriously happy. Not Summer is my favorite.)

At first, while reconciling this bill for work, I rolled my eyes. But the more I thought about it, the more it felt like a little mental nudge. It's important to intentionally leave some spaces blank, you know?

My hair hasn't been this long since 1994. (Actually, it was longer then. Almost to the middle of my back. But when I cut it, I cut it just below my chin. So, my initial statement still rings true.)

WHOOOOOO's the cutest little nail file?

Let's talk about this Old Navy fleece. Which I have had since the year 2000. But...but...I love that little zipper pocket on the sleeve! Laugh if you want to, but when I want to travel ultra streamlined at WDW, it doesn't get better than that. Car key, ID, a $20 bill -- all safely zipped up! Phone in my pocket, Magic Band on my wrist, and away we go!

No, *you* stop it!

It's super dark in Biergarten, so these are probably the least technically pretty photos ever (when was the last time I even used a flash?!), but I need you all to see why, after I finished dessert somewhere around 2:15pm, I actually didn't eat again until Sunday morning. And I didn't actually feel hungry until Monday at lunchtime. So worth it though. Like a hug for my soul from my Gram.

Come, fly with me. Let's fly. Let's fly away!

Happiness is...


Saturday, February 14, 2015

This Week on My TV: February 14, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E10 The Bed's Too Big Without You) Is Callie making Owen her new Mark Sloan? -- I kinda crazy loved how excited Mer, Bailey, and Maggie got when they set up the 3D printer to create a model of Mer's patient's tumor, so she could figure out how to attack it. -- Maggie: I might be too good at being alone. ... I came dangerously close to that. Thank God for T. -- Mer: Maybe I could print a Derek. Just for sleeping! -- I feel so badly for April and Jackson, both terrified and coming at how to handle their baby's official diagnosis and prognosis from completely opposing ideologies, that I have to keep reminding myself they're just characters on a tv show. -- Mer [elbow deep in a surgery]: This is where we cut, right here. Maggie: That's my finger. -- I don't now which made me more sad: Owen visiting his "Cristina vent" or Mer with her tumor model in Derek's spot in bed. -- Is this a teeny tiny bond forming between Mer and Maggie?? -- O. M. G. What are the "big gun" results of Baby Avery?! Cruel, Grey's writers, so cruel.

**(The Mentalist, S7E10 Nothing Gold Can Stay) Vega: So...are there any changes you're going to make when you take over? Cho: Yes. Rookie agents will be seen and not heard. -- Well, crap. Cho's first command and they suffer an agent fatality. I knew it was bad news as soon as he started calling her Michelle and not Vega. I hope it doesn't make him change his mind about being the team lead. -- An ultimatum from Patrick: he's done worrying that Lisbon will get killed in the line of duty. He's leaving and she can come with him or stay behind, but he can't go through the death of someone else he loves. There are only three episodes left in the series. Not much time for Lisbon to decide what she wants!

**(Scandal, S4E11 Where's the Black Lady?) Mellie's back in red. Which means she stands a good chance of being my favorite version: shrewish Mellie. -- The second Olivia started guzzling water while filming her "ransom video," I wondered if it was to send a message. Catching Ian in the reflection was brilliant. -- Cyrus: Fitz hates the vice president. Abby: We...all hate the vice president. -- Fitz's man-child antics often irritate me, but what a terrible position to be in: choose the life of the woman you love or sacrifice her to keep the country you lead out of war. -- Finally, someone noticed Olivia's "breadcrumbs!" Thank you, Huck. -- Mellie [to Lizzie Bear]: Awwww, feeling squeamish? I don't blame you. Kidnapping's a felony, after all. ... There she is! -- David: Use your imagination. I'm wearing a ten gallon white hat. ... This show needs more David Rosen. -- At first, I thought Olivia was clever, bargaining with Ian and appealing to a sense of greed. But then she missed being rescued by Jake and *now* what??

