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This Week on My TV: October 10, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good Wife, 7x01 Bond) Alicia: I don't want to work for you. Canning: *With* me. Alicia: I don't want to work with you. Canning: Why not? Alicia: Because you're the devil. -- Grace is quick on her feet, helping Alicia with her fledgling home-based law practice. -- I can't say as though I'd want to have Eli as enemy, but I'm liking his new hair style. -- I was totally cracking up at Jane Curtain playing the role of that judge in Alicia's estate probate case. They do a great job with picking judges for this show. -- Cary looks discontent again. How long before he is off to start up another new firm? -- I don't know how much a fan I am of Alicia being a bond attorney, but did she seriously just make a deal with the devil in that final scene?

**(Modern Family, 7x02 The Day Alex Left for College) I don't know which made me laugh more: Gloria shooting Jay in the foot or Gloria shooting the sippy cup. -- Here's how much I know about soccer: T had to explain to me that Lily was doing the Mia Hamm celebration move. -- When are all these adults going to learn that Joe tattles?

**(The Blacklist, 3x01 The Troll Farmer) Some things that remain true about Red: he is both very smart and very clever. He's almost always both kind and charming to innocents who wander into his path, like the housekeeper who showed up in that apartment Red and Liz were using as temporary asylum. He has friends and safe houses *everywhere*; that was quite the well appointed bunker! And his story times are the best. -- Who the flip is this new guy who just emerged that has the Cabal under his thumb *and* has decided to mess with Dembe? And what the heck did he make Dembe inhale? -- red: you have every right to be afraid. Just don't let it control you. -- When Liz came out of the bathroom blonde, I believe that is the first time Red has ever been rendered speechless. Clearly he is deeply affected by her mother and she must now bear a striking resemblance. -- Trying to decide which I enjoyed more: Samar busting Ressler for being a hypocrite or Aram's loyal skepticism that the Liz situation is as it appears on its surface. -- The Troll Farmer: What is that? Another one of your dumbass literary quotes? Red: Fortune cookie. -- Red: As my father used to say to me, just because you've been bumped up to first chair in the orchestra doesn't mean you can write a symphony. -- How exactly is Dembe old enough to be a grandfather?? I thought Red, as a grown me, rescued and raised a quite young Dembe. I cannot figure out the timeline on that one. -- That was quite an ending with Liz hopping over the fence into the Russian embassy, cashing in on her mother's heritage, but WHOA.

**(The Big Bang Theory, 9x03 The Bachelor Party Corrosion) LOL: Amy made the male genetalia cookies both "Jewish and Gentile." -- Howard: You don't need a yellow fever shot to go to Mexico. Sheldon: You can never be too careful. I got one last year before I went to Epcot. -- Amy's mother has a sin closet?? -- Bernadette [about Penny's deceased pet pig]: They didn't eat him? Penny: No! He was a beloved member of the family. Bernadette: The breakfast meat family? -- Sheldon sang "We Will Rock You." And then I died of laughter.

**(Modern Family, 7x03 The Closet Case) But I don't wanna be back to the Haley and Dylan thing! -- Did Luke drink mouthwash?? -- Awwww. Poor Alex. She's not taking this breakup with Sanjay well at all.

**(The Middle, 7x02 Cutting the Cord) Poor Brick is forever destined to be the forgotten child, isn't he. -- Hutch [about the ant problem]: Dude, it's getting worse. I thought you sprayed something. Axl: All I had was Axe body spray. Hutch: Well now they're more confident than ever! -- I feel like Sue's roommate situation is too obvious. Of course she ended up with someone who is the exact opposite of her in every way. -- I can't help laughing at Brick's pizza bag for his book bag. -- It took me until she spoke to realize that Sue's roomie, Holly, is Natalie from Parenthood. That girl is a) popping up all over my other shows, and b) sure is capable of dramatically changing her look, and yet I never seem to like her characters. -- Hey! Brick has a friend! -- I love that even though Axl is clearly maturing as the seasons progress, like showing up, unprompted, to take Sue out for pizza and give her some guidance on adjusting to college life, he's still very much Axl, telling her she has a ten question limit for her freshman year.

**(The Middle, 7x03 The Shirt) Sue: Oh my God, did you know there's a whole club just for tasting cheese? I always thought there were only two kinds: regular and squeezy! -- LOL! Sue saying her roommate has bad "lamedar." -- Oops on Sue spilling the beans about Axl's love for Devin Levin, freaking her out and almost breaking them up completely. I'm not sure I like their current "arrangement," but she is still the cutest thing ever. Also, LOL at Sue telling Devin she needs to hear Axl out by assembling her glee club to sing her the message. -- Frankie [to Mike]: I have never seen you wear a Hawaiian shirt. Are your 400 flannels in the wash? -- OMG, Brick thinking that 3000 flushes meant he had to flush the toilet 3000 times to clean it.

**(The Blacklist, 3x02 Marvin Gerard) I love how Red is always just sitting there, waiting for people. -- Liz always looks like she's about to cry. -- That guy has the Russian embassy under his thumb too?? -- Ressler: I can't let her go! ... Loaded statement much there, buddy? -- Because of course Red knows the best thing on the menu. In this case, at the diner where he and Liz met up after she escaped the Russians and Ressler, but I'm pretty sure it's any menu anywhere. -- Why does anyone ever think messing with Red is a good plan? Speaking of the bully sitting in the booth behind Red and Liz. -- Of course Red's black bag has a bunch of guns in it. Of course it does. -- You know what the mark of brilliance is with an actor? Being able to have an entire conversation with your eyes that says more than any sounds coming out of your mouth. Red is a master. That look he gave when he stared in Liz's eyes after her meltdown during the "hostage situation" at the diner. -- What, exactly, did Marvin Gerard and Red read in that Fulcrum related document?? -- Red asking his diner friend, Chewy, to wrap him up two pieces of "that pecan pie" as they're preparing to make their hasty escape. And then carrying around that pink pastry to-go box. Never change, Red. LOL -- Holy. Crap. That "apartment" Liz and Red took refuge in was a cargo container on a cargo ship WHAT?? I just can't even. -- That beating Dembe is taking. ::cringe:: There's no way Red doesn't learn of this. And he is NOT going to be happy. -- Well, hey there, Tom (or whatever we're calling you now). We were wondering where you went. -- Season three is shaping up to be quite excellent. Can't wait to see where it goes!

**(Last Man Standing, 5x02 Free Range Parents) Oh goody. Boyd and Ryan. /sarcasm -- Kristin: Seriously? Ed is one of those crazies who has a secret bunker up in the mountains? Mike: Your mother and I have one up in the mountains. Kristin: You do? Where? Mike: Nice try. -- Mike [to Ryan]: Stop panicking or I'm going to have to slap you and I don't think I'll be able to stop. ... Oh please, please don't stop panicking, Ryan. Please. -- Mike: Hey, don't beat yourself up. Ryan: Actually, I would like to beat you up. Mike: Wow, you're going to shoot the Gundersons. You wanna beat me up. What'd you have meat today?

**(Blue Bloods, 6x02 Absolute Power) Mayor Hopeful: And I'm telling you that if it's true, when I'm mayor, you can kiss your job goodbye. Frank: Can I take it to dinner and a movie first? -- Everyone's threatening Frank's job. Sheesh. Power via intimidation. -- What's with Baker's wardrobe? She used to be all suits and business. -- Sometimes I get the feeling Frank wants to poke Pops in the eye. -- Erin: He's got two broken ribs and 28 stitches. You could use a couple days off. Danny: You are such a girl. -- Are they doing a serial killer arc? Please don't be doing a serial killer arc.

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