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This Week on My TV: February 21, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E16 What Lies Beneath) As soon as I saw those construction guys poking around that tunnel, the first thing I thought of was when my Gram would tell me "curiosity killed the cat." -- Why is it that a statement like "whatever attacked these men took them down this trapdoor" is immediately followed by trying to open said trapdoor? I would think "seal that sucker up and beat feet." Good thing I'm not a Witness, huh? -- So...Ichabod just knows how a camera works now? (Also major cringe over that piece of equipment landing on the ground with a thud.) -- LOL: When Ichabod kept waving his hand through the Jefferson hologram and Jefferson asks him "Must you?" But related to that, if Ichabod can wave his hands through Jefferson, how is Jefferson able to pick things up?? -- You would think that if the Fenestella was meant to be protected until Abbie and Ichabod could find it that the reavers would have been programmed to recognize the Witnesses and not attack them as well. -- Uh oh. Henry is collecting souls and apparently Irving isn't enough, because it seems he's got Katrina in his grasp now too.

**(Elementary, S3E14 The Female of the Species) If I ever have to hear Sherlock say zebra (zeh-bruh?) one. more. time... -- Joan [answering a knock at the door]: You really are on your best behavior. It must have killed you not to just pick the lock. Sherlock: Nonsense. I had several more seconds worth of the waiting in me. Your mail. I did pick that lock although I did not steam open any of the correspondence. -- Well then. Joan's coming back to the brownstone. -- Moriarty?? Wow. I didn't think we were hearing from her again, and yet she seems to have quite the reach from whichever place she is being imprisoned. When Joan first started reading that letter, I assumed it was from Mycroft.

**(Scandal, S2E16 What Lies Beneath) OMG. Nobody told Abby about Olivia being kidnapped. -- I find it weird, almost to the point of being uncomfortable, when Mellie and Fitz discuss Olivia in the sense of her romantic relationship with Fitz and it's not in the form of an argument. -- Cyrus: Good morning, powerful people. I come bearing vengeance. -- Cyrus calling Andrew a weasel was worth of an amused snort. -- LOL: When Mellie and Cyrus started listing countries after Fitz said "We're the United States! Who has more money than us?" -- My initial reaction to Gus bucking against Ian's wishes: Ooo, Gus, I might choose my next words carefully; treading lightly might be wise. And after he shot Ian in the head: WTH?? Gus has gone straightup Crazytown. Also, he is creepy gross, coming on to Liv. -- Quinn: Doesn't matter how many times you reinvent your identity, Sallie Mae *will* find you. -- So, all that money B-613 was skimming and hiding has now become Huck's, as reparations for his "time in the hole." Well played, Huck. Enough with the Crazy Eyes, though, hmmm? -- I am over, so so over, the way they keep writing Huck as a horrifying animal. It feels like a crutch at this point. It's not even "shock and awe," anymore. It's just distasteful. I'm also kind of over this entire "kidnap Olivia Pope" arc. Time to wrap it up and move along. -- That was quite an admission by Mellie. Not surprising, but definitely unexpected to hear her verbalize her ambitions to be President. -- The scene with Mellie meeting the plane of the fallen soldiers made me cry. -- Final scene theory: Iran didn't by Olivia. Papa Pope did.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E14 Intimidation Game) Rollins: This security footage is like trying to find a geek in a geekstack. -- Well, video-gaming themed episodes rank right up there in the boring category, for me, as boxing themed episodes. -- We kinda thought that Raina woman and her husband were going to turn out to be behind the threats and kidnapping as a publicity stunt.

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E12 And the Knock-Off Knockout) I have news for Max. She couldn't date James Spader if she were the last woman on earth. -- Caroline: Han, I hope you're a better actor than Max. ... Oh. The. Irony. This show is way funnier when it doesn't realize what it's actually saying. -- Speaking of gay wedding planners, whatever happened to the gay waiter at the diner? He vanished as abruptly as he arrived.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E10 Checkpoint Joyce) It was nice having an episode off from Molly's writing. Joyce is funny when she's mad. Nothing was especially noteworthy about the episode, though. Not even anything quotable.

**(CSI, S15E17 Under My Skin) That blonde girl, Cara, was THIRTEEN?? -- This was a pretty run of the mill episode. I felt like they would have/should have spent the final two episodes of the season on the Gig Harbor Killer. -- This was obviously a set up for Nick's exit. I wondered how they were going to write him out. I guess that answers that question.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E3 Nacho) It's so weird to see people using payphones. -- That DA has the easiest lines ever when he's talking to Jimmy: Can't do it. Can't do it. Can't do it. -- I knew Jimmy was going to have to pay for letting himself out of the lot without paying or getting validation stickers. The look on the gate attendants face was hilarious, though. As was the confrontation when Jimmy returned. I think my favorite character is the gate attendant. I wonder how much more we'll get to learn about him, now that he seems to be forging a relationship with Jimmy away from the gate. -- LOL: It takes weeks for the CSI unit to get back DNA results. -- LOL: Jimmy saying "Nacho is nacho man." -- What is up with the abrupt endings to every episode?? You're just sitting there, watching a scene, and then BAM. Credits roll.