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E11 And the Crime Ring) Sophie: I'm wearing my Sunday bra cuz I just came from church! ... Say what?? -- Sophie's bedazzled drink umbrella was an absolutely perfect prop touch. -- Caroline: I sang in prison. I had a one night stand. I'm practically Johnny Cash. -- Caroline is actually improving. Max isn't, but at least that's something.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E9 Hack to the Future) Molly's publisher looks like he could be Satan. -- When Mike laughed because he actually pictured a typing monkey when Molly said her publisher treated her like, I was picturing the same thing! -- Sorry, Mike, but you just can't work the fedora like Raymond Reddington. -- Even the phrase "sexy sci fi" makes me cringe. -- OMG did Satan publisher seriously utter the "word" 'timegasm'?? ::shudder::

**(Reign, S2E13 Sins of the Past) I love that they celebrated such things as "finding the first bloom" near the end of winter. We don't get excited about things like that anymore. Sometimes, much of the time, I think this is where "progress" has failed us. -- Conde: Lady Lola. What are all the decorations for? Lola: Tomorrow night's Winter's Ease. The first blooms have been spotted in the snow. We feast. Dance. Celebrate new beginnings. Conde:'s still winter. Lola: The blooms will likely have a short life, but it's the promise that spring will come eventually. -- I feel a little bad for laughing about Catherine's "hauntings" and "visions" potentially being the result of syphilis, a parting gift from Henry. And then I really laughed when she figured out, thanks to Narcisse, that it was actually poisoning. -- I actually think that, despite their current issues, Kenna and Bash have the strongest marriage on this show. Kenna is willing to apologize sincerely. Bash is honest about his feelings and acknowledges that they are married for life and he just needs to do some personal sorting out. -- I had wondered what happened to Narcisse's advances on Lola. I should have known he'd come slinking around again, trying to seduce her. -- I wish I could make myself like Francis more. He's being very sweet to Mary while she finds her way back from her trauma. And then they have that conversation where she basically sends him away, telling him to take a lover because she loves him and at least one of them should be happy. They need to get some marriage counseling from Bash and Kenna.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E1 Uno) A little slow to get going, having to introduce the characters and set the scene. I'm not sure what to make of Chuck. Things picked up when he met the scamming twin skateboarders, though. I can't believe their scam turned into a hit-and-run! And what was with being greeted at gunpoint when he got to the house where the skateboard scammers tailed the driver?!

**(Better Call Saul, S1E2 Mijo) Lesson number one: do NOT call Mijo's Abuelita a biznatch. -- What is the deal with the parking attendant troll and the stickers? -- I know it's still laying groundwork. I can't figure out who half the characters are or what their roles are yet, and I definitely didn't expect the humor aspect, but I believe we'll keep watching to see where this all goes. -- This show ends episodes very...abruptly.

**(Parenthood, S6E2 Happy Birthday, Zeek) OMG, Nora got so big! -- I still do not like that lawyer guy that Julia is sleeping with. So much so that I refuse to even learn his name. -- There sure was a lot of yelling in pretty much every scene involving Adam. -- Things that never change: I'd like to pop Sydney upside her snotty little head. -- Holy downer birthday for Zeek. Sheesh. -- Well, I thought I was going to make it through this episode without crying, and then Amber told Zeek about her pregnancy and asked if she disappointed him. The way he celebrated the magic of a new baby and rejoiced in becoming a great-granddad. Oh, my heart.

**(Person of Interest, S4E14 Guilty) Harold looked about as thrilled to have his fellow juror getting chatty with him as I would. Heh. -- Mr Finch: Well, one can't really call it "government, of the people, by the people," can one? Because we're all being watched by an intelligent super computer that's slowly but surely taking over the world. ... The truth shall set you free, huh, Harold? (Or not.) -- Dr Campbell: That's my way of saying you're not supposed to cancel mandatory sessions. Mr Reese: They didn't give me mandatory sessions 'cause I'm good at following rules. -- Mr Reese: If Emma's there to kill anybody, she must be planning on using her bare hands. I couldn't find any evidence she was trying to buy a weapon. Mr Finch: Perhaps her plan involves a method of attack you haven't considered? Mr Reese: I know a lot of ways to kill people, Harold. -- When Finch said "please don't call me that," after Reese called him Harry, his tone held the same amount of contempt as I feel when people call me Dawny. -- Since when are jurors allowed to have cell phones while in the deliberation room? -- How did Mr Reese get to Emma's room so fast from across the street to save Mr Finch? -- Fusco: Look, I get it. After what happened to Shaw, you and Glasses are worried the same thing's gonna happen to me. And you know what? It might. And I'm fine with that. You don't get to decide what or who I'm willing to die for. I made my choice a long time ago. -- Ugh. Does Mr Reese have a thing for his therapist? One of my favorite things about this show is the lack of romantic clutter. -- It was kind of nice to have a simple case of the week that wasn't neck deep in "mythology." A reference here and there to Root, the still missing Shaw, and the Dominic-Elias faceoff.

