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This Week on My TV: October 17, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Scandal, 5x02 Yes) Abby: We're going to need a game plan. We're going to need a statement. We're going to need...a bigger boat. -- Olivia [to Quinn]: Close the door. Put the gun away. They're reporters, not assassins. -- So who actually put the cameras in the Oval Office? And who leaked the images? Because if that was made clear, I completely missed it. -- Did Mellie seriously utter the words "America will never elect a woman who can't get laid"?? -- Malarkey and doodoo? Oh, Susan. -- I appreciate Quinn's disgust with Huck, but I think she's reached a point where she's actually going overboard. -- Quinn [to the trespassing reporter]: There's no video to prove I took your video. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to kick your ass, and you can tell everyone a girl beat you up. -- I like Jake. I really just like him. He's a good guy. But it bothers me that Olivia uses him the way she does, and because he's a good guy, he allows it. -- David: Anyway, it's nothing a little bourbon won't fix. -- OMG. After all that running and hiding and telling Fitz they cannot go public, did Olivia seriously answer 'yes' when that reporter asked her if she was the President's mistress??

**(The Big Bang Theory, 9x04 The 2003 Approximation) Sheldon: Oh and lastly, please initial here to confirm that ownership of the living room couch is hereby transferred to me, in perpetuity, all throughout the universe. And all alternate universes. Except those universes where owning a couch is forbidden by the hive queen, in which case, all glory to the hive queen. -- Thor and Dr Jones I'm pretty sure  had the same reaction as Emily. Raj trying to show that the song was dance-able though. Hilarious. -- LOL: Sheldon ran Amy's credit to see if she qualified as a potential replacement roommate. -- Sheldon: Eventually, you'll want more space and you'll move into a house. And then, instead of dinner a couple of times a week, it'll only be a couple of times a month. And then it'll only be on special occasions. Like when Bernadette divorces Wolowitz. Or...or...or like when Kuthrapali's weird girlfriend admits where she buried his body. Or Amy's wedding, where she's marrying someone better than me. -- Awwww, Sheldon is really not over Amy.

**(Madam Secretary, 2x01 The Show Must Go On) OMG, Matt singing at the start of the episode. I was not prepared for that. -- Elizabeth's reaction to being named acting President was awesome. The shock. The awe. The reverence. The ambivalence. -- How I feel about this Stevie-and- Harrison thing: blech! -- Russell: Your first act as President might be to shoot down Air Force One. -- Ugh. Why must Russell be such a troll? He is such an unlikable character. -- What was with Elizabeth's hair for that dinner?? She always looks so perfectly done up, but that looked like 80s hair morning-after bedhead. -- That trio of Daisy, Blake, and Nadine (singing for Elizabeth) was one of the best things I've seen on TV. -- So...who hacked Air Force One??

**(Blindspot, 1x02 A Stray Howl) Jane looks totally different with long hair. If I didn't know that was her in the flashbacks, I definitely wouldn't guess it. -- Considering all the explosives Gibson has used shouldn't they have used more caution when opening the safe they recovered from the ruins of his house? I realize nothing happened, but they couldn't have known it wasn't rigged to detonate. -- That Jane could be the grown-up version of his missing childhood friend makes an interesting possible connection to Weller, but part of me wonders if that isn't too easy for such an early reveal. Kind of like The Blacklist with all the speculation that Red might be Lizzie's father. -- Ok, so this Sarah person is Weller's sister. When we first met her, I thought she was his wife. -- The ending with that mystery man made me jump. -- What I want to see from this show: Some cohesiveness. Something that builds the story. Something that makes this more than just random cases they go on that lead nowhere, to no connection, other than that they randomly chose the right puzzle tattoo from Jane's body just in the nick of time to prevent mass casualties. I believe there's a lot of potential, but I need it to feel like a story, not just a case-of-the-week.

**(The Middle, 7x04 Risky Business) Sue's homecoming, after being away at college for like two weeks. I love her enthusiasm and joy. -- Axl: Give me one good reason you can ride that motorcycle and I can't. Mike: It's a dangerous piece of machinery. I have more experience than you. I'm smarter than you and I'm older than you, so I'm closer to death,and apparently you're mom's ok with that. -- Mike [about Rusty and his business ideas]: The monkey finally typed a sentence. -- Oh, poor Sue, living in her car to escape Holly the nightmare roommate. -- Sue: They took my bed so they could make one giant one. I had to sleep in my desk chair and it has wheels. I was always waking up on the other side of the room and that is way more disconcerting than you'd think. -- So...was Brad's "big announcement" to Sue a "coming out"? Because that wasn't any sort of surprise. Ahem. -- The Axl and Rusty story lines did pretty much nothing for me in this episode.

