Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bubbles and Stuff.

A thousand years ago, when I was a kid, they didn't look like that. They came in squat little semi-opaque bottles and the solution was either pink or blue. I actually remember when they "expanded" to add purple and green, and it almost felt overwhelming to have that many choices, because when you're a kid, that matters. Even though the bubbles all look...exactly the same when you blow them. Kid logic is weird.

I remember the thrill of untwisting that white cap on a brand new 39-cent bottle, and fishing out the plastic wand. Hands and bottle and anywhere else the "bubble stuff" dripped were instantly sticky. None of that mattered, as I sat on the steps, clutching my treasure. (Well, it didn't matter to me. My Gram was forever chasing me off her steps, with my sticky soap drips.)

There was an art to blowing bubbles. Dip, let drip, slowly move the wand to my pursed lips, then a controlled stream of air. The bubble would form slowly, growing in size. Sometimes, it would disengage and float away before I had deemed it big enough. Sometimes, my fresh brother would poke the bubble with his finger, leaving me glaring or shrieking as he departed the scene of the crime, so proud of being a rascal. Sometimes, the bubble wouldn't "take" and I'd find myself startled as, with an abrupt POP!, I found myself pelted with a spray of soap droplets. (You learn quickly that bubble stuff does not taste good, despite its cotton candy colors. Probably worked wonders for the effectiveness of not wanting my mouth ever washed out with soap, because yuck.)

But then there was The Bubble. The one enormous bubble that happened just right. Enormous and shivering and iridescent in the sun, as it caught a breeze, floating up and away. Sometimes, I would just stand and watch it go, until it was out of sight, fate unknown. Other times, I would chase after it as far as it survived or until I was unable to follow any further. My favorites were the ones that didn't meet some unforgiving fate--the driveway, the corner of the house, some tree branch or rosebush thorn--but would simply fade into non-existence, literally disappearing into thin air. I was always amazed at how something to fragile could last so much longer than made sense.

There were so many variations on this game. Bubble blowing could be a solo activity. It could be a sibling competition, seeing whose bubble was bigger or who could produce the most bubbles from one dip of the wand. Or we'd take turns, one of us producing bubbles, the other attempting to pop as many as we could, like some kind of living video game.

That was the great thing about being a kid during my childhood. The tools were few and inexpensive, but the imagination that was required came in droves. We made our own fun with what we had, and it was not only good enough, it was spectacular fun.

As I turned the corner in my local Target, coming face first into a display of "bubble stuff" that looks nothing like the stuff of my childhood, I thought about how complicated life gets when you leave those things behind. Minds get cluttered with the worries and burdens of being adults, and yet we were all in such a hurry to get here, to be all grown up. My mind has been heavy with a tangle of thoughts, most of which accomplish nothing at all, many of which aren't even fully formed enough to communicate, but are just enough to keep me from sleeping well, unspooling themselves nonsensically in bizarre, vivid dream fragments that interrupt my sleep, but fade like a lingering soap bubble, leaving nothing but a failure to feel rested. It was just about all I could do to resist tossing a bottle of bubbles in my cart, in a desperate attempt at retreating to the easier days of being seven, when a bottle of bubbles held the promise of a sunbathed afternoon and the peaceful silence of a quivering circle of soap solution, captured in a wand. Waiting.

And exhale, long and slow.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

This Week on My TV: August 23, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Bridge, S2E5 "Eye of the Deep"Fausto arranging flowers? So many things about this show fail to make any sense whatsoever. -- Sonya's quirks are definitely...less pronounced this season. -- I do not trust Jack Dobbs. He's way too obsessed with those drawings his brother made that Sonya has. -- What a crazy violent episode. All the Tate scenes. The message from Fausto for the thugs who stole his drugs. Odd that Eleanor was involved with none of them, though. -- What was that whole bit with Monte, Ray, Charlotte, and the real estate?? -- I figured it was just a matter of time before the Juarez police tried to take out the DA.

