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This Week on My TV: February 7, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E9 Where Do We Go From Here?) Nice job with the "shattered glass" credits. -- I have to think that Mer's reaction to caring for the woman responsible for mass injuries, many to children, including her own, by saying "maybe her foot slipped off the pedal, we don't know" when Jo started to act judgmental about providing care, that's a far more mature Mer than we knew, even just a few seasons ago. -- I kind of love Amelia's confidence in her skills. "Your tumor is smart, *brilliant*, but so am I." -- Jack's brother told him to be a brick wall.I find that humorous, since Bailey was the one attempting to get information out of him, If anyone can get through a brick wall, it's Bailey. -- April: I'm fine. Callie: No, you're not. And I know because I'm the queen of taking my personal crap out on other people. -- There is something so satisfying about seeing (what's left of) our little, flailing, baby surgeons from Season One as strong confident doctors now. -- Oh, Jackson and April. Oh, my heart. I hope that they can get the same sliver of hope Arizona is giving Dr Herman through Amelia. -- Speaking of a matured Mer, I was so happy that she called Derek and sent him on his way on better terms. People who love each other (even when they hate each other) find a way to make it work. Hanging their PostIt vows back on the wall over their bed, with the broken glass but still hanging, still in the frame: excellent imagery.

**(The Blacklist, S2E9 Luther Braxton (1)) OMG, this Braxton guy actually assembled a "team" at The Factory to help him execute whatever his plan is?? If Red's made a point to be there too, to warn the warden of all this, I wonder what's in it for him. -- Liz: How are we going to stop Braxton? He has an entire team. Red: Well, sadly, there isn't a prison on earth where I don't know a few guys. -- Braxton: So, tell me, how you gonna stop me, Red? Red: A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. Braxton: Was that Nietzsche? Red: No. Bruce Lee. -- So, is this blonde chick part of "the group" that doesn't want The Fulcrum contents to get out? Because we know that this unnamed "director" guy is. -- I audibly gasped when Braxton nearly hung Samar to prove a point to Harold. -- Red [to Liz]: I didn't want you to come here, follow me here, because the truth is, if I don't stop Braxton, what he'll discover is he can't get The Fulcrum without you. ... WHAT??? -- -- Red being down, Lizzie trying to to perform CPR on him, lacks urgency, because without him, there is no show. -- Red firing a gun, protecting Liz, is one of the single most badass things I have ever seen on tv. He is a man with only one thing to lose: her. -- Braxton: I know all the stories, Red. I know where it was twenty years and I know when it disappeared. I know about the house, the fire, and the girl. ... Whoa. WHOA. Watching all the pieces falling into place for Braxton and the look on Red's face. -- OMG, the missiles hit The Factory!!! With Red, Liz, Ressler, and Samar inside!

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E10 And the Move-In Meltdown) I have no idea what that was. The only thing remotely humorous was when Sophie pulled the carving knife on Oleg. I may need therapy after Oleg's acceptance of when he would be allowed to sit on the white furniture.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E8 Mike Check) Molly: Mike, I'm only a pest because I love you, but know this, I have not yet begun to nag. -- Mike had the fastest doctor ever. The nurse had barely pulled the door closed behind her. -- Playing up the whole "regular doctor visits" thing was both cleverly advocating taking care of yourself and chock full of good comedy material.

**(Reign, S2E12 Banished) I loved all the Snow Festival attire. The whites and blues, silvers and golds. Stunning and perfect. -- I like Lola. I liked her ability to verbally spar with Narcisse (even if I didn't want her *with* him). But I'm not sure I want her with Conde. -- I feel badly for Kenna. I believe she is being honest with Bash and never actually meant him harm. And she's right. Why *would* she tell him how it was for her with Henry? I also believe that she truly loves Bash now and he needs to let go of his anger toward her. -- Diane: I did it for Henry. All of it. Catherine: How perfect! He did it all for Henry too. -- And the truth comes out. It was Diane who killed the infant twins. Not the nanny. Not Claude. But I do wonder what Diane meant, saying it was all for Henry. Did he order her to? Was it her own misguided way of winning him back? -- With her dismissal of Henry and the twins, and killing Diane in a fit of rage, is Catherine back to her senses or has she gone totally off the deep end? -- I wonder if Greer is simply going to be gone, a la Nostradamus. I'll be bummed. I hope they find a way to forgive and reinstate Greer and Castleroy. -- I know we're supposed to be cheering a glimmer of hope between Mary and Francis, and he was very sweet to her, but he just bothers me. He's weak and jealous. -- Based on the episode title, I expected it to be Conde, not Greer, being sent away.