**(Modern Family, 7x04 She Crazy) Three things: 1. Lily has hit a really awkward stage. 2. Lily in the backseat as Phil flew over that speed bump on his way to get to the hatching ducklings made me want to say 'wheeeee!' because it reminded me of being on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 3. The ducklings following Claire around at the end was my favorite part of an otherwise meh episode.

**(The Blacklist, 3x03 Eli Matchett) It makes me laugh that everyone has Ressler pegged on his feelings about Liz, both personally and professionally, yet he carries on like he's fooling them all. -- It is killing me to see Dembe being abused by this Mr Solomon character. C'mon, Red! Hurry up and rescue your friend! -- LOL. Red comes up as Nick's Pizza on everyone's cell phones. But did Glen seriously hang up on a Red?? Guessing not too many get away with *that* maneuver. -- Red: My associate prefers to steal cars made before the advent of GPS. -- Red: This is life, Lizzie. Someone is always one step behind. -- Two things I love about Red: he tells the best stories, and when he just comes calling, unannounced, whether it's waiting quietly in a chair or just strolling through someone's backyard. He's always so charming about it, and yet it's very clear he means business. -- Red: Sit down, Susan. Let's not make a scene in front of the boy. -- Red: At the risk of sounding immodest, I'm on their Most Wanted list. Number one, with a bullet. -- Cooper [sitting down across from Tom at the Chinese restaurant]: What would you do to help Elizabeth Keene? ... For something that did not come as a surprise, it sure was a shocker. And no, I cannot explain that contradiction. -- Liz is too squirrely. She's making rash decisions, and none of them are good. If she gets caught before she can clear her name, it's going to be her own fault. -- I found this episode a little confusing at times. The premise became more clear, but they kept referring to all the members of that group of farmers and Verdiant by name, and half the time, I didn't know who the actual character was. -- Uh, was that Paul Reubens (I had to look up his character name: Mr Vargas) that was tossed in with Dembe to show him "the price of silence"?? -- I'm a little confused how Eli Matchett was "No. 72" on The Blacklist. I thought Red made this list of the "worst of the worst" long before he turned himself in to the FBI? If so, how did Matchett, some random farmer with a grudge, end up on it?

**(Blue Bloods, 6x03 All the News That’s Fit to Click) It always amuses me when Frank has a spat with Garrett. They are such work spouses. -- I understand Linda's distress over Danny getting hurt, but she has *got* to pull herself together. -- Well, that ride along was predictable. The second Jamie and Eddie told that reporter he had to stay in the car, because it was a shooting situation, I told T something was going to happen to that guy. But my biggest question was how did he get out of the backseat of the cruiser when they first pulled up to the scene?? I thought those doors could only be opened from the outside?! -- Hmph, he was obviously just being difficult, but my retort to his not being able to answer the detectives' questions would have been something like "some reporter, remembering nothing!" -- Watching their interactions, especially the ones between Danny and Erin, but not *just* them, I have come to the conclusion that it must be hellish, working with most of your family. -- ::tires screeching:: Frank knew that guy from the school was there to offer Garrett a job?? -- I have issues/ I know it was a set-up to get a dangerous man off the streets, but I felt bad for him, when he pulled up all excited about winning Mets tickets and then realized there were none. -- Ahem. Things sure got schmaltzy at the end between Frank and Garrett. Ha.

**(Last Man Standing, 5x04 Educating Boyd) Ryan: Hey! My ukulele! Mike: Why don't you give me some Jimi Hendrix? Ryan: Oh, I never learned to play. Mike: I meant light it on fire. -- Vanessa sure is cynical about her brand new teaching job. -- To be honest, I think "Basement Mandy" is actually way more cute than regular Mandy. -- So, let me get this straight: We're going to home school Boyd and maybe it's going to be Ryan and maybe Vanessa's going to quit her job to do it what now?? -- Ryan: I would never give up on Boyd. ... Uhhh, check you show history there, Ryan, because you already did when you ran away before his birth. -- Mike: Ryan's easy to criticize and it's actually rather fun. -- I love folding towels and I am very precise about it. Vanessa's towel folding made me want to *scream*. -- Vanessa: I should apologize to Ryan. Mike: I don't think that's necessary. That's a bad precedent to set.

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