**(Marry Me, S1E13 Change Me) Annie and Jake's fridge is pretty much my worst nightmare. -- Can't decide if Jake as Reagan or Dennah as sexy FDR (on roller skates as the wheelchair) was my favorite costume for the Kevins' Presidents Day party. -- Kay was eating raw Bisquick?? That doesn't sound even remotely appealing.-- Oh, Kay. The bag of oranges was definitely your downfall. -- They are not hiding Casey Wilson's pregnancy well at all. -- T looked at me like I was a lunatic but I nearly fell off the couch when Annie said Kaitlin Sedilla...Kay Sedilla...quesadilla. And that was before Jake pointed it out, for the record.

**(About a Boy, S2E13 About a Cat Party) I want Fiona's heart jammies! -- Shay is a brat. -- Why does Will have the drawers in his own gift closet labeled? -- A cat party? Is that a real thing? -- I saw that Will and bartender Liz kiss coming from three scenes away.

**(The Middle, S6E13 Valentine’s Day VI) Darrin!!! I missed Darrin. I was a little worried we wouldn't see him and it's Valentine's Day and all. Sue+Darrin=4ever. -- I'm really liking Axl and Devin Levin as a couple. *Almost* as much as Sue and Darrin. -- Is Brick's school bag an insulated pizza delivery bag?! -- Awwwww! Axl and Devin and the bouncy house. -- Brick: Who schedules a kiss?? You know what else is scheduled? Executions! -- OMG I died laughing at Brick and Cindy's kiss. -- OMG OMG OMG. Darrin proposed to Sue???

**(Modern Family, S6E14 Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister) Anders and Cooper? Wah-wahhh. -- The antics were funny. Gloria's sister trying to steal Jay. The back-and-forth switcheroo Cam and Mitchell did with the wedding gift they wanted to keep. Phil and Claire doing their role playing gig. The best part of the whole episode was when Phil pulled Claire into the house at the end.

**(Mom, S2E14 Benito Poppins and a Warm Pumpkin) I'm a bit disappointed that they seem to be writing off Nathan Corrdry's character. It's a shame, but they really did very little with him. I hope he finds somewhere else to land, if that's the case. -- Christy going to manage the restaurant or go to law school? I'm confused. -- ::snort:: Bonnie has dirt on all the apartment complex tenants. I kind of wish they would bring her discoveries up in conversation in a little more often. I think they could have some real fun with that.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E11 All I Could Do Was Cry) Silly me, to think that Baby Avery would be given the less severe type of his disease. -- I don't think I'm a fan of Catherine's new hair style. -- Ohhhh. I never thought about how Baby Avery's fatal condition would affect Amelia whose own baby didn't survive as a result of a rare fatal condition. -- Did Mer call Jo a hoodlum?? LOL -- Of course Alex is the one to say "dammit" in the chapel. ::shakes head:: -- Yay for Maggie, stepping up and trying to figure out how to navigate a relationship with Mer! -- Aptly titled episode. That's all I did for the final twenty minutes of it. When April hugged the patient who lost her fiance in an accident, telling her she was strong and would be ok. When the new parents who thought they never could be were marveling over their new baby girl. When Catherine asked Richard to please take her home and just hold her. When April and Jackson held Baby Samuel for his entire little life. When Amelia walked into the chapel to see all the candles lit in a silent prayer. Heartachingly beautifully done. And while I usually hate when anyone but Mer does the opening and closing monologues, April was absolutely perfect for this one.