**(Marry Me, S1E12 F Me) Jake: This feels like a "pants on" conversation. -- Speaking of, why do guys on tv all wear tighty whities? No one wears boxers? Boxer briefs? -- This episode was funny but kind of predictable to me: Annie and Jake participate in some shenanigans that get them into trouble, but someone they wiggle out of it and everything's ok in the end. Over the top neighbor, Julie, is just the right amount of annoying that makes her occasional presence worth rolling my eyes through. And then The Kevins announce that there's only one more plus-one slot yet, requiring Dennah, Kay, and Gil to compete, game show style, to see which of them gets to bring a date to the wedding. Kevin-Dan is the host and Kevin-Tim is the camera man...who, of course, fails to record the entire thing.

**(About a Boy, S2E12 About a Prostitute) Andy's pimp voice. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -- While I thought that Will being accused of prostituting himself out to a single mom who keeps paying for guitar lessons for her daughter and then ends up in bed with him was pretty funny (especially once Will stopped denying it and started worrying it was true), my favorite part was Fiona trying to fit in with the "popular moms," who are all envious that she snagged Mr Chris. When they start being catty, gossiping about the mom Will's involved with, Fiona declares she always wondered what it would have been like to be part of the "in crowd," but now that she knows, she has no interest. She has compassion on the "outcast moms" that get gossiped about because that's how it's always been for her.

**(The Middle, S6E12 Hecks on a Train) In Mike's defense, those train seats really were awkward for him to snuggle up with Frankie after her accusations that Mike never nurtures her. -- Brick: All of these years, I've been repeating myself. Turns out, I should have been repeating other people. -- LOL: The look on Frankie's face when she realized no one noticed she didn't make it back on  the train. -- Oh, Sue. Writing her college application essay on "shooting for the stars" (because colleges *love* that sort of thing!), typo-ing it as "shooting into cars," attempting to correct it just as the train lurched and accidentally sending it out that way. (I would so do that.) -- Thumbs up: After Axl freaked out upon learning that Sue applied to his college, Mike sat down and basically told him that Sue is allowed to do whatever she wants in life without taking everything Axl wants into consideration first, and that Axl can't tell Sue what to do, he can only decide how he's going to act himself. More people need to learn that life lesson. -- I loved the transformation of the Aunt Edie's "tiki paradise," where she honeymooned as a young woman, from tacky to fun as the day turned to night. -- Favorite moment: When Frankie was talking to the man from the funeral home about the details for Aunt Edie, and he keeps telling her that her husband already took care of everything she was asking about. Mike may not be as physically demonstrative as Frankie wishes, but when it comes right down to it, he takes care of her in ways she doesn't even realize, because she never *has* to think about it. I think that's a big key to any successful marriage.

**(Elementary, S3E12 The One That Got Away (2)) I liked getting to see some of the history between Sherlock and Kitty. My favorite part was when he was teaching her how to break in when a security chain was latched on the front door, using a rubber band. My second favorite part was when he told her that she had saved him just as much as he had saved her, at the moment she came into his life, and that no matter what she chose to do with the man who had traumatized her, she would always be his friend. Sherlock has come a long way since we first met him. I wonder of Joan sees that? -- I was wondering if Sherlock would be onto the fact that Kitty only pretended to fly back to London the first time, while really staying behind to exact her revenge on Del Gruner. I was glad he revealed that he had known all along, but disappointed to learn that it was due to the tracking device he'd installed on her phone. For a man of Sherlock's cunning and intellect, that almost feels like cheating. -- I appreciate that Sherlock and Joan can disagree with each other's tactics now, without it causing someone to skulk off and pout. Even better that they can give credit when the other's tactic works and gives them knowledge they didn't have.

**(Person of Interest, S4E13 M.I.A.) Is Mr Reese using Just for Men Touch of Grey? His hair is less salt-and-pepper-y than I recall. -- You groped the wrong girl, Chief Wicker. Not only is Root fiesty, I'm pretty sure she doesn't like dudes. -- Hmmm. The return of Detective Silva, and she's working a number with Fusco (not that she's aware). I wonder if she'll keep being a recurring character? -- Fusco: No need for violence. We're having tea, remember? Silva: Bullets go great with tea. ... Sounds like Silva would get along great with Shaw and Root. -- Reese: When the shooting starts, duck. ... Sound advice, I would say! -- Totally freaky what Samaritan did with the town of Maple, making it a giant living science experiment, in order to study human behavior. -- Oh, boy. The Machine asked them to stop searching for Shaw. Root has bade Finch farewell. There's no way she's stopping. And she's always been a loose cannon. -- Holy crap. Shaw *is* still alive. And Greer has her. I wonder what he has planned for her...