**(RecklessS1E4 "Blind Sides") The people charged with murder always seem to use the turn of phrase "I'll kill you/him/her" in passing about the victim. -- Haaa! Roy and Jamie are being forced to work together on a case? Methinks thou dost protest too much. They so like each other. *Like* like. -- The views of Charleston remind me of the city shots used on Boston Legal. In other words, love that. -- Totally don't buy Terry's admission that he loves Lee Anne. But I don't think he bombed her house. -- Neither the woman he went to dinner with, nor the woman who spotted him there, were Dec's wife?? And his wife clearly doesn't care as long as he's discreet? I saw none of that coming. -- Wuh-oh. Preston's feeling short of breath! I wonder how he's going to wrangle out of this one...

**(The Bridge, S2E6 "Harvest of Souls"I don't know what I expected Jack Dobbs to want from his brother's drawings on Sonya's fridge, but digging up an old corpse wasn't it! -- Everyone seems to say Eva's name differently. Eee-va. Ay-va. Evv-uh. -- If I were sitting in a locked church, with a black hood over my head, talking to an admitted assassin, I would totally. freak. out. And yet, there Daniel and Adriana (why do I keep thinking her name is Gabriela?) sat, like good little journalists, waiting for the story. -- Wasn't Chip the name of the real estate agent in the opening scene of this season, when Monte walked in on all the blood? I thought that guy was dead? I am so confused by the timeline of this season. -- OMG Daniel Frye and the drug test. Ewwww. -- I wonder how this will all unspool, with Marco telling Sonya to not mention she was in Juarez for that little hotel room shootout. Lying is a problem for Sonya. She likes to play by the letter of the law and this will certainly complicate things.

**(Murder in the FirstS1E4 "Burning Woman"I didn't understand that whole "party in the desert" thing. It was like a circus freak show on Halloween steroids. -- Do they ever zip up that little girl's backpack? It stresses me out. -- I had zero pity for Diego's mother. None. -- Blunt's lawyer is going to kill him for all the lying and omission of truth. -- Blunt is such an entitled little (pardon my French) douche. But I still don't think he did it. -- I keep waiting for the twist in the case. -- Thumbs down: Terry and Hildy making out in her kitchen.

**(Murder in the FirstS1E5 "Pants on Fire"I wonder on what grounds the Mayor got the original judge to recuse himself. -- Taye Diggs has a great smile. But at the karaoke bar for Molk's birthday, there was NO WAY that was his real voice singing. -- Holy creep factor, Blunt showing up at Hildy's home when she gets back from the karaoke bar.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Asked and Answered: August 20, 2014

1. Three celebrities you'd like to be stuck with on an elevator.
James Spader, Tom Mison, and Colin O'Donoghue. (What? If I'm going to be stuck in an elevator, I want it to be with people who will either entertain me or look pretty. I'm married, not dead.)

2. Best compliment you've ever received.
"Will you marry me?" (Seriously. Someone wanting me *forever*? How do you top that?)

3. Fashion trend you regret following.
Pretty much anything I wore in high school.

4. Word you use way too much.

5. Favorite getaway.
Disney World. Hey, it counts as a getaway because it's in my backyard. I Disney differently than the average bear tourist.

6. Favorite website.
PicMonkey. I could lose hours there, just playing around with photo editing. I don't even save half the ridiculous creations I make. I simply like to play.

7. In your life were a movie, the title would be...
Watch Out for the Quiet Ones. I don't know. I hate questions like this, because I can never think of anything good!

8. Best advice you've been given.
Tie between "always be teachable" and "don't borrow trouble from tomorrow."

9. Person with whom you'd most like to trade places for a day.
I wish I were cheeky enough to say something like "Mike Lowell's wife," but I don't really mean that. The real me answer would be Rachael Ray. I'd like to know what it's like to not go deer-in-the-headlights in front of a crowd, cook without looking at a recipe, and be able to chat with some cool people without running out of things to say (peril of hating small talk, this happens to me often -- the running out of things to say, that is).