**(The Blacklist, S2E11 Ruslan Denisov) Oh boy. That harbor master that got killed when Liz was keeping Tom hostage on that ship is about to become a problem. Someone is looking for him. -- The Fulcrum isn't a piece of technology Aram recognizes. Hmmm. -- It seems that the FBI and the CIA aren't done getting on each other's nerves. -- I could watch/listen to Red tell his stories for a full hour every week. James Spader just kills it. The mannerisms, the voice inflections, the tone, the facial expressions. Sheer brilliance. -- Red: Go get cleaned up. We'll have dinner. I know a *wonderful* little hole in the wall. It's actually *in* a hole in the wall. -- Liz, when are you going to learn that when you try to dance with Red, he's going to outdance you? -- Red: Agent Keene, in this world, there are no sides, only players. -- If this doesn't make your blood run cold... Red: Make no mistake, Mr Burke. My friend, here, is still making the bed he'll have to lie in for the rest of his life, but my bed is made and I assure you, my bed accommodates a broad spectrum of behavior. So you tell us what little you know about Javin or I'll put you in the ground myself. -- Red's "vive la France!" when Lizzie figured out that all the strings Red pulled on this case led to his own financial gain was positively incorrigible. Gosh, I love this character. -- Oh crap. That guy who was paid to watch Tom on the ship is going to flip on her. She's going to be forced to bury the hatchet with Red, because she's going to need his help to get out of this one.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E15 Power Players) There are few tv characters I loathe more than Mayor Poole. I wanted to cheer when Frank told him where he could stick "not a bribe" by bringing up police pensions in the same conversation about not so subtly asking One PP to drop some charges as a favor. -- What is the deal with this investigator, Alex McBride, showing up all the time in Erin's office now?-- Why does it seem like everything bad that happens when Jamie is on duty takes place in that same apartment courtyard? -- The smile on Frank's face when Officer Butler shared his feelings about the Mayor. -- I know we're supposed to feel bad for Janko but really all I can do is make snarky "voice overs" for her scenes with Jamie. I can't help it. It's the way the show flirts with their denied romance. -- So when Danny and Baez used the cranky FBI guy as a decoy to lure the hitguys in the opposite direction of the mob witness Erin needed to make her case, how did they know the bad guys wouldn't try to shoot at their car, thinking it was really Rella in the backseat?


Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!: February 13, 2015

It's Oh Hey Friday! time, hosted by September FARM. The idea is that you talk about five things -- any five things, themed or random -- and away we go!

The "About Me as Related to TV" Edition!

You want just one of the reasons I could never be Olivia Pope? Girlfriend wears way too much white. How does she not get stuff on herself? I'd be a mess before 9am.

If you've ever watched The Middle, you would know that I am Sue Heck in so many ways. Goofy. Awkward. Eternally optimistic. Excited by what most people deem insignificant or inconsequential. A deep sense of right and wrong. Tremendous respect for authority. Profoundly affected by disappointing or hurting people I care about. Always ready to smile, help, or be a friend. Take everything a bit more personally than I should. And when I stress, I look like a maniac. I'd like to say it was just when I was in high school,

Monica Geller is my soul mate. Right down to the secret closet.

Back when Grey's Anatomy first came out, I was in a bad place, so I completely identified with Mer's Dark and Twisty -- I'm far more Bright and Shiny, now, but I haven't forgotten how Dark and Twisty feels. I can also be difficult to get to know, though less because I'm prickly and more because I'm quiet until I get comfortable around you. (Once I'm comfortable, I refer you to Item Two.) I also am totally on board with Mer's feelings about hugging: I prefer my personal space until you've worked your way into My Circle.

Watching shows like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Sex and the City, The Big Bang Theory, and Dawson's Creek makes me miss having my people within close proximity. I love where I live, but gosh darn it, why hasn't someone invented a teleporter yet for when I need some time with my girls? (Related: Making all new friends when you're an adult and quiet by nature is darn near impossible.)


