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This Week on My TV: February 14, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E10 The Bed's Too Big Without You) Is Callie making Owen her new Mark Sloan? -- I kinda crazy loved how excited Mer, Bailey, and Maggie got when they set up the 3D printer to create a model of Mer's patient's tumor, so she could figure out how to attack it. -- Maggie: I might be too good at being alone. ... I came dangerously close to that. Thank God for T. -- Mer: Maybe I could print a Derek. Just for sleeping! -- I feel so badly for April and Jackson, both terrified and coming at how to handle their baby's official diagnosis and prognosis from completely opposing ideologies, that I have to keep reminding myself they're just characters on a tv show. -- Mer [elbow deep in a surgery]: This is where we cut, right here. Maggie: That's my finger. -- I don't now which made me more sad: Owen visiting his "Cristina vent" or Mer with her tumor model in Derek's spot in bed. -- Is this a teeny tiny bond forming between Mer and Maggie?? -- O. M. G. What are the "big gun" results of Baby Avery?! Cruel, Grey's writers, so cruel.

**(The Mentalist, S7E10 Nothing Gold Can Stay) Vega: So...are there any changes you're going to make when you take over? Cho: Yes. Rookie agents will be seen and not heard. -- Well, crap. Cho's first command and they suffer an agent fatality. I knew it was bad news as soon as he started calling her Michelle and not Vega. I hope it doesn't make him change his mind about being the team lead. -- An ultimatum from Patrick: he's done worrying that Lisbon will get killed in the line of duty. He's leaving and she can come with him or stay behind, but he can't go through the death of someone else he loves. There are only three episodes left in the series. Not much time for Lisbon to decide what she wants!

**(Scandal, S4E11 Where's the Black Lady?) Mellie's back in red. Which means she stands a good chance of being my favorite version: shrewish Mellie. -- The second Olivia started guzzling water while filming her "ransom video," I wondered if it was to send a message. Catching Ian in the reflection was brilliant. -- Cyrus: Fitz hates the vice president. Abby: We...all hate the vice president. -- Fitz's man-child antics often irritate me, but what a terrible position to be in: choose the life of the woman you love or sacrifice her to keep the country you lead out of war. -- Finally, someone noticed Olivia's "breadcrumbs!" Thank you, Huck. -- Mellie [to Lizzie Bear]: Awwww, feeling squeamish? I don't blame you. Kidnapping's a felony, after all. ... There she is! -- David: Use your imagination. I'm wearing a ten gallon white hat. ... This show needs more David Rosen. -- At first, I thought Olivia was clever, bargaining with Ian and appealing to a sense of greed. But then she missed being rescued by Jake and *now* what??

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E11 And the Crime Ring) Sophie: I'm wearing my Sunday bra cuz I just came from church! ... Say what?? -- Sophie's bedazzled drink umbrella was an absolutely perfect prop touch. -- Caroline: I sang in prison. I had a one night stand. I'm practically Johnny Cash. -- Caroline is actually improving. Max isn't, but at least that's something.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E9 Hack to the Future) Molly's publisher looks like he could be Satan. -- When Mike laughed because he actually pictured a typing monkey when Molly said her publisher treated her like, I was picturing the same thing! -- Sorry, Mike, but you just can't work the fedora like Raymond Reddington. -- Even the phrase "sexy sci fi" makes me cringe. -- OMG did Satan publisher seriously utter the "word" 'timegasm'?? ::shudder::

**(Reign, S2E13 Sins of the Past) I love that they celebrated such things as "finding the first bloom" near the end of winter. We don't get excited about things like that anymore. Sometimes, much of the time, I think this is where "progress" has failed us. -- Conde: Lady Lola. What are all the decorations for? Lola: Tomorrow night's Winter's Ease. The first blooms have been spotted in the snow. We feast. Dance. Celebrate new beginnings. Conde:'s still winter. Lola: The blooms will likely have a short life, but it's the promise that spring will come eventually. -- I feel a little bad for laughing about Catherine's "hauntings" and "visions" potentially being the result of syphilis, a parting gift from Henry. And then I really laughed when she figured out, thanks to Narcisse, that it was actually poisoning. -- I actually think that, despite their current issues, Kenna and Bash have the strongest marriage on this show. Kenna is willing to apologize sincerely. Bash is honest about his feelings and acknowledges that they are married for life and he just needs to do some personal sorting out. -- I had wondered what happened to Narcisse's advances on Lola. I should have known he'd come slinking around again, trying to seduce her. -- I wish I could make myself like Francis more. He's being very sweet to Mary while she finds her way back from her trauma. And then they have that conversation where she basically sends him away, telling him to take a lover because she loves him and at least one of them should be happy. They need to get some marriage counseling from Bash and Kenna.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E1 Uno) A little slow to get going, having to introduce the characters and set the scene. I'm not sure what to make of Chuck. Things picked up when he met the scamming twin skateboarders, though. I can't believe their scam turned into a hit-and-run! And what was with being greeted at gunpoint when he got to the house where the skateboard scammers tailed the driver?!