**(CSI, S15E18 The End Game) DB's beard: not a fan. -- Arg! We get no resolution on Paul Winthrop. his mother, or his pimp "reverend" father?! And what about Julie? A coma? This Gig Harbor killer has been one of the most frustrating serial killer arcs on CSI. -- I'm not sure how I feel about Nick's exit. It was less unsettling than Brass leaving last year, but it lacked warmth and sentimentality of Catherine's departure, even with the montage.

**(The Mentalist, S7E11 Byzantium) Funny how, after years of working with Patrick's unconventionality, they are all so skeptical of someone who may have psychic abilities. -- Cho is very clearly still dealing with what happened to Vega. -- I startled so hard when Wiley got smacked in the head. -- So, The Mentalist is going to wind things up with a (short) serial killer story, it seems. Interesting way to go out...

**(Marry Me, S1E14 Dead Me) Haaaa. Jake and Annie and "not on the table" because "we're just not those people." -- Annie's now-former boss was...interesting? Especially with that "not a dry seat in the house" remark. (Ew.)

**(About a Boy, S2E14 About a Boyfriend) I have to admit, Fiona and Mr Chris's adventure that ended up with them getting arrested for trespassing to skinny dip in a state park was both hilarious and exactly why I don't have many adventures. I almost never relate to Fiona, but I did to her trepidation this time! -- Awww, Marcus has a girlfriend, took her on a date, and got himself kissed. Maybe under that tough exterior, Shea isn't so bad after all.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E14 Call It Paradise) Finally, something new and different! Arctic temps (LOL, I feel your pain about surviving another winter, Cruz) and an abandoned baby. -- Mills and Brett sure do get into a lot of bad situations. -- Let me get this straight. After all those cozy moments with Dawson and the abandoned baby, Casey's best plan is to go after some random girl? -- Severide's job offer from the investigation division: meh. -- Whoa. I thought Boden would go check on his baby and come out to see what went "thud" because his dad passed out. I didn't expect him to come out and discover his dad had died. That made me cry.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E15 The Comic Book Store Regeneration) Bernadette: Your mom having fun in Florida? Howard: She's loving it. She finally found someplace where everyone complains about how much they sweat. -- LOL: Amy was testing Penny to see if she could figure out the puzzles being used on the chimps. -- Yay! The comic book store is back! -- Howard: I didn't marry you for good points. I married you for support no matter how ridiculous I'm being. ... Isn't that pretty much in the fine print of the vows? -- I wondered how they were going to handle the death of the actress who played Howard's mom. Well done, Big Bang Theory. Excellent tribute. -- Sheldon [to Howard]: When I lost my own father, I didn't have any friends to help me through it. You do. ... Big moment for Sheldon. Yeah, I cried.

**(Person of Interest, S4E15 Q&A) At first I thought: it appears Samaritan is not finished playing its recruitment game. More Nautilus clues! Then I though: oh, we're going to revisit Claire. I didn't realize she was a minion of Samaritan, after all, until a split second until it was confirmed. -- So...VAL is like Siri with a mean streak? -- Just when I was wondering if we were ever going to see Root and Shaw again, Root shows up, two guns blazing, and rescues Mr Finch from the clutches of Greer and Samaritan.

**(The Middle, S6E14 The Answer) Mike: Every minute I'm yelling is a minute I'm not killing her boyfriend! -- I want to laugh at Brick's swaddle, but that's kind of how I walk around the house when it's chilly so... -- Axl: Her name is gonna be Sue Sue McGrew. ... Dead. That line killed. me. dead. -- How on earth did they manage to fit three full-sized people in Darrin's tiny house?! -- Sue: Right now, my life has all these questions. Where am I gonna live? What am I gonna do? And I'm not ready to have those questions answered yet. I have so many dreams and things I wanna do... I've never seen California, I've never lived in my own apartment, I've never eaten a truffle...I mean, I've had the chocolate kind, but I think there's another kind. I want to travel and learn to paint and hail a cab. I want to cry when my parents drop me off at college. I want to live in a dorm and have a weird roommate and then meet another girl on my floor that I love and move in with her next semester. There's just this whole list of things...and getting married isn't on that list. I love you, Darrin, I really do...and you might be the person that I'm supposed to be with forever...but I don't want my forever to start right now. --  Oh, I wanna hug poor Darrin. I hope this isn't the end of the story for Sue and Darrin, but even more than that, I hope this isn't the last we see of Darrin on this show. He's one of my favorite characters.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E12 The Great Pretender) Mer [opening monologue]: Everybody has something to hide. We can't just expose all our secrets to the world. That's how we get hurt. That's how we risk hurting other people. We have to decide how much we let out. And keep the truth to ourselves. -- Dude. That woman faked fainting to get out of saying no to a marriage proposal?? And I thought *I* hated confrontation. -- LOL: Dr Herman messing with everyone. -- Mer's face when Maggie hugs her after Mer tells her where she really was all weekend. Because Mer doesn't hug. -- I may be on board with the budding friendship between Arizona and Dr Herman (what *is* her first name?!), but while I love Amelia and I love Owen, I don't believe I am on board with that kiss. I do really, really love the way Alex said "I'm gonna marry that girl" about Jo, though. -- Mer [closing monologue]: It's scary to reveal everything about ourselves. Fear makes us hold ourselves back. Is that so wrong? Maybe...probably. But still, it helps to be a little sneaky, a little protected. It's not safe to just blurt out all of our secrets. You can't just lay all the truth out there, expose ourselves to God and everybody. Because once the truth is out, we have to face it ourselves. -- Those monologues? They are why I have always, on some level, identified with Meredith Grey.

