Tuesday, February 24, 2015

20 Questions: February 24, 2015

1. What’s your favorite emoji?
The smirky half-smile. Or the tears of laughter. Or the wide-eyed face, which can be used to convey oh-so-many emotions. Or maybe the monkey covering his eyes (my eyes, MY EYES!!). But I live for the moments I get to deploy the pants followed by "on" and the fire. Whatever, I'm a Libra. I am terrible at choosing just one.

2. Favorite pizza topping?
I'm usually drawn just just plain cheese with extra sauce...unless I'm someplace that can execute a good margherita pizza and then I'm all in, because hello! That's like caprese on a pizza.

3. Bacon or Nutella?
Uh, bacon. (Also, I've never had Nutella. For real.)

4. Favorite curse word?
I honestly curse so rarely that, when I do, anyone who knows me, even a little, actually stops in their tracks and stares at me. (Or, if you're my friend, Daniel, you laugh hysterically.)

5. What is your favorite dance move?
What would call this one?

Seriously, I have no business dancing. Unless it's in the safety of my own living room and for the sole purpose of making my husband wonder what on earth he signed up for.

6. Are you superstitious?
Only as related to the Red Sox and Patriots.

7. What is your favorite action movie?
Probably, RED. I like my action with a side of humor.

8. Favorite place that you’ve been to?
Toss-up: Boston or San Francisco.

9. Are you good with tools?
I am good at marrying the man who is good with tools.

10. Have you ever had a crush on an older man?
I married him! (Related trivia: I have dated guys both younger and older than me, some differences larger than others, but never anyone born in the same year as me. It's always been a minimum of a year in either direction.)

11. If you had a theme song following you around everywhere you go, what song would it be?
I was hoping I'd have some divine inspiration before I had to answer this one but...all I've got is the theme song for Friends.

12. What time do you get up in the morning?
I wake up between 5:50-6:15, naturally. What time I get out of bed varies on what I have planned for the day, which is most often work, so 6am, 6:02 at the latest.

13. At what time do you go to bed?
Again, your mileage varies. I average 11pm, but it could be later, if I'm watching one of my DVR'd shows or earlier, if I'm just ready to be snuggled in bed. I always read for 15-30 minutes before lights out though.

14. Do you have a doppelgänger?
Not that I've ever noticed or had pointed out to me.

15. Which dead person would you least want to haunt you?
Are you kidding me?? I don't want *anyone* to haunt me! I already jump out of my skin when living people show up where I don't expect them and I cannot stand to have my back to a blinds-open window after dark. Do you know what even the most benign haunting would do to me?!

16. Have you ever gotten a spray tan?
Nope. I did try that "self tanning" lotion a time or two, back in the late 90s, but even that looked ridiculous on this super pale girl. Do you know what would happen to me if I tried a spray tan, anyway? Remember that episode of Friends where Ross goes to have one done? Yeah.

17. Frosted tips on a guy: Yay or Nay?
It really depends on the guy. Give me someone specific and I can tell you.

18. Do you prefer Twitter or Instagram?
I enjoy each, for what they are, but I am visual, so there is a certain pull to Instagram for the photos...and the lack of character limit.

19. Favorite Disney Princess?

20. First screen name?
Same one I still use today: Daybreak1012. It isn't all that clever but it's never "already taken" and the consistency makes it easy to find me, if I use a particular media.

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