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This Week on My TV: October 24, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good Wife, 7x02 Innocents) Peter [about Eli]: He was just apologizing, Ruth. Ruth: Respectfully, Governor, you could hear the gears turning in his head. -- Eli is the embodiment of devious. His facial expressions and mannerisms capture it perfectly. -- Jason Crouse is no Finn Palmore, but he has been an excellent addition to the cast. -- Peter: You're being used. Alicia: I know. Who isn't? -- I'm not sure very many things could get uglier than Cary vs Howard Lyman.

**(Blindspot, 1x03 Eight Slim Grins) Ok, so mysterious lurker guy is dead now, which I did not expect. -- Are they going to have the "Jane, stay in the car" argument every single time? -- LOL: Weller rams a handful of syringes into a bad guy. Bad guy wants to know what's in them. Weller's all nonchalant with a shrug and a "no clue." -- So far, the only continuity is that everyone who knows anything about Jane ends up dead. -- I was not expecting them to find Jane to be Taylor Shaw, because it seemed to easy and obvious. Or I at least thought they'd wait for the reveal. -- So Mayfair is...dirty? And under Carter's thumb? And what is "Daylight," exactly? That heavily redacted case file Patterson brought to Mayfair? Regardless, Mystery Man was right about Jane (Taylor?) not trusting the FBI. There's something sinister going on there. -- Does Michael Gaston ever play a good guy?

**(This Big Bang Theory, 9x05 The Perspiration Implementation) Sheldon: But he's dumb and his face is dumb. ... I feel like I need to use this in real life. LOL -- Raj: Maybe there's someone else out there for you. Sheldon: True. But Penny's married and so's Bernadette. And your girlfriend has red hair and white skin, which really rubs up against my clown phobia.

**(Madam Secretary, 2x02 The Doability Doctrine) I think it's cheeky that they totally characterized the fictitious Russian president with "breaking news" that sounded an awful lot like news stories involving Putin. Well, except for the part where the "mysteriously missing President" was actually dead. -- I was all set to be really aggravated that Stevie was back to wanting to make adult decisions without any adult responsibilities, but then relieved that she wasn't slipping back into that role. I fell for it right along with Elizabeth and Henry. -- Cameo by Madeleine Albright! -- I miss Mike B. Where is Mike B?

**(The Good Wife, 7x03 Cooked) Luke Kirby is playing a character, Harry McGrath, in this episode! I loved him as Max on Astronaut Wives Club. I wondered if I would ever see him pop up somewhere else! (Still not forgiving you for the loss of Finn, Good Wife.) -- Eli's tiny closet office. OMG LOL. -- Howard and Jackie are going to be a thing, aren't they. Like a thing that doesn't go away. -- Harry McGrath: This is semantics. Judge Schakowsky: No, this is the law. You know the difference? I get a gavel. -- Did Eli just tip off Schakowsky???

**(The Middle, 7x05 Land Of The Lost) Logan! Oh, yay for Sue! -- I really wanted to dance to that hold music because it sounded like Charlie Brown. -- It bears repeating: I do not like Reverend Tim Tom. -- Frankie [to Mike]: You know, a regular sized person radiates about this much mopey, But you're big! So you make this big mope cloud that just covers everything. -- I did not expect Mike's depression to be about *Frankie* getting older.

**(Scandal, 5x03 Paris Is Burning) Abby looked like a robot, zoom-stalking around the White House in the aftermath of Liv confirming herself as the First Mistress. -- Fitz [about Mellie's demands]: She'll get nothing and she'll like it! -- Huck: I was going to erase the internet. -- Olivia was being very calm and reasonable during the Mellie negotiations. -- Jake: Well, technically we're drunk, but we're also drinking. -- That is some closet Mellie had. I wonder how accurate that is...? In the White House, I mean. -- I cannot figure out what game Cyrus is playing. But one thing is clear: he's baaaa-aaaack. And despite Fitz dismissing him, I suspect that isn't the last we've seen of him. -- I can't decide how I feel about that apology scene Fitz gave Mellie on the balcony. Was he being sincere? Spineless? Playing her? And how do I feel about any of those scenarios? -- Speaking of apologizing, there sure was a *lot* of it in this episode. -- Olivia [to Fitz]: Sit there and watch me choose you. ... They have been annoying me for over a season, now, but that line hit me right in the heart with all the feelings. It's a great line. -- That was a very curious meeting between Jake and Rowan (or whatever we're calling him now). What's up with the Louvre burning and no one noticing? And what does it have to do with them?

**(The Blacklist, 3x04 The Djinn) Red's latest hideout: in a theater with the stage set up like an apartment. How do they *think* of this stuff?? -- I did not expect The Djinn to be the *girl*. And I definitely didn't expect her story to be what it was. -- Lizzie's fantasy really got to Red. For someone who, on the surface, comes off as heartless, the feelings run very deep for him. -- I can't believe Mr Vargas shot Dembe!! -- Red: I *love* stories. -- Red [to Alice]: Lies on top of pretense, my dear. -- I love when Red gets amused. -- "Mr Wainwright" cleans up nicely. So used to seeing scruffy Tom and school teacher Tom. I'm not sure we've ever seen him all fancy before! -- Red: You want to know my fantasy, Nasim? To escape a hopeless police standoff in style with two sensational women on my arms. Shall we? -- What on earth is Red's plan? What was on the page he tore out of the journal of names? And what about Dembe? And Mr Vargas was working with Mr Soloman? And speaking of plans, what is Tom's? So. Many. Questions. -- Rats. After so long disliking Tom, it's hard *not* to, when he so clearly is still legitimately in love with Liz.

**(Last Man Standing, 5x05 The Road Less Driven) That great big gorgeous house and the washer and dryer are in the garage?? The bugs me every time. -- I wasn't sure I was going to like Leno's character, but they played it off well. -- Vanessa: Are you sure there's enough vroom for me out there? ... ::snort:: I love her corny jokes.

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