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Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 6

Since November 2008, I've been documenting the bits of everyday life in a monthly format, through various incarnations. I've loved these "little life snapshots." But for approximately the past six months, I've been craving a change. More than a little tweak, this time, but a different perspective. After taking note of the bloggers I enjoy who do something similar on a weekly basis, I've finally blended my favorite aspects of their weekly posts with some of the framework of my monthly snapshots...and thus was born Snapshot from Along the Broken Road, v. 2.0

Checking in for the week of February 8 through February 14.

Firefly Summer (Maeve Binchy) - Just when I thought I might have to resign myself to nothing happening and simply making my way through 600+ pages, all of a sudden there was some forward progress in the story and I'm able to read a bit more quickly. Finally!

I feel like we went "old school comfort food" as a menu theme this week! There was tuna casserole; chicken parmesan over angel hair with broccoli; meatloaf patties, potato salad, and green beans; barbecue ribs, John's mac and cheese, and baked beans. On Valentine's Day, we capped it off with lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on Disney property: Biergarten, in the Germany pavilion at Epcot. That place is ultimate comfort food for me, because so many of the dishes on the buffet are reminiscent of meals my Gram used to make.

Scanned in two more old photos (thanks for the motivation, Throwback Thursday!), bringing my 2015 total to six, toward my goal of fifty. Also renewed my WDW Annual Pass (yay!), paid off my car (woohoo!), and brought my rings for their six-month inspection and cleaning (we went to Jared!).

Welcome Christmas (YC) - Finally finished this bad boy up. Ready to move on to something else, but I also kind of miss it. I'm a headcase.
Gingerbread (YC) - It may not be cookie season anymore, but I love a warm, spicy scent on a cool night.
Frosty Air (YC) - This one smells just like a fresh snowfall. I had to, as an homage to all my favorite people currently enduring snowstorm after snowstorm in the northeast.
Peppermint Bark (YC) - I typically dislike candles with any sort of chocolate scent, but this one, with the peppermint, is so lovely. The only problem is now I want all the peppermint bark.
Merry Cookie (BBW) - New jar candle in the bedroom! This one is vanilla bliss. I love vanilla.
White Christmas (YC) - Another "snowy" scent. I love them in the bathroom, because they smell so clean, but with a seasonal angle.
Christmas Eve (YC) - I know, I know. It isn't Christmas anymore and this makes the third scent I'm using with "Christmas" in its name. I group my candle scents by season and this one came up in the rotation.
Creme Brulee (YC) - This was an old scent, long retired, that I've been hoarding, but I had to burn it before it no longer had any scent to give off. It's vanilla with some honey and spice. A nice twist on a classic scent.

I'm cheating with a screen cap here, but this purchase means there is much joy in Dawnville!

This, my friends, is a zero balance. Those baseball tickets were a celebration of no more car payment!


I have a herd of little solar-powered critters in my work window. It started when my boss left one there one day, after a trip to the Dollar Store. They've multiplied, thanks to anonymous co-worker donations. This one is my favorite. Go ahead, tell me I can have or do something "when pigs fly."

Some days, all I can think about is getting to this part of my daily routine. It recharges me on so many levels.

Lately, we've been obsessed with adding "onion crunchies" to our salads.

These are like clouds for my feet.

MUAHAHAHAHA. (I am deliriously happy. Not Summer is my favorite.)

At first, while reconciling this bill for work, I rolled my eyes. But the more I thought about it, the more it felt like a little mental nudge. It's important to intentionally leave some spaces blank, you know?

My hair hasn't been this long since 1994. (Actually, it was longer then. Almost to the middle of my back. But when I cut it, I cut it just below my chin. So, my initial statement still rings true.)

WHOOOOOO's the cutest little nail file?

Let's talk about this Old Navy fleece. Which I have had since the year 2000. But...but...I love that little zipper pocket on the sleeve! Laugh if you want to, but when I want to travel ultra streamlined at WDW, it doesn't get better than that. Car key, ID, a $20 bill -- all safely zipped up! Phone in my pocket, Magic Band on my wrist, and away we go!

No, *you* stop it!

It's super dark in Biergarten, so these are probably the least technically pretty photos ever (when was the last time I even used a flash?!), but I need you all to see why, after I finished dessert somewhere around 2:15pm, I actually didn't eat again until Sunday morning. And I didn't actually feel hungry until Monday at lunchtime. So worth it though. Like a hug for my soul from my Gram.

Come, fly with me. Let's fly. Let's fly away!

Happiness is...

6 with their own thoughts:

Abby Tuesday, February 17, 2015 3:58:00 PM  

LOVE, finding your blog again, I was lost!?! Love all your ideas and random thoughts, I think we all have them but fail to get them down in the proper form!

~**Dawn**~ Tuesday, February 17, 2015 4:14:00 PM  

Hi, Abby!! =) These are some of my favorite posts. Just these little snippets that don't really fit anywhere else.

penuttpie Tuesday, February 17, 2015 10:37:00 PM  

I love this! I totally smiled while resding this :)
I have a book by that same author but I never read it. Maybe I should.
Congratulations on paying off your car! I remember that feeling. It was the best.
Those little solar powered buddies? I have the elephant and an elf. The pig is too cute.
Scott and I have started walking again and I love it.
My hair is soling too! The longest it's been in 10 years!
The nail file is adorbs ;)
Totally sang along to the song.

~**Dawn**~ Tuesday, February 17, 2015 10:53:00 PM  

This book may take me forever to finish. I wonder if all her books move at the same pace?
This is the second car I've paid off. My third car ever. (The first was a lease.) I had the last one for quite a while before it became more expensive to maintain than a monthly car payment. Let's hope this one follows the same plan.
I also have a monkey, a snowman, a pumpkin-headed guy, and a flower in a pot. Ha!
I love that you not only recognized that it was a song, but were able to sing along!!

Janet Spering Wednesday, February 18, 2015 3:49:00 PM  

that last food picture, the food on the right, looks like a fluffernutter!

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, February 18, 2015 3:56:00 PM  

Oh, Janet. That right there is my most favorite food on Disney property. More than the Dole Whip. More than even the long retired, available at only one location in Disneyland now Peanut Butter Sandwich. *That* is the Bavarian Cheesecake. It is like eating cheesecake air. It's so light and so delicious. It's two thin pieces of the lightest sponge cake on the planet, dusted with confectioner's sugar, with a whipped sweetened cheesecake filling. It is always the very last thing I eat there, so that deliciousness can be the last flavor on my tongue. Also, it's light enough that, even eating it last, when I am stuffed, I still manage to have enough room. ;-)

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