10. Most embarrassing song on your iPod.
I should just hand you my iPod and let you decide which song it should be. I don't listen to music to be cool (ha, like I'm in danger of that ever) and I tend not to judge what appeals to anyone else's ear, because my taste is so random and truly all over the board. So, take your pick: "The Way You Look Tonight" from the Steve Martin "Father of the Bride" soundtrack? Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," maybe? Any of the dozen Taylor Swift songs I've purchased? I'll keep listening, even if you're silently judging me from the other side of the internet.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Five Walt Disney World "Wow-Factor" Moments

For as many times as I have been inside the Walt Disney World parks (and we're talking hundreds here, folks), there are some moments that make me catch my breath in absolute wonder, every. single. time. Whether I am immersed, immediately transported, or simply awed, without fail, I can count on my rLocationeaction, and when I'm overdue for some WDW, these are the experiences I am craving most.

1. The very first circuit around Food and Wine Fest.
By the time I descend upon Epcot, I've already been up to my eyeballs in the menus, formed plans, perused photos from previous years. But that very first trip around World Showcase--I take it at a slow stroll, camera in hand, using only my senses of sight, sound, and smell--and I am simply blown away. So many tastes and textures just waiting to be explored and savored.

2. Overlooking Magic Kingdom all lit up at night from the vantage point of Astro Orbiter.
There is just something about the parks lit for night that ups the ante on the magic, as they glow and twinkle. When you factor in the perspective of being raised up above "ground level" and the distance that creates between you and the throngs of guests below, there's just this powerful rush of awe, as if the excited energy of the crowd rises all day and diffuses in the night air, creating a unique blend of thrill and peace. It's magic, quite literally, on a whole new level.

3. The "corks popping" scene in Mickey's Philharmagic.
My favorite of all the 3D shows, this one, in its entirety, is a spectacle. I feel as if I am being pulled into the movies, one by one. But it's during "Be Our Guest" that I am dazzled. I can still remember the first time I sat in that theater and the gasp of delight as the corks "whooshed" past my face. It's these little details, the ones that seem so small in concept, that combine to make me feel transported out of everyday reality and into a (sorry) whole new world.

4. The outdoor track on Test Track.
It's no secret that I love this particular attraction. I loved it in its original yellow-and-grey test dummy incarnation, and I love it in its updated "virtual reality" overhaul (even though I still miss my "moo" sign and hope that one day they will add it back in as a nod to the past, like the portrait of Owl and Toad in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but I digress). I enjoy running through the test features and the burst through the wall into the open air, but it's when we come out of the banked curves and start to accelerate into the high speed loop "grand finale" that my heart races, a grin is plastered all over my face, and I can't resist wooohoooo-ing in sheer delight as we hug the side of the building, going 65mph. Pure exhilaration.

5. The start of Soarin'.
I adore this ride. I love all the scenes. I love the special effects. I love the soundtrack. But the part that makes me wiggle in my seat with anticipation is when the lights go down and we're swooped forward-and-up, and the screen brightens to the clouds that part over the Golden Gate Bridge. Something about sequence makes me inhale sharply and then settle in for my aerial tour.

Ok, fine, if you know me at all, you know there aren't five. There are six. Because that's just how I roll.

6. Fez House.
If you've ever been in a Disney park, then you know that even on the lightest days, there's still a good number of people. Being caught up in the press of the crowd can wear on the senses. I start to feel a little overwhelmed and overstimulated. I start to long for an escape. Enter: Fez House. Tucked, unobtrusively, into a corner or the Morocco pavilion at Epcot, there is this little oasis. I slip inside and settle on one of the benches in the open-air atrium. Even though the doorways are open, the roar of the crowds are muffled here. Somehow, it's always just the right temperature. The fountain gurgles quietly on the far wall. And, most amazing (to me) of all, it's almost always empty. Even those that wander in seem to simply pass through, with little more than an occasional pause for a photo op. My favorite thing is to look up at the sky, with all the Moroccan architecture surrounding me, and feel like I couldn't be further away from where I actually am. That such a place exists, that such a degree of peace can be found, in the center of bustling theme park, never fails to floor me. Ten minutes in this mostly secluded-in-plain-sight hideaway and I am refreshed and ready to go again.