**(Better Call Saul, S1E2 Mijo) Lesson number one: do NOT call Mijo's Abuelita a biznatch. -- What is the deal with the parking attendant troll and the stickers? -- I know it's still laying groundwork. I can't figure out who half the characters are or what their roles are yet, and I definitely didn't expect the humor aspect, but I believe we'll keep watching to see where this all goes. -- This show ends episodes very...abruptly.

**(Parenthood, S6E2 Happy Birthday, Zeek) OMG, Nora got so big! -- I still do not like that lawyer guy that Julia is sleeping with. So much so that I refuse to even learn his name. -- There sure was a lot of yelling in pretty much every scene involving Adam. -- Things that never change: I'd like to pop Sydney upside her snotty little head. -- Holy downer birthday for Zeek. Sheesh. -- Well, I thought I was going to make it through this episode without crying, and then Amber told Zeek about her pregnancy and asked if she disappointed him. The way he celebrated the magic of a new baby and rejoiced in becoming a great-granddad. Oh, my heart.

**(Person of Interest, S4E14 Guilty) Harold looked about as thrilled to have his fellow juror getting chatty with him as I would. Heh. -- Mr Finch: Well, one can't really call it "government, of the people, by the people," can one? Because we're all being watched by an intelligent super computer that's slowly but surely taking over the world. ... The truth shall set you free, huh, Harold? (Or not.) -- Dr Campbell: That's my way of saying you're not supposed to cancel mandatory sessions. Mr Reese: They didn't give me mandatory sessions 'cause I'm good at following rules. -- Mr Reese: If Emma's there to kill anybody, she must be planning on using her bare hands. I couldn't find any evidence she was trying to buy a weapon. Mr Finch: Perhaps her plan involves a method of attack you haven't considered? Mr Reese: I know a lot of ways to kill people, Harold. -- When Finch said "please don't call me that," after Reese called him Harry, his tone held the same amount of contempt as I feel when people call me Dawny. -- Since when are jurors allowed to have cell phones while in the deliberation room? -- How did Mr Reese get to Emma's room so fast from across the street to save Mr Finch? -- Fusco: Look, I get it. After what happened to Shaw, you and Glasses are worried the same thing's gonna happen to me. And you know what? It might. And I'm fine with that. You don't get to decide what or who I'm willing to die for. I made my choice a long time ago. -- Ugh. Does Mr Reese have a thing for his therapist? One of my favorite things about this show is the lack of romantic clutter. -- It was kind of nice to have a simple case of the week that wasn't neck deep in "mythology." A reference here and there to Root, the still missing Shaw, and the Dominic-Elias faceoff.

**(Marry Me, S1E13 Change Me) Annie and Jake's fridge is pretty much my worst nightmare. -- Can't decide if Jake as Reagan or Dennah as sexy FDR (on roller skates as the wheelchair) was my favorite costume for the Kevins' Presidents Day party. -- Kay was eating raw Bisquick?? That doesn't sound even remotely appealing.-- Oh, Kay. The bag of oranges was definitely your downfall. -- They are not hiding Casey Wilson's pregnancy well at all. -- T looked at me like I was a lunatic but I nearly fell off the couch when Annie said Kaitlin Sedilla...Kay Sedilla...quesadilla. And that was before Jake pointed it out, for the record.

**(About a Boy, S2E13 About a Cat Party) I want Fiona's heart jammies! -- Shay is a brat. -- Why does Will have the drawers in his own gift closet labeled? -- A cat party? Is that a real thing? -- I saw that Will and bartender Liz kiss coming from three scenes away.

**(The Middle, S6E13 Valentine’s Day VI) Darrin!!! I missed Darrin. I was a little worried we wouldn't see him and it's Valentine's Day and all. Sue+Darrin=4ever. -- I'm really liking Axl and Devin Levin as a couple. *Almost* as much as Sue and Darrin. -- Is Brick's school bag an insulated pizza delivery bag?! -- Awwwww! Axl and Devin and the bouncy house. -- Brick: Who schedules a kiss?? You know what else is scheduled? Executions! -- OMG I died laughing at Brick and Cindy's kiss. -- OMG OMG OMG. Darrin proposed to Sue???