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E14 The Troll Manifestation) Sheldon: That's not just a sticker. It's a kitty saying Me-Wow. ... LOL!! -- Absolute funniest moment, for me: When Penny and Bernadette were so deeply invested in Amy's "Little House on the Prairie" fan fiction, that they shrieked in unison at Sheldon to "GET OUT!!!" when he interrupted right near the ending. -- My guess for the troll that was tormenting Leonard and Sheldon for "their" (Leonard's) scientific breakthrough was Kwipke Kripke. Having it be Stephen Hawking (which was T's last second theory before the big reveal) was freaking brilliant. Well played, Big Bang Theory.

**(Modern Family, S6E13 Rash Decisions) They did a nice job choreographing all the ways Andy's presence makes Luke feel replaced with Phil. I'm looking forward to Andy being Phil's realtor protege. -- Jay [to Claire regarding a female employee who needs to be reminded how to dress more...professionally]: You were supped to talk to her about keeping those zeppelins in a hangar! -- Jay [peering at a photo text on his phone]: What the hell am I looking at? Cam: What did I send you?? ... I don't think I even want to know what Cam was worried he might have sent. -- Oh, sweet Alex, you had to know channeling Haley -- LOL: Cam openly weeping while Jay was saying goodbye to Stella.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E13 Three Bells (1)) They sure were obsessed with pink lipstick in this episode. Captain Cunningham. Dawson. Brett. Even Shay's sister, who started out with a darker berry shade, ended up pink before link. -- Speaking of Shay's sister, was that the best casting could come up with? There was absolutely zero resemblance. -- I like when shows bring back former characters, but I felt like Hadley was a stretch here. -- How did Herrmann get into his dress uniform that quickly?? One minute, he was sitting in Shay's old bunk area, telling her sister that she wouldn't want to miss the ceremony they were about to do, the next, she's just walking outside and he's managed to completely change his clothes from casual to dress? -- I managed to stay completely tear-free...until they showed Cruz's face as they rang the bell in memorial of Shay. -- I liked the touch of making a monogram and memorial of Shay painted onto the ambulance at 51. -- Thumbs down on that conversation between Casey and Dawson about putting "them" on hold and revisiting it later, once things have settled down. You're either in or out. -- What is the story with Otis' grandmother?? What a weird way to, I guess, try to maintain a thread of levity. -- I am in total protest of all these stupid crossovers with Chicago PD. If I wanted to watch Chicago PD, I would be already. All this made me do was not watch the second half of this two-part story out of pure defiance.

**(The Blacklist, S2E10 Luther Braxton: Conclusion (2)) Red: You're out of your depth, Luther. You don't know the people you're dealing with. You're a fine thief. Meticulous and careful. But this is different. You're improvising. And you and I both know thinking on your feet is not your strong suit, Luther. You will make a mistake, and when you do, I will be there to indulge in the undeniable please and sweet satisfaction of I told you so. ... I love love *love* the way Red speaks. The choice of words. The cadence of his speech. The tone of voice. -- I wonder exactly how many people are in "the group" that wants The Fulcrum. We've seen a few people, heard fewer actually speak, and there are some hazy people in the background, but we've only "met" one of them outside their "meeting room" so far. -- Lizzie's "memory sequences" were seriously weird. Well conceived as being memories trying to surface, but so strange and fragmented and unsettling. -- You know what's really bugging me in all this? Where is Dembe?! He's so rarely far from Red's side. -- I don't think you attempt to negotiate with Red and live to tell about it. And if you *do* manage to live, you're probably not feeling so hot afterward. -- LOL: Red telling Luther "I told you so." -- Some of my favorite scenes are when Red is tender with Liz. He conveys so much without ever saying a single word. Whatever his ulterior motives, I have zero doubts that Red cares very deeply for Lizzie. -- So...the Director is CIA(?) and also a member of "the group" and he orchestrated Braxton and his team of "Level Ten criminals" to get The Fulcrum. So. Much. Information. -- Irony: saying "I'm someone not to be trifled with" Red. -- Words you never want to hear come out of Red's mouth: "Try me. Call my bluff. *Please*, call my bluff." -- I wonder what these results were that Harold received, because based on his wife's reaction, they aren't good. -- Dr Orchard: The people and the events may have been there, but in different roles. I know this is difficult to comprehend. Liz: Are you telling me I may never know what really happened that night? Dr Orchard: I'm telling you that the only people who can tell you what really happened are the people who want you to forget. -- T called the final scene, that The Fulcrum was inside Lizzie's stuffed bunny. -- The people in charge of selecting music for this show are absolutely brilliant. -- This like a puzzle answer one question leave you with 5 more -- New theory: Red was there, he saved Lizzie from the fire, which is how his back got burned...none of this has changed. But now we're thinking that, given the new knowledge that Dr Orchard told Lizzie that someone has "been inside" her memories before, we think Red hid the memory of the fire and The Fulcrum, and also possibly tried to access it, when she was a child.

