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This Week on My TV: November 23, 2013

New title, same idea. (The old title was annoying me, so I'm trying something new on for size, til I one that fits.)

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E6 "The Sin Eater") Abbie: What is the point in baseball? Ichabod: Please. Enlighten me. Abbie: All right! For me baseball is about three things. First: tradition. The rules never change. You can always count on the grass to be green, the lines to be white, so no matter how crazy the world gets, it makes you feel safe, like everything's ok. Second: it's about teamwork. The players have to have faith in each other and watch each other's backs, because without that, the team don't work. And what I love is that this sport doesn't discriminate. You can be a short long reliever, a long shortstop, black, white, Hispanic, and that is the American dream. -- Noble!! I will happily watch John Noble in just about anything now, following his portrayal of Walter on Fringe. He did not disappoint. (Although the part where he ate the blood-soaked sponge was a bit ick.) -- Very interesting way to weave in the Freemasons. -- What will happen now that Ichabod and the Horseman's link has been severed?

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E7 "The Midnight Ride") Ichabod's disdain over purchasing water and his amused disbelief about voicemail. For such a dark, intense show, he certainly brings the comic relief. -- The expression on the Captain's face when he lays eyes on a man with no head walking toward him was worth its weight in gold. -- Captain: I need to fill out a report. I need the Governor? Ichabod: What are you going to tell him? Captain: What do you think I'm going to tell him? The Headless Horseman is mowing people down to being about the End of Days? For questions, please call Ichabod Crane, the man who beheaded him in 1781? -- Ichabod in the Paul Revere museum was *hilarious*.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E6 "Map of You") Wow, Mer is really mad at Cristina. -- Is everyone going to have a connection with that red coffee mug? Derek. Shane. Jo. Mer. Stephanie. Oops. Nope. Broken. OMG, it's still showing up, even broken! On a cart passing Derek. Broken pieces in Shane's hands. And now he's gluing back together. Ok, so obviously the red mug was symbolic. At least I noticed before the final scene, when it was spelled out for the viewer. -- LOL! The patient is holding Derek's sensors hostage in his head, unless he takes out the tumor with them. -- I adore Mer and Der together. I really love the way their relationship has evolved. -- I didn't think I could dislike Arizona more. And now that she's messing with an intern's head, I do.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E7 "Thriller") Confession: I always get nervous about the Halloween episodes of this show. The potential for things to get ugly and gross in a hurry is just too enormous for me to not worry where it could go. -- Is Arizona seriously getting involved with Leah? Ugh! -- Did a crazy patient seriously *bite* Leah?? UGH! -- Was that overhead scene with Leah and Stephanie lying head to head on the locker room benches a throwback to early Cristina and Mer? Because it sure felt that way. -- Shane treating the elderly patient that Heather was caring for "under the table" and telling her to come see him next time because he would be her doctor now that Heather's dead? I bawled.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E8 "Two Against One") Stephanie: It's life-saving technology, Shane. If you want it faster, page God. -- I cannot believe that Cristina betrayed Mer by stopping the liver model on the 3D printer. This is going to be painful to watch, isn't it. The dismantling of Mer and Cristina, I mean. -- What on earth is going on with Bailey, *now*? Are they really hinting at brain tumor?

**(Elementary, S2E6 "An Unnatural Arrangement") I think *my* heart stopped when the masked man starting talking to that woman from the chair in her living room. Other than that, I was kind of less impressed with this episode. It felt like it was lacking some critical element.

**(Elementary, S2E7 "The Marchioness") Why do I not recall that Watson actually went to bed with Mycroft when they were in London?! -- Sherlock said "coitus." Which is an instant Sheldon Cooper reference and made me laugh right out loud. -- Sherlock poking the sheets on Watson's bed with a stick, because he wasn't sure if Mycroft was in there with her. Sometimes, you slay me, Sherlock. -- So it's ok for Sherlock to sleep with Watson's friend, but he can't stand that she slept with his brother?

**(Blue Bloods, S4E8 "Justice Is Served") Danny on a jury. I'll admit, I was a little surprised. You'd think there would be some sort of "conflict of interest" there, or, at the very least, he would have been dismissed by the defense. -- You'd think the other jurists would take notice that a cop thinks a defendant isn't guilty. -- Jamie's partner. Why cover up her assault? It just doesn't make any sense to me, even after she's listed all her reasons. -- Frank: I'm the Police Commissioner. I know everything.

**(The Good Wife, S5E4 "Outside the Bubble") Elsbeth Tascioni! She always feels like a character that would have belonged on Boston Legal. Perhaps the reason she is one of my favorite recurring characters. -- Eli and Jackie squaring off. It's been done a hundred times before, but their sniping at one another brings me great amusement. -- I thought for sure Diane was going to be screaming at Will for making an offer to Alicia to take her place as a managing partner after Diane left the firm. I think I audibly gasped when she figured out that Alicia was leaving Lockhart-Gardner. Although how she made that assumption based on the fact that Alicia wasn't decorating her office seemed a stretch for me.

