Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All sunshine and accessories.

I was thinking about her, especially, today. That lady on the left. My Gram. (The one on the right was my Gramp's sister, Emma.) It would have been her birthday today (my Gram's, that is, not my great aunt's). I pulled out some old photos, sifting through them, smiling and remembering her. Wondering what it would have been like to know her in this current stage of my life.

I would have liked to travel with her, to hear her talk about the things that caught her eye, the memories sparked of other trips, other sights, that surfaced. To sit in a car with her, mile after mile, and gather up her stories, the ones I already know and the ones that I never got to hear.

I would have liked to walk the pathways of Disney World with her. One of my favorite people in one of my favorite places.

I would have liked to show her the home I've built with T, to welcome her into it the way she always, *always* welcomed me into hers. With a smile and an exclamation. And a hug for her Sweetbug.

I would have liked to pick her brain. How she instinctively knew the way to make all the flowers bloom with such joy and exuberance. How to accessorize (because heaven knows I have no clue at all). How she always seemed to have all the answers, the right thing to do, the best advice.

I spent my childhood under her feet, in her home, stuck to her like glue. It was my normal, so I never thought to marvel at it. She was just this lovely lady that I loved a whole bunch. She'd be 98 today, but I have no doubt she'd be just as lovely as ever, all sunshine and accessories.

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