Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who Am I?

This exercise fascinates me. Not the what I wish I were. Not a list of my favorites, necessarily. But what answer tells who I really *am*.

If I were a(n)...

MONTH, I would be... October in New England. The perfect balance between warm and cool. Reds and oranges and browns. Both cozy and refreshing.

COLOR, I would be... apple red. Reminiscent of autumn and Red Sox.

TIME OF DAY, I would be... the hour surrounding sunrise, where everything is peaceful. The day is new and fresh, still quiet, and with muted colors, slowly warming as the sun peeks over the horizon.

SUPERPOWER, I would be... time travel. Relive favorite memories, savor them again. Visit with loved ones who've passed away, hear more of their stories. Explore other times in history, observing quietly from the edges.

FLOWER, I would be... something soft and unobtrusive, like a bluebell or a snowdrop. Something that goes unnoticed, unless you're looking closely.

SONG, I would be... Kenny Chesney's "I'm Alive," because if anything captures my attitude toward life, it's the words in that song.

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be... pajama pants: soft and comforting, made for relaxing.

ANIMAL, I would be... domestic cat. Independent when necessary. I require my personal space and others are only welcome into on my terms. I can be sleepy or playful...occasionally a bit hissy.

FOOD, I would be... a box of chocolates. You never know quite what you're going to get. Especially before you open the box.

MOVIE, I would be... "It's a Wonderful Life." A life lesson, one I try to live by.

CITY/TOWN, I would be... Anytown, USA. A sense of history, minimal bustle, where people take the time to smile and sit on the front porches and know one another's names.

SPORT, I would be... baseball. A thinking man's game. Subtle. All in the details. And occasional moments of "did you just see that??"

TV CHARACTER, I would be... Meredith Grey (just without all the surgery, the inappropriate relations and the repeated instances of dodging death). I've been through my share of "dark and twisty." I am fiercely loyal to those who've gone into battle with me. I know who I am now, my strengths and my weaknesses. I've done the work to arrive at my happy ending and the view from here is pretty good.

EMOTION, I would be... contentment. Being able to pause and see the good in what is, right now.

DIRECTION, I would be... northeast. You can take the girl out of New England, but more and more, I am realizing you can never take the New England out of the girl.

SOUND, I would be... laughter. It's good for the soul. I seek out ways to be silly every day.

HOLIDAY, I would be... Thanksgiving. There is something to be said for gratitude and appreciation.

SCENT, I would be... vanilla. I blend well with many other scents, but I'm just fine all on my own too.

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