Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grace in Small Things 240:365

1. some new reddish-brown highlights mixed in for something a little different.

2. receiving an important package in the mail that made me smile.

3. a quick catnap in a cozy spot.

4. collecting some new recipes to consider.

5. de-cluttering.

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3 with their own thoughts:

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Sunday, September 20, 2009 9:46:00 PM  

These are all great! I've been collecting new recipes to try lately, and even better (drumroll please!), I've actually started trying a few :)

Have a great day!

Janet Sunday, September 20, 2009 10:57:00 PM  

btw, I made your meatloaf recently and man, was it GREAT!!!

~**Dawn**~ Monday, September 21, 2009 6:29:00 AM  

Stacy: I have been, slowly but surely, too!

Janet: Yay!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it too!

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