Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 5: June 19, 2009


1. What are your feelings about milk?

it's fine for me to cook or bake with, and i like a splash on my cereal, but there is no way i am drinking a glass of it. ::shudder:: funny thing, i used to love milk & drink it all the time & then one day, the way it coated my mouth just grossed me out & i didn't want it anymore. however, i could tolerate drinking it if my options were to either drink a glass of milk or eat a banana.

2. What are your feelings about cheese?
mmmm... cheeeeeeeeeese. gimme.

3. What are your feelings about yogurt?
i eat a container of yogurt every morning (well, Monday through Friday, the weekends are for cereal) for breakfast. it's a good thing there are a lot of flavors so i don't get tired of it. i try to do that since i don't drink milk & the calcium intake is important.

4. How do you feel about soy milk?
i want to say it's nasty but i've never actually tried it. i can't bring myself to try it because i am predisposed to believing it will smell like soy formula. which? nasty. it may actually taste just fine but the smell of it turns me away.

5. How far are you from the nearest cow?
less than five miles for sure, since i know there are some living in someone's fenced-in front yard between me & church. there may even be some that are closer that i'm not thinking of right now. anything is possible where i live!

2 with their own thoughts:

em Saturday, June 20, 2009 9:47:00 PM  

Did you ever hear that factoid about seeing a cow everyday? Apparently if you see a cow every day, whether it be on tv, a product, in person, etc...crazy, huh? I've never actually tried it, but seeing as Miri has a cow stuck on her carseat, I'm guessing I'd see that everyday, thus taking the fun out of the challenge!!!

~**Dawn**~ Sunday, June 21, 2009 12:02:00 AM  

Em: I have never heard that! But now it's going to be in my head. I bet I do!

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