**(The Good Wife, S5E5 "Hitting the Fan") Why does Howard *still* have no pants on?! Has no one felt the need to take him to task on this? -- Not a fan of Alicia's suit with the elbow patches. Odd. I usually like her wardrobe. -- Wow. That was some intense action with everyone getting fired and escorted out. And Peter declaring war on Lockhart-Gardner. Things are about to get crazypants.

**(Parenthood, S5E2 "All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard") I don't get it. Why do Sarah and Amber think Ryan needed to have "a plan" for his proposal? Was it somehow less sincere a proposal because he didn't tell all his friends first and have some elaborate plan beyond realizing she was the woman he couldn't live without? -- Not cool, not believing in your wife's campaign, Adam. -- I kinda sorta love that Crosby is honest with Jabbar about how awful it is having a newborn around. -- Do we not even acknowledge Haddie's existence anymore? Is she away at college in another dimension?

**(Reign, S1E3 "Kissed") Have to admit the supposed almost-prince of Portugal seemed like far more a catch than Francis and France's scheming and double-crossing. So now we know how "the lion will fight the dragon on a field of poppies" translates. I wonder how Nostradamus' other visions will come to fruition. Will Bash survive? What will transpire to unite Mary with Francis instead of Tomas? -- Two thumbs up: Mary's dance with Tomas and Mary's first kiss with Francis...both steamy!

**(The Good Wife, S5E6 "The Next Day") Diane wakes up exactly the same way I do: eyes pop open, I blink, sit up and reach immediately for my glasses. -- Why does every female character with long bangs on this show (Diane, Alicia, opposing counsel) not have ant flippy misbehaving cowlicks? I'm jealous. -- David Lee is a complete jerk. Seriously. Is he *ever* likable? -- I'm not sure what Will's...romantic encounters...have to do with anything. So, why spend so much time on them and give them so much...detail? -- Diane crying is just strange. She's usually so cold and emotionless.

**(The Mentalist, S6E7 "The Great Red Dragon") Where did all those random police officers or detectives that were sent out on the manhunt come from? Six seasons in and I have *never* seen  a single one of them in any episode! And now they are filling the desks in the squad room? -- Yes, Agent Reed Smith, a pipe is a great defense against a guy with a gun. ::eyeroll:: -- I can't decide if I think Red John is Bertram or someone Bertram works for. -- I have a strange uneasy feeling about the FBI showing up and disbanding everyone for their investigation. And where is Agent Reed? Weren't Lisbon and Patrick supposed to be protecting him? And what is Patrick's plan now? There's no way he's just "letting it go," as he claimed to Lisbon in the elevator.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E10 "Mom and Dad") I have decided that I do *not* like Robin's shirt. -- Daphne and Marshall singing "500 Miles" while all the various scenes flipped by was funny. And then the one with baby Marvin driving happened. And I died laughing.. -- Detective Mosby on the case of the calligraphy ink which was spilled on the Gretzky photo Ted was holding for Barney until he gave it Robin as a gift. Oh Ted, you lovable dork, you. -- Lily: You can't even detect sarcasm! -- Wayne Brady's got a case of The Crazy Eyes! "I win!" -- ZABKA-TAGE. Seriously, has Billy Zabka had any work since Karate Kind til he got the call from HIMYM? -- No Mother? Booooo!

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E9 "And the Pastry Porn") Why do all the Polish female characters (ok, fine, just Sophie and the one-armed cleaning lady she sent to work in Max and Caroline's apartment) wear shirts that show the top edges of their bras? -- I kept feeling like I recognized the guy who plays the French chef who runs the pastry school. So I did a little online search. And I discovered I have only seen him in one other thing. The first Sex and the City movie. And that explains why I remember him.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E3 "Sex and Death") So...are we ever going to talk about Molly's pregnancy announcement from the Season Three finale? Or are we to assume something unfortunate happened and that's why she's gone bat poo crazy? -- The scene where she and Victoria are laying the coffins and they scare the cleaning lady was easily the best part of this still-young season.

**(Mom, S1E9 "Zombies and Cobb Salad") Interesting way to cover some backstory for Bonnie, Regina and Marjorie. I feel like a little history gives a character some depth and their mini AA meeting in Christy's living room did that nicely. -- Not enough Nathan Corrdry, too much French Stewart. -- Living room, living womb. Har har.