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some personal mantras.

1. Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you. ("Love Like Crazy," Lee Brice)

2. Not my monkeys, not my circus.

3. Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, and my kindness for weakness.

4. Having a soft heart in a hard world is courage, not weakness.

5. Just because something is hard, doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

6. Win graciously, lose with dignity.

7. I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite. (Elf)

8. Three words: Enthusiasm, curiosity, and gratitude. (Jenny Rosenstrach)

9. When you are not feeling particularly friendly…put on a friendly manner and behave as if you were a nicer person than you actually are. (C.S. Lewis)

10. We all must suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. (Jim Rohn)


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 5

Since November 2008, I've been documenting the bits of everyday life in a monthly format, through various incarnations. I've loved these "little life snapshots." But for approximately the past six months, I've been craving a change. More than a little tweak, this time, but a different perspective. After taking note of the bloggers I enjoy who do something similar on a weekly basis, I've finally blended my favorite aspects of their weekly posts with some of the framework of my monthly snapshots...and thus was born Snapshot from Along the Broken Road, v. 2.0

Checking in for the week of February 1 through February 7.

Firefly Summer (Maeve Binchy) - I feel like I'm treading water in this book. Things are happening, but practically at the pace of real life. While I understand that some books are character driven, and not plot driven, and I enjoy both, I cannot seem to get a grasp on what story is trying to be told. I'm not at the point of wanting to give up, but it may take me til March to finish this book if something doesn't make me want to read more five pages at a time.

T got a smoker to use in the grill as one of his Christmas gifts, so one night, we smoked pork chops (bone in for him, boneless for me), and rounded out our plates with some wild rice and a new recipe for roasted radishes. We also had scallops with Parmesan angel hair (a recipe we've tweaked from using sea scallops to bay scallops, which we much prefer) another night. And Friday, we went old school comfort food with grilled cheese and tomato soup -- just right for our cooler Florida-winter evenings (which I love!).

I got four more old photos scanned in and about half a magazine read, but my grand To Do List cross-off is getting the ceiling fan dusted, and washing the insides of all the windows in the house, then cleaning the blinds, which involved two old socks and a half cup of white vinegar.

Welcome Christmas (Yankee Candle) - I know, I know, it's February, but these large jars last and anyway, this scent just works well for the winter: some cranberry, a little zing of citrus, and some pine; I'll be sad when this one is gone, even though I'm ready to move on to something new.
Hazelnut Coffee (Yankee Candle) - Smells exactly like a cup of hazelnut coffee...without the need to peel me off the ceiling.
Red Velvet (Yankee Candle) - You would swear there is a cupcake just around the corner, with a generous dollop of cream cheese frosting on it.
Sparkling Snow (Yankee Candle) - I love this one in the bathroom. Smells fresh and clean.
Build a Snowman (Yankee Candle) - After all those foodie scents earlier in the week, I needed to pull out a votive that was a bit lighter. This one is a nice subtle minty scent.

Had to wear my lucky (read: only) Patriots tee for the Super Bowl. Unless you live under a rock and only come out to read my blog (ha) or don't care about sports at all, you already know that this tactic clearly worked in our favor.

One of my favorite WDW attractions had a limited printing t-shirt, back in January, that I had to have. It arrived in the mail. I love it.

Radishes ready for roasting with a little herbed salt. Yum!

The rain had just stopped. (So had a traffic light.)

Thursday's dinner.

I'm a convert. This stuff is so good, I actually think about it between breakfasts.

Welcoming in February on the vintage travel poster calendar!

I amused myself, making T pose with our Friday dinner groceries. I call this one: Ode to Our Loved Ones Back North. ::snicker::

Golden morning.

We have signs of life!

One of my favorite corners of the house -- winter vignette in our guest bedroom.

Saturday mud mask to combat some especially unhappy skin. (Some girls look adorable when they share photos of themselves sporting a mask. I am not one of them.)

I am powerless to resist a heart-shaped Dunkin Donut.

Happy new week ahead, friends!


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