(inspired by this post)


Saturday, August 16, 2014

This Week on My TV: August 16, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Last Ship, S1E4 "We'll Get There") I do like the way they introduce the ship's crew's family lives, through flashback and conversation. -- I'm a big fan of Lt Chung. There's something about him that I find real. -- Two words to describe Quincy: bitter and self righteous. -- Another character I really like is the Chaplain. He provides quiet strength, a sense of hopeful determination, and a voice of reason and encouragement. -- Of course, there would be various emergencies to be faced in the episode: burned up engines that require a standstill during repair result in the lost ability to make drinking water, a lab that can no longer be properly cooled which threatens Rachel's whole vaccine process, and basically floating in the ocean under a relentless sun and no land in sight. I knew they would work through all of that, because they have to, for the show to go on. The story of the week is less important to me than the characters.

**(The Last Ship, S1E5 "El Toro"I totally knew that the trap that soldier stepped in was going to be loaded with poison. -- El Toro was an interesting and formidable opponent-of-the-week. What a horrific individual. I was kind of hoping they would exile him to the infected side of the river like he did to the mayor's daughter. My sense of justice was still satisfied that it was the mayor who killed him though. -- Speaking of the infected side of the river, I can't even fathom how helpless the crew must feel, knowing there is nothing they can do to help. -- Ok, Rachel has her monkeys. Now what? Also, if she can test out the vaccine on them, wouldn't it imply they can catch the virus? So why can't they also pass the virus on to humans?

**(Reckless, S1E3 "Stand Your Ground"Nice little dig for Jamie when she told Preston there were a lot of things they didn't know about each other, after he said she wasn't above trolling his murder scene for clients. -- The way they do the lighting and color-tone in this show is exactly right for conveying a sultry, steamy climate. -- Deputy Chief Knox [to Jamie]: That's rich. A Yankee trying to throw "stand your ground" in my face? -- Creepy Terry showing up in Lee Anne's house, unannounced and just appearing from around a corner, to make threats, stalking people associated with Lee Anne's lawsuit against him and the department, and blackmailing a college student who just so happens to be the daughter of Jamie's assistant, Vi. -- I figured the intruder was having an affair with someone in the house. I expected it to be the husband, though, not the wife, and that he shot the guy to cover it up. -- Vi [to Jamie about Roy]: That boy's so hot, you could fry an egg on him. -- I like the way they show texts on this show. Instead of showing us the phone's screen, it pops up as text on the television screen. -- OMG, Terry had Vi's daughter install spy cams all over the places Jamie lives and works?? He is a bigger creep than I even originally thought. -- Jamie, it all goes downhill when you start snooping on your man's computer. -- So, was it Terry or someone in the local government who pitched the explosive through Lee Anne's and Arliss's window?

**(Turn, S1E7 "Mercy Moment Murder Measure") Wow, that prison ship, the Jersey, was a place of horrors. -- LOL moment: When Abe awoke to see Caleb in the rocking chair beside his bed and sprang off the mattress like someone had lit him on fire. -- Though I thought, perhaps Samuel Tallmadge had taken on the identity of another prisoner that had died, in order to "hide himself in plain sight," that was apparently not what happened. I never would have guessed that was Selah Strong! -- Amazing! Abigail managed to convey a message to Anna inside the hat she knitted her son as a birthday gift! She found a way to communicate and made the British her couriers. So brilliant!! -- While there are fleeting moments when I find Hewlett and Andre sympathetic, and at times, dare I say, almost likable, I never have that issue with Simcoe. *Ever*. -- So, suddenly, all those things Mary Woodhull said to Anna about not caring if Anna and Abe were romantically involved were apparently not true at all and she does care. And she's a little bit manipulative too, that one, calling Richard "Father"...and then angling to get Selah Ward a pardon in order to keep Abraham and Anna apart. -- Robert Rogers is a slippery snake. Posing Selah Ward as Samuel Tallmadge in order to lure Ben out into the open at the prisoner exchange. -- Oh man. A gentleman's duel between Abraham and Simcoe. This is not good for Abe. -- Clever move by Anna, to thwart Simcoe's advances by playing her "honor" card! -- Every time someone cracks open an eggshell, I worry they are going to discover a secret spy message by mistake. -- Anna [to Abe, about their "business trip" to New York"]: This is business we're about, so let's get about it. ... Wow. Cold. I also feel like I need to keep this line in my "arsenal." It seems like it could be useful.