**(Mom, S2E13 Cheeseburger Salad and Jazz) Violet [about Bonnie]: Wow. And I thought I was a good liar. Christy: Oh, honey, you're not even the second best in this house. -- Christy [to Bonnie, who just suggested all the guys would want a piece of her] What monkey doesn't wanna climb that tree? -- LOL: Christy's "feelings" drawing. That enraged face slayed me. -- Kinda meh episode, but I think it's funny Bonnie keeps finding herself attracted to guys who remind her of Alvin.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E15 Big Brother) Mike [to Vanessa, who is sneezing]: You coming down with something? Can I get you anything? Maybe a hotel room? ... LOL! So me!-- Mike's vlog, which I realize is meant tongue-in-cheek, poses a very valid point about the "safe haven" laws that exist: *Should* it really be easier to dispose of a baby than used motor oil? I *do* see its value, in the safety of the child, but gosh, they make you jump through more hoops for far less important acts. -- What on *earth* was going on with Kristin's hair?! It was like several people randomly braided her hair without being able to see what anyone else was doing? -- Regarding Mandy kissing another guy, I have to agree with Mike, not Vanessa. Clearing Mandy's conscience by telling Kyle only makes an innocent party left to feel bad. Mandy and Kyle aren't married. Now she knows she has no interest in being with anyone else. The burden of that lesson should remain hers, to remind her why she won't ever test the waters that way again. And yes, maybe she *should* be the one to feel bad.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E15 Spellcaster) LOL: Ichabod and the fake banana at the house he was looking at. ::squeaky squeaky:: -- Henry is back! (I don't think I'm supposed to be this excited about a return that will almost assuredly bring chaos and destruction, but John Noble!) -- I think it's hilarious that Abbie pulls out a handgun, but Ichabod carries around his crossbow. -- Solomon Kent is one creepy, bad news dude. -- I found Katrina's wardrobe much more satisfactory this episode. The bustier bit was feeling awkward. The long flowing sweater feels much more...witch-y, somehow. -- Ichabod: Curb thy foul stench, unholy minion! ... Ichabod smacktalk may have been one of the best things out of his mouth in weeks! LOL! The exploding bloody demon was pretty gross, though, -- Parts of this episode (like the boiling blood) felt rather Fringe-y, but the parts with Kent and Katrina tossing around magic felt downright Once-Upon-a-Time-ish, cheese factor and all. -- "The Witnesses and Company" always "only have a couple of hours." I don't think I could maintain that level of intensity without imploding. -- So, all of that warlock nonsense to reveal that Irving's return is exactly as troublesome as Abbie feared, and that he is indeed still owned by Henry. That can only mean ominous things are afoot. -- Speaking of ominous things. What lasting effect is Kent's...revelation to Katrina going to cause? Will we see more of this or will it simply never be discussed again, not unlike the Kindred?

**(Elementary, S3E13 Hemlock) Was Sherlock using old unsolved murders as pillowtalk while, uh, entertaining two "ladies"?? I don't know whether to laugh or be horrified. -- Sherlock [to the secretary who was covering for the missing lawyer]: You're free to resume your life of tedium and petty deception. -- Sherlock: Oh thank goodness. Joan: For what? Sherlock: I found a way out of this conversation. -- I love the interactions between Sherlock and Joan regarding to relationship with Andrew. She gets so testy and he is barely concealing gleeful amusement. -- This show is at its best when they inject humor into the way Sherlock deals with people. -- Holy crap! What an ending. Clearly, someone tried to kill Joan, but got Andrew instead, since someone got the order backward. But how did they know that she would be at the coffee shop to break things off with Andrew?? And why are they trying to kill her?!

**(Blue Bloods, S5E14 The Poor Door) I don't ever remember Frank taking a political side to an investigation on a member of his force before. He's always been on the side of the uniform, not the suits. Even though Frank was right and Weems was taking advantage of his position for personal gain, gaming the system with loopholes, I've still never seen him at least take pause and *hope* the cop was on the up and up. -- Weems [when Frank asked him what he'd do, if he were a rookie and saw a detective doing what he was]: I make it my business to buy that detective a drink and get to know everything about him. -- What is going on with these Reagans? First, Frank. Then Jamie getting all handsy with a perp that triggered his temper. That's a Danny move, not Jamie! -- Frank tested Sid *hard* this episode. -- Garrett: I could be wrong. Frank: Have you ever said that and actually meant it? 

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E13 Decaying Morality) Barba was all fancypants, arriving at the squad in his tux! He's finally grown on me. Carisi, however, still bugs me. -- I don't typically care for the ripped from the headlines episodes. Partially because it feels like an agenda, and partially because I feel like it's beating an already dead horse. They did pretty well with this one, though. They took "I can't breathe" and all the women coming forward years after the fact, saying Cosby assaulted them, and wrote a totally different story. I wish they did more of their episodes this way.

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