Sunday, May 31, 2009

20 Questions: May 31, 2009

1. If you could have given any one piece of advice to yourself when you were a child, what would it be?
don't listen to the people who tell you that you aren't "good enough" just the way you are.

2. Who was the last person you flirted with?
Mike Lowell, on my tv ;-)

3. Top 5 things you would want to have--necessities are provided--if you were to be stranded alone for a year:
computer with internet connection. tv/dvd combo with my Friends/Grey's/S&TC DVDs. camera. reading material (books/magazines). my stash of Yankee Candles.

4. What are three things that comfort you?
hugs. snuggling up in my blankie. my faith.

5. Name something that you find completely overrated:
the tv show, LOST.

6. How often do you read your own blog archives?
i go back into my own archives fairly often, but actually read? every few months or so, i find myself going back reading some of the older posts.

7. If you had to, could you live the entire summer without running your home’s air conditioning?
not in Florida, i couldn't! i probably could back in Connecticut, considering i lived my whole childhood without it. in fact, i didn't live anywhere with air conditioning until i was in my early 20s!

8. Who was the last person that left you a comment?
Nichole did!

9. What is the temperature outside?
according to my iGoogle homepage, it is 77 degrees. all i know is it's much more comfortable than the almost 90 we had this afternoon.

10. Randomly click on a song from your playlist. What's the first line of that song?
"Well I won't make you tell me what I've come to understand..." ("Smoke Rings in the Dark," Gary Allan)

11. What do you plan on naming your baby girl?
hypothetically speaking? Emma Claire.

12. Your baby boy?
i love the name Jack.

13. What is the hardest secret you've ever had to keep?
if i told you, then it wouldn't be a secret anymore. *ahem*

14. How old were you when you started school?
i was about a month away from turning four when i started nursery school. i must have been "ready" because even though i was always one of the youngest in my class, i had to repeat a grade. i was 17 when i graduated from high school.

15. What is your favorite section of the supermarket?
i think that's a toss-up between the produce section and the ice cream freezer section.

16. What was your high school teams mascot and what were the school’s colors?
we were the rams and our colors were maroon & white.

17. Does the weather have a very large impact on your moods?
no, not really. i tend to find the benefit to the changes in weather. the exceptions would be that ice (if i need to drive in it) & hurricanes kind of stress me out, and humidity makes me feel run down & cranky if i need to spend an extended period of time in it without relief.

18. Would you break up with someone if you thought they were too arrogant?
nope. i wouldn't be in a relationship with an arrogant person in the first place. been there, done that, learned from my mistakes (eventually).

19. Is it better to be single or in a relationship?
it is better to be single than to be in a *bad* relationship. being in a *good* relationship, though, is a wonderful place to be.

20. What is your favorite word?
effervescent. it's so much fun to say! too bad it isn't easier to work into everyday conversation. ;-)

3 with their own thoughts:

Georgie K. Buttons Monday, June 01, 2009 12:26:00 AM  

Sweet! My high school colors are maroon and gold. Only we're Bruins, not rams. Sorta close or not? ;)

Janet Tuesday, June 02, 2009 4:15:00 PM  

Lost! I love Lost, puffy pink heart it :-)

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, June 03, 2009 7:41:00 PM  

Georgie: Our school accented with a little bit of gold too! =)

Janet: LOST made me work too hard to follow along and I don't like to work when I watch tv! =P

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