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Slice of Life: May 18, 2009

my church.

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Daniel James,  Tuesday, May 19, 2009 3:13:00 PM  

For a church with modern architecture, St. Paul's sure does keep the traditional Liturgy in decency and in order! I love hearing about your Holy Week services and the fact that the Eucharist is central to worship there.

As an aside, I heard something from an Orthodox person the other day. He said, "For the Orthodox, the Liturgy IS our catechism." Meaning that the Liturgy teaches the Faith instead of a dry document. Now we Anglicans, like you Lutherans, are pretty fond of "documents of Faith" (39 Articles, Formula of Concord, etc., etc.) but I like to think our Liturgy in all its fine beauty is really the best teaching vehicle of all.

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, May 20, 2009 9:57:00 AM  

Daniel: It is very modern. I believe this church building isn't very old. The church was established in the early 1900s & the original church building downtown is *very* traditional. I don't know how recently they moved to this new building & location but as traditional as I am, I love this church. It's very cool (temperature-wise, I mean) and light & airy. It is very Florida-appropriate, if that makes sense. I believe that they relocated because the church body grew too big for the original building finally, and they needed to provide more parking & seating to accomodate the growing congregation. Additionally, this new location is much more accomodating for the school campus as well (grades preschool through 8, established in the mid 1960s). It is definitely more modern in architecture & design than what I was accustomed to in Connecticut but I still like it.

St Paul actually runs the spectrum when it comes to the services provided. We have three services: a contemporary worship service, a traditional service (this is the one I atttend) and what they call blended, which is exactly as it sounds: combining the two "extremes" into one "moderate" service by following a set order of service but in a slightly more casual atmosphere & with some more current music mixed in with the hymns.

When I first started attending St Paul, they did not have the traditional service (or the contemporary one for that matter), just the blended--and the Hmong service, which we still have as well. But they had so many requests for both the "extremes" that they began offering the three services (two years now since they began offering the traditional service & the contemporary was added last Summer). I obviously have more traditional preferences, but I do think that they are good to offer the variety of worship styles so that people continue to be drawn in. It may not be for *me* but the message is the same & that is what truly matters.

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