Saturday, September 30, 2006

standing corrected

sometimes you think you know something about yourself & it turns out you were wrong. maybe you just didn't know what you were talking about or perhaps you simply convinced yourself of something that was not true. but you *think* you know & then you learn that you really didn't. and then you have to be woman enough to admit, at least to yourself, that you fooled yourself into thinking you knew & you couldn't have been further off base.

yep. i thought i knew. now i know i had my head up my ass.

and there we are.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dawn's Thursday Thirteen, Edition Twelve: reflecting on California

Thirteen Thoughts I Brought Back With Me From My Trip to California

1) Nichole & Daniel are gracious, generous, amazing people & i am so lucky to call them my friends.

2) California weather is like taking the best weather in CT (October) & the best weather in FL (March) and combining them: warm without being too hot & *no* humidity.

3) the Pacific Ocean is *nothing* like the Atlantic Ocean.

4) you cannot compare Disneyland to Walt Disney World. they are so different. both are wonderful, magical places to be...but they have totally unique personalities.

5) the consumption of a beverage containing alcohol is as pleasurable as the company you keep.

6) chocolate from See's Candie's really *is* better than Godiva.

7) don't put your knuckles in anything brown in color... and if someone else does, don't try to be nice by wiping it off. ;-)

8) it is very important to keep your body loose & floppy when riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.

9) not all wines taste & smell

10) when RSN-FL comes together with RSN-West, unbelievabe things happen: like Julian Tavarez pitching a complete game in a Red Sox victory.

11) Disneyland has a *way* better Pirates of the Caribbean than WDW.

12) "life is a celebration. every day holds a reason to have a glass of champagne."

13) how is it possible to miss someplace that you have only been once, for four days...?

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Thursday, September 21, 2006


it was 61* when i was driving into work this morning! does that mean things really *are* going to start cooling off in FL soon??


thoughts on travelling...

may i direct your attention to the sidebar on the left. over there to the countdowns currently ticking away minutes to various events. see that one on the top? the one that says in a few short hours i will be landing in CA?

ahhhhhhh... thought it would never get here. and after a morning like i've had so far, i am even *more* ready (if that's possible!). let's just say that if there was *any* doubt that i am ready for some down time...i misplaced some crucual & very important paperwork. paperwork that involved a prospective employee's personal information. turns out that i put it in his file, noticed that he hadn't removed some paperwork that was his to keep & gave him *everything* back. ::slaps forehead:: i am a danger to myself some days...

however, that wasn't what i planned to say here about travelling. earlier this morning, when most of you normal folks were still blissfully slumbering, i was emailing with Michelle. about how it seems Mother Nature & her sick sense of humor, bestows a woman's period upon her for such things as vacation. and somehow we are required to find space in out suitcase for a big box we also have to come prepared with an arsenal available in our carry-on bag. emergency supplies, if you will.

well, we all know about the latest increase in airline security. and how the list of "items not allowed" has grown & multiplied like bored rabbits. in all her infinite wit & humor, Michelle says to me this morning (when virtually everything but my achy lower back is funny):

Ha -- can you take tampons the plane??? Probably only one or two...any more than that and you could go into that spacious potty, rip all the strings off, tie them together and tie someone up.

this caused me to a) choke on a mouthful of cranberry juice and b) wonder...maybe it's not the strings they will worry about. maybe they are going to be suspicious of what i may be transporting in the little applicator tube that can be rocketed out as a weapon! =P

ok maybe that was funnier in my head...but *I* am laughing!


::peering into her yogurt container::

hmmmm... i thought i brought raspberry yogurt for lunch. this appears to be raspberry SEED yogurt. nothing like crunchy yogurt for lunch...


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

extreme telemarketing

i joke about how being (just) a receptionist is synonymous with professional liar...errr *storyteller*. i have come up with some pretty blatant, if not outrageous, "stories" in my time. i fielded a call today that makes me look like an amateur.

me: "good morning, Company Name."
caller: "yes. i need to speak to Mr. Owner, please."
me: "may i tell him who's calling?"
caller: "sure. it's John Spadaro calling him right back again. we just hung up."
::i pause & don't remember transferring a call from this guy but what the hell, maybe Mr. Owner called him, ya know?::
me: "hold please."
::calls Mr. Owner's extension::
me: "hi. John Spadaro back on line 3 for you."
Mr. Owner: "who??"
me: "John Spadaro. you just hung up with him..."
Mr. Owner: "i wasn't even on my phone!"
me: "you're kidding me. i'll just put him to voicemail"
::i pick up line 3 & deposit him into voiecmail::

are you kidding me though?? i can usually smell a sneaky telemarketer, but *this* one fooled even me! apparently there really are *no* limits...


are you more: September 20, 2006

Are you more...