**(The Good Wife, S5E7 "The Next Week") David Lee looks like such a douche with that Bluetooth in his ear all the time. -- Love love love Alicia's amused smile to watch everyone at Lockhart/Gardner freak out when she showed up there. -- Ha. The "Uncle" (Aunt?) Jim twist was amusing. Good to see writers on their toes! -- Because of *course* the Florrick household uses ChumHum as their search engine. --That website of spy cam video of Grace Florrick is deplorable. -- Oooo. Alicia's brother totally stepped out of line telling Will that Alicia left to start her own firm because she has feelings for him still. -- I wonder how that cafeteria fight is going to come back on Zach, regardless of the fact that he was standing up for his sister's privacy and integrity. -- The back-and-forth between Alicia and Lockhart/Gardner over the lawsuit is like an intricately choreographed dance: Alicia's statement in the deposition could work on Lockhart/Gardner's favor, but she wants her capital contribution reimbursement first. So they give her the check, she gives the statement they need, and then that scumbag, David Lee, calls her up to say "oh by the way, you were a partner for part of the time you worked on that case and didn't bill under the proper fee amount, so you now owe us six million dollars!" So, Alicia counters with Hayden, who of course knows the books inside out, after he auduted the firm, and he points out that, oops, it was David Lee who was actually the partner in charge of that case, *not* Alicia. And then the lowest of low blows. Anthony lies in his deposition, implicating Alicia, not Lyman, as he first claimed, in order to get a partnership back at Lockhart/Gardner?! Those darn fourth-years are proving to be a real thorn in the side of Florrick/Agos. -- Hayden joining Florrick, Agos and Associates! I really like him. -- *What* is going on with the webcam hackers?!

**(Person of Interest, S3E9 "The Crossing") Did Fusco leave with Shaw and not even bother to tell his son?! -- There might be nothing better about this show than when Mr Reese leaves a location with about half dozen bad guys writhing and groaning in his wake. The subway car and the pile of thugs seeking the bounty HR put on Reese's head was no exception. -- I didn't like Lionel early on in this show, but man, it was rough watching him get tortured. -- Reese kissed Joss...WHAT??? -- Fusco looked terrifyingly evil when he was strangling the dirty cop who was supposed to be offing him. -- They killed Carter?! 'Scuse me while I leave my jaw right there on the ground. -- There may be no sadder sound than Mr Reese sobbing grief when Carter died in his arms.

**(The Middle, S5E7 "Thanksgiving V") Seriously unnerved by Axl's helpfulness. How are they not more suspicious? -- 10-years-younger Brick (asking for lime Jello salad) was way cute! -- Mike: What's the matter with her? Frankie: She's sixteen. It could be anything: boys, hormones, Justin Bieber did something. -- Did Axl seriously put the cut piece of turkey BACK ON THE BIRD?! -- Mr Goodwin (as Mike's sister-in-law gropes him): Did you need a napkin? Because that one's mine. -- Frankie's crazed stampede is exactly why even the idea of Black Friday shopping crowds terrify me. -- Things I am thankful for: my Thanksgiving will likely *not* include everyone trying to beat each other out to share bad news. Yikes.

**(Modern Family, S5E8 "ClosetCon '13") Jay: I'm going to try to squeeze them for that $9.95 wifi fee. They're selling air! -- Manny: Can't take any chances since Mom gave birth to the Hope Diamond over there. -- Haley: You did it because my pizza guy's coming and now there's airplane in my hair! -- Cam (about his Gram): She even agreed to come to the wedding. Mitchell: Standing outside with a sign. -- Baby Joe flying the remote control plane into Phil's head! HAHAHA!

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E2 "Lost Girl") Rumplestiltskin cutting off his own shadow doesn't make the shadows any less creepy.  -- Mirror: Careful! If you drop me, I'll give you *fourteen* years bad luck! -- That was, ummm, quite a lot of cleavage in Regina's Fairy Tale Land dress. -- The non-shadow version of Peter Pan is a bit fresh. Was that a pass at Emma? (breathlessly saying) You've got fire. I like fire. -- Charming: Sadly, I agree with the pirate. Hook: I'm winning you over. I can feel it. -- Grumpy (to Charming about Snow): Look, handsome, she may love you, but that chiseled chin ain't fooling us. -- What is it that's so sexy about a man with his arms around a woman  he loves, guiding her while she prepares to shoot an arrow? -- Excalibur. ::slaps forehead:: Why didn't I see *that* coming? -- The Lost Boys are rather intimidating. -- Defending against poison-laced arrows with a sword, Charming? That's impressive. -- Yeah, yeah, Charming. You showed Snow she just needed to believe in herself, but planting a fake Excalibur? That was just wrong. -- So, love triangle with Emma, Hook, and Neal/Bae, who is somewhere in Fairy Tale Land, pining away for Emma? -- Um, they can't kill off Charming...can they?