**(The Blacklist, S2E12 The Kenyon Family) I always found the story of Lot and his daughters one of more disturbing stories in the Bible. And yet not as disturbing as what was going on in that culty commune where most of the action was this episode. -- The "watchers?" Creepy. Capital C. -- Boy, Ressler sure takes a beating on this show. If someone is going to get dragged, you can pretty much bet it will be him. -- Glen: I have two weeks of vacation I need to use before the end of the year. Red: It's February!! ... My favorite: Red's face, pretty much every time he has to deal with Glen. Although, his reaction when that woman standing behind him while he waited at the DMV sneezed on his head? That ranks right up there. -- I expected it to be Red who pulled the strings to get Cooper into that clinical trial for whatever fatal disease it is he's battling. I haven't reached a conclusion, yet, whether or not I trust the guy that got him in. -- What was with that Presidential limo underneath the floor of the Kenyon church?? I have to admit, Red was pretty entertained by it, which is always a treat to watch, but it seemed so random. -- So. Red collected a phone number from the safe in St Petersburg (which I will confess I understood to be the Florida one, not the Russian one) and now someone he doesn't know has called him. Who is it?? I find it difficult to believe there are very many people in the underbelly of the world that Red isn't acquainted with.

**(Modern Family, S6E15 Fight or Flight) They really need to update the opening. Joe isn't a little baby anymore! -- Speaking of not a baby anymore. Luke is so...big now. -- Other than Phil's glee over sitting between a magician and a masseuse in coach, after Claire snapped up the single upgrade to first (and found herself seated with the most obnoxious human being on the planet), this was a rather 'meh' episode for me. Haley and Alex texting with Luke's ladies. Jay, Gloria, Manny, and the cooking class bully. The baby shower for Sal. It all fell a bit flat for me.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E16 Three Sundays) Kyle: Well, there's a mannequin down. Ed: That's never good. Especially in the hunting department. -- I was holding out hope that maybe they had forgotten about the Outdoor Man restaurant deal between Kristin and Mike. Apparently not. -- I admit that I do not remember Wendy being pregnant, so I was a little confused when Ed glumly admitted she had lost the baby.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E15 Undercover Mother) When Carisi was undercover, he looked like Richard Blais. -- When Rollins and Amaro were tailing the delivery driver, it was snowing pretty heavily. When they caught up to him, it was blue skies and sunny, not a single flurry. -- Busted on Super Bowl Sunday. But the episode was aired on February 18. Super Bowl was over two weeks ago. Oops on the timing. Had to work in an underinflated joke though. ::eye roll:: -- Lt Murphy!!! -- I was shocked when Murphy clocked Carisi upside the head for real. And then I remembered Murphy doesn't have any idea who Carisi is! -- Johnny D is Noah's father?! So Noah's murdered mom may have been one of his girls. Nice twist.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E16 In the Box) The way this episode started, I kept wondering if we picked it up in the middle. It was a strange place to start. -- When Garrett handed Frank that letter, I thought for sure he was turning in his resignation. Here's the thing about this story line though. How long has Garrett been Frank's right hand man? Did he honestly think Frank was going to pulls strings for him? Has Frank *ever*?? For *anyone*? He can't even manage to give well-earned commendations to his own kids without doing it begrudgingly. -- Danny is never ever *ever* going to let Baez forget that she "owes him" for saving her from that hostage situation. -- The story with Janko doing a collection to help out the widow of an older man gunned down in a gang shooting to help her pay for her the funeral was a nice story. I wonder if we'll learn more about that gang from the kid who slipped Jamie the twenty dollar bill with the phone number on it? -- LOL: Frank's "absolutely not" in response to Linda's suggestion that they hold hands for grace before Sunday dinner.

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