01) A fan of Michael Keaton in Batman or a fan of Michael Keaton in Johnny Dangerously? Batman
02) Gol-durn tootin' fer sure not to swear even when you could or god-damned well going to swear when appropriate, for f---'s sake? 95% of the time, i don't swear
03) The bug or the windshield? the bug
04) Likely to shed a tear at a sad movie or likely to shed a tear at a sad song? a movie
05) Boris Badinov or Rocky the Flying Squirrel? neither?
06) A blistering hot, cloudless day or a rainy, overcast, coolish day? rainy, overcast & cool
07) Likely to go out for haute cuisine or likely to go out for diner food? diner food. we don't have anything cuisine where i live! LOL
08) Always ready to expand your paradigm at a moment's notice or cozily mired in the way things are and you want them to STAY that way? this depends *entirely* on the situation in question. i am a creature of habit. i also moved to FL 3 weeks after making the decision to do so & i had never even set foot in the state until the day i arrived to live here.
09) Likely to eat a salad that you aren't sure what's all in it or likely to eat a grilled tofu substitute for a meat you like? i think i'll go with the salad. i can pick out anything that's *too* scary or unidentifiable.
10) Saucy or bland? saucy!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings: September 19, 2006

Week 188

I say ... and you think ... ?

True love ::
Age :: before beauty
Stern :: strict
Elastic :: stretchy
Rustic :: country
Enhance :: increase the appeal
Jackson :: -ville Jaguars
Inherit :: -ed runners
Devious :: scheming
Scapegoat :: blame

Week 189

I say ... and you think ... ?

Running :: sprinting
Alternative :: another option
Cope :: learn to live with
Lots :: so much
Sympathetic :: compassionate
Barn :: red
Totally :: completely
Baby :: Girl!
Undeniable :: imarguable
Watermelon :: seeds


Doofy EZ strikes again

or well, actually, *walks*, not strikes. thank God, it's not for the Red Sox anymore at least. he was brought into the game for the Padres last night to pitch the 10th inning. at the end of the ninth, the score was tied up at 9. the Padres managed to squeak in a run to take the lead in the top of the tenth. all that remained was for the bullpen to come in & get three outs. apparently the Padres have learned nothing from the Red Sox this year, even though they must watch a lot of the Sox games, considering the number of players that shuttle back & forth between to the two organizations. the last pitcher you want in a pivotal situation is Rudy Seanez. what did he do? why, he walked the first batter he faced, of course! the rest is history. up steps our old boy, Nomar, and belts a long ball out of the park to give the Dodgers a walkoff victory.

oh yeah & did i mention that by losing this game to the Dodgers, the Padres are now back in second place in their division by a half game?? again, i wonder...Rudy Seanez was *really* your best option at this point? REALLY??? wow.

the Dodgers hit 7 home runs in that game. did you know that Dodgers that are last in home runs in the National League?!

now that it's almost certain, in every way except mathematically at this point, that the Red Sox will *not* be playing next month, i think that i have to root for either the Dodgers or the Padres to go to the World Series & win it. it is almost a given at this point that one will be the division winner & the other the wild card team (unless the Phillies scratch their way back in). do you realize how many ex-Red Sox players play for those two teams?!? it would be almost like the Sox are still playing, if you squint your eyes & ignore the fact that the pitchers have to hit.

seriously though. check out these rosters:
Dodgers: Derek Lowe. Aaron Sele. Nomar Garciaparra.
Padres: Scott Cassidy. Alan Embree. Cla Meredith. Rudy Seanez (suppressing the urge to scream here!). David Wells. Josh Bard. Mark Bellhorn. Todd Walker. Dave Roberts.
that is a *lot* of former Sox!

a couple of other Sox-related notes i've found & have been meaning to mention:

But give credit where credit is due. Julian Tavarez is slowly pitching himself into a roster spot for next season. (Dirty Watah: Another Crummy Weekend): not the first time or place i have read this, nor the last. there was a time this season that these sentences would have struck terror in my soul. now i am thinking that he missed his calling, at least in Boston, and that he is considerably better than most of the guys we tried to make number-five starters. food for thought... and what about a starting rotation of Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, Wakefield, Tavarez? (i don't think we'll see Jon Lester again until 2008, to be honest...) that doesn't sound half bad to me!

