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This Week on My TV: November 15, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Madam SecretaryS1E5 "Blame Canada"Canadian Ambassador Lester Clark: What do I get out of this, Madam Secretary, if I release the boats? Elizabeth: You get to not find yourself on the business end of a midnight phone call with President Dalton about salmon. -- I see no problem with Henry being named arm candy. His being easy on the eyes is greatly enhanced by his loyalty, intelligence and high moral standards. -- Jackson is a jerk. Read a thousand page environmental report on the pipeline for Canada within 24 hours, while also attempting to avoid potential nuclear war with Iran and "sometimes you have to walk *and* chew gum," he says? -- Elizabeth: Have you read this? Nadine: No one has, ma'am. Except the people who wrote it. -- It's pretty crazy to watch what someone with morals and principles could do to the wheels of politics. -- Whoa. That scene in the bar of the restaurant with a drunken, out of line soldier trying to redress "Mr Arm Candy of Madam Secretary of State" showed a tougher, stronger side of Henry and his time in the military. -- Interesting how the second someone in Washington isn't doing exactly what someone else wants them to, they are suddenly "not doing their job." -- Holy crap. Elizabeth is having Nadine confidentially investigated?? Likely as a result of her romantic involvement with deceased form Secretary of State Marsh, and what appear to be his shady agendas, but still.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E6 "The Call"Nothing like a long stressful day at work, hoping to go home and climb into bed, and then get guilt-tripped by mass genocide in the Republic of West Africa by a former professor of your husband's who just happens to be sitting at your dining room table. -- I pretty much fell in tv-love with Hank when Elizabeth went off the scripted speech in her first major address and started talking about the situation in West Africa, and Henry started pointing excitedly at his television saying "*That's* my wife. *That's* MY wife!" -- I think I would weep if I were summoned from my bed and my pajamas to go back to work as often Elizabeth is. -- Elizabeth: Nadine, I came to tell you I had you investigated. Nadine: I figured as much. Lately when I see Blake, he shakes like a chihuaua who just peed on the carpet. ... Nadine handled that much better than I expected her to.

**(The Good WifeS6E8 "Red Zone"I knew as soon as I saw Owen in Alicia's office that he wanted something. -- I don't envy Cary being in this situation, but I bet it makes him a better attorney in the long run, if he allows it. How it actually feels to be accused. How it feels to be deposed. -- I can't figure out if Kalinda actually has feelings for anyone she is bedding or if she just uses them all for her own gain, Cary included. -- Alicia's face when Canning stopped his address to the judge to suck in some oxygen. Louis Canning is a piece of work. -- I wonder how many times I will inform my husband how much I like Finn Polmar? By the way, I really really do. -- Did Kalinda really tell Cary they aren't "going steady"? Do people even say that anymore? -- I'm not sure I could withstand a panel of people sharing their opinions about me. Not without about a decade's worth of therapy. -- Kalinda is making a powerful enemy in Bishop.

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E3 "And the Childhood Not Included"Max [about Oleg speaking rapidly into the phone in Ukranian]: Did Oleg take Liam Neeson's daughter? -- Caroline: What's the Ukranian word for monogamy? Oleg: There isn't one. You're either ugly or sleeping with everybody. -- Caroline's hair looks much better with this new cut and style. -- I really should count how many times I say "ewww" during this show. -- Where did Max and Caroline get all these new clothes they're wearing this season?

**(Chicago FireS3E2 "Wow Me"Casey told Severide he was welcome to stay "as long as he needs." That's an open invitation to never leave. -- Hmmm. Something up with Baby Boden that has a doctor concerned? Even if the doctor is saying it's just standard procedure given Donna's age and medical history, it feels foreboding. -- I'm not sure who was more surprised by that shiny diamond waiting at the top of those stairs: Dawson or me. -- Uh, what was up with that stack of cash in Brett's rental? Secret trust fund kid who actually owns the place and doesn't actually have to work? -- Awkward: Having to cut off one of your firehouse co-workers who happens to be trashed at your bar and getting a bit too familiar with the new girl who bears a vague resemblance to Shay. -- I suppose I'm supposed to feel bad for the still grieving Severide, clearly trying to drown his feelings in booze, but mostly I wonder how many addictions one person can have and still continue to be a fire fighter. -- Is this Mills blackout that can't be attributed to equipment malfunction going to force him to have contact with his father's family in order to uncover some kind of medical mystery? -- I'm already pretty tired of Welsh or Welch or whatever that guy's name is from the Austin house.

**(The BlacklistS2E8 "The Decembrist"Well, know we know a) where Tom's body went and b) how Liz ended up with him. -- Um, how does Tom know to call Mr Kaplan to clean up a mess? -- I love the way they tied in older episodes, like the Stewmaker and why Red took that photo from the "trophy album." -- What is this group Fitch kept referencing being part of? And why would Red need to be worried about them? -- It was awkward and a bit sad to watch Berlin trying to reconnect with his daughter in any way. -- How badly do you suppose that bomb defuser wanted to tell Fitch "shut up shut up SHUT UP!!" after warning Fitch that the simple vibration of his vocal cords could set off the bomb and yet Fitch just kept talking and talking. -- That was mighty gross when Fitch blew up. -- They do such an interesting job of blurring lines on this show. The good guys have secrets, the bad guys still manage to have sympathetic moments. They make morals so grey, leave the viewer wondering where they stand, what they would do. -- Red: When you love someone, you have no control. That's what love is. Being powerless. ... Red tells Lizzie so much about himself, between the lines. -- Red passes Tom an envelope and tells him to stay away from Liz. Tom replies with "You know, for what it's worth, I spent four months on that ship, chained up, and I never told her about us. Not one word." What?? WHAT?! What us? What is there to tell? What connection does Tom have to Red? Did Red send Tom to be with Liz? Is Tom some kind of double agent for both Berlin and Red? What does Tom know about Red and what Red wants from Liz? HOW DO I WAIT UNTIL FEBRUARY FOR SOME KIND OF ANSWER?! -- I want to know what's in that safe Fitch so urgently told Red about right before the bomb went off. -- If anyone needs me, I'll just be over here, trying to figure out what I just saw. UNTIL FEBRUARY.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E7 "Passage"I love that when Elizabeth asked for a drumroll, Blake had one ready to go on his iPad. -- How often are Daisy and Matt are going to have the "we're not a thing anymore...except for last week"conversation? And no, I don't think her engagement will change a thing. -- That look on Jason's face when the earthquake hit was pretty much the one I had earlier this year, when I experienced my first (and only) quake. -- Daisy: So I should tell the Secretary, right? Matt: And be the woman who told her boss about the other woman? That makes you the other other woman. That's the worst woman of all. That woman's so bad, she's not even in a country song. -- Ouch. That conversation Elizabeth had with Matt about his commitment and passion to his job. -- I like that Elizabeth is less concerned with spin to make herself look better than in actual action to make herself look better. -- I liked the way Elizabeth put Daisy in her place about falling prey to rumors about the McCord family and the admonishment that she knows about Daisy's "thing" with Matt and doesn't appreciate being used as a smokescreen for Daisy's guilt. -- What on earth kind of NSA mission is so Top Secret that the Secretary of State can't know about it? -- Elizabeth: If you enjoy your privacy as much as you claim, then please respect ours. Besides, Stevie, if I really thought your dad was really cheating, do you think he'd still be breathing, let alone living here? -- Elizabeth [when Stevie protests being grounded for underage drinking]: Guess that's why most adults don't live with their parents. -- I am so pleasantly surprised by this show. It's so much better than I expected it to be.

**(Chicago FireS3E3 "Just Drive the Truck"Dilemma: Boden will turn his head to Dawson and Casey's personal life, if they can keep personal and professional separate, in order to get Dawson on a truck for House 51, since the rule only states they can't be married. Except...there is that pesky engagement ring. -- Even knowing, from the previews, that the two fire trucks were going to collide, I still flinched and gasped when it happened. -- I do feel bad for Cruz...but it's this cursed fire house. Every time you get your life back together, it falls apart again. No one in that place is allowed to be happy. And when it goes wrong, it *all* goes wrong. Anyway, I kinda wanted to hug Cruz. Seems like someone should have. -- Why did it take so long for someone to start asking more questions about Mills continually passing out? -- Is someone always either a) addicted to something, b) at the mercy of a possible career-ending injury, c) contemplating taking their life, d) in some kind of legal trouble, or e) dead? -- That was a moving moment when Mills met his dying grandfather. -- Convenient swap: Dawson to truck, Mills to paramedic.

**(The MiddleS6E6 "The Sinkhole"I'm impressed that Sue saves every Spudsy paycheck for college. -- LOL: Mike's face when the sink fell. -- Finding out I was short a P.E. credit to graduate,like Sue was informed? I would have wept. Especially with a not very encouraging guidance counselor "helping" me. -- Axl: Wait, why were you even near Dad's lawnmower? Brick: I was going to impress Cindy by driving it past her house. -- Gym Teacher: As long as you're coordinated it should be no problem. ... Ha. HA. I identify so well with the expression on Sue's face. No one would *ever* confuse me with being coordinated. -- Mike [to Sue, who is freaking out over not graduating without that last P.E. credit]: College or not, let me know! It will decide if I use copper or duct tape down here. -- Frankie: Well, where did you have it last? Mike: The is the world's stupidest question. If I knew, I'd have it! ... Yes. YES! -- Where the heck is Darrin? I feel like we should see him at least in passing a little more regularly since he's dating Sue.

**(Person of InterestS4E7 "Honor Among Thieves") Reese: It would be a shame if I had to slap the cuffs on you. Shaw: It would be a shame for you if you tried. -- This episode, with the assumption that Samaritan was allowing "a tablet for every student" in order to brainwash them into being good little Samaritan minions made meneye my iPad with mild suspicion. -- They've been laying it on a little thick between Root and Shaw lately. I don't need romance on this show. -- *Finally* someone asked "who are you talking to?" as our group of number savers walk around "talking to no one." -- Holy crap! Samaritan flagged Root impersonating someone else by way of gait mismatch?? That is both amazing and terrifying. -- Excellent food for thought. ... Finch: How much wrong are we willing to do in the name of right? -- Ack!! Has Shaw been compromised now??

**(Modern FamilyS6E7 "Queer Eyes, Full Hearts") Gloria [to Manny after he said Spanish wasn't appealing to his ear]: What could be more natural than your mother's tongue in your ear? ... I love when Gloria says something that comes out not as she intended. -- ::snort:: Phil called a distracted, overtired Alex a "human Roomba." -- LOL: Mitchell fixing Lily's baby doll that won't stop crying by whack it against things. -- LOL: Andy feels like calling himself a "manny" is too confusing since there is a Manny already in the Pritchett family, so he's trying out"bro-pair." -- Phil gets the best romantic lines. ... Phil: Sometimes a boy might be a good distraction. I remember a certain young lady was pretty addicted to Ms Pac Man until a dashing young gent caught her eye. Claire: Only because you were wearing a feather earring. Phil: It wasn't a feather. It was a dream catcher. And it worked. -- Jay [to Manny]: You know, it's too bad you don't spend as much time on your Spanish homework as you do online, finding passive aggressive ways to use my hobbies against me. -- Andy has the best curses, like, "mother nature!" -- I am enjoying how they keep trying to sell Haley short and she keeps surprising them.-- Jay [in Spanish, after rehiring Manny's Spanish tutor for himself]: I just want to say I love you in every language you know. -- ::snort:: Haley's wide eyes *do* make her look like a cartoon lamb!