**(Turn, S1E8 "Challenge"Oh for heaven's sake. Anna is *still* not over the fact that Abe broke off their engagement? I mean, really. Enough time has passed for both Abe and Anna to have married others, and for Abe to father a child who is a year old already. Probably time to let it go? -- I'm not sure how this is going to play out, with the British using Selah as a stand-in for Samuel Tallmadge, at the same time Anna is supposed to be collecting him, via pardon, from the Jersey. He can't be in both places! -- I cannot figure out all these accents. Are they intentionally *not* all British? Or, with the exception of Rogers, who is specifically Scottish, are all these people attempting to sound British, with more than half of them coming off Irish and Scottish? -- Anna wants Abe to take her into a "gentleman's party" at Andre's house as a guest?? What man brings a lady guest with him to THAT?! -- OMG. Anna found a way into the party anyway as one of the "ladies" providing "entertainment"?? That's resourceful but with all the long angry stares between her and Abe, they're going to blow each other's cover. Pull yourselves together, you two! You're being *terrible* spies! -- That speech Abe gave, when asked by the other party guests "who would he kill," saying he would like to kill the man that caused the riots that resulted in his brother's death seemed as much as apology to Anna for breaking their engagement as it was an answer that was believable and a way to "prove" his allegiance to the Crown. -- OMG, it was *Abe* who started that riot?? The exchange he shared with Anna about that was so heartbreaking...

**(Mad Men, S7E7 "Waterloo"I can't remember any other time on this show that we got a glimpse into Burt Cooper's home life. Wow. And he looked like a little kid, all lit up over the shuttle launch. Love it! -- What the hell, Ted?! You take Sunkist up in the plane, and then cut the engines and talk about death??? And why didn't *you* get the "Don treatment" for that anyway?! -- Jim Cutler [to Lou, who is still whining over Don "costing him his chance with tobacco"]: We don't owe you anything. You're a hired hand. Now, get back to work. ... Zing! -- Oh boy. I saw Sally making eyes at the oldest son of...Betty's college friend? Whose family is staying at the Francis house for some reason? -- Hmmmm... How long til Peggy ends up hooking up with the handyman who is there putting in her ceiling? -- Did Don's secretary really try to make out with him after he read the letter about his breach of contract?? And did he really turn her down?? How...un-Don-like. When she grabbed his chin, looked into his eyes, told him she knew he was feeling vulnerable and asked what she could do, then kissed him, his reply of "you can get my attorney on the phone and we can't do this" with a look of bewildered disbelief on his face made me bust out laughing. -- About that letter: Cutler wrote the letter and signed the other partners' names to it WITHOUT TELLING THEM?? Even those not a fan of Don's weren't going to like being undermined without so much as a "by your leave." -- Julio is moving?? Poor Peggy. ... Julio: I don't want to go to Newark!! Peggy: No one does. ... ::snort:: -- Seriously, Megan? Don tells you he's probably going to get fired and you drop the bomb that the marriage is over with a half-annoyed, half-exasperated "Don..."? I will *never* figure her out. -- I loved the way they showed all the characters watching the moon landing, where ever they were. That kind of national amazement is something I'm not sure I remember in my lifetime. -- Holy. Crap. Cooper is DEAD??? At least he went happy, watching the moon landing... -- Wait. Sally got all prettied up because she is interested in the *middle* son?? I did NOT see that coming! -- Oh my heart: Don telling Peggy that if she wins Burger Chef by presenting instead of him, then the account is hers and she can stand on that if he gets let go, rather than working so hard to land the account on his presentation and risking losing it all. --  I have to give props to Roger, standing up in the wake of Burt's unexpected passing and finding a vision and being the leader Burt didn't think he could be for his company. Selling the firm to the competition on the condition that Don stays and luring the other partners in with millions of dollars for their bank accounts. A subsidiary, keeping SCP offices, name, clients, the works. It almost sounds too good to be true. p.s. You should have signed that partner contract while the offer stood, Harry! -- Goosebumps: Peggy's Burger Chef presentation. "That table is your battlefield and your prize." "We're starving...and not just for dinner." "There may be chaos at home, but there's family supper at Burger Chef." -- What is Joan's deal with Don? I know he screwed up, but has she forgotten he was the only one who didn't pimp her out to Jaguar and was appalled when the others did?? Yet she doesn't have even an ounce of loyalty. -- That speech Don gave Ted about what it's like to walk away and see what happens when you crash and burn. Wow. -- What an ending, that "vision" Don had of Burt singing "The Best Things in Life Are Free." I wonder where we go from here when we pick it back up for the final seven episodes next year...


