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This Week on My TV: February 28, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Mentalist, S7E12 Brown Shag Carpet) This episode made me so nervous. Everything from wondering if Lazarus was going to be waiting in the Airstream for Lisbon to whether or not new guy Tork was the serial killer to freaking out over Jane investigating the room where Lazarus was holding him. So much intensity. Oddly, though, I wasn't worried that he would survive the gas explosion, not with one episode still left in the series. -- Lisbon made the weirdest "I just got proposed to" face ever. -- Clearly, Lazarus is going to have some issues with Jane tricking him. Just how this series needs to go out: with another serial killer.

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E13 And the Great Unwashed) LOL: Sophie hiding in the walk-in refrigerator wearing earmuffs that perfectly match the print of her coat. -- Nola: The road can be long. So whatever you do hold onto your foolishly hopeful smile.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E11 Immaculate Deception) So, we are *finally* coming back to the topic of a  baby. It was nice that they revisited this, instead of pretending it never was "on the table." -- I know it was dishonest, which has no place in a marriage, but Mike freaked out about finding out Molly was back on the Pill, like she admitted she'd had her tubes tied! -- Mike [reassuring Molly that there were more ways to have a child than via birthing it]: There's adoption. There's...abduction. ... Not funny, in reality, but the way Mike said it, in the context of the show, sure was. -- Mike and Molly were outside, building a lighted trellis for Joyce, in Chicago, in February. I have just one question: Where was the snow??

**(Scandal, S4E13 No More Blood) That was some quick thinking by Olivia to put an end to her being sold to Iran. -- Oh, come on, Andrew. Did you seriously challenge Mellie while she was in red? Everyone knows that is when she's at her most fierce. -- With Olivia unable to keep Huck in check, thank God Quinn and Jake stepped up. He was teetering far too close to the point of no return. -- I totally fell for Cy's daydream of walking out on Fitz. -- Rowan: People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won't be. -- STEVEN!!! The Russians that won the bidding on Olivia were really Steven! Well played, Scandal, well played. -- Indeed, Abby. Once a gladiator, always a gladiator. -- So, after promising Quinn there would be no more blood, Huck opted to give Andrew a stroke? Ok... I will say that, propped up in his hospital bed, Andrew looked pretty pissed off. -- That was quite a declaration and dismissal Olivia gave Fitz.

**(The Mentalist, S7E13 White Orchids) Cho has smiled more in the last three episodes than he has in the whole rest of the show combined. -- Because walking through a convenience store and the City Clerk's office looking like charred hamburger doesn't draw any attention at all, Lazarus. -- I think it's weird that despite being engaged, they still call each other Lisbon and Jane. -- Bringing Cho dress shopping was a stroke of brilliance on Lisbon's part. -- Rigsby and Van Pelt!! -- The final case closed and the wedding were the perfect ending. I could have done without the pregnancy announcement, which just felt forced to me. -- Cho, I think I'll miss you most of all.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E4 Hero) Saul Goodman. 'Sall good, man. ::snort:: -- Was that Jimmy's first scam? With the man and the wallet and the "Rolex"? -- OMG, Jimmy took the hush money, to literally hush about the money. -- LOL: Jimmy's new billboard. -- I totally called that the billboard rescue was a scam the second the guy fell.

**(Elementary, S3E15 When Your Number's Up) Sherlock: Luke doesn't speak a word of English. In fact, he barely speaks a word at all, one of his many virtues. -- Did Sherlock seriously use the turn of phrase "after he recused himself of your pants"?? -- I've noticed that I am far less interested in each case of the week than in the way Sherlock interacts with the other characters.

**(The Middle, S6E16 Steaming Pile of Guilt) That bang-her-head-on-a-locker-while-attempting-to-flirt bit Sue pulled? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what I looked like. Ya know, back when I used to have cause to flirt. -- Weird Ashley is in college? I thought she was a Wrestlerette with Sue? I thought she was in Sue's class, not Axl's. Or was she in the grade between them? This is too much thinking for a sitcom. -- Look at Axl being all sweet and having a real relationship with Devin! -- How are Brick and Frankie eating cake while lying down in his bed? Isn't that a huge choking hazard?? -- Sue's "best laugh" is somewhat disturbing.

**(Person of Interest, S4E16 Blunt) Mr Reese looked a whole lot "creepy stalker"when he was peering around corners in that college dorm, looking for the latest number. -- I'd like to know how, exactly, Person of Interest's patented "whisper voice" works in a dance club, where typically it's difficult to hear someone shouting at full volume. -- May be my favorite description of Mr Reese yet: tall drink of darkness. -- So this "new job" Root just landed gets her programming access inside Samaritan, right?