If you want to know the difference between Belichick and Tito, is that when Belichick makes a tough call, he does it for a reason. (Dirty Watah: Week 1 Bills at Pats): truer words have rarely fallen on this Boston pro sports fan's ears...errr, eyes. talk about two completely different team management styles. Belichick, like Tito the Lumpy Head, often makes me furrow my brows with confusion at his in-game decisions. the difference lies in the fact that Francona's decisions often are as hairbrained (hahahaha...) as they initially appeared to be, while Belichick's almost always make him look like a genius. i think Terry Francona needs to take up watching football in October & learn a thing or two about gutsy moves that actually *work*.

something else Dirty Watah pointed out that i found noteworthy: Craig Hansen's ERA without Jason Varitek = 10.61. Craig Hansen's ERA *with* Tek behind the plate = 5.31. anyone else still want to argue that the Cap'n's absence didn't have a *lot* to do with the downward spiral in August? all these young pitchers...and who did they have to lean on? Javy Useless Lopez.

one last thing. the icing on the "Boston takes the series in NY" cake. "MVP" Jeter ended his 20-something game hitting streak (you know, the one that they allowed to continue even though he was walked & hit by a pitch in an earlier game, thus *not* getting a hit. i wonder how the decision would have been made if you substituted Manny for Jeter...) against a nobody pitcher for the Sox, Kevin Jarvis. ::evil smirk::

see? there *is* still joy in baseball, no matter what the standings say!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Madness: September 18, 2006

courtesy of Monday Madness

September 18, 2006

1. How do you eat an oreo cookie? open mouth. take a bite. chew. swallow. repeat.
2. How long does it take you to eat lunch? that depends on how many times the phone rings while i am trying to eat. that's right, i take my lunch at my desk & keep on working. i have mastered the art of chewing & swallowing quickly because it never fails that the phone will ring as soon as i've put food into my mouth. back to the original question. without interruptions? 10 minutes. with interruptions? 20-30 minutes which means my food is usually not the preferred temperature.
3. Caffeine or decaf? caffeine only when absolutely necessary to stay awake. other than that, water doesn't come regular or decaf, as far as i know. ;-)
4. Chicken or beef? chicken please!
5. Pen or pencil? pen
6. Autumn or spring? Autumn!!
7. Baseball or basketball? need you ask? not just baseball, RED SOX baseball. i would rather give up a limb than watch basketball.
8. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' ummmm...never watched a single episode of either.

September 11, 2006

1. How long have you been blogging? end of December 2004
2. How many times have you taken a break from blogging? a few quick breaks, never more than a few days. they are rarely even conscious breaks so much as not having much to say for several consecutive days.
3. How long is the longest you've gone, so far, without posting on your blog? 8 days i think it was?
4. How many fellow bloggers do you keep in touch with, through your blogs, on a regular basis? through email and/or phone contact: half dozen. by regular commentary on their blogs: probably another 15 or so. and that's not counting the 7 or 8 bloggers that i actually knew *before* blogging!
5. Have you ever met, in person, a blogger on your blogroll? yes i sure have!! two of them actually: Abby and Nichole
6. How often do you update/change the 'extra' stuff on your blog? omg, *all* the time.
7. Do you think you'll be blogging for years to come? it wouldn't surprise me!

September 4, 2006

1. Which holidays (if any) do you consider more as a day off from work, than anything else? probably just Labor Day. i got a few days off here & there that aren't actual holidays though but are considered paid holidays, like the day after Thanksgiving, for example.
2. Which 3 holidays are most celebrated in your family? Christmas. Thanksgiving. Easter.
3. Do you have an organized filing system at home? yes, i do.
4. Do you clip coupons for groceries? If so, do you remember to use them? If not, why? i did for a while. i haven't recently, but when i clip them, i am *very* good about using them.
5. How many magazines do you subscribe to? two
6. Do you play any computer games on a regular basis? If so, which is your favorite, and why? nope! use the computer for storing/editing my photos, emailing, blogging "watching" Sox games, surfing the web & other various things, but no games!
7. Have you watched any movies worth recommending, lately? LOL! no.