Saturday, August 9, 2014

This Week on My TV: August 9, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Mad Men, S7E6 "The Strategy") Something I have been baffled by all season: How did Pete land Bonnie?? And he's still married to Trudy?! -- I'll say it again: Don's secretary is *such* an airhead. -- Oof. Poor Peggy. Somehow, Ted keeps popping up where she is least prepared for him. -- Pete [about Peggy]: You know she's every bit as good as any woman in this business. ... OUCH. -- Ken Cosgrove saying "you really gotta keep an eye on him" is so funny for all the wrong reasons. -- What is Megan's angle, showing up in New York, unannounced? Still can't figure her out. -- LOL! Peggy breaking into the tiki bar in Lou's office. -- Peggy [to Don]: Did you park your white horse outside? Spare me the suspense and tell me what your "save the day" plan is. -- Don is still mentoring Peggy, she just needs to see it. -- I thought Pete's jackets were...loud. Bob Benson is wearing on in this episode that look like a box of Crayola melted into a jacket. -- Bob Benson [following Joan's rejection of his "marriage" proposal]: I know I'm flawed, but I am offering you more than anyone else *ever* will. Joan: No, you're not, Bob, because I want love, and I'd rather die *hoping* that happens, than make some arrangement. And you should too. -- Peggy and Don are at their best when they're together. I love them cynical and laughing and collaborating. -- Don [to Peggy]: I worry about a lot of things...but I don't worry about you. -- Peggy is so pretty when she drops her defenses, whether that means open vulnerability or quiet confidence. Anything but pinched and bitter. -- Oh my heart, Peggy and Don dancing to Sinatra's "My Way." -- Love love love Peggy's new direction for her Burger Chef ad pitch: "every table is the family table." And then cameras pulling back on Don, Peggy, and Pete, eating together. Like family. Each other's family, these three lost and floundering souls. Reunited. I feel like it has shades of the early seasons.

**(Murder in the First, S1E2 "The City of Sisterly Love") I will say this about the obligatory chase scene that every episode of a police show much have: at least there was no chain link fence over which to be climbed; it was exchanged for a less common tumble down some stairs. Points for mild originality (at least, I can't recall the last time I saw that done). -- Not sure which I find more horrifying: the sister of the dead wife dropping her robe for the grieving widower or picking the used tissue out of the trash with the kitchen tongs and putting them back in the crock on the counter? -- I love that they set the show in San Francisco. I have a soft spot for that city. -- This episode has a better pace than the pilot, which gives me hope.

**(The Bridge, S2E4 "The Acorn"The first question, when Eleanor Nacht appears in a scene with any other person, is "how long til he/she is dead?" -- Ray is sitting there, telling Charlotte about how they'll run away to Alaska, buy a trailer on a couple of acres, have a fire pit, she can pop out a couple of kids, and that's how they'll be, til they die. Charlotte says "that's nice" in a tone of voice that suggests she'd rather he just kill her now. -- Daniel Frye is such a douche, but he makes me laugh. -- Now why did Dobbs' brother steal that particular picture off Sonya's refrigerator? -- Deal?? Fausto and Eleanor have a deal?? What is this deal?? (This actually intrigued/bothered me more than wondering who (or what) was inside that cage and took the acorn from Eleanor.)