**(Modern Family, S6E14 Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister) Anders and Cooper? Wah-wahhh. -- The antics were funny. Gloria's sister trying to steal Jay. The back-and-forth switcheroo Cam and Mitchell did with the wedding gift they wanted to keep. Phil and Claire doing their role playing gig. The best part of the whole episode was when Phil pulled Claire into the house at the end.

**(Mom, S2E14 Benito Poppins and a Warm Pumpkin) I'm a bit disappointed that they seem to be writing off Nathan Corrdry's character. It's a shame, but they really did very little with him. I hope he finds somewhere else to land, if that's the case. -- Christy going to manage the restaurant or go to law school? I'm confused. -- ::snort:: Bonnie has dirt on all the apartment complex tenants. I kind of wish they would bring her discoveries up in conversation in a little more often. I think they could have some real fun with that.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E11 All I Could Do Was Cry) Silly me, to think that Baby Avery would be given the less severe type of his disease. -- I don't think I'm a fan of Catherine's new hair style. -- Ohhhh. I never thought about how Baby Avery's fatal condition would affect Amelia whose own baby didn't survive as a result of a rare fatal condition. -- Did Mer call Jo a hoodlum?? LOL -- Of course Alex is the one to say "dammit" in the chapel. ::shakes head:: -- Yay for Maggie, stepping up and trying to figure out how to navigate a relationship with Mer! -- Aptly titled episode. That's all I did for the final twenty minutes of it. When April hugged the patient who lost her fiance in an accident, telling her she was strong and would be ok. When the new parents who thought they never could be were marveling over their new baby girl. When Catherine asked Richard to please take her home and just hold her. When April and Jackson held Baby Samuel for his entire little life. When Amelia walked into the chapel to see all the candles lit in a silent prayer. Heartachingly beautifully done. And while I usually hate when anyone but Mer does the opening and closing monologues, April was absolutely perfect for this one.

**(The Blacklist, S2E11 Ruslan Denisov) Oh boy. That harbor master that got killed when Liz was keeping Tom hostage on that ship is about to become a problem. Someone is looking for him. -- The Fulcrum isn't a piece of technology Aram recognizes. Hmmm. -- It seems that the FBI and the CIA aren't done getting on each other's nerves. -- I could watch/listen to Red tell his stories for a full hour every week. James Spader just kills it. The mannerisms, the voice inflections, the tone, the facial expressions. Sheer brilliance. -- Red: Go get cleaned up. We'll have dinner. I know a *wonderful* little hole in the wall. It's actually *in* a hole in the wall. -- Liz, when are you going to learn that when you try to dance with Red, he's going to outdance you? -- Red: Agent Keene, in this world, there are no sides, only players. -- If this doesn't make your blood run cold... Red: Make no mistake, Mr Burke. My friend, here, is still making the bed he'll have to lie in for the rest of his life, but my bed is made and I assure you, my bed accommodates a broad spectrum of behavior. So you tell us what little you know about Javin or I'll put you in the ground myself. -- Red's "vive la France!" when Lizzie figured out that all the strings Red pulled on this case led to his own financial gain was positively incorrigible. Gosh, I love this character. -- Oh crap. That guy who was paid to watch Tom on the ship is going to flip on her. She's going to be forced to bury the hatchet with Red, because she's going to need his help to get out of this one.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E15 Power Players) There are few tv characters I loathe more than Mayor Poole. I wanted to cheer when Frank told him where he could stick "not a bribe" by bringing up police pensions in the same conversation about not so subtly asking One PP to drop some charges as a favor. -- What is the deal with this investigator, Alex McBride, showing up all the time in Erin's office now?-- Why does it seem like everything bad that happens when Jamie is on duty takes place in that same apartment courtyard? -- The smile on Frank's face when Officer Butler shared his feelings about the Mayor. -- I know we're supposed to feel bad for Janko but really all I can do is make snarky "voice overs" for her scenes with Jamie. I can't help it. It's the way the show flirts with their denied romance. -- So when Danny and Baez used the cranky FBI guy as a decoy to lure the hitguys in the opposite direction of the mob witness Erin needed to make her case, how did they know the bad guys wouldn't try to shoot at their car, thinking it was really Rella in the backseat?

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