Wednesday, May 31, 2006

sharing du jour: May 31, 2006

song of the day: "If You Could Only See", Tonic

quote of the day: "That thing, that moment, when you kiss someone and everything around becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person and you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life, and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that that it will go away all at the same time." (Drew Barrymore)


blog prompt just for Nichole

Nichole did a prompt on her blog today. i initially left my answers in her comment section & then after the fact thought it would be something interesting to put into my own blog as well--tomorrow being the start of hurricane season & what have you...

If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was to be destroyed by a hurricane, what 10 things would I grab (not including people and pets)?

here's what i would grab:

1. my camera case (which contains my camera, the cable, extra batteries, extra memory card, sunscreen, lip balm, advil, bandaids, and my WDW pass--remember this baby goes to WDW with me LOL so it is *stocked*!
2. my CD case (which contains all my backed up files, including those of my photos, and my very favorite CDs)
3. my purse (which has my wallet, sunglasses, keys, some makeup, more advil & bandaids, feminine supplies, a book, gum, cell phone, charger, lotion and Lord knows what else! LOL)
4. my lunch bag (which contains a stash of snacks that are non-perishable, still more advil, toothbrush, listerine, floss, handi-wipes, purell, a travel-sized deodorant, and some mints)
5. my computer--and i am electing that the whole system counts for this (CPU, monitor, speakers, keyboard & mouse)
6. my box of photos (these are old family photos that could in no way be replaced)
7. my LL Bean backpack (which contains 2 spare changes of clothes, a container of baby wipes, my grandmother's Bible, my dad's hymnal that he received at his confirmation, my Catechism that I received at *my* confirmation, and a few other items of sentimental value) **ETA: bomus!! remembered that all my important documents & paperwork are also still in there from when i moved!
8. a case of water
9. flashlight
10. gas can

and yes, i could have all that ready in 15 minutes. i have all of it within easy reach & always packed all the time anyway though not for any precautionary measures. in fact lunchbag & purse are usually in my car already--or right by the door, at the ready. then it would just take a quick trip to my closet (LL bean bag & box of photos), take the whole batch out the garage at once to put in the car, toss in the flashlight, gas can & case of water while i am out there. one last trip in to get the CD case, the camera case & the computