Saturday, October 31, 2015

This Week on My TV: October 31, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, 3x02 Whispers in the Dark) I don't know which amused me more: Crane cleaning and coming across Abbie's lingerie while  doing laundry, or when he introduced himself to Abbie's new boss. -- I'm not sure how Crane made that mental leap that there was a secret-stealing wraith involved with the man they think died of a heart attack. -- So we're back to shooting at demons, are we? ::shakes head:: -- I am rarely a fan of long hair on men, but I was surprised at how strongly I reacted to Crane's (somewhat) shorter haircut in the first episode. I've decided I'm ok with it, because it's still not short and it looks...really, really good on him. Ahem. -- What, exactly, is Pandora's endgame? -- I'm glad Abbie's new position with the FBI and both of her new bosses haven't forced replaying the disdain and skepticism involving Crane. We've already done that twice with the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff's Department and it would have been stale.

**(Madam Secretary, 2x03 The Rusalka) Elizabeth: Ok, which one of these dresses says 'I'm terribly sorry your heartless autocrat husband is finally dead?' -- Mike B!! I was worried we were done with him. I'd love if they made him a regular. -- This Craig guy is exactly as much of a butt as Elizabeth says he is. -- Is the actress playing Daisy pregnant in real life? Because if she is, they're being really obvious about "hiding" it. And if not, why is she acting like they're trying to hide a pregnancy that isn't part of the show? -- That custom that had everyone kissing the forehead of the deceased Russian president lying in state. I don't know if I would be more disturbed by kissing the forehead of a dead body or kissing the same spot as all the people ahead of me in line. Gack. -- Daisy: Face it: you're a people pleaser. Blake: Actually, I hate most people. It takes all of my skill to hide that. -- I can't believe how violent they were with Dmitri in that "spy test." When he asked Henry how he sleeps at night, I kind of have to admit I was thinking the same thing. -- Wow. What an ambush by the Russian "first widow" on Elizabeth and the United States. -- I can't believe it's, essentially, Elizabeth against Dalton, Russell, and Craig. Although instead of looking to my like "the boys club vs the token woman," it seems like ones person with values against those who have an agenda but no conscience. I'm glad she's taking Mike B's binder. -- What an intense ending. The hackers' warning that they can take over Air Force One any time they wish. Henry in confession. Dmitri losing his mind, thinking his room was bugged. Gorev clearly about to flee for his life. And "grieving widow" Maria Ostrov looks like she's about to step into her husband's vacated shoes.

**(Blindspot, 1x04 Bone May Rot) It's very convenient that they solved that leaf puzzle just in time to prevent the crazy CDC scientists from setting off a worldwide major epidemic. -- They are very careless. And foolish. Weller staying with the tented virus instead of evacuating. Jane/Taylor coming back in to help Weller in a potentially contaminated location without a HazMat suit on.  -- Mayfair (she's the woman in charge and I had to look up her name because has anyone actually called her by her name?) is very clearly hiding something from Patterson (the girl in the lab coat, whose name I also had to look up) about whatever "Daylight" is. But is she involved in it with CIA Carter (had to look his up too)? Or is he blackmailing her in some way? -- So about these mysterious isotopes they found in Jane's tooth that say she was born and spent her first few years of life somewhere in Africa, even though her DNA say she's Taylor Shaw and Weller swears he remembers her as a baby next door. If she's really Taylor, maybe she was kidnapped and that woman wasn't really her mother?

**(The Good Wife, 7x04 Taxed) Canning is such manipulative weasel. -- That Carver guy was orange. -- Why does Judge Schakowsky insist on saying 'bully' all the time?? -- Louis Canning: Diane, why are you doing this? You're fighting for a cause you don't fundamentally believe in. Diane: Because you make me angry. -- Crouse has such a devil-may-care demeanor and he is incorrigible, with that twinkle-eyed, charming smile. He'll never be Finn, but every time he appears in an episode, I like his addition to the show. -- That whole case was a sting on Schakowsky?? -- Is it my imagination or is Jackie is back to being...sharper? Wasn't she more disoriented and fumbling in recent seasons? Was it just an act or did she recover from something that was ailing her? -- Jackie [about Ruth]: Suddenly, there's a palace guard wearing a pantsuit and cheap shoes? -- So...why doesn't Eli redo his office? Or at least clear some of that furniture out of the way? -- Are we to assume Alicia is going to form (yet another) new firm, this time with Lucca Quinn?

**(Blindspot, 1x05 Split the Law) Some of these tattoo resolutions are a stretch. -- Because we can't help but to be snarky sometimes: How did Weller know the bad guy's cell phone number? Was it also tattooed on Jane? And look! Weller has a tattoo on his arm too! Maybe it's the key to unlocking one of Jane's! -- Credit due for the shootout in the cemetery. I can't remember the last time I saw that done. -- You ever think about working for the good guys, we should talk. -- Now Zapata is being dirtied by CIA Carter, thanks her gambling habits leaving her needing cash. (No points for that one, Blindside. That angle is *way* overdone.) -- The episode titles are strange. I can;t ever figure out how they're actually related to what we're watching.

**(The Big Bang Theory, 9x06 The Helium Insufficiency) Stuart [re: one of the women he met on his new dating app]: One of which would have ended in sex if she hadn't said no. ... Oh, Stuart. -- Sheldon: Is this one of those times I've won the battle but lost the war? -- Sheldon [re: the stolen tank of helium that bears a torn sticker reading "Property of U..."]: U.S. Air Force. U.S. Department of Defense. U.S. Navy. U and I are going to jail. -- Stuart's dating app pic. LOL. -- Hey, Amy? Who is Dave?? -- Kripke: Take your time. I'll walk out backward for a dramatic effect. --

**(Madam Secretary, 7x06 Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death) Brick as Rod Serling ws sheer brilliance. -- A split second before the reveal, I realized it was Cindy as the Grim Reaper. I laughed really loud. -- O. M. G. Kenny talks. And has a face. To quote T, this was a *really* spooky episode. -- The first Twilight Zone-ish skit with Frankie and Rita Glossner was only so-so. The second one with the Grim Reaper terrorizing Axl, Kenny, and Hutch was amusing. But the last one was the best, foreseeing Brick's future. When they showed "Heck" on the mailbox as Mike and Brick were walking away from the older woman's house, it made the whole episode. -- Brick: Hold on, I have to ask you one more thing. Have you ever...done it? Older woman named Cynthia [smiling]: Well, we do have four beautiful children. Brick: Yes!! Yes!! Did you hear that Dad? Four times! That's one more than you and Mom!

**(The Blacklist, 3x05 Arioch Cain) The timeline of this episode felt very jumpy and was also all out of order. That was as confusing for me as flashback episodes. -- Ressler: If we haven't found her yet, he won't. Red: He's better than you. -- Crazy intense scene when Wendigo was trying to kill Lizzie. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. But however dramatic her getaway scene was, I couldn't suspend disbelief enough for her driving through a hail of bullets while laying down across the front seat and using the ripped off rearview mirror to see where she was going. -- As soon as that guy Lizzie and Red were after headed to the roof, I knew we were getting the obligatory jump-from-one-roof-to-another stunt. -- I'm very confused by that dark web site that put a bounty on Lizzie's head, because I thought Red stated earlier that Wendigo wasn't for hire. -- Bye bye, Mr Vargas. The second you lied to Red, you signed your own death warrant. -- I pretty much love that they gave Aram an opportunity to shine in that interrogation with the assassination site guy. -- Dembe coming to Red's rescue made me cheer. Him collapsing in Red's arms from his beatings via Mr Solomon and Vargas shooting him made me teary; Red was so tender with him. -- LOL: Ressler's reaction to Aram's hug. -- Ugh. The Director has his thumb on Ressler now.

**(Sleepy Hollow, 3x03 Blood and Fear) I feel like they put an interesting spin on Jack the Ripper, especially giving a nod to why he stopped and what stopped the murders without warning and or known arrest. -- That was a pretty vicious blade that Pandora procured to create the next Ripper. -- I felt bad for that guy she made her next Ripper, but it was so obvious it was going to be him from the minute we met him. -- I love how Abbie uses the latest and greatest technology to do her research, while Crane reaches for all these thick, dusty old tomes. -- I don't think I care much for Reynolds. Still undecided by Miss Corinth. -- When that blade sliced through the door near Crane and Abbie's selves, I jumped so hard, I may have levitated. I definitely gave myself a know in my shoulder. -- There we go, trying to shoot evil, again, with a regular gun. -- Abbie [looking down on the Ripper lying dead after falling out a window onto a car below]: Oh, damn. [::boink, his eyes pop open] Oh, DAMN. -- I love the aerial views of Sleepy Hollow.

**(Sleepy Hollow, 3x04 The Sisters Mills) My reaction to seeing the Tooth Fairy summed up: What. The hell. Was *that*. -- Crane: I don't need to study history. I lived it. -- That little girl's name was seriously Saffron? -- They are doing a really good job of tying in legends and making historical connections to tell stories this year. I love that they made the Tooth Fairy something far more sinister, that leaving money in exchange for a lost tooth was a means of protection, and how kids see monsters their parents can't. -- Seriously. That Tooth Fairy creature was the things of which my nightmares are made. I had to stifle half a dozen screams. -- While the parents were staring at their younger daughter in her coma, did they seriously not notice Saffron had left the hospital to catch that creepy Tooth Fairy with Crane and company??? -- LOL: Crane at the dentist. Oh, that was funny. -- What on earth is this Pandora creature and what is she trying to accomplish??

**(Scandal, 5x04 Dog-Whistle Politics) Gladiator in a suit speech! I miss when they were gladiators. Let's please go back to doing more of that. -- LOL: Charlie and Jake working together. -- Stop. The. Presses. Jake was married?? Is he *still* married?? -- That scene with Fitz playing with Teddy, and the exchange with Mellie about not hurting each other was sweet and tender. Too bad she tosses that right out the window at the end when she approaches the "women's club" about impeaching Fitz after all. -- "The true cost of mercy." Yep, everyone has a price, Fitz, Are you willing to pay? -- Marcus: So...who's going to tell Olivia I work here now? Huck: I will. I'm damaged. She doesn't like to yell at me. -- I'm not sure how I feel about Fitz showing up to take Olivia out, but I totally laughed at his Secret Service detail in the elevator when he announced he was going to make out with his girlfriend.

**(Once Upon a Time, 5x02 The Price) Oh, flashbacks. Yay. /sarcasm -- Emma's new outfit as the Dark One is really something. -- Regina [controlling Dark Emma via the dagger]: I could get used to this. -- Emma: I still know that the fastest way to a pirate's heart is through his liver. -- Doc: If I go to the ball, I'll just have to be Grumpy's  wing man. -- Mary Margaret [to Regina]: First thing my mother taught me about dancing is you have to learn to move in a dress...not a sensible pantsuit. -- I didn't care for Regina's hair at the ball. Too much like bedhead. Or that its original style fell out and she tried to pin it back up without a mirror. -- So. Emma is back in possession of the dagger. And behind that heavy locked door in her new house is a secret cave housing the missing Excalibur. And somehow, the dagger is really the tip of Excalibur. This is...interesting.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Food and Wine Fest 2015: Round Two

More! More!

I was a woman on a mission and that mission was starting in...


Roasted Pork Lettuce Wrap with Kimchi Slaw.

This one has been one I've looked forward to and enjoyed every year since it was introduced to the menu. I like to use it as a starting point, because it gets me ready for eating without filling me up too much. For being so light on the stomach, there is just so much flavor -- from the pork, from the kimchi slaw, from that drizzle of mystery sauce. It's so good, I can even forgive it for being so messy to eat.

Taste buds engaged, my mission sends me to...


Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce.

This was one of the Fest fixtures. Along with a handful of other dishes, it was at the Fest for as long as I've been attending (since 2007) and it returns year after year. In  fact, last year was the first time it *wasn't* on the menu, but it seems a lot of Fest fixtures has returned to celebrate the 20th anniversary. It's simple. It's straightforward. There's nothing unknown about it. Some people might shrug it off as "too safe," but I've been a fan of apple strudel since I was a little girl. The flaky pastry, the spicy apples, some golden raisins plumped up from soaking in the apple juices. In the past, it's been served as-is, with a caramel drizzle, with a vanilla and caramel sauce, and how it is served this year: swimming in a pool of vanilla sauce. It's like a riff on apple pie a la mode...and I am 100% on board with that!

And we're off again! Mission destination...


with a layover in...

Escondidinho de Carne. Stella Artois Cidre.

Let's start with the food. I try to do my best to say not butcher the name of the dish I'd like when I order. I was way too intimidated by the length of this one though. The Cast Members are really great about pronouncing it for you if you ask though! (I still can't get this one out.) It's basically a meat pie...sort of a Brazilian shepherd's pie of sorts. It's seasoned ground beef and some veggies in a gravy, covered by a layer of mashed yucca (we'll get back to this), baked so the edges are all crispy and golden. So, when I said 'mashed yucca,' I bet you thought I was going to say mashed potatoes, right??I had no preconceived notion, going in, but as I was eating, I did a little Googling (yay for smart phones and free wifi!) and learned that a yucca root (also known as cassava) is a starchy tuberous root, just like, -- you guessed it! -- a potato! It's shaped more like a sweet potato, but its insides are white instead of orange and its texture is far more similar to a potato as well. This was a rather filling dish, as you might imagine, but excellent flavor and very comfort-food-ish. Because I usually get the non-savory waffle when I visit Belgium, I have a difficult time pairing that with a hard cider, which I also want. So, I have to improvise! I thought it would pair well with a heavier, savory meat dish, and the meat pie fit that bill. I was right. The light, crisp cider was an excellent complement.

It was a long, slow, somewhat full stroll to the next stop on my mission...


Seared Venison Loin with Wild Mushroom Marsala Sauce and Kumara Dumpling.

You know how venison can be dry and tough sometimes? This was not one of those times. I couldn't believe how tender and juicy this slice of meat actually was. The sauce had lots of flavor. (I'm not sure what the green was...maybe baby collard green? It didn't have the pink stem of Swiss chard. It was too sturdy to be spinach and not sturdy enough to be kale.) And then there was the dumpling. Back to the Google. Kumara? Sweet potato! Mine was a smidge salty, but I am thinking that may have just been a fluke and it didn't ruin the dish for me. It sounds like this was pretty basic, but it definitely didn't taste that way!

Mission switching to sweet. Reroute to...


Strawberry-Basil Champagne "Toast."

Almost too pretty to eat, right? I'm glad I didn't allow that to deter me. Oh. My. Gosh. This was made for me. The little Food and Wine Fest logo was on a sliver of white chocolate, there was a dollop of whipped cream, and the little fuchsia spheres were...some kind of airy puffed something? That was all really just visual enhancement anyway. It's what's under all the fancy decoration that matters. There was a thin layer on the top that I believe was like a champagne gelatin. Next was that large lighter pink portion that was a strawberry mousse. And hiding in that mousse were fat strawberry slices that had been soaked in champagne. (I groaned a little just typing that. I want another serving. Now, if you please.) That darkest pink, at the bottom in the stem of the flute, was some champagne infused with strawberries and basil. It was so subtle, but the basil really gave the champagne and berries a really unique flavor, like there was this fresh element to balance out the berry sweetness. FWF15 is really knocking it out of the park with the desserts, let me tell you.

Today's mission has one small piece of business remaining. Rendezvous at...


First, may I just say that I really appreciate how much fun the're having, designing the new Global Marketplaces? Some of the newer kiosks are so creative in expressing the country or type of cuisine they are serving, and it really sets the mood for me.

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Fresh Figs and Pistachio Brittle.

The only issue I have with Food and Wine Fest is that sometimes I'm left wondering about parts of the dish I'm eating that weren't included in the description and that I can't seem to identify on my own. This was one of those dishes. The panna cotta was pretty standard. It's vanilla and I like vanilla. But really it was about the fig and the pistachio, and the vanilla allows them to shine. I have never tried a fresh fig before and it was surprisingly sweet! The pistachios were less "brittle" and more "crunch." But that amber-colored syrupy layer on the top and bottom of the panna cotta? NO CLUE. It was sweet and fruity, which worked nicely with the other components, but I haven't any idea what it actually *was*.

Stuffed. My mission has been accomplished. Stay tuned for Round Three...


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Food and Wine Fest 2015: Round One

It's the moooost wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear!

Actually, it's been the most wonderful time for a month now and I'm just very late sharing it. We're going to fix that right up though. Promise.

This year is the 20th anniversary of Food and Wine Fest.

I hope it goes for twenty more. And then twenty more after that. (At which point, I will be approaching 80 and then we'll see.)

My first go-round is usually a full Fest circuit, just taking photos of the Global Marketplaces (kiosks) and the menus, before I start eating. This year, I had come to EPCOT following a highlights appointment, it was about ninety minutes later than I typically start, and I was *starving*. I finally caved and could go no further by the time I reached the halfway point in...


Harissa Chicken Roll. Mimosa Royale.

I remember the first time I tried the food from Morocco at one of these Fests. I was tentative, having no clue what to expect. I have had this particular dish quite a few times now and it doesn't disappoint, but this may have been the best I remember. It was crisp on the outside. Flavorful and a bit spicy on the inside. And unlike previous years, this one wasn't at all greasy! Also, it is important to toast the start of a new Fest with bubbles.

Ok. Now that we're not in danger of a hangry episode, we carry on. But not very far, because lines were super long. Like longer than I have ever seen in all the years I have been Festing. Long even for an opening weekend crowd. My point is that I realized I better get in line because otherwise I was going to be right back to hangry again in no time. So I stopped in...


Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans and Tomato. Carnaval Moscato Sparkling White Wine.

They have a couple of Global Marketplaces each Fest that get an "expanded" area. This is the second year that Brazil has been awarded one of these "places of honor," and I really love how festive it is with all its brightly colored banners. It's pretty to look at while you wait...and wait. But the food was worth the wait. I have a serious love affair with pork belly (something I also learned at an earlier Fest!). There is a lot of flavor from the meat and the black beans, and it's rich and heavy. The tomatoes and micro cilantro brighten it up a bit, but really, the sweet sparkling Moscato is exactly what I needed to cut through the dish. Also? *Bubbles*.

Speaking of sweet. I think it's time for something dessert-ish. Off to...



Now, one of my favorite people in this world finds coconut to be truly vile (his reaction is on par with how I will flail around and gag if you come near me with a banana), so I always take pleasure in texting him a pic of this one. It is delightful. It's the moist, yellow butter cake that they dip in chocolate that is somewhat thicker and richer than just chocolate frosting, and then they roll it or sprinkle it or somehow coat it in shredded coconut. And really it just makes me very happy.

Sometimes, I can eat three things, decide I *maybe* have room for one more bite of dessert and call it a day. Not this day. I knew I needed something else "food-ish" before I could have my final dessert of round one. I decided to backtrack for...


Remember how I said that two Global Marketplaces get the special treatment each Fest? Well, this is the other one. Just look at how lovely all the details are!

Pescado con Coco.

The seared grouper was nice. Flaky and just the right amount of fishy to give it flavor, but not so much that it's a turnoff (or questionable). There was rice and pigeon peas and some veggies all swimming in this mild coconut sauce. It was very tasty, but I also started to get full. This was a far bigger portion than I anticipated receiving.

Time to round up that final dessert! Over to...


Terra be gone! No more "Trick'n Chick'n" or "Beefless Tips." This Global Marketplace has been repurposed to house dishes that incorporate "food science" trends! (If you watch Top Chef, think Richard Blais.)
This is the first year that the Fest has expanded away from World Showcase and spilled over into Future World with two Global Marketplaces in the Next Eats area. (The other is Sustainable Chew and we'll get to that on upcoming round.)

Liquid Nitro Chocolate-Almond Truffle with Warm Whiskey-Caramel.

This? Was incredible. It looks so delicious and it tastes even better than it looks. It was like...a rich chocolate ice cream and it had crushed almonds on top, which gave it some texture. But that sauce. That whiskey-caramel. It added yet another layer of texture and it's warmth contrasted the liquid nitro-frozen chocolate. But you could just hand me a little cup of that caramel and I would be completely blissed out.

Let's be honest: it wasn't getting any better than what I just ate and I didn't have any more room left anyway. Time to head out and plan my next round!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 215 - Week 42

Checking in for the week of October 18 through October 24.

The White Princess (Philippa Gregory) - Things are getting so tense as I approach the end of this book!

T did up some goulash, which we had with a salad and some bread. We had some linguine with clam sauce, one of our favorites. There was some chicken Alfredo lasagna in the freezer, which is just as good (and just as not healthy) after stashing the leftovers for longer keeping (yay! I love when recipes freeze well!). There was kielbasa, sauerkraut, and pierogi (NOT PIEROGIES, stop it, Dawn, stop it). And then we did some bay scallops in a Parmesan cream cracked pepper sauce over angel hair. And yes, there was a lot of pasta this week.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (BBW)
Spiced Pumpkin (YC) - Yankee Candle classic.
Season's Blessings (YC) - Fruity and spicy and everything autumn should smell like.
Silver Birch (YC) - This is such a masculine scent. Fresh with a hint of cologne. I love it in the bathroom.
Cinnamon Stick (YC) - Exactly what it sounds like.

Another trip to EPCOT, another ride on Soarin'.

I admired the combination of colors and textures in the landscaping at the Dominican Republic International Marketplace at Food and Wine Fest.

And sadly, this week was just too flipping hot and I just felt completely uninspired.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Week on My TV: October 24, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good Wife, 7x02 Innocents) Peter [about Eli]: He was just apologizing, Ruth. Ruth: Respectfully, Governor, you could hear the gears turning in his head. -- Eli is the embodiment of devious. His facial expressions and mannerisms capture it perfectly. -- Jason Crouse is no Finn Palmore, but he has been an excellent addition to the cast. -- Peter: You're being used. Alicia: I know. Who isn't? -- I'm not sure very many things could get uglier than Cary vs Howard Lyman.

**(Blindspot, 1x03 Eight Slim Grins) Ok, so mysterious lurker guy is dead now, which I did not expect. -- Are they going to have the "Jane, stay in the car" argument every single time? -- LOL: Weller rams a handful of syringes into a bad guy. Bad guy wants to know what's in them. Weller's all nonchalant with a shrug and a "no clue." -- So far, the only continuity is that everyone who knows anything about Jane ends up dead. -- I was not expecting them to find Jane to be Taylor Shaw, because it seemed to easy and obvious. Or I at least thought they'd wait for the reveal. -- So Mayfair is...dirty? And under Carter's thumb? And what is "Daylight," exactly? That heavily redacted case file Patterson brought to Mayfair? Regardless, Mystery Man was right about Jane (Taylor?) not trusting the FBI. There's something sinister going on there. -- Does Michael Gaston ever play a good guy?

**(This Big Bang Theory, 9x05 The Perspiration Implementation) Sheldon: But he's dumb and his face is dumb. ... I feel like I need to use this in real life. LOL -- Raj: Maybe there's someone else out there for you. Sheldon: True. But Penny's married and so's Bernadette. And your girlfriend has red hair and white skin, which really rubs up against my clown phobia.

**(Madam Secretary, 2x02 The Doability Doctrine) I think it's cheeky that they totally characterized the fictitious Russian president with "breaking news" that sounded an awful lot like news stories involving Putin. Well, except for the part where the "mysteriously missing President" was actually dead. -- I was all set to be really aggravated that Stevie was back to wanting to make adult decisions without any adult responsibilities, but then relieved that she wasn't slipping back into that role. I fell for it right along with Elizabeth and Henry. -- Cameo by Madeleine Albright! -- I miss Mike B. Where is Mike B?

**(The Good Wife, 7x03 Cooked) Luke Kirby is playing a character, Harry McGrath, in this episode! I loved him as Max on Astronaut Wives Club. I wondered if I would ever see him pop up somewhere else! (Still not forgiving you for the loss of Finn, Good Wife.) -- Eli's tiny closet office. OMG LOL. -- Howard and Jackie are going to be a thing, aren't they. Like a thing that doesn't go away. -- Harry McGrath: This is semantics. Judge Schakowsky: No, this is the law. You know the difference? I get a gavel. -- Did Eli just tip off Schakowsky???

**(The Middle, 7x05 Land Of The Lost) Logan! Oh, yay for Sue! -- I really wanted to dance to that hold music because it sounded like Charlie Brown. -- It bears repeating: I do not like Reverend Tim Tom. -- Frankie [to Mike]: You know, a regular sized person radiates about this much mopey, But you're big! So you make this big mope cloud that just covers everything. -- I did not expect Mike's depression to be about *Frankie* getting older.

**(Scandal, 5x03 Paris Is Burning) Abby looked like a robot, zoom-stalking around the White House in the aftermath of Liv confirming herself as the First Mistress. -- Fitz [about Mellie's demands]: She'll get nothing and she'll like it! -- Huck: I was going to erase the internet. -- Olivia was being very calm and reasonable during the Mellie negotiations. -- Jake: Well, technically we're drunk, but we're also drinking. -- That is some closet Mellie had. I wonder how accurate that is...? In the White House, I mean. -- I cannot figure out what game Cyrus is playing. But one thing is clear: he's baaaa-aaaack. And despite Fitz dismissing him, I suspect that isn't the last we've seen of him. -- I can't decide how I feel about that apology scene Fitz gave Mellie on the balcony. Was he being sincere? Spineless? Playing her? And how do I feel about any of those scenarios? -- Speaking of apologizing, there sure was a *lot* of it in this episode. -- Olivia [to Fitz]: Sit there and watch me choose you. ... They have been annoying me for over a season, now, but that line hit me right in the heart with all the feelings. It's a great line. -- That was a very curious meeting between Jake and Rowan (or whatever we're calling him now). What's up with the Louvre burning and no one noticing? And what does it have to do with them?

**(The Blacklist, 3x04 The Djinn) Red's latest hideout: in a theater with the stage set up like an apartment. How do they *think* of this stuff?? -- I did not expect The Djinn to be the *girl*. And I definitely didn't expect her story to be what it was. -- Lizzie's fantasy really got to Red. For someone who, on the surface, comes off as heartless, the feelings run very deep for him. -- I can't believe Mr Vargas shot Dembe!! -- Red: I *love* stories. -- Red [to Alice]: Lies on top of pretense, my dear. -- I love when Red gets amused. -- "Mr Wainwright" cleans up nicely. So used to seeing scruffy Tom and school teacher Tom. I'm not sure we've ever seen him all fancy before! -- Red: You want to know my fantasy, Nasim? To escape a hopeless police standoff in style with two sensational women on my arms. Shall we? -- What on earth is Red's plan? What was on the page he tore out of the journal of names? And what about Dembe? And Mr Vargas was working with Mr Soloman? And speaking of plans, what is Tom's? So. Many. Questions. -- Rats. After so long disliking Tom, it's hard *not* to, when he so clearly is still legitimately in love with Liz.

**(Last Man Standing, 5x05 The Road Less Driven) That great big gorgeous house and the washer and dryer are in the garage?? The bugs me every time. -- I wasn't sure I was going to like Leno's character, but they played it off well. -- Vanessa: Are you sure there's enough vroom for me out there? ... ::snort:: I love her corny jokes.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 41

Checking in for the week of October 11 through October 17.

Fudge Cupcake Murder (Joanne Fluke) - This is such a fun series. Five books in, I feel like it's finally hit its stride. The characters are familiar. The format is consistent. I know exactly what I'm getting and, for a cozy mystery series, that's the way I like it. I find the residents and cases of Lake Eden charming. I did figure out whodunnit correctly and fairly early on, but the story continued to be fun, probably because the characters make it so. Part of me is ready for Hannah to just make a choice already, between Norman and Mike, but then, I don't know whose camp I'm in, so maybe she can take a while longer to decide. Looking forward to seeing where her exploits take her next time!
The White Princess (Philippa Gregory) - I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sorry when this series ends. Only one more left after this book. I'm thoroughly hooked. Just as I expected. I hate books down books from this series.

T did some burgers on the grill, which we had with these seasoned roasted potato wedges -- yum. We also had a flank steak with Thai sweet chili noodles and brown sugar glazed carrots; fish sandwiches with mac and cheese; my signature meatloaf patties with mashed potatoes and green beans. And then, it was back to the grill for T, where he made us some fall-off-the-bone ribs, which we ate with baked beans and coleslaw.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (BBW)
Autumn Leaves (YC) - Not your typical autumn scent, as it is neither spicy nor "food-y." Much more of an "autumn air" fresher scent. I love this one in the bathroom.
Napa Valley Harvest (YC) - Smells like being at the farmer's market on a warm autumn day.
Vanilla Pumpkin (YC) - Sucker for vanilla that I am, of course I love the autumn-ized version.
Red Apple Wreath (YC) - All the autumn scents right here.

Birthday week! We do cake at work.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! (That's what I think every time I look at this.)

I pretty much love my bats with the "fiery" layer. I keep thinking I should change things up, but...I can't resist.

Festive cupcakes!

It wasn't quite (anywhere) cool enough to walk, but I convinced T to go anyway.


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