August 28, 2006

1. Do you do dishes by hand or do you use a dishwasher?
some of both. i use the dishwasher for most things, but pots, pans, anything large, not dishwasher-safe or that i deem too delicate to put in there all get washed by hand.
2. How many people have your cell phone number? 9
3. Do you shower in the morning or at night? every single morning. at night as needed.
4. Do you ever have a song 'stuck' in your head? all the time. there is *always* a song stuck in my head. right now it's "How 'Bout Us?" by Champaign. (i actually had no idea who sang that song. i just had it playing in my head on repeat for the last 5 hours.)
5. Do you pay your bills when they arrive, or do you wait until closer to the due date to pay them? i pay them long before the due date, but not immediately upon arrival.
6. Are you obsessive about anything in particular? not living in a pig sty. i was traumatized by a former roommate & must have a house that is not only tidy, but presentable for company at *any* time.
7. What one thing would you say you have a zero tolerance for? anyone intentionally hurting the people i love. people who abuse those who are most vulnerable (animals, children, the elderly, the "challenged"...)


times like these

yes, prepare yourselves. it's Monday morning. and it's that glorious time of year when baseball & football overlap. i am in my own little heaven. Red Sox & Patriots can be viewed on the *same day*.

the last few years, i was torn between watching the Sox gear up for the post season & seeing the Patriots start off a fresh season where anything remains a possibility. this year, it is emphasis on the latter because the former is a painfully small & almost non-existent probability at this point. this is when, instead of the adrenaline rush of sports overload, i am happy to have a diversion.

this past weekend though was an important one for Boston. it wasn't the series we hoped it would be in terms of being the chance to eliminate the Evil Empire. but it was the opportunity for vindication, to take back a little of the dignity they stole in Fenway & take pleasure in doing so in *their* house. maybe the Sox wouldn't be vying for that coveted division leader slot, but they could take away the one thing that would make winning the division sweeter for NY: to do so at the victimization of the Red Sox.

do you know what this is?

this is the way the final game of Saturday-Sunday day/night double header hell-on-the-players looked on the infield of Yankee Stadium. *these* are my Sox celebrating their third victory of four games! they didn't sweep but they won the series & at least they have reclaimed a bit of their pride, ending the last Red Sox-Yankees series of 2006 as the victors. the only thing i wish i had & can't seem to find is a photo of Coco's home-run-stealing grab to keep Posada from breaking the tie & giving the Yankees a 6-4 lead in the eighth! ha! all you who criticized Coco's bandaged finger. for all the dumb things we've seen Coco perform in center, he sure comes up beautifully when it matters most.

and then there's this little excerpt from the Red Sox site that added to my jubilation after all the Papi-Jeter-MVP debate & just a little more "take *that* & digest it NY"!: The boos that have rained down on David Ortiz all weekend at Yankee Stadium probably haven't felt all that nice for the superstar slugger. But Ortiz created a sound much more preferable -- and familiar -- in the sixth inning of Game 1 of Sunday's doubleheader. It was the unmistakable sound of the ball hitting the barrel of Ortiz's bat and then flying over the wall in right-center field.

and to make it all a little sweeter, the Patriots (have i ever mentioned here that i can't call them "the Pats"? sounds too...sissy to me or something. you will never hear that nickname used *here*!) start the season 2-0 and these are division games!! and does it get any better that the last play of the game was an interception by Tedy Bruschi who was playing his first game back & with an arm in a cast no less??