**(Modern Family, S6E16 Connection Lost) I really expected this episode to be annoying, at first, with its format being entirely on Claire's laptop, using different apps and social media. Turned out to be one of my favorite sitcom episodes this entire season. It was executed brilliantly. Among my favorite moments: Phil yelling back at Alex, while in the Facetime frame, for her to tell Claire "I'm in the shower!" when he was clearly playing his video game. Claire's discovery that Haley changed her Facebook status to "got married." The revelation that, if Haley married Andy, her name would be Haley Bailey. The presentation of Luke's mohawk haircut from Gloria. Jay's confusion, using Facetime. When Haley wandered up from her bedroom, where she'd been the entire time her whole family thought she was in Vegas, marrying Andy.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E16 December Solstice) LOL: Barba holding Baby Noah. -- Carisi: That's assault in the third degree? Maybe even attempted murder, am I right, counselor? Barba: Seldom. ... ::snort:: I love Barba's snark. -- Barba [to Carisi]: It pains me to say this, but you're right. -- Barba's Mother: Benson. He talks about you. You drive him crazy. ... So the apple doesn't fall far from the snarky tree, huh? -- After the episode ended, we discussed who we believed, of the three, and decided that Judith (the blonde daughter) was probably the closest to telling the truth. The brunette daughter, Delilah, clearly had an ax to grind, and while I think Charmaine did love Walter, she also seemed to be manipulating the situation to get herself his child for additional power and wealth.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E16 The Intimacy Acceleration) I thought Sheldon and Penny were the perfect participants to test the "make two people fall in love" experiment. -- Awww! Sheldon admitted he is comfortable with Penny. -- Sheldon: I'm so warm and comforting. I'm like a human bowl of tomato soup. -- That was a very tender exchange Howard had with his mother's ashes. -- Not even Amy knows Sheldon's birthdate?! -- I would never be able to stare into anyone's eyes for four minutes without cracking up.

**(The Blacklist, S2E13 The Deer Hunter) This "Deer Hunter" serial killer was really rather gross. -- Red [while running his hand over Aram's hair]: I used to have a teeming mane just like this. -- I love that the way to Red's heart is through food. I also love that he *always* has a story to tell...although, if he sits down and starts telling you one, odds are he's about to "ask" you to do something you'd rather not. -- Good thing Lizzie does leg work. She nearly needed those killer thighs to fend off the Deer Hunter Part Two. Irony: It followed her whole speech about the killer being just like her husband, when that thigh move was Tom's thing. -- Ressler: Don't ask me to feel your pain, Liz. I've got enough of my own. -- LOL: Samar telling Aram he'll always be sexy, no matter what his hair situation is, but "just don't get fat." -- Liz: Are you scolding me? Red: Yes. Yes, I'm scolding you. -- I think Red is right. The fact that he will get the Fulcrum and then she will never see him again is *exactly* what she's afraid of.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E17 Awakening) Ichabod: Well, the Articles of Confederation were written on the back of a bar napkin. -- Abby [about the Liberty Bell]: You cracked the original? Ichabod: A little.. -- The bells made from the Liberty Bell mold were all cast to call witches to action...wha?? -- Katrina: You stood by Moloch's side while he swore to bring the apocalypse. Henry: His apocalypse, not mine. ... Henry implying he had no desire to bring about an apocalypse while loyal to Moloch? Or that he had his own apocalypse in mind instead? -- LOL: Ichabod's commentary on spoilers, power tools, and seasonal items. Ichabod [to Katrina]: What you say now cannot be unsaid. -- When Ichabod shouted "HENRY PARRISH!!!", all I could think of was "you better hope he doesn't call you by your middle name." -- Irony: When Ichabod appeared in modern times, he was nearly run down by a modern vehicle. When Abbie got sucked back in time with Katrina's time travel spell, she was nearly run down by a stagecoach. I find this amusing. -- I want to be disappointed that Henry is dead, because the one thing this show didn't need to lose was John Noble, but then...dead in Sleepy Hollow is only really dead about 50% of the time.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E18 Tempus Fugit) Ben Franklin was the best part of this episode. -- LOL: Ichabod sliding Abbie's phone across the table when he sees it says "slide to unlock." -- [following Abbie fighting off a patriot soldier in her jail cell] Abbie: More than that, we're friends. Ichabod: That's a relief. -- Considering the fact that Abbie changed time by her summons preventing Ichabod's death, I was thinking that she was lucky she was really lucky she didn't "Zuzu's petals" all the photos on her phone that led to Ichabod believing she was who she claimed to be. -- Ichabod had a tough day, losing both his wife and son at the same time. -- Interesting place to leave the show for the season, with Grace's warning that the biggest battles for the Witnesses are yet to be. I wonder who their next opponent will be? Where was Abraham hiding out? Is Hawley still going to lurk around? Are we done with Gabriel? Will Katrina and Henry find some supernatural way to be restored?

**(Mom, S2E15 Turkey Meatballs and a Getaway Car) Bonnie in charge of an AA group was both a brilliant move by Marjorie and also the worst idea, ever, for those that have to attend those meetings. -- I find Gabriel's current role bittersweet. I'm glad he's still on the show, but I wish his character was more likable and had more depth. -- That menu meeting was highly disturbing. -- I really like the magenta shirt Bonnie wore in this episode.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E17 Kyle’s Friend) Kristin asked Mandy to throw a huge party for her 21st birthday, like the ball in Frozen. Isn't she having a wedding or something? Throw your own party. -- LOL: Ed telling Mike he sounded like "hobo-pedia." -- Interesting concept between Kyle being too nice and getting taken advantage of vs Mandy being not nice and selfish but finding real pleasure in actually helping someone. -- I don't know why, but I kept expecting Morgan to be caught stealing something from the Baxters.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E15 Headlong Toward Disaster) Nice twist bringing Welch in to fill Newhouse's vacancy. -- I must be getting jaded. I expected Celia to turn out to be a junkie just looking to take advantage of Brett. -- Otis is right: new chief Pridgen is a douche -- Beth's clearly going to be nothing but trouble for Casey. -- Brett sure makes it a habit of getting over-involved. -- I wonder if Boden and Newhouse will be back or if they've been quietly shuffled off to make room from the conflict-inducing Pridgen and Welsh.

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