**(Murder in the First, S1E2 "The City of Sisterly Love"It has to be too obvious that Erich Blunt would be the killer...right? Either way, he sure does...get around with his employees. -- Duh, lady. You can't violate a non-disclosure agreement to a cop, relating to a major murder investigation, and expect him to keep it a secret. -- Real estate lingo is a dirty, dirty trick. Spin, spin, spin. That apartment "in a classic building with a treetop view" was a DUMP. -- Sheesh. All the ladies are just throwing themselves at Terry. His deceased wife's sister. His real estate agent. Is "grieving widower" a lady magnet?

**(Reckless, S1E2 "Parting Shots"Roy: Ah, Yankees. Jamie: Your all purpose insult. Roy: You know, you are too blunt, Jamie. Jamie: What am I supposed to say? Roy: Nothing. Or "bless your heart." That's what we say when we don't like something. -- Oh, so Cruz was working undercover and that's how he got into that footage? Hmmm... -- So Lee Anne has a jealous and insecure husband who is a disabled veteran. Interesting twist. -- Whoa! I did not see it coming that the mother in the custody case set up the shooting on herself! -- Is there anything cuter than Roy video chatting with his girls? I think not.

**(Motive, S2E10 "Nobody Lives Forever") I always puzzle over the water bottles in the squad room. Is it purely decor or is it also supposed to be functional? -- I will admit, I find it intriguing that this show, which is actually shown and set in Canada (then aired later in the U.S.) had a theme of illegal aliens. You never hear anything about it being an issue in Canada. Or, at least, I've never heard it mentioned before. -- I called the parts about the security company calling to inquire about the failed attempts to access the safe, that the victim  was killed trying to be the killer, that the victim was the killer's husband, but not that it was self defense, which, oddly, given the details I had gathered, should have been a logical leap. -- I know I've said this before, but I really enjoy the way they "fade" from one scene to the next on this show. -- I don't recall them weaving in a season long arc in the first season of this show (if they did, it was either super subtle or quite forgettable), but I'm not sure how I feel about the one they've played with this season. It's dragging too much, which shouldn't be an issue for a show that is only thirteen episodes long.

**(Turn, S1E6 "Mr Culpeper"I totally fell for the opening scene, thinking Abraham had somehow been caught trying to pass spy messages! Well played, Turn, to have it be just a scenario playing out as Nathaniel Sackett was imagining possible scenarios and their outcomes. -- I love the authority and mystery they've woven into George Washington's "character." -- For as despicable as Major Andre is, I love the way he treats Abigail. He's friendly and kind. -- Hahahaha!Mr Sackett's dismay over the spy ring's failure to use encryption. -- I found the whole bit with Abraham's capture by a lone rebel to be very odd and mildly confusing. I guess I didn't see the point? -- Andre's redressing of Simcoe in front of his peers after he killed the released-POW-turned-spy that Andre hoped to turn into a double spy was very satisfying. -- I'm impressed by Ben Tallmadge and the nerve he had to tell Washington the fault with the chain of spies was a lack of trust. He's right, you can't have success with a mission of that nature without total trust for each of its members.

**(The Last Ship, S1E2 'Welcome to Gitmo"I can't even imagine listening to all those radio transmissions of terrified, dying people and being unable to do anything about it. Heartbreaking, especially when you don't know the fate of your own loved ones. -- Why does it seem like the XO on most of these shows is always the weakest link? -- It was pretty crazy how ghost-town-ish Gitmo looked when the special teams landed to collect fuel, food, and supplies. -- So that's how the Russians knew where the ship was located: Quincey. -- Big fan of the prison guard from Gitmo. I like the rough around the edges, rowdy comic relief he provides. Glad to see he seems to be sticking around.

**(The Last Ship, S1E3 "Dead Reckoning") So, after a lot of posturing between the captains of the two ships, the Nathan James outwits the Russians...for now. But I have to imagine they will be back. I mean, they do have that nuclear-powered ship, a desire for the vaccine, and Quincey's family onboard. -- About the Russians having Quincey's family. Or is it had? Are they still alive? I can see what a terrible position he was in. -- Lt Kara Foster: I can knock the nipples off a chicken from a thousand yards, sir. -- What is the deal with that man in the plastic sheeted room on the Russian ship?! Why does he need a microwave oven? And why did he breathe on that lab mouse??


Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Week on My TV: August 2, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Mad Men, S7E5 "The Runaways"Ginsberg is completely cracking up. Convinced that the computer will turn everyone gay. Showing up at Peggy's apartment unannounced, watching her sleep two inches from her face, trying to procreate with her. -- It took me a few minutes to figure out who Stephanie was, but was she really just there to get money and leave? Megan was very gracious and hospitable, but what was that expression on her face as Stephanie walked out of the room to shower? And why did she want to prevent Stephanie from seeing Don? I never figure out Megan's motives. -- OMG, Lou, that was *not* proper handwashing. Gross. -- Don's secretary is quite possibly the biggest airhead ever. -- Betty was vintage Betty. Storming off and feigning a headache because Henry embarrassed her. Being vicious with Sally. -- Sally was mouthy in her exchange with Betty over her broken nose, but it totally made me bust out laughing. -- OMG WHY DID GINSBERG CUT OFF HIS NIPPLE AND PRESENT IT TO PEGGY IN A BOX WHY???? -- Don. Is. Back. BAM!

**(The Bridge, S1E3 "Sorrowsworn") The theme of this show is "So. Freaking. Weird." I probably say this at least four times per episode. It is *way* more disturbing than Dexter *ever* was...and that was a show about a serial killer vigilante! -- The lawyer knows this bizarre drug money woman?? -- Ray: So I say we act like white people and disappear and let our lawyer doing the talking. -- Why does Muttonchops even have lines? Does anyone ever know what he's actually saying??

**(Motive, S2E8 "Angels with Dirty Faces"I cracked up when Angie told Oscar to erase her computer search history if she died. Because that's what best friends do, right? -- I was right! Detective Lucas *is* married. I saw the wedding band. So what's the deal with him and Officer Wendy? And why is everyone encouraging it with their winks and nods? -- Oh, the irony of the victim's mother saying she can't turn off the machines and kill her own her son's murderer. -- I did not see the health twist coming, but I *really* didn't see it coming that the killer was the son the victim's mother gave up for adoption! Well-played, Motive. Well-played. -- What on earth is up with this shooting that is looming in Angie and Cross's past?? They sure are unraveling this story one tiny thread at a time.

**(Unforgettable, S3E1 "New Hundred") So Carrie is doing undercover with counterfeiters now?? -- Jo [to Carrie]: Every time you and Al are in the same room together, *I* need a cold shower. -- ::snort:: The Pomeranian is named Derek Jeter. -- Seriously, Carrie, why *aren't* you and Al (back) together? -- I wonder if Jane Curtin really hurt herself or if it was truly just "part of the story" for Jane's character. -- My second favorite "pair" on this show, after Carrie and Al, is Carrie and Jo. -- Amusing to watch two handsome, virile men posturing for Carrie. It was really getting under Al's skin that Secret Service Agent Frank might have a little interest in Carrie!

**(Motive, S2E9 "Abandoned") So, we're just going to dance around Detective Lucas' failing marriage and the secrets of Angie's past? -- The guy whose abusive mother was killed by the mother of his baby (follow that?) had the bluest eyes ever. -- I figured out the abusive part and the baby given up for adoption part, but how did I miss the connection between the two??

**(Turn, S1E5 "Epiphany"I'm a bit confused by Anna. How did she go from so strong to so weepy? Pull yourself together, woman! -- Ooo! The ring of spies has eyes inside Andre's house now, thanks to Anna's former slave, Abigail, being relocated there! -- Everyone keeps talking about how frigid it is outside. Does Anna have no warmer hats? No shawl capable of being pulled over her heaving bosom? -- OMG with all the making out between Abe and Anna. I can't believe the British soldier living in Abe's house walked in on them! Awkward, even in 1776. -- It worked! The letter to General Washington worked!! You know, it amuses me how excited I am, considering I kind of already know the way this all turns out. -- I love, LOVE, the scenery in this show. -- Total chills at our first meeting with Washington.



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