Linebacker Mike Vrabel (on Tedy Bruschi's return)
"Only Tedy comes back with a cast on his stinking arm and has an interception. That's him, though. It was great to see him back."

i am loving the first round draft pick rookie Maroney! it's as if he has always played NFL ball. the Dillon-Maroney tag team makes the running game exciting! and i can't *believe* the improvement in attitude between "Dillon as a Bengal" and "Dillon as a Patriot", taking this kid under his wing & being his mentor.

and this. *this* is beautiful. i contend that as long as Brady QBs my team, you cannot count them out. poised yet fiery. i could watch him throw all day.

just one question remains though:

where are the hoodie & the track pants?! THIS is not Bill Belichick...

happy happy Dawn. all my boys won on Sunday. ::happy dance::


Friday, September 15, 2006

sharing du jour: September 15, 2006

song of the day: "Why Didn't I Think of That?", Doug Stone

quote of the day: "Love is a minefield. You take a step and get blown to pieces, put yourself back together again and stupidly take another step." (Kate Welles)


Friday's Feast: September 15, 2006

Feast One Hundred & Eleven

What was the very last song you listened to?

"Here Without You", 3 Doors Down

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?

Columbia House! omg, i won't even tell you the nightmare i went through with them when i questioned why they charged my bank account for something without authorization when i didn't owe them anything...and how i reached a customer service rep once & she hung up on me saying it was "too bad" but when i made a purchase using my debit card at one point, i gave them authorization to place any charges on that card without notifying me first (no one told *me* that!! and you can bet i wouldn't have made any purchases either!)...after that every time i called, i got caught in an endless circle of automated hell that never connected me to a living human being again & would eventually disconnect me.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?

i used to *hate* it. i wouldn't say i feel '10' about it now (and i usually feel '6' about 90% of the results) but it doesn't bother me to have my photo taken, so i guess i would say '8'.

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book?

a photo

Name a food that you like that most people don't.


Feast One Hundred & Eight

If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, which one would you like to have?
probably something like Redbook or Glamour, because it's "light & fluffy" & girly...and there's enough variety in it that i don't get bored flipping through it.

Describe your living room (furnishings, colors, etc.).
standard. couch, recliner, tv, lamps, ceiling fan.

What does the shape of a circle make you think of?

Main Course
Name 3 things in your life that you consider to be absolute necessities.
i can't limit to 3. i have to list 5. warm, fed, clothed, safe, loved.

What was the last really funny movie you watched?
everything i've watched lately has been "chick flick" or "action" in nature. i can't even remember the last funny movie i watched!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

all the wrong places

i heard a commercial as i got ready for work this morning. it was for & they said that if you didn't find a love connection after being a member of their site for 6 months, they would give you another 6 months' membership for free. the catch phrase? "now you can make love happen. guaranteed."

what a sad world we live in, filled with so many lost & lonely people, wandering around & looking to be loved. so desperate that they can be led to believe that love is something you can "make happen"...

i'm not saying you can't find it on, because love takes all sorts of avenues to arrive at its final destination. but love cannot be made to happen. if it doesn't come on its own, entirely & undeniably so, is not love. there is just no way that anyone can guarantee it will be found somewhere, much less that it can be made to happen.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wednesday Mind Hump: September 12, 2006

from Blogdrive Insanity

Wednesday Mind Hump: July 19, 2006

1. How hot does it usually get in summer where you live?
HOT. and humid. sometimes almost oppressive. but it is *still* better than stepping in an icy slush puddle.

2. What's your favorite ice cream treat (or other cold treat)? Dole Whip from Magic Kingdom!

3. What's your favorite cold beverage? ice cold water

4. Cubed or crushed ice? cubed, please!

5. Do you prefer swimming in a pool, lake, river or stream? i prefer *not* to. i get too cold in the water & i'm not so much a fan of swimming. i prefer to be sunning myself like a cat. ;-)

Wednesday Mind Hump: August 30, 2006

Star Wars or Star Trek? ummmm...Star Wars, i guess, but only the original trilogy. and to be honest, though i have seen the Star Wars movies & watched a *ton* of Star Trek, thanks to Sundays spent with my mother as a child, i could not watch either of them ever again & be perfectly ok

Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? i haven't seen either...

Internet Explorer or Firefox? i use IE as a rule, but i have Forefox downloaded for when IE misbehaves

iPod shuffle or iPod Nano? i wouldn't know the difference if you put them in front of me. unless they actually say "shuffle" and "nano" *on* them somewhere.

Camera phone or mp3 phone? camera phone!!!

Dilbert or Jon from "Garfield"? Jon. love "Garfield".

And of course, the big question
Mac or PC?


Monday, September 11, 2006


...the Pearl Harbor and JFK assassination of my generation...

some images are forever etched in your mind.
some moments will remain a vivid memory.
some things are forever altered in a split second.


sharing du jour: September 11, 2006

song of the day: "One More Day", Diamond Rio

quote of the day: "I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity." (Gilda Radner)


i never thought i would say this but...

...the least scary pitcher the Sox have starting for them right now is Julian Tavarez.

::shakes head & blinks eyes hard::

yes, you read that correctly. i saw that he was starting yesterday's game & felt...omg...*relieved*. funny, i never felt that way when he was actually a reliever! =P

so...a Red Sox win. which makes me happy. i love when my boys win.

know what makes me even happier?

Lucky 49 slated to start on Wednesday. let the Wakabelli Show resume!


picture me jumping up & down for the duration of this post

it's football season! it's football season!

not only that but the Patriots somehow squeaked out a win & the Bucs got shut out at home. Week 1 is officially a success.

the only thing is...for the first time in NFL history, two brothers started as QB against one another on Sunday night. unfortunately for me, i enjoy seeng both of them lose & when you play one another, that just is not possible. i didn't know who to cheer for--Eli "I'm Too Good for Some NFL Teams Before I Am Even Considered a Rookie" Manning or Peyton "I Couldn't Play Baseball Because There's No Crying There" Manning! LOL at least it was a good game to watch right down to the last drive.

we won't talk about how i did in fantasy football because it doesn't look so good at the moment, but i'm pretty impressed with my picks for Week 1 when the whole thing is a giant guessing game!

double header Monday Night Football for ESPN's first ever hosting. if you have no preference, root for the Vikings for me ok? ;-)


Thursday, September 7, 2006

happy happy happy

sometimes the *littlest* things make me so happy.


i'm ready already!!

fantasy football starting lineups set.
picks made & posted.
7 months of waiting.

am i ready?


Wednesday, September 6, 2006

sometimes you lose all hope...and then what you wished for falls right into your lap

back-to-back wins to start a series. against the Other Sox. just how they did it in Chicago going into the All Star Break...right before it all came falling down. but instead of Lester-Beckett-Schilling...the starters are Tavarez-Gabbard-Snyder. who?? and we got TWO wins?? and the pitcher i would have had the *most* confidence in of the three doesn't take the hill until tonight? hey, if nothing else, these boys have shown that they have heart, even if they don't make it into the post season. and it is *so* good to see familiar faces popping up again. Cap'n & A-Gon & Trot. Manny & Papi. all i need to make it complete is to see Lucky 49 take the field.

the one good thing about feeling as if October has all but slipped from view behind the 2006 horizon is being able to enjoy each victory without that sense of urgency & pending doom. if my boys pull off the impossible & somehow streak their way back in by some miracle, well...i will be elated, overjoyed, euphoric...and (i'll admit it) shocked as hell. and if they don't, then i've at least reveled in each win they achieve in the last 23 games.

oh yeah & the Royals beat the Yankees last night. good times.

a few little things i've found during my blog hiatus that are worthy of mention (in my opinion, which, if you recall, is the only one that matters *here*):

As if there wasn't enough fallout from the whuppin' the Yankees put on the Sox, now we have to deal with this: Yankees fans, silent since October, 2004, are back to being their old obnoxious selves; yup, they've got their self-satisfied swagger back. I can't tell you how many Yankees hats I saw here in the tourist stop known as Wells, Me., in the days after the beat-down, but I can guarantee you it's more than I've seen all summer previously; it took all my willpower not to turn a couple of the Buttafuocos into hood ornaments. And I won't even get into talking about my frontrunning neighbor, who is quick to take down the Yankee flag above her doorstop when things aren't going well for the Bronx Billionaires, yet always seems to have the thing waving proudly milliseconds after a victory over the Sox. One of these nights, I'm going to swipe the flag and replace it with . . . well, I don't know, something tasteless. I'm open to ideas. [Note: I like the pirate flag suggestion. Just bizarre enough to work.] Sports Guy likened this smug-Yankee-fan phenomenon to mosquitoes returning to ruin a pleasant summer. It's a fair analogy, but then again, I've never encountered a single mosquito who has a spotty mustache, accessorizes a knock-off Jeter jersey with knock-off gold chains, and smells like a combination of stale Driven and James Gandolfini's undershirt. But I'm sure they have 'em in droves in Jersey. (Touching All the Bases, Nine Innings: 8.28.06)


the little excerpt from Touching All the Bases, Nine Innings: 9.4.06, purely for the enjoyment of one half of RSN-West: The Less Famous But Equally Useless Of The Javier Lopezes (can we claim some sort of rights to this, do you think??)


and this one for the other half of RSN-West, because it so made me think of her & laugh: "I can't wait to start playing, dude," he said before last night's game against the White Sox." (David Ortiz, Extra Bases, "Papi Returning Today")


this just strikes me as amusing in a way maybe only i can be amused: Gonzalez was wearing his "Got Manny?" T-shirt (Extra Bases)


and finally Seth Mnookin of Feeding the Monster convinced me that the inexplicably dark month of August truly was caused by something dark & sinister

Introducing the Curse of the Gimpy Crow

Do you remember August 1? I mean, for some other reason than it being the day after the trade deadline. That’s right: that was the night that an injured crow was flitting (never sitting) feebly around the bases at Fenway. And remember how funny it was? Remy and Orsillo spent most of the ninth joking about how said crow was trying to swipe second base. The Globe ran with the same joke the next day. Ha ha.

It doesn’t seem so funny anymore, does it? Since that time, the Sox have been swept by two out of three last-place teams in the league, and two out of three first place ones (they did manage a single win against both Detroit and Tampa Bay). Against Kevin Millar-less clubs, the Sox are 5-21. Even more ominously, the number of players with broken wings, er, serious injuries is growing by the minute. It won’t be long before the Fenway scoreboard installs a (corporate sponsored) injury ticker with up-to-the-minute updates.

From what I understand, this whole made-up curse thing can be pretty lucrative, and as I pondered, weak and weary, the state of the Sox I realized: Boston is currently dealing with the Curse of the Gimpy Crow. (Take that, Chicago: you’re no longer the only city that suffers at the hands of the animal kingdom.) Before you cry shenanigans, let me remind you: Indian tribes from Puget Sound (you know, Mariners country) knew the raven — and really, what’s the difference between a raven and a crow? — as the trickster god, and believed he created the human world after dropping a stone in the ocean. Not a good dude to piss off.

So I am sorry, Mr. Crow, and truly your forgiveness I implore for any offense I might have caused. Now please, let us play the rest of the season in peace. And to this curse I say: Nevermore!


Unconscious Mutterings: September 6, 2006

Week 186

I say ... and you think ... ?

Visit :: guest
Cake :: birthday
Period :: end of sentence punctuation
Triumphant :: victorious
Screen :: silver
Neglect :: not care for
Guitar :: Bronson Arroyo
Loathe :: detest
Sugar :: sweet
Montage :: photos

Week 187

I say ... and you think ... ?

Wiggle :: worm
Face :: expression
Adjustable :: one size fits many
Room :: hotel
Easy :: simple
Store :: mall
Maid :: housekeeping
9 pm :: Monday Night Football kickoff
Challenge :: to a duel
Debt :: eliminate


sharing du jour: September 6, 2006

song of the day: "Downtime", JoDee Messina

quote of the day: "Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I'm not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you'll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived." (Anthony Hopkins as William Parrish from the movie, Meet Joe Black)


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

the silence is deafening (aka the one in which Dawn makes excuses)

she, who pretends not to point any fingers, but really just does so in a somewhat subtle manner, has requested in a directly indirect fashion that i get back to rambling here. and so...i present to you...faithful readers (whichever 4 of you remain)...


1. had a little bit on my mind lately that i do *not* consider blog-worthy (just in case more than the 4 of you are actually looking here, ya know?)

2. i've been a bit...preoccupied...

3. i am presently operating on the slowest, most antiquated computer possibly ever. it will barely allow me to check my email & have another window open to view Sox stats. and if you know me, i *must* have functioning email (and it's barely doing that, as you are painfully aware if you've tried to converse with me via email recently!!).


what does this mean? (if you went to ILS, 'what does this mean?' just gave you a flashback, didn't it...)

it means that i will be needing to blog from work for a if you're looking for me here, bear with me for a bit, k? (or not, but i'm still gonna blog) it won't be at its usual rapid-fire pace, but i promise to me more regular about it.


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