**(Chicago FireS3E4 "Apologies Are Dangerous") If Casey and Dawson have been keeping their engagement a secret all this time, how is she just now having a difficult time getting her ring off? Hasn't she been wearing it at home and taking it off before work since Casey proposed? -- I realized they mostly do head shots of Boden, so I didn't notice what a large man he really is. -- I wonder what the actual number is of people who get crushed, because it sure seems like House 51 gets a lot of these calls. -- I bet there is a lot of weirdness for Dawson and Mills swapping places on emergency calls. -- How long is Brett going to be around? I feel like they're deciding whether or not to write her out. -- I'm tired of being reminded of all Hermann's failed business ventures. It makes me sad for him, every time he deflates. Thank God for Molly's success. -- That was a nice moment at the end between Severide and the girl he saved on the subway, when she said she could feel Shay just by knowing Severide and the effect she had on him.

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E9 "The Septum Deviation"LOL: Leonard calling Sheldon the albino boogeyman, when he wakes up to find Sheldon staring at him while he sleeps. -- Thank God I didn't have Sheldon around to give me death statistics before my surgery. -- Sheldon: What about epilepsy? Leonard: I don't have epilepsy. Sheldon: No, but the surgeon might. -- Leonard: Buddy, I get that you're worried about me and I appreciate that, but I'm not going to die. Sheldon: You don't know that. Leonard: Well, I do know that it's won't be from an asteroid strike. Sheldon: You know who else said that? Every cocky t-rex currently swimming around in the gas tank of your car. Leonard: If there was an asteroid strike, wouldn't you die too? Sheldon: I don't know. I'm smart and scrappy. I think I'd find a way. -- Sheldon: You're acting odd. Why? Amy: I'm odd all the time. Everyone knows that. -- It says a lot that Sheldon is insisting Amy bring him to Leonard. who is having surgery to correct a deviated septum, given how Sheldon feels about being in a hospital. -- Sheldon: I assume this medical center has already treated the burns on your bottom from the recent pants fire. Penny: Because I'm a liar liar? Sheldon: That's for the fire marshal to determine. -- Well, *I* thought all of Bernadette's muffin jokes were hilarious. -- All week, I saw previews for Sheldon running to "save" Leonard after the earthquake hit during his surgery and going face first into a glass door, and I still died laughing when it happened. -- Howard admits to being in couples therapy but won't say with whom. I love that Bernadette thinks, like I did, that it was with his mother. Turns out it was Raj. Well played. -- LOL: Leonard and Sheldon talking with stuffed up busted noses.

**(MomS2E3 "Chicken Nuggets and a Triple Homicide"This would have been a great Halloween episode, what with the new huge house Christy got for super cheap because an entire family had been murdered there. -- My Lord, Violet must have really wanted to prove a point if she stayed in that dismal, infested tenement, rather than come back to Marjorie's. -- Baxter asked Christy if she would think less of him if he left, after hearing the history of the house, and she said yes. I want to know, based on what we know of him, how on earth it is *possible* to think less of him. -- I totally called it! Marjorie went to the house, dressed as "The Fisherman," to freak them out so they'd come back to live with her.

**(Chicago FireS3E5 "The Nuclear Option"Yeah, that's who I want racing to my rescue: the guy with the hangover. -- That was actually a pretty cool scene with Cruz rescuing the guy from the balcony. -- I realize Boden is less than thrilled that Casey had Dawson with him to vent the roof, but Casey was a really calm and collected teacher and Lieutenant when they were repelling down the side of the building and Dawson got some cable caught in her pulley. -- With everyone using last names so much on this show, I realized that I'm not sure I know anyone's first names. -- Who walks into their home when it's clearly been broken into when you don't know if those responsible are, oh, I don't know, still inside?! -- I'm not sure what kind of person says to a paramedic "if you walk out that door, I'm not going to be there when you get back," as the alarm in the firehouse is shrieking and the dispatcher is calling the ambulance to service. What's Brett supposed to do? Ignore the emergency in favor of her personal life? -- I did *not* expect that elevator to drop when Hermann shimmied into it to make a rescue. Thank God he was ok. It would be just like this show to create another disaster for one of the house members.

**(A to ZS1E7 "G is for Geronimo"Loved the theme of playing out "what if" for Zelda (and to lesser degrees, Stu and Big Bird). Loved that Zelda and Andrew shared their music libraries. Loved that Andrew gave Zelda the opportunity to stop wondering "what if." Loved that she decided to do it, but then realized that even if her audition failed, she still had an awesome life and no regrets, because it meant she found Andrew. LOVED that Cristin Milioti sang in the episode. -- I really liked Cristin as Tracy McConnell on How I Met Your Mother, and I really like her as Zelda on this show, which makes me wonder if she's just really adorable and likable in real life. I bet she is.

**(Last Man StandingS4E8 "Risky Behavior") LOL: Kyle avoids a particular road because he's afraid he'll have to pay a troll, and Mandy is relieved that Kyle only got a concussion when he crashed his motorcycle because he could have ended up a paralegal. Which leads to a scary thought: What if they ever have a child? Is it doomed? -- Ed's girlfriend is pregnant?? -- I like that Mandy so genuinely cares about Kyle. -- Mike [in his Outdoorman vlog]: Anything good or bad, taken to extreme, is bad.

**(Chicago FireS3E6 "Madmen and Fools"I  knew something was up when the mother of that little boy didn't want to have him brought to the hospital. I didn't really appreciate the attitude she gave Brett and Severide, when they showed up at her apartment to doublecheck the story she gave them, after seeking out their help to get her son back from child services. You'd think she'd be willing to prove her worthiness, instead of acting insulted. -- Holy *bleep* was pretty much the only reaction to have to a call that involved a meth addict with a tuning fork sticking out of his eye, and another guy with a corndog shoved down his throat. -- What the *heck* is Newhouse involved in, with his side business?? I figured it wouldn't be long until someone showed up to take out a little vengeance on him. I still startled, big time, when that guy popped out of nowhere to thwack him with that tire iron.  -- Newhouse: Mad man and fools are in the game for thrills, but wise men are all about the money. -- With Clarke gone, I think Cruz is my favorite character on this show. It took me a long time to get any sort of attachment to this show in any way. I'm thinking I kind of like Brett too. She's a bit of a fireball.

**(Chicago FireS3E7 "Nobody Touches Anything"Cruz: It's Dominican sausage and peppers. Dawson: Dude. If you keep calling your cooking Domican, I'm going to have to kick your ass on behalf of an entire country. -- What the what? Severide married that chick he found in Vegas?? So, what is this Brittany's big secret? Because she clearly has one, as evidenced by the way she was staring into space when Severide starting talking about family. -- LOL: The look on Cruz's face when he saw Brett in the back row of the Zumba class he teaches. -- If Mills keeps standing by cars for Newhouse, he's going to wind up dead. -- Severide's taking the "how long is this marriage really gonna last" pool exceptionally well. -- I was all "ohhhh, save the guy's photos from the fire." I didn't expect it to be evidence in an SVU case. -- House 51 has a lot of issues, but they definitely know how to take care of their own. I knew they were going to come up with $1500 for Newhouse to make sure Naomi got to take her trip.

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E7 "Chicago Crossover"What a creepy twisted case. It's so difficult to watch shows on these kinds of topics, involving kids, especially. -- I immediately got a feeling the security guard at the youth center was bad news. -- Some part of me felt really bad for Teddy, when he told Jocelyn that it was better for her that it was him than someone else, which was probably true. -- I can't imagine how truly helpless law enforcement must feel when they can see such a horrible crime unfolding before them online and not know whether they can work fast enough to find the location and stop it.


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This Week on My TV: November 8, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good WifeS6E7 "Message Discipline") The judge on Cary's case is what one might call cantankerous. -- Alicia: That's a bit unsubtle isn't it? Eli: Alicia, you're not writing a poem. You're practicing politics. -- I love that Finn is so conflicted. He has to do his best to take down Cary, because he is ASA and answers to Castro...but he likes Alicia and wants to be her friend. -- Alicia: Anything else? Am I ready? Johnny Elfman: For now. Alicia: You're a bundle of optimism. -- Eli's eyebrows are a separate character unto themselves. Displeasure with Ramona's plan to quash Diane subpeonaing Peter. Prissy when Peter indicated he thought she was pretty good at being his attorney. Horror at how badly Alicia's interview was going with Frank Prady. -- Speaking of Frank Prady: DAVID HYDE PIERCE!! -- Elfman: We all do the same research, we all find the same dirt. -- Finn resigned from the State's Attorney's office?! Things. Just. Got. Interesting. -- Sure, Trey and his sister died in a car "accident" right after Trey agreed to turn on Bishop and help Cary's case.

**(Blue BloodsS5E5 "Loose Lips"Henry can't find his bow tie for tonight's event? How many possible places could something like that be? And does he think he's too old to follow the "rule" of putting things where they belong so you can find them when you need them? -- Baez [about Jamie]: He give you anything? Danny: Yeah, stubborn attitude. Baez: From a Reagan? I'm shocked. -- Frank [to Gromand]: You're listening to me, Sergeant, but not hearing me. Fix that. -- Perfect characterization of the difference between today's youth and when I was in high school: Kids now can't see the difference between venting in a private journal and on social media, where anyone can see it. Equally so, people Henry's age spout off, forgetting that everyone has a phone now and can record every word of a private conversation and make it public. -- If looks could kill, I'm pretty sure Frank would have put Garrett in the ground somewhere around triple digits at this point in the overall show. -- It takes a special level of stupid to take a swing at a cop. There is no situation that will improve.

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E4 "The Apprentice"I loved the opening scene with the Sorcerer's Apprentice, even though the CGI was, well, laughable. And the broom in the opening title graphic! -- Hook [after Emma asks him on a date]: Shouldn't *I* be asking *you* out? Emma: I should've known you'd be old fashioned, given your age. What are you, like, 300?... But seriously. The rest of that exchange, I think sparks may have shot off my television screen. ::fans self:: -- Gold [when Hook proposes a deal to get back his hand that Gold's kept sealed up in a jar]: I see blackmail brings out the romantic in you. -- Emma: Ok, Killian, we should get out of here, before David decides to give you his overprotective dad speech. Hook: Well, you can spare yourself the trouble, mate. I can assure you, your daughter couldn't be in better hands. David: That's exactly what worries me. Especially now that you have two of them. ... Related: I am somewhat surprised to discover this, but I kind of like the name Killian. -- David [as Snow gushes and wants to hear all about Emma's date]: Just for the record, some of us don't want to hear everything. -- The Sorcerer's Apprentice was turned into a mouse! ::falls on the floor, laughing:: -- I cannot believe they found a way to work the broom into the story. -- So, now, Hook and Gold are in a blackmail standoff. -- Hee! Will Scarlett was clutching "Alice in Wonderland" when he was passed out in the library! -- Wait. The Ice Queen lady isn't in Storybrooke as the result of the Curse(s)? So how did *she* get there?

**(The BlacklistS2E7 "The Scimitar"D'oh. Samar just picked up some guy in a bar in Dubai and then we saw him fall out his hotel window. Oops? (Probably not so much an accident.) -- Liz [after hearing Red tell the story of the guy who fell out his hotel window to his death]: I don't get it. Red: I imagine Agent Navabi does. ... Is there *anything* Red fails to find out about?? -- Lizzie, you are clearly not fooling Red. He even suspects Tom is still alive and playing the role of your mysterious informant. I love the way Red just watches Liz when they're in the car together, talking about Tom. -- Liz walks like a man. Can't she be purposeful, strong, successful, and still feminine? That always bothers me about strong female leads. -- I was worried the "accident" was going to spell bad news for Ressler's addiction to pain meds. I'm now hopeful, maybe he's past it. -- WTH: That mock hospital, what?? Did the bad guys just have that ready to go? Right down to putting pins in Lizzie's arm to make her believe it was broken? -- Red [to Zoe, when she asked if he has a relationship with his daughter]: It's complicated. ... Understatement of the century? -- WTH: Red just drugs Zoe after building a rapport with her? That feels a bit random, though with Red it never is. -- Liz [to the "nurse" at the "hospital"]: You tell me what's in this syringe or I stick it in you and find out for myself. -- Samar is smart. She knew the best way to save Ressler and Liz was to hang up on Cooper and call Red. -- LOL: Red with the golf clubs. I love how amused and nonchalant he appears, even when you know he is anything but. -- I can't believe that agent just opened the door without even checking to see who was on the other side. *I* could say "FBI" but that doesn't make it so. They are always far too trusting and it makes them fools. -- Red [to The Scimitar, who arrives at that other guy's house, and finds Red waiting for him]: All this running around. I'm so relieved when people I'm chasing come to *me*. -- "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Red says to Samar, as he leaves her with the man who killed her brother. Ha. HAAAAA, I say. -- Tom is being a real jerk, for someone who is completely at Liz's mercy. -- Red [to Berlin]: There's not much left I truly cherish in this world, but I swear, on those few things I still hold dear, I did *not* kill your daughter. ... Such a powerful and heartbreaking statement. -- So. Zoe is not Jennifer. Zoe is the daughter Berlin thinks Red killed. Ho. Lee. Crap.

**(Last Man StandingS4E6 "Mike Advises Mandy"Mandy's not paying taxes on her business, because of course she isn't. But I love that she thinks Mike will "get it." -- Mike: It's called branding. Bad for a cow but great for a small business. -- Kinda scary that Mandy is smarter than Ed...ever. -- I do love that Mandy is finding some success with her fashion business. If they aren't going to give her book smarts, then she should have some place she can excel. -- If Kristin and Ryan make me angry, and Kyle and his grandma stories skeeve me out, Bud simply does absolutely nothing for me. -- Mike's vlogs are almost always offer up some real gems. ... Mike: If the person doesn't really need help, you're cheating them out of the pride they'll feel when they succeed on their own.

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E2 "And the DJ Face"I'm not sure I like Christopher Ewing from Dallas playing a somewhat simpleminded booty call for Max. -- LOL: Sophie trying to determine whether or not to give Oleg another shot by asking the Ouija board. -- Did Caroline know no one but snotty whiny rich girls before her fall from wealth? -- Sophie: Caroline, we already have the Ouija board. We don't need another thing that's flat and wrong all the time. -- I admit to laughing as Sophie ran away, freaking out over the fact that the Ouija board apparently knew Oleg's real first name.

**(A to ZS1E5 "E Is for Ectoplasm"Mildly alarming that when Andrew "high-fived" Zelda against his cubicle window, the whole thing shook. I wonder if that was supposed to happen or if they just went with it? -- LOVED Zelda and Stephie's Laverne and Shirley costumes! -- Zelda absolutely looks like an attorney. Stephie? Not so much. -- OMG with Stu and Stephie's sulking over Andrew and Zelda planning a Halloween party together. -- That revamped zombie version of the e-vite Stu and Stephie made when Andrew and Zelda asked them to co-host the party, with Stu and Stephie literally biting off Andrew and Zelda's heads, was disturbing. -- The lightning at the Wallflower Halloween mixer was very difficult to watch on television. -- LOL: VIP room, nerd jail.

**(Person of InterestS4E6 "Pretenders") I found the opening scene of this episode very confusing. Sometimes all the identities the group needs to take on to save a number becomes difficult to sort out. -- Shaw: Oh, but some guy named Banks Van Hess did text Abel. A lot. Reese: About what a stupid name Banks is? -- LOL: Walter trying to punch Reese and Reese ducking out of the way like it's second nature. -- It was weirdly uncomfortable when Shaw called the dog "Sexy." -- Harold showed he has game, charming Beth Bridges. -- Walter's calling Reese a super hero and looking at him adoringly was endearing. -- Walter [to Reese]: How do you do that with your voice? -- Elias: Personally, I don't care much for the illegal gun trade, but someone has to keep it under control. Otherwise, the city turns into Chicago. Chicago is a mess, John. It's like a damn Tarantino movie out there. -- ::snort:: Shaw calling Reese a baby when he acknowledged getting shot. -- If I didn't see Elias' involvement coming, it was an epic shock that Dominic  is also The Armorer. And now Elias and Dominic are going to be facing off for sure. -- This episode was full of shockers that probably shouldn't have been:  Elias being involved in this crazy gun deal that got Abel killed. Dominic being the fabled Armor. Harold setting up Elizabeth Bridges. Bridges being associated with Decima, Samaritan, and Greer.

**(About a BoyS2E3 "About a Will-O-Ween"Past Halloween trauma for Marcus? Of course there was. -- Marcus: Mom hasn't had sugar in twelve years. Will: That isn't all she hasn't had in twelve years, Marcus. -- When Fiona was out on the porch, handing "affirmation stones, instead of candy, to the trick-or-treaters, all I could think of was Charlie Brown saying "I got a rock" on "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." -- LOL: Andy and Laurie dressed up as pea pods, with their family of peas. -- I was kinda sad about the Sam call to Will, but then I kinda loved Fiona flirting with Sherlock Holmes, tempered with laughing hysterically at Marcus freaking out in that photo booth. Too many conflicting feelings!-- Where ever Will took Marcus trick or treating in San Francisco gave out LAME candy. I'm sure it was based on advertising/product placement/blah blah blah, but still. LAME.

**(ScandalS4E6 "An Innocent Man"I'm very relieved Liv's dream wasn't a flashback. It would have really disturbed me if she had been treating Jake like that. -- Score one for Mellie, asking Fitz if he needs to have some fried chicken sent up, as he soaks his hand after the beating he gave Jake. -- Was Cooper supposed to be Reagan-esque? -- Cyrus is being completely bamboozled by Lizzie who is exploiting his grief and loneliness. I know Cy has been horrible at times, but this is despicable. -- Fitz may call Abby a *itch, but I can think of some unflattering words to describe him. Good thing he isn't on my ballot, because there is zero chance I would be filling in that bubble with my pencil. -- Mr. Carnahan [quoting Olivia Pope back to herself]: The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a while, but it's not going to go away. -- I approve of Cyrus saying "wicked smart." -- The conversation Jake had with Olivia just about broke my heart. No, Jake. No, it is is *not* ok if she doesn't pick you. -- I can't figure out if I loved or hated what Bitsy has done to influence Mellie. -- I never saw it coming that Carnahan actually did attempt to assassinate former President Cooper and just wants credit. Any attention is better than no attention? -- David's reaction to beating Liv in the courtroom was completely ungracious but kinda hilarious, probably because it was so out of character for him. -- David: That is why our judicial system isn't based on looking into people's eyes. -- Fitz is pathetic. I seriously hope Liv was just saying what she needed to say in order to save Jake and doesn't actually mean there is hope for the two of them. -- Ha. Abby just busted Cy on his little rendezvous. -- It makes me so happy that Huck has found a way to interact with his son. -- Whoa. WHOA. Who is hunting Liv and why?? -- That final scene. Save both of them? Both of who? Jake and...who?!

**(Blue BloodsS5E6 "Most Wanted"Gormley's replacement in charge of Danny's squad, Lt. Carver,  didn't exactly make an effort to get off on the right foot with him. -- It's amusing and somehow fitting that the woman who played The Wicked Witch of the West, Zelena, on Once Upon a Time, shows up as Tori Parsons, lawyer to an international Russia mob criminal with a violent temper. -- Danny: I smell Dad. Jamie: No, this is me telling you I got this covered. Danny: No, this is dad. I can smell the bay, rum and cigars comin' outta your pores. -- Erin auditioning private law firms so she can pay for the colleges Nikki is applying to. Except there's no way she's selling out, for any number of zeros, to defend the criminals. That would be too un-Reagan-like.-- I actually don't think there's anything wrong with Nikki having some student loan debt when she graduates. It didn't hurt me any. But I'm not sure why Erin is so hesitant to consider Nikki's plan to accept going to Columbia while living with one of her friends off campus. It's not like Columbia is a terrible school, by any means, and it should show Erin that she's raised a daughter capable of making responsible decisions.

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E8 "The Prom Equivalency") Penny: That's my prom dress. Bernadette: Wow you still have it? I just assumed it was balled up in the corner of a barn somewhere. -- Awww! I know we already know that Leonard loves Penny, but he said some pretty sweet and romantic things to her in this episode. -- Leonard [tying Sheldon's real bow tie for him]: You know, if you're not going to learn how to do this, they make some pretty good clip ons. Sheldon: Bruce Wayne doesn't wear a clip on. Leonard: Bruce Wayne doesn't make his roommate tie it for him. Sheldon: His name is Alfred, and yes, he does. -- Emily sure has a dark side. In an earlier episode, we learned that horror movies turn her on. Now, she admits to liking Sally (from "Nightmare Before Christmas") because she has lots of scars and her limbs were sewn on. -- Sheldon: I'm not blind. Even I looked twice when I saw my posterior in these tuxedo pants. -- I thought the group's idea to have a prom was really sweet and a fun idea. -- SHELDON TOLD AMY HE LOVES HER!! That is huge. HUGE. And without her saying it first. Of course, then he followed it with "I briefly considered I had a brain parasite," but that's Sheldon and we all know what we're getting there.

**(About a BoyS2E4 "About a Bag Girl"Princi-Pal. ::groan:: Even *I* wasn't that goody-goody in school, Marcus. -- Will [when Marcus asks whether he should wear his beanie to impress Shea]: Beanie off, always off. ... Yes. PLEASE. -- It was pretty adorable (and relieving) to see Marcus forming a crush on girl. And I really enjoyed how Will handled it. Even, dare I say, making a couple of responsible, un-Will-like calls on it!

**(MomS2E2 "Figgy Pudding and the Rapture"Trying to decide how I feel about the direction of this show, with them being homeless. -- LOL: Bonnie's face when Violet drank the raw fish smoothie Marjorie made for her cats. -- The new girl at AA, Jill, who Christy is mentoring, is scary. -- I really just want to hug Violet. She may be a class A brat, but her life hasn't been a whole lot of fun.

**(Last Man StandingS4E7 "Big Shots"Mike: What do you mean, he's coming down with something? What's he doing in the house? Ryan: What's the matter, Mike? You afraid of a little boy? Mike: This from the guy who took one look at him and left for three years? -- Mike: You can't mess with German measles. It literally starts with an iich, the next day you lose Poland. -- Mike: What are we doing? Boyd: Puzzle of America. Where does New York go? Mike: After 60, it goes to Florida. -- I'm shocked that, so far this season, I'm liking Mandy much better than Eve. Mandy may not be getting smarter (or fixing her hair), but she's softening a little and she works hard at her business venture. Eve is just becoming an insufferable little snot. -- I was getting seriously disturbed that I almost had a twinge of like for Ryan...and then he got himself vaccinated and whined like a baby. (Even if that was possibly joking, I am just happy to find a reason to be annoyed by him again, and all is right in the world.) -- LOL: Mike painted the new Colorado puzzle piece he made for Boyd, after Muffin chewed the old one, red instead of blue. Classic Mike. -- After Mike briefly encouraged Ryan to reconsider vaccinating Boyd behind Kristin's back if he wanted to preserve their pending marriage (oh, now I have that taste in *my* mouth!) for the sake of his daughter's happiness, I noticed Mike was wearing a blue shirt. I wonder if that was coincidence or by design? Mike's not much about the blue in anything.

**(A to ZS1E6 "F is for Fight, Fight, Fight!"Just realized that the opening monologue by Katey Sagal is actually counting down how much time Andrew and Zelda's relationship has left, before...something happens (and hopefully, by some miracle, that "something" isn't the end of this show). -- Zelda [on the phone in her office, to Andrew who is dancing in his cubicle]: You know I can see you right now, right? -- Stephie taking on the qualities of someone she likes to seem more compatible. I can't decide if this is trite or not. -- Lora: Women say they want sweet and sensitive, but they click on guys with abs and gelled hair. -- Howard, Big Bird, Stephie, and the IT gang still swing and miss most of the time, but Stu ambushing Andrew repeatedly was pretty amusing -- Andrew may have needed to be reminded it was important to listen to Zelda, but Zelda needed to be reminded (by Stephie, no less!) that what she has with Andrew is what people want to find. -- I loved the exchange when Andrew was waiting on Zelda's steps, ready to be a better boyfriend. The whole back-and-forth was perfectly timed and overflowing with chemistry. -- The ending was the first time I recall seeing Zelda look at Andrew like he looks at her.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E6 "And the Abyss Gazes Back"I like that, instead of categorizing his feelings as "pissed off," as we so often do, Crane actually identified what he was really feeling: peeved, disappointed, and hurt, because Katrina kept too many secrets from him, and it didn't matter that she likely kept them because they might jeopardize his role as a Witness, because they were married and that hurts. -- I love that it isn't yoga that makes Crane feel better, but a big glass of beer (ale? this *is* Ichabod, after all). -- What a horrible position for Irving. Henry owns his soul. The only way it can be returned is if Irving swaps it for another soul by taking a life. And it "just so happens" that the man who drove drunk and ended up paralyzing Irving's daughter is also at Tarrytown Psych. -- Henry [to Irving]: Those who fight monsters should see to it that, in the process, they don't become one. -- Abbie [after a remark she made to Crane about Daniel Boone devolves into a classic Crane rant about misconceptions we have about when he was alive]: Much as I would like to debate the variety of rodent hats that existed in your days, can we please refocus? -- I saw it coming from a mile away that Joe Corbin was the Wendigo. -- The Wendigo, by the way, was terrifying and gross. -- Well, now we know why Henry wanted that Pied Piper's instrument, didn't care that it had been broken, and proceeded to grind the bone into powder: He used it to curse Joe Corbin into becoming a Wendigo. -- Ichabod's facial expressions when he has to interact with Hawley are priceless. -- ::snort:: Hawley called Crane "Dances with Wendigos." (Wendigoes?)  -- I wonder if Joe Corbin will become another member of Team Witness. -- I'm intrigued by Ichabod's hope that maybe by not giving up on his son, perhaps he can be saved from the evil of Moloch. It certainly adds a twist that could play out for better or for worse. -- OMG. Henry wanted that crazy ancient poison so he could transform it into a spider that he sent to find its way into Katrina??? ::gag:: That is going to be terrible news for so many reasons, not the least of which was it crawling in her mouth.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E4 "Just Another Normal Day"This made me laugh, though I can't really say why. ... Elizabeth [about some political person or another wanting a global audience for some treaty that was about to go down]: The world? Fourteen guys watch CSPAN. -- The sort of the thing that would pop out of my mouth too: Daisy saying "have fun" as Elizabeth is leaving for a memorial service. -- I had to stifle uproarious laughter (my husband was asleep) at Henry trying to quash Elizabeth and Isabelle whispering snarky comments during George's memorial service. -- I love that Elizabeth and Henry walk holding hands. -- The girl who asked for political asylum, Fu Xinpei, has the exact same iPhone case I do. That is honestly the first time I ever remember seeing a protective phone case of any kind on a tv show. Seems silly to say that, but when I watch tv, I always notice no one seems to use them and it stresses me out, because I am constantly afraid of breaking my phone. -- Ha. A big-haired Senator from Texas. Stereotype well played. Not cool that she is sending messages to Elizabeth by tracking down her daughter, though. Low. -- I like that we're getting to know some of Elizabeth's staff, bit by bit. She has to work so many hours and so closely with these people, it would be nice to care about them as much as about her family. -- This show is finding its footing. It's achieved making me tear up in its fourth episode. Shows that make people feel things area success in my book. -- Whoa. Elizabeth's predecessor, Marsh, was planning to announce that he was throwing his hat in the ring for President...right before he died. And then George suspected that death maybe wasn't an accident...and now he's dead too. Pretty clear Marsh had enemies and that people who get suspicious might be eliminated. -- Henry [when Elizabeth arrives home to discord between her daughter and she looks at him, quizically]: Girls had a fight. Things were said. Feelings were hurt. -- Elizabeth: It's not normal to push your feelings to the margins. The suckers don't stay there.

**(ReignS2E4 "The Lamb and the Slaughter"Some conflict between Mary and Lola was inevitable at some point. Mary's points are valid, though. I would think Lola would have acknowledged what she did and been grateful for the fact that Mary was doing her very best to be gracious, far sooner than she did. -- OMG, Catherine basically climbing into bed with Mary and Francis in their, ummm, marriage bed. Awkward! -- Poor Mary. Barely pregnant with a child she wanted so much, so much fuss made over her against her wishes, thanks to Catherine, and then she miscarries. I wanted to hug her. Does no one hug the Queen? She's a person too! -- They have made Castleroy a far more attractive man since he left Greer. Interesting. -- Narcisse has been given a sympathetic story, regarding how he's had so many wives. If was he says is true. -- I really *really* liked that scene with Greer and Castleroy, when she finally stops acting like an adolescent and grasps what mature, adult love actually means. And that kiss? STEAMY. -- Silly as it seems, I'm liking the creepy, mysterious shadow men and the ghost girls. They add a thrilling, fun element.

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E5 "Breaking Glass"I really want to know the Snow Queen's story. How did she get to be a villain? -- One of my favorite things is when Sidney snarks at Regina. I missed his character while Giancarlo Esposito was off trying to rescue a show that couldn't get out of its own way (Revolution). -- Elsa is very naive. It makes me want to yell at the tv. Shouldn't Emma teach her to be suspicious of anything she encounters in Storybrooke, what with so many people walking around with magic? -- Sidney saying "upon further reflection..." is just the sort of humor that makes me snort with delight. -- I love the costumes they have for Elsa and the Snow Queen. Perfect colors and sparkly. -- I thoroughly enjoy Will Scarlett's character. -- Was the Snow Queen walking around barefoot in her frosty lair? -- So, we've been given a glimpse of what's driving the Snow Queen's anger: she longs for love and a family. She actually has quite a bit in common with Regina. -- STOP RIGHT THERE. The Snow Queen was one of Emma's foster parents at some point, what??? -- I'm not sure I saw the point in the flashbacks to Emma's childhood. It felt like filler to drive home a point the viewer is already smart enough to grasp (betraying the trust of a friend isn't a great way to maintain the friendship, but sometimes we need to forgive if the person is truly sorry) and it didn't really teach is anything new about Emma's past. Did we need all of that to explain how Emma found the video camera in her box of childhood memorabilia before we saw the video with the Snow Queen as Emma's foster parent?

**(Blue BloodsS5E7 "Shoot the Messenger"I'm not sure ambushing your secret girlfriend's father on a national news show is the best plan, if you want hope of sticking around in the long term. Especially based on Frank's reaction to learning Erin was involved with McCoy. -- I loved Danny and his new boss going toe to toe. I like that Danny knows he is good at what he does. Not so much at being a passenger in the squad car. -- I called it, that what looked like a suicide wasn't going to end up being one. -- Danny was written up because he isn't clean shaven? Lt.Carver is going to be short one great detective if his transfer request goes through. (Also, please don't make him shave!!) -- Danny with a baby? ::swoon::

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E6 "Glasgowman's Wrath"We quickly figured out that this "ripped from the headlines" theme was that Slender Man case, but then couldn't figure out if there was more inspiration from other headlines or not. -- Observation: Sometimes, I stop and think that it must be scary to be mentally ill, especially if you have any inkling whatsoever that you are, because then how do you know real from imagined? -- I kept trying to figure out how was this was an SVU case. Was it because it was crime committed by children? I supposed I'm just so used to it being crimes of a sexual nature. -- That ending was chilling. Perry got sent for psychiatric care, while it was determined that Mia was a victim along with her sister, Zoe, but then Rollins noticed Mia and Perry secretly linking pinkies in the elevator, so it sure appeared Mia was in on it and no one realizes it but Rollins! Now I am left wondering if Mia will go after Zoe herself next time, and possibly with success!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

This Week on My TV: November 1, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(ScandalS4E5 "The Key"Holy crap! Liv and Quinn just witnessed Kaitlyn's (Kaitlin? Caitlin?) best friend, Faith, get murdered!! I cannot even imagine how helpless that would feel. -- Interesting. Fitz wants them to interrogate Jake by the book. As in, not super secret, not-so-much-Constitutional, B613 style. I wonder what his goal is here. -- Olivia [to Rowan]: In what context are we normal? ... I'll take loaded questions for a thousand, Alex. -- Olivia [to Rowan about Jake]: What if I'm supposed to be saving him right now, instead of sitting here, drinking wine with you? ... And, I'll take loaded questions for two thousand, Alex. -- My heart just broke for Huck. He's telling Kim the truth about why he disappeared from her life, and she won't hear it. -- Speaking of telling the unheard truth. OMG, FITZ, JAKE DID NOT KILL JERRY. He is telling you the truth. It wasn't him, it was Rowan. And he's right that you were just waiting for this moment, ever since you decided Jake put his hands where you didn't want him to, on Liv, but that doesn't mean he's responsible for Jerry's death, no matter how much you wish he were, so you could justify exacting revenge. -- Add Possessed Mellie to the list of Mellies. That Exorcist voice was terrifying. -- I really, really hate that Kim tricked Huck, promising he would see his son, and then using it as a bait-and-switch by having a psychiatrist there instead. He was right. He's told her nothing but the truth and she lied to him. -- Holy intense meeting between Cyrus and Liv, about Jake. Don't listen to Cy, Olivia! He, like Fitz, though for his own reasons, is blinded to Jake's innocence, at least in the Jerry/Harrison matters. They don't want to see that Rowan is evil, because they want to blame Jake for other things by pinning crimes on him that he didn't commit. -- Rowan is evil. Pure evil. -- I'm not sure I have ever seen Mellie speechless before. But she sure was when Fitz told her he wasn't bedding Olivia Pope, he was in the bowels of the Pentagon questioning (who he believes is) Jerry's murderer. -- It's eating David alive that he is responsible for that Justice taking his life. He isn't cut out to play the slimy games of the White House. -- Team Jake. I've totally lost all respect for Fitz. And to think I used to hope he'd find a way to be with Liv. He's just a petulant, jealous little boy, who has a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. -- Two questions: Where were Lizzie Bear and her trap of a Call Man lurking, and what were they plotting in their absence? Does anyone believe Mama Pope is actually dead? Fine, that was three questions, I suppose. Actually let's make it four(ish). Why *does* everyone keep trying to be Olivia Pope? (Good question, David.)

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E5 "Pornstar's Requiem"It's sad, but I could see how a girl, on her own for the first time, trying to figure out how to pay for college, could get herself caught up in this sort of situation. -- Worst phrase ever: "I'll call Carisi." -- In my opinion, Liv's statement on the difference between Evie's adult videos and the one with her college peers sums up exactly how I would have felt, sitting on that jury: "Because on the boys' video, she didn't give consent, she didn't get paid, and she said no." -- I'm not sure who makes my skin crawl more: Carisi or the Chief. -- I cannot believe that judge overturned the jury's verdict. If I sat on a jury and a judge did that, I would be pretty livid. It's one thing for a lawyer to appeal and have there be a retrial, but to just change it because the judge didn't agree seems an abuse of the system.

**(Blue BloodsS5E3 "Burning Bridges") Henry [to Frank, about divulging details about Frank's lunch with the Cardinal]: What was I going to do? Hold back? She's a nun! -- I love when Danny says "deez yahoos." -- The Reagan boys are sure doing a lot of partner swapping this season. Lots of unwanted cops in the precinct for Danny and Jamie to befriend as an example. I guess there are some real downsides to being Frank's kids, not that either of them shied away from doing the right thing. -- They all go to Erin for favors! That has to get old. No wonder she's often cranky. -- Danny and his temporary partner, the personable Demarest, drove all the way to New Jersey for a two minute awkward meeting with that city's police chief? -- The Cardinal offering Frank his ring to kiss, after Frank refused to apologize for his statement about the homosexual police officer in regard to Frank's Catholocism, seemed more like a passive-aggressive "giving Frank the finger," than a religious ritual.

**(The Good WifeS6E6 "Old Spice"There really isn't ever enough Elsbeth. I love her interactions with AUSA Perotti. And I totally get her issue with walking on sidewalk grates. They kinda freak me out too. -- I cannot believe Diane and Kalinda worked a loophole in the lease agreement by bringing Howard into the Florrick, Agos, Lockhart fold. -- I can't decide which was more disturbingly hilarious: Josh Perotti sniffing the lotion on that baby in the elevator or Elsbeth sniffing that bottle of Old Spice in court. -- I have a feeling Grace is going to take issue with Alicia spinning her "religious platform" during that interview. because it's forcing Grace to be in an awkward position. Does she protect Alicia's campaign for State's Attorney by keeping her mouth shut? Or does she honor and respect her own faith by being honest with her church friends, who now think it's amazing that Alicia may be "coming to faith, thanks to Grace"? -- I have to admit, David Lee and Louis Canning taking the A-F-L keys off all the computer keyboards as they cleared out of the old Lockhart Gardner offices was evil genius. -- Wow. Alicia taking over Will's old office. Talk about rising. Alicia got her big break, thanks to Will insisting they bring her on board, and now he's dead, and she's going to be working out of his office.

**(ReignS2E3 "Coronation"Francis surely must be tired of refereeing between his mother and his wife. -- As I watched Francis get pulled in a new direction every ten seconds, during the coronation preparations, I was reminded of how it felt at my wedding reception. -- Sad: a peasant losing his life for stealing a loaf of bread and a chicken, out of desperation to feed his family in the famine stricken countryside, following the Plague. -- I didn't think that I would, but I love Bash and Kenna together. -- I'm torn. The last thing Francis and Mary (not to mention France) need is Catherine and Narcisse teaming up. However, the implications of such an alliance would certainly be entertaining. -- Lady Barnard: Preening peahens with empty heads. Kenna: Are they not your friends? Lady Barnard: I prefer friends  with more between their ears than chiffon and puff pastry. ... I felt bad for Kenna. She so obviously wanted to believe this woman was offering friendship and alliance, when it was nothing but bribery, since Bash was investigating her husband for murder. -- I kind of love every time Mary and Francis talk business while dancing. -- Such a contrast: starving outside the castle walls and such decadence within. -- It is interesting the way royalty and nobility have their power distributed and controlled. It is a lot like a dance. -- Narcisse: You didn't come here because your heart bleeds for your starving countrymen. What are you hiding? Catherine: Perhaps I'm hiding a bleeding heart. ... Not likely, Catherine, but I applaud your comeback nonetheless. -- I can't figure out if I like Henry haunting Francis or not. -- Mary: I don't think my husband needs a lecture from you on betrayal. Narcisse: So you accuse me of something? Mary: Of many things, I'm sure... -- Mary and Francis are so much stronger when they work as a team and play off each other's strengths. I am hoping their realization, late in the episode, doesn't backtrack. -- The eternal question: What *is* Catherine up to? She's buying grain and sending it to various counties and regions of France? There's no way this is based on kindness.

**(The BlacklistS2E6 "The Mombasa Cartel"When that one guy was strangling that other guy in his hotel room, all I could think of was how many hairs he was leaving behind on that bed. I watch a lot crime shows. -- That family in the woods was twenty different kinds of creeptastic, the mother most of all. Which is saying something, when you consider the taller son. -- Red [to Lizzie, after he tells her he has someone he wants her to meet about the Mombasa Cartel, whom she calls Red's buddy]: We're not buddies. I don't have buddies. --  I always appreciate the great irony of Red questioning someone's morals. -- Goeff Perl: Or? Red: Or I shoot you. Here. Now. ... I felt like there was a 'duh' implied here, by Red. I'm reasonably certain that when Red tells you you're going to do something, this is the only other alternative. -- The story of how Dembe's family was slaughtered in front of him and he was abducted into the underworld, until Red found him left to die, nursed him back to health, educated him, and earned his trust, gave me goosebumps. No wonder Dembe is so loyal to Red. -- I kept expecting Red to have an ulterior motive, an angle, something that wasn't really about saving poached animals. Although, I guess he kind of did, since finding the head of the Mombasa Cartel allowed him to avenge Dembe's family. -- I never expected Red's contact, the one he introduced to Lizzie, Geoff Perl, to be the head of the cartel. -- Red sure is busy forging a bond with Zoe, whoever she turns out to be. -- So, Lizzie's big secret is that she has Tom, alive, hidden away in that secret room. I want to know the story. How he survived. Where he vanished to. How Liz found him. How she captured him. And all without Red knowing. -- These Blacklist writers. They torment me with Lizzie's secret, and then, once they reveal it, they tease me with a huge bomb Red will drop next episode. I love it and hate it all at once! -- I still want to know what that key is for that Red got from those people planning to eliminate the human race.

**(The MiddleS6E4 "The Table") It was perfectly Mike and Frankie to barely remember it was their anniversary, much less whether or not it was (maybe?) their 22nd. -- Darrin is so sweet to Sue. Even if it makes the rest of the family ill. -- Sue [opening the necklace Darrin got her]: It's a heart! *And* a key! Darrin [to Frankie and Brick, who were sitting on the couch watching Sue play hotter-colder trying to find her gift]: Because she holds the key to my heart. Brick [disgustedly]: Yeah. We get it. -- About that necklace: Darrin got it from the jewelry store at the mall, which, according to Sue is "super fancy, it has a security guard and everything!" -- Hutch and Axl, trying to solve their money troubles by getting roommates, turning their house into a "frat-ority," but now it needs a name: HutchAxlPi, because everybody loves Hutch, everybody loves Axl, and you *know* everybody loves pie. -- LOL: Brick and his "fontcast." And his fan. (Which turned out to be Jimmie Kimmel.) -- You knew things were going to go south when Sue borrowed Darrin's phone in order to find a photo to use for a photo blanket (because who doesn't love a photo blanket??) -- LOL: Brad's room is decorated like a Broadway backstage area. Of course. Don't ever stop being you, Brad. -- Axl: Did you know you have to pay for wifi? Frankie: Yeah. I know. Axl: Well, I didn't, because everything here is free! Frankie: Heh. For you, maybe. --LOL x infinity: Frankie and the tiny dollhouse table she got off the internet as an anniversary gift for herself and Mike...thinking it was a beautiful, full-size dining room table and chairs for $52. -- LOL: Darrin has "given the key to his heart" necklace to Sue... and to his ex-girlfriend, Angel... and his mom. -- Sue: That's a lot of keys to your heart, Darrin! Why even bother locking it if everybody's got one?! -- Poor Darrin. He looks so bewildered by Sue breaking up with him over the necklace. -- Awww! Sue and Darrin love each other. I loved their make-up reunion.

**(Modern FamilyS6E5 "Won't You Be Our Neighbor"Of course CLaire and Phil are going to scare away the people they really want to buy the vacant house next door and be their new neighbors. I did not expect it to be because they were so over-the-top friendly that the people thought Claire and Phil were initiating being "swingers." ::snort:: -- Ha!! Manny's new girlfriend just happens to be the granddaughter of Phil's closet store rival and former business partner. And of course, she told him about Phil's idea for a sock dispenser. And of course he came up with a better name for it than Phil's "Sock It to Me" idea: The Sock and Roll. -- I love that Cam whispered to Mitchell that Lily didn't really ride a unicorn today. And Mitchell's sarcastic thank you. -- Lily: I'm going to my room to do my homework. Don't knock unless it's an actual emergency. NOT A SPIDER. -- Mitch [when he and Cam show up to meet with Lily's teacher about trying to transfer her to Miss Sparrow's class, because Ms Plank is "mean"]: Oh! A frowny face stamp. I didn't know they made those. Ms Plank: I had to special order it from Germany. -- I love that Lily doesn't want the "nicer" teacher because she wants to actually learn. -- The new neighbors the Dunphys end up with are awful. And will maybe set up some great interactions.

**(Person of InterestS4E5 "Prophets"Fusco [to a guy threatening to jump off a building]: Don't look at me, buddy. You just made us chase you up five flights of stairs. Go play with gravity. -- Reese: I saved a guy's life! Every time I do something good around here, the department thanks me with carpal tunnel and paper cuts. -- Finch: Well, you might find therapy beneficial. It could provide balance. Reese: Therapy doesn't work when you have to lie about everything. Finch: You find a hobby or take up a sport? Reese: I have a hobby: shooting people. ... I truly don't know if this show means to be as funny as it is. -- I love that Root just pops up randomly as all these different characters. But as she said to Finch: "You get to have one identity. I have a thousand." -- The implications of Samaritan rigging the elections and then eliminating the people who could blow its cover are positively nightmarish. -- Finch [to Root]: You must be so lonely. How long has it been? [Root looks at Finch, quizzically] Since the machine spoke to you. ... I'm with you, Root. I thought that was an ill-timed, awkward come on too. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Finch and Root working together in this episode. And her pleasure that this was the first time Finch sought out her help. -- I really like Jason Ritter. I'm glad he made a guest appearance as this week's number. And he sold the bewilderment, terror, and shock of his character, Simon, perfectly. -- Finch [to Root, about how he built the Machine]: Out of 43 versions, how many do you think there were that didn't try to either trick or kill me? ONE. -- Wait. Does Root have a thing for Shaw? I...did not see that coming. -- The Samritan operative was pretty terrifying. -- I'm not sure which line made me laugh more, when Shaw and Reese kidnapped Simon for his own safety. ... Shaw: Turn around, don't scream. Reese: My shrink's not gonna like this. -- The flashbacks of Finch first creating the Machine were very telling. He knew its power, knew how badly wrong it could all go. Samaritan is like his worst fears all coming true at once. -- I seriously thought we lost Root in that shootout with the Samaritan operative. I was so sad and I know I feel for it, because of how they eliminated Carter. And then I saw my own relief plastered all over Finch's face when she walked up with her arm in a sling. -- Root: She needs you, Harold. She's still young. So many paths before her. The difference between the Machine and Samaritan? Is YOU. ... Yay! Finch is talking to the Machine again!

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E7 "The Misinterpretation Agitation") Sheldon [to Dr Lorvis]: I bet you leave your patients in stitches. ... You're right, Sheldon, that *was* funny. -- Sheldon: Leonard, where are your social skills? This man is clearly upset. We should invite him in for a hot beverage. Leonard: He tried to score with Penny. Sheldon: So have these two [indicating Howard and Raj] and they're having dinner with us. -- It was only a matter of time until Penny's flirting to make sales came back to haunt. I felt really bad for the doctor though. Billy Bob Thornton played the heck out of that part. He was equal parts creepy and pathetic. I kept trying to think of characters to legitimately hook him up with, so he would be lonely. (OMG, I have issues. LOL.) -- Bernadette and her unfiltered harshness this season kinda crossed the line with Amy. I don't blame Amy for being really upset with her.

**(About a BoyS2E2 "About a House for Sale"Sadly, Fiona and that hammer look a lot like I look with a hammer. -- For *Marcus* to pass on Andy has got to be quite a blow to Andy's ego. Although, sadly, I have to agree with Marcus here. -- Sad, lonely Will in New York made me sad. -- What was up with Richard's crutches and splint? I don't recall there being any explanation given and it's really bugging me. -- OMG, Dr Sam, that was the dumbest breakup ever. If you both love each other so much, why wouldn't you find a way to make it work??

**(The MiddleS6E5 "Halloween V"Brick's date had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I was dying when they went through that whole sequence of putting their arms around each other. I have a feeling that Brick beginning to date is going to make for some hilarious episodes. -- The Sue-mometer college fund tracker! I heart Sue. -- How is Sue a senior and STILL no one knows her?? -- It broke my heart that no one showed up to Sue's showing of Charlie Brown Halloween in the pumpkin patch, except Brad, who left to go to the scary movie the cheerleaders were putting on in the cemetery. I was so happy when that older man showed up late. I would have chosen your showing too, Sue! -- Speaking of Brad, that really was an awesome costume. For so many reasons. Especially for Brad. Half Danny, half Sandy, from "Grease." I weep! -- Axl, trapped overnight in the library, was hilarious, but I also enjoyed seeing a deeper side to him. He's always busy being awesome and acting like he's got everything under control (even when he's clearly a mess), so it was good to see him actually worrying about his future. -- I spent that whole episode, looking to see if the tiny table Frankie bought accidentally last episode had been replaced. And then cracked up when they showed the dining room in the background with a cheap foosball table in the center of the toom. -- "It's better every time" was exactly the right way to characterize how I feel about watching the traditional holiday shows. Each layer of nostalgia and memories makes me love them more.

**(Modern FamilyS6E6 "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand"Lily's Waldo costume was fantastic! -- Jay [after Gloria tell him he's going to be Shrek for Halloween]: I don't want to walk around all night in an ugly rubber mask. Gloria: You don't have to wear a mask. Just paint your face green. Manny: Ouch. -- That stenographer spider, with her extra legs bouncing all over the place while she was typing behind Mitch's closing argument, had me dying. -- Cam: The last white beard I was with was when I took my cousin Sally to the prom. Lily, explain Daddy's joke. -- Claire: Our new neighbors, marijuana sales man Ronnie and his wife Amber, moved in two months ago. Phil: It's been a week and a half. Claire: Really? -- Jay [running his hand over his balding head, waxing nostalgic about the hair he used to have]: Dammit, it's like a phantom limb. -- LOL: Cam, unable to find Waldo in the books, and unable to find Lily dressed up as Waldo. -- Gloria [to Jay, who is complaining that his missing wig ruins his Prince Charming costume]: Maybe he had to be charming because hew as bald. -- Amber, the new neighbor: I wish we had our old house so we could drive away as far as possible.

**(A to ZS1E4 "D is for Debbie"The big question of the episode was "Is three weeks of dating too soon to bring someone to a funeral?" I'm not sure what the answer is, mostly because it may be too soon, but I'm not really sure when the "right time" would be? Is there ever an appropriate time for a funeral date? -- I kinda like Stu's take on this: mourning requires a good friend and a big pile of cured meats -- I love how sane Zelda is in the midst of that crazy family. I never was sure if it was her actual family or if these people were, like her deceased "Aunt" Debbie, "adopted" family. --  So Zelda to go with "closing argument" for her eulogy, after Andrew tells her to just be herself. -- I adore Cristin Milioti, but her crying in this episode was atrocious. -- Things learned: Stu's jam is a platter of cured meats and being immune to awkwardness, especially his own. Andrew's jam are all the feelings. -- I'm pretty much in love with the way Andrew looks at Zelda. -- Speaking of being in mourning, I'm not ready to discuss the fact that NBC has cancelled this show. I am relived they are (supposedly) playing the entire thirteen episodes, but I'm so sad that this show won't get to grow.

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E1 "And the Reality Problem"We are on the fence with this show. It will have a limited amount of time to make us laugh, and stop being so lame and stiff with its forced delivery. This episode earned it the chance to stay in the rotation for one more week. Max's slippery hands from trying to free Caroline's hair from the mechanism of her wall-bed using her "makeup remover" was almost funny. And I kind of liked Caroline's haircut. However, Sophie disappointed, and she's almost always the best part of the show, and I couldn't possibly care less about the Kardashians.

**(MomS2E1 "Hepatitis and Lemon Zest"Ewwww, Bonnie, stop talking dirty about Christy's father! But by all means, keep buying your grandson's love with bacon. -- That new girl, Jill, at AA was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. -- Poor Violet. Even knowing she made the right decision for her baby daughter by giving her up for adoption, it can't be easy to look at the photos. I think I can forgive her for her attitude right now. -- Trying to figure out where they're going with the eviction angle. Not sure how I feel about that.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E5 "The Weeping Lady") That opening scene, with Caroline, was awkward, but I love that Abbie calls it "Crane on the brain." Seems he has that effect on a lot of women across the centuries. -- I can't help wondering, what does Headless see when he looks around? Even when Katrina sees him as Abraham-head-intact, thanks to the power of the necklace he gave her, he still doesn't *really* have a head, so... -- I had been bothered by the fact that despite being a "powerful, devious witch," Katrina never seemed to try very hard to just, you know, free herself from her captors. I'm glad they explained that they put an enchantment on the carriage house that would prevent her from using her powers. -- That sure was a change of role, with Headless commanding Henry. Usually it's Henry doing all the bossing. -- I particularly love the aerial views of Sleepy Hollow that they use as a transition between scenes. -- Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! (Pretty much my reaction every time that Weeping Lady was around. OMG. Thank God I choose to watch this show on Saturday mornings or I would be scared witless and unable to sleep.) -- Crane [regarding sending Caroline a text after the awkward encounter where she made a romantic overture toward him]: A missive composed by thumb cannot adequately convey emotion. Abbie: Hence emoticons. Crane: Ah, yes, a grimacing lemon caricature should do the trick.  -- I never was able to get a good enough look at it, but was that a portrait of Betsy Ross on Caroline's wall? If so, excellent wit, Sleepy Hollow writers. -- How did no one but Ichabod notice the gaping hole with a drowning Abbie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIBRARY? Nor the ruckus as he tried to save her from the Weeping Lady? -- Nice twist with Crane's jilted betrothed, Mary. I enjoy when they give us snippets of his backstory. -- I keep getting distracted by Crane's eye brows, which are pretty awesome, and having to rewind and rewatch some scenes. This also applies to his eyes...and his hair....and his accent. Perhaps I have a case of  "Crane on the brain" as well? -- How small is Sleepy Hollow, that Crane and Abbie can  get from Headless's carriage house to the river where Mary the Weeping Lady drowns her victims, and still have a chance to find and rescue Katrina? -- Abbie [to Katrina]: We're all out of witches. How about a Witness? -- Someone has a lot of secrets, Katrina. First, you failed to tell Ichabod you were a spy for Washington. Then, you forgot to mention that you were a witch. You never told him you were pregnant with his child. And now that you were accidentally involved in Mary's death? Ouch. -- I don't think I like Hawley and Jenny as an item. -- Crane: Without trust, without honesty, how can a union between two people hope to survive? -- Uh oh. Moloch is angry. This does not bode well for Henry. Or anyone really. -- It occurs to me that Henry is often very childlike, despite being an older man. I suspect this has something to do with his lingering mommy and daddy issues.

**(Blue BloodsS5E4 "Excessive Force"Finally!! I've been waiting all season for someone to get Danny Reagan'd upside the melon. That idiot, junkie CI deserved it too. -- Oh, Jenko. Really, you're pissed when you told Jamie to flirt with that doctor so you could unload that psych patient for evaluation, and then he does, and ends up getting her number? -- This episode made it easy to see how these situations spiral out of control. Spin doctors, like that Reverend Potter, aren't always telling the truth. -- I like the way Frank took on Potter, instead of making a public apology that would have been unwarranted. Pot-stirrers don't help racial unrest. -- I posed the following question to T: Who do you think Frank loathes dealing with more, the Mayor or Reverend Potter? -- I like the promotion Frank awarded Gormley. And I like why he chose to.


Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: October 2014

1) A photo of me:

2) Candle scents* this month:
Starry Night. Summer Holiday. Sea Harbor. Shortbread Cookie. Pumpkin Wreath. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (Bath and Body Works). Apple Cider. Harvest Gathering (Bath and Body Works). Lake Sunset. Vanilla Satin. Maple Pancakes. Bay Leaf Wreath. Oatmeal Cookie. Mountain Lodge. Autumn Fruit. Cranberry Orange. Silver Birch.

3) What I am reading this month (you can find me on Goodreads!):
Wolves of the Calla (Stephen King) - Given the length of this book, I kept having to remind myself that only roughly a month passed during its entire 700+ pages. It never dragged. The story was rich and complex. In fact, the whole thing moved at such a steady, thorough pace, that when the culmination of this particular story reached its peak, it almost felt abrupt in its brevity -- and yet, I think it was appropriate, because I think that's exactly how some things feel. Sort of like the month long build up for Christmas, or the planning of a wedding during an engagement, and then it's just...over, just like that. My only "complaint" was really more of a personal preference. I feel about vampires the way many people feel about clowns. ::shudder:: But I was able to push past that and still enjoy the story and the further development of our little ka-tet.
Trick or Treat Murder (Leslie Meier) - Typical cozy mystery. There is plenty of lightness and fluff to go around the edges of the case in question. This was a fairly quick and easy read, which I appreciated (especially after finishing a much darker, heavier, longer book just before this one). I did  guess whodunnit correctly, but not til just before the reveal was made, and I had no idea what the motive was until they all but whacked me over the head with it. At any rate, I like Lucy Stone and her quaint little town filled with quirky residents.
No Place Like Home (Mary Higgins Clark) - I knew almost right away who the responsible party was. I don't think the book gave it away. I just got this feeling and never saw anything to disprove it. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy the story as a result, though. I spent the rest of the book, watching for clues to support my suspicions and looking for the reason why, which I never did figure out until it was revealed. The only thing I really struggled with was the voice of the main character, Celia. It didn't make me dislike Celia. Mary Higgins Clark writes an a style that makes her books an easy read, but the way the book was written from various character perspectives made the first person chapters in Celia's voice read awkwardly for me.
Beyond This Moment (Tamera Alexander) - I'm just getting started with this one, but I was ready for a change of pace, so a little historical Christian fiction popping up next on my "on deck" shelf fit the bill.

4) Calendar image for the month:

I've never been fishing, but this scene makes me ache to get my camera on some fall foliage along the water. Oh, the glory of reflection.

5) New recipes tried this month:
Chili Lime Chicken Burgers - Not ready to publish this recipe yet. I liked it, but it was lacking something. Time to experiment!

6) Restaurants where I ate:
Olive Garden (for my birthday lunch).

7) Five things I am loving this month:
1. Fall foliage on social media. Since I get very little here, seeing all the fiery colored photos being shared does my autumn-loving heart good.
2. Blood moon. Seriously, so cool. And such a good motivation to take out the Precious to play.

3. Food and Wine Fest. This probably goes without saying, but I've been there every weekend, and there are so many amazing dishes on this year's menus that I don't even know if I'll get to them all.
4. The sunrises. They may take til nearly 8am, but they sure are lovely.

5. This new autumn decoration, which I was entirely unable to resist.

8) Three goals I had this month and three goals for next month:
1. T bought some shelves he's putting in the den closet so I can finally get that beast organized. (Got this one done in one day. I love it. The heap of stuff in the bottom of that closet is no longer a pile of mystery. I can actually see what I have in there and access it without risking burial by avalanche.)
2. I'm annoyed with myself. That stack of magazines is going down, but not as quickly as I'd like. Going big for October: 30. (I managed a respectable 15, but I still need to do better. Food and Wine Fest every Saturday meant that I had to spend Sundays doing my weekend housework, and there was less time for flipping through magazines.)
3. I really need to get iTunes set up on my laptop. I've had the thing since May and my iPod is acting wonky, which usually means it needs a good sync with the mother ship. (Arg. Not done. I need to find a way to tackle this in "smaller bites," because every time I attempt this, I get overwhelmed.)

1. Tend the flower gardens.
2. One magazine for each day in November. Which means I better get going, as I'll be traveling for Thanksgiving.
3. Start walking in the evenings, now that the weather has finally relented.

9) The best part of this month and the worst part of this month:
The best: First cool front. Unless you live in a location that gets the kind of heat and/or humidity we get here in Florida, you just won't fully appreciate the relief that comes with that first span of days when the highs are below 80. It's like the angels are singing and suddenly I can breathe again and I don't feel like I'm coated in sweat before the sun even finishes rising.
The worst: The non-stop coverage of Ebola and the never-ending political campaign ads.

10) A photo I took this month:

Morocco pavilion, Epcot.

*All scents are Yankee Candle, unless otherwise noted.


Friday, October 31, 2014

What I Learned in October: 2014

1. I get very draggy in the mornings in October. The sun rises so late (closing in on nearly 8am) that I just cannot get moving very easily.

2. It's much more difficult to convince myself to get out of bed when the weather cools enough to warrant the use of the fuzzy blanket at night. Combine that with the super dark mornings, and i practically have to pry myself out of bed with a crowbar. It's not that I don't feel rested. My internal clock just can't wrap itself around that fact that I must exit my cozy nest before there is light.

3. Three-wick candles burn very evenly but far too quickly. I recently purchased some delicious-smelling candles from Bath and Body Works, on sale and with a coupon, for a crazy good price. Based on how quickly they burn, though, I would never consider buying them for any more than I spent this time, simply because they just don't last.

4. Bitterness, like orange jumpsuits, flatters no one, and yet those who insist on bitterness act dumbfounded when it turns people off. I understand that people have bad days. I'm sympathetic to that, truly. But there is a difference between a bad day and being bitter, and I suppose I'm surprised how often people slide into being bitter. It reminds me to be extra vigilant of my own attitudes.

Every month, Chatting at the Sky shares what she learned. Big things and little things. Life lessons from the serious to the silly. I've decided I want to participate. Just another means of capturing who am I along this broken little road called life.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

This Week on My TV: October 25, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E2 "White Out") I realize they are all from Fairy Tale Land, but this is Storybrooke. Why is no one questioning Elsa's attire? -- Long hair on David. LOL. -- Wait. "Many years ago..." Exactly how long has Anna been missing? -- Henry: What do you suppose babies dream about? David [without missing a beat]: Bullfighting. Emma: Laser tag. -- Henry [about the gift basket he's putting together for Regina]: I Googled 'how to get over a breakup.' It didn't include your boyfriend's wife time traveling back from the past, but close enough. -- Of course Regina delivers messages via raven. -- David: I think it's time you and I had a little talk about your intentions with my daughter. Hook: That's a little old fashioned, even by my standards, and I still pay with dubloons. -- Bo Peep is a war lord in the Enchanted Forest?? BAAAHAHAHAHAHA! This may be the best spin the writers have concocted yet. -- They are tying Anna and Elsa's story into David's backstory very well, but why didn't David mention his evil twin brother while he was telling Anna the story of his father? -- How *did* Gold end up with that necklace anyway? -- Mary Margaret [to the townspeople who are whining about the lack of power caused by Elsa's ice wall]: I'm starting to get why Regina was evil. It wasn't her, it was YOU. You have survived your entire lives without light bulbs. Buy a flashlight! -- I was just about to ask why David doesn't seem to know he met Anna when he recognized the picture of her snowflake necklace. -- There's very few things quite as fun as an opportunity for a sword fight. -- When Elsa managed to release the nearly frozen Emma from the ice cave, the first thing I thought was: Hook will get Emma warmed up. Heh. -- Just who is *that* in the ice cream shop that seems to have the same icy powers as Elsa?

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E3 "Rocky Road") Why do I suspect that whatever the ice cream lady did to Marian's free ice cream has something to do with her choice of phrase "really warms my heart"? -- I have lost track of whether or not Belle has the real dagger that controls Rumplestiltskin. -- Hmmm. Regina has managed to get Henry on board with her plan to get happy endings for the villains. -- Ouch. Rough request from Robin, asking Regina to help the ice-stricken Marian. -- Regina [looking at a painting of bluebirds hanging in the the Mayor's office]: Whose idea was *that*? Mary Margaret: Oh. Thought I would put my own personal touch on the office. Regina: Well, you've succeeded...hideously. -- True Love's Kiss didn't work when Robin tried to free Marian from the magic spell that has her frozen. Regina indicated the magic must be too powerful. I suspect it's that it wasn't true love offering the kiss. There's powerful magic, all right, and it's between Regina and Robin, whether he denies it in honor of his marriage or not. -- Elsa [after Hook tells her the sheriff's station is the opposite direction they're taking]: And what's that way? Hook [with a twinkle in his eye]: With any luck? Danger! -- Will Scarlet!! I'm glad he's found his way here, following the ending of Wonderland. -- Lots of secrets revealed: Will Scarlet spilled the beans on seeing all the ice cream at the parlor unmelted during the power outage, and Hook has figured out that the dagger Belle has isn't the real one. (Thanks for clearing that up for me, by the way, Hook.) -- Elsa [to Hook about Emma]: I think your self appreciation is blinding you to fact. -- Elsa doesn't remember meeting "the ice cream lady" because of the rock trolls who can erase memories that are too painful, and claims Anna trapped Elsa in the urn because of them as well? Whaaa...? -- ::snort:: Emma called the ice cream lady "Dairy Queen." -- Is the Snow Queen *really* the sister of Elsa's mother? I'd be willing to bet that there is more to this story. And why would Rumple ask her if Emma recognized her and implied it was lucky for her that Emma hadn't?

**(Modern FamilyS6E4 "Marco Polo") OMG. Five Dunphys smooshed into one tiny hotel room while their house is de-molded. And the "wifi corner" and someone having to sleep in the tub. And the hotel "bar" filled with divorced guys. It's as if Phil found the seediest hotel ever for them to stay in. -- Cam's sports superstitions. Totally crazy...unless you're a sports fan, of course. -- LOL: Lily calling in a complaint to "either Harry or David" because she's so disgusted by the contents of all the gift baskets being sent to Cam. -- Gloria: So you're only fifteen and you go out with a senior? Manny: Are you sure you wanna play that game? Jay: Are *you*? -- Awww. Manny's older first girlfriend was only using him to make her old boyfriend jealous. Jay was so kind to him. I like when they show Jay's softer side.

**(A to ZS1E3 "C Is for Curiouser and Curiouser"Oops. It's bad enough when someone overhears you talking about them when you don't realize they're nearby. Even worse when it happens to be your boss. -- Oh no! Zelda fell down the rabbit hole and started Googling Andrew! No good ever comes of this! -- Zelda was married?!, it was to allow a college friend to stay in the country. But that's a big one to "not mention." -- I don't care one iota about the boss at Wallflower or her adoring assistant or the IT couple or Stephie and Stu, but Andrew and Zelda are still the cutest thing I have ever seen.

**(The Good WifeS6E4 "Oppo Research"So, she's really going to run, isn't she. I bet her partners are going to be thrilled to learn that she's pulling out of their fledgling firm to run the other side of the courtroom. -- How big is Grace's bedroom? It looks like she fit two dozen high school Christian chorus girls in there. -- I would hate to have someone throw down a book of the skeletons in *my* closet. -- Holy crap. Zach's 16-year-old girlfriend had an abortion?? That Alicia *clearly* didn't have any clue happened. -- Priceless: The look on Eli's face when Alicia informed him about Kalinda and Peter having a one night stand. Which *he* clearly didn't have any clue happened. -- Alicia [to potential new campaign manager, Johnny Elfman, after he calls her Mrs Florrick, following the skeletons in the closet discussion]: Alicia. Anyone who's pawed through my underwear drawer should call me Alicia. -- I can't not like Finn. But I really hope he wasn't behind Alicia getting pulled over for possible DUI. -- If anything illustrates Bishop's intimidation factor, I'm pretty sure Kalinda looking like she wanted to bolt from the back seat of his car, while he questioned her why Alicia would want to drop him as a client, was it. -- Eli looked like he was 2.7 seconds away from a stroke when he thought the fired intern was in Peter's office behind closed doors. But I also think being on the verge of stroke is the only way he's happy. -- After all the skeletons and surprises and sneak attacks (likely by Castro), can running be worth it? That's what I'd be asking myself anyway. -- OMG *Bishop* is behind the PAC?? The look on Alicia's face slayed me when he let her in on the secret.

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E6 "The Expedition ApproximationWell, Penny, *I* thought it was funny when Leonard slid the shaker back to you on the envelope of money, when you asked him to pass the salt. -- Instead of arguing about who takes the money from Penny selling the car Leonard bought her, now that she has a company car, why don't they just use it for the wedding?? (Ha, and then later that is exactly what Leonard suggested.) -- OMG, Howard, Bernadette, the chore chart, and the allowance stipend.

**(The Good WifeS6E5 "Shiny Objects"Well then. That trip into Elsbeth Tascioni's mind was mildly terrifying and disturbingly hilarious. -- How stupid can Diane be?? YOU DON'T CLICK RANDOM POP-UP LINKS IN EMAILS. -- Rayna Hecht: Objection your honor. Alicia: What is she objecting to? I haven't finished the question yet. -- Eli [sitting in Florrick Agos, with all the computers showing the hacker's countdown]: Why are all the computers here counting down? I feel like I'm in a Bruckheimer movie. -- Why does every favor Kalinda calls in with some woman result in said woman whining about how she hates that Kalinda only shows up when she needs something. How many...involvements does Kalinda have dangling at once (not to mention Cary)?? And is "whiny woman" really Kalinda's type? -- David Lee [to Diane, when she asked him to get the key code email accidentally sent to her old Lockhart Gardner account]: Certainly. As soon as monkeys fly out of my butt. ... I loathe David Lee, but his sarcastic, bitter lack of class kills me. -- I don't like that they are making me suspicious of Finn saying he wants to endorse Alicia for state's attorney. I like Finn. I don't want to be suspicious of him. -- Oh, Peter. You knew Alicia was right. Actually, she was kind. You need her more than she needs you at this point. Good thing you had that change of heart about showing up to give her your endorsement.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E3 "The Operative") Oh look. A Snowden reference. I guess I can see how a political drama would use current events to base its storytelling, especially while it's establishing itself and figuring out who it will be. -- I like that they balance Elizabeth's work issues with her home life, even reflecting the latter in the former, as she and Henry discussed the propriety of peeking at their 15 year old daughter's texts. -- Elizabeth: Remind me again why we had kids? Henry: They were supposed to be cute? -- Elizabeth: So should I meet with him or will I have to worry that he's always going to be Jackson's guy? Nadine: Everyone is someone else's guy...until he's your guy. -- Oops. Henry is super ticked that Elizabeth told the Russian guy his daughter would be given an A in Henry's ethics class, in order to broker a three way deal to save an American operative with a death sentence in Pakistan. Talk about irony. I see his point though. It would compromise his integrity if it ever got out, and these things always seem to find a way out. Just remember, Henry's ethics *are* sexy, Elizabeth. even if he won't bow down to being your rabbit out of the hat.

**(The BlacklistS2E5 "The Front"Surefire way to make me gasp: have a person trying to flee run directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle that doesn't stop in time. -- Man, if *Red* finds something chilling... -- You "can't assume something is true just because Red says so," Harold? Have you learned *nothing* yet? -- Whoa... that stolen painting had a map hidden in it that led The Front/Maddox Beck to an ancient strain of the pneumonic plague. -- Red: You're most gifted tracker I know, Glenn, but your mouth runs like a scalded dog. ... Red has the best lines in the history of ever. -- I'm amused that Liz is faking out Red's guy with an impostor, and the whole time, he's convinced it's her. I wonder how Red would feel about that? -- Red's obsession with the broken vending machine at DMV, to the point of replacing it himself. He is certainly a man of action. -- Red [to Liz]: As a rule, I consider jealousy a base emotion, but in this case I find it endearing. -- Who was that guy Liz met and WHAT IS BEHIND THAT DOOR??? -- Why on earth were they chasing a guy with plague while not wearing protective gear?? It's like the CDC is running this operation or something. -- That's some kind of loyalty, that Liz would expose herself to an infected (and shot) Samar so she wouldn't be hurt, sick, and alone. And it's the first time we're hearing Liz deal with anything related to Tom. -- Red: You two, out here, playing grab-ass in the woods, just smacks of something Biblical. Maddox Beck: Who the hell are you? Red: I'm the snake in the grass. -- Famous last words from Red: "My business is finished here. I'll leave the two of you. I'm sure you have plenty to discuss." -- What was that key Red took from the bottle?! -- Of course Red's going to get that antidote. The second he heard Liz was exposed, it was a done deal. And he was so tender, sitting with her in the hospital. -- I loved Red watching the old home movie. Was that his daughter as a young child? He watched with so much tenderness. -- We are assuming, because Liz said so, that Red was searching for his daughter. But was he? And was the woman he found his daughter or not? Are Jennifer. his daughter, and the woman in the food truck all one and the same? And was the guy in the food truck someone important to her or was that the guy Red had tailing Liz, now relocated to another assignment (it sort of looked like him a little, but the scene was too quick for me to say for certain)? -- With Naomi gone (for now? forever? I hope not forever, because I really like Mary Louise Parker), something popped into my head. Remember when Berlin mailed Red one of Naomi's fingers? I don't recall seeing her hand bloody or bandaged at any point, nor do I remember seeing her with only nine digits, so... error by the writers? Scam by Berlin to get Red's attention?

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E4 "Holden's Manifesto") It's the "ripped from the headlines" disclaimer, but we were never able to figure out which headlines. -- I never knew whether to be creeped out by Holden or feel bad for him. -- Baby Noah's doctor sure lacked bedside manner with Liv. So, they discovered that Noah's ribs had been broken at one time and it's affecting his ability to breathe now? Hmmm. I also thought Noah's caseworker was rather harsh with Liv. It's no secret what she does for a living and the case is all over the newspapers. What else was she supposed to do? She left people who clearly love Noah to sit with him in the hospital while she was working the case. -- I do not like the (new?) Chief. He's abrasive, thinks he knows everything, and has no sense of compassion at all. -- Ugh, that sniper shot that took out Holden March and splattered his blood all over Rollins' face.

**(Person of InterestS4E4 "Brotherhood") Finch: Are you at the school, Mr Reese? Reese: Academics really aren't my thing. Maybe you should be on this assignment, professor? Finch: I have quite a few assignments of my own, including papers to grade. Or I *had* papers to grade. [flash to Bear laying in a pile of shredded paper] Reese: You're going to have to tell your students your dog ate their homework. -- I just can't reconcile Reese being police. He doesn't *look* like one! -- Reese, Finch, and Shaw are often seen walking alone in public, communicating with one another, but appearing to be talking to no one. And yet none of the regular people on the street ever seem to give this behavior so much as a second glance. -- Not too often you see Elias out of his compound these days. and yet, twice he met with Finch on the subway. -- Reese [to Malcolm]: You wanna be the man, start taking care of your family. -- I finally figured out who Reese reminds me of: Clint Eastwood. Not his looks. The way he talks. -- Score one for me! I called DEA Agent Lennox as the law enforcement mole. -- Only Reese would excuse himself to take a phone call while a drug gang big wig has a gun pointed at him. -- Two for two! I called that "Mini" was actually the guy they were looking for: Dominic! BAM.

**(ReignS2E2 "Drawn and Quartered"Oof. That has got to be a knife in Mary's heart, seeing Lola cooing over her son with Francis. And then Francis has to gush over him, practically while he and Mary were still in bed together, swearing to be part of his life, not to treat him as Henry treated Bash. -- Edward's father, Narcisse, is one scary man. Powerful, aware of his importance, greedy, fearless. -- Nice, Francis. You, coldly, tell Mary she acted alone, when she threw Edward to his death in a rage over poisoning an entire household, when *you* were the one who left her alone, while you raced off through The Plague to be at Lola's side while she birthed your son. -- I feel like Conde is the angel on Francis' shoulder, and Narcisse, the devil. -- Well-played, Nostradamus. Catherine railed at you for serving Mary, and abandoned you to the fate of being drawn and quartered, but that she would have you remembered by sonnets and a statue in Paris...and then you lower the boom: Clarissa may not have died, after all, from the blow Mary gave her. Which means Francis may still be in danger, based on your vision. And in response to the panic you knew this would cause, her begging you for more information, asking of you've had more visions, a simple retort of "ask your statue." -- Mary showed great poise, grace, and strength by telling Francis to give his son with Lola his name when she so badly wants an heir of her own. -- Creepy! That exchange with the baby's nurse when she appeared possessed by Henry, with a sinister message for Francis! I kind of like that they add some spookiness to this show. First, with the masked Clarissa living in the walls of the castle. Now, the ghosts of the dead haunting this world instead of passing to the next. It creates a fun twist.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E4 "Go Where I Send Thee..."Crane: I have faced many enemies on horseback. Horsemen without heads. Even discovered my own son is the apocolyptic Horseman of War. Thus, how challenging must it be to guide the power of three hundred horses using only one's right foot. -- Crane: You can drop the facade, Leftenant. I'm also aware of why you insist I learn these skills. But hear me, Grace Abigail Mills, it is not our fate for one of us to bury the other. We should be victorious or defeated, together. -- The Pied Piper: Officially creepier than Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time. -- Crane: I haven't had to do this much sneaking about since the Second Continental Congress. Abbie: Let me guess: this was when Betsy Ross had the hots for you. Crane: Ugh. That woman was relentless. Once, Adams found me hiding in a broom closet. [Abbie looks at Crane] *From* her. Abbie: I'm sure that's because you were just the cutest Continental courier. -- If Crane was correct that this Pied Piper was responsible for Sarah going missing, lured away by the haunting melody of his flute, and that this was the same guy who killed off that entire group of British soldiers back in his day, why on earth would drawing a gun be an effective plan of attack against him, Abbie? Wouldn't he be more supernatural than that? -- So, is Hawley going to be a permanent character on the show, playing both ends against the middle? -- I remain thoroughly impressed by the way they weave history and legend with a thread of creativity, in order to build the show's mythology. -- I spend more of this show than I'd like to admit peeking at the screen from between my fingers. I think that's why I so appreciate the moments of levity. -- That was an awful lot of time spent talking in the woods, in negotiation over the flute, when there was a TERRIFYING DEMON a stone's throw away! -- Quite an exchange between Irving and Henry, when Irving told him he knew Henry was the Horseman of War, and then he figured out that Henry tricked him into signing in blood, then took his soul. -- I kind of figured that when that shady dude approached Hawley about the bone flute, he was working on Henry's behalf. But it seems Henry doesn't care that it was snapped in two. Why was he pulverizing it with a mortar and pestle into dust???

**(Last Man StandingS4E5 "School Merger") Mike [to Ryan]: You say trick in your neighborhood, you get a girl named Candy. -- Mike [to Ryan, who dressed up Boyd for Halloween as the "scariest thing of all," a lump of coal]; I suppose you drove over here in your windmill powered car? -- Kristin: Ryan and I were registering voters out in front of Whole Foods. Mike: Ah, that's where you get good voters. People dumb enough to pay $16 for a kumquat. -- I love the Larabee episodes! The banter between Mike and Chuck slays me. -- Even better than Mike and Chuck exchanging insults with each other? When they gang up on Ryan! ... Ryan: Mike, Brown vs Topeka was sixty years ago and our schools are still as segregated as they were in 1954. Mike: What do you know about integration? You're from Canada. You've got, like, one black kid in that whole country. Chuck: They probably integrate by sending him to different schools every year. Pass him around like the Stanley Cup. -- Chuck: Hey, we moved out of the hood. I'm not sure I like the idea of the hood following me here. Carol: I don't mind the hood following me, as long as it's not white and pointy. -- Vanessa: Something's gotta change! I mean, if I'm not going to get a second husband, I might need a second career. Mike: Well, this is big decision and it's your decision. Whatever you do, I'll support you. Vanessa: Really? Mike: Yeah, I'll have to. We'll only have one income. -- Sometimes I think they go too far with the "Kyle and his grandma" thing. -- Funniest thing ever: How quickly Mike's outlook improved when Carol decided to join Vanessa teaching at Taft, because now Chuck isn't thrilled either. Misery loves company, eh, Mike?



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