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E9 "The Thanksgiving Decoupling") Ah, Vegas wedding chapels. Thanks for that reminder of the good old days of Friends, Penny! -- Mrs Wolowitz: How can one little toe hurt so much? Howard: Because that one little piggy is getting crushed by the whole barn!! -- Not to be cruel, but how did Raj find an apron that fit him, considering all the references to Mrs Wolowitz's size? -- Raj: My, my. The plot, like my gravy, thickens. -- Sheldon talking football and bonding with Bernadette's father. Enough said. But seriously. How did Sheldon drink a beer and not make a face? -- Amy: Sheldon ignored me for a week when he got that Roomba vacuum. Sometimes I kick it when he's not looking. -- Drunk Sheldon (about Bernadette): She's so tiny. It's funny when she's mad. -- Mrs Wolowitz sighting due to a gout flare-up? Eh, kinda lame reason.

**(SVU, S15E9 "Rapist Anonymous") Wow. Lovely dinner party conversation and Liv and Mayhem's Cassidy's. -- Why am I immediately suspicious of that rape victim? -- I know the defense does its best to make the defendant look as innocent as possible, but why does that always seem to include glasses? -- Could they not find a sweatshirt for Nick that didn't look two sizes too small? -- Every time a lawyer tells a judge that they're sorry for something, they couldn't possibly look less sincere. -- I don't know what was up with that defense attorney's eyes, but holy cow, was it distracting. Especially close up. -- Rollins makes a lot of bad decisions. -- Getting back to being suspicious of that victim. I knew she was giving off a variation of the "Single White Female" vibe.

**(Scandal, S3E3 "Mrs Smith Goes to Washington") I'm pretty sure Cyrus of all people should not be giving love advice. -- How many coats does Olivia Pope own?? -- Harrison's skeptical face is awesome. -- David Rosen: Call her old-fashioned, but my boss, the Attorney General? Like, hates it when I aid and abet terrorists. -- I adore David standing up to Cyrus. I applaud it. -- Wait a second. How did a woman wearing a bomb get inside the Capital?! -- Hooch-fueled drunkeness from Mellie was...interesting. -- Liv's father deserved to die at Huck's hand for the way he broke Huck. And poor broken Huck, whose betrayal by Olivia ground the broken pieces into dust. -- The dual phones ringing in Liv's apartment messed with my ears. -- Liv's father is in her head as much as he's in Huck's.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E9 "Thanksgiving") Why is Mandy walking around the house using Bluetooth? Seriously? -- The grandfather showing up and greeting Kristin by saying it's like she's an entirely different person. Which I am pretty sure is a dig about the fact that she's played by a totally different (still not as good) actress. ::snicker:: I love that this show never takes itself too seriously. -- Ed brought wine from his vineyard, named in honor of his second wife: rich, playful and has a nutty finish. Ha! -- Confession: I will never understand the spread in football, no matter how many times I hear it explained. -- I always get serious house envy every time I watch this show (even though I love my own house).

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E10 "Thanksgiving") Eve: I'm a teenager. I complain about stuff. That doesn't mean I don't love it. -- The conflict over cranberry sauce: canned vs homemade amused me. I actually like both! -- After all the table settings got dumped off the table while they were moving it, how were there still two napkins with the silverware perfectly laid out left *on* the table, while it tilted at an angle??

**(The Good Wife, S5E8 "The Next Month") David Lee dismissed the client of the week and Howard Lyman ended up driving her straight to Alicia. How are they  both still partners at Lockhart/Gardner?? -- Why is Will's new hoochie in his office all the time?? -- Eli: I changed my mind. Marilyn: You've never changed your mind! Eli: No? Well, this is what it looks like! -- Eli eating his sandwich and being annoyed by interruptions is so totally how I look while I attempt to eat lunch at my desk. -- Eli running after Natalie looked like the magician from that old Christmas cartoon about Frosty the Snowman. -- HAA!! Natalie called David Lee a jack-o-lantern. -- Why do women always ask "was she good?: when the name of another lover comes up? Do they *really* want to know?! Because I really don't. Ever. -- Howard Lyman: I was just kidding. Diane: Kidding is what got us into this mess. Howard: No, political correctness is what got us into this mess. ... I don't like Howard, but I can't disagree with him on this one. -- I'm kind of loving the spark between Peter and Alicia.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E3 "Forget Me Not") The Knave of Hearts was once one of Robin Hood's Merry Men?! That's quite a connection. -- That caterpillar is freak. ee. -- That jar of eyeballs looking back at Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts/whoever he is. Ewwww. -- Grendel looking through the Forget Me Knot made me sad. -- Knave (as Alice breaks free of the rope binding): How did you do that? Alice: You're the one who kept telling me to use a wish! Knave: A wish? A bloody waste! It's just a rope! Alice: Their sharp corners come in handy. There's more than one way to use a wish! -- Well, I can see why Aice would fear a Bandersnatch. Yikes! -- Whoa! The Knave's Anastasia is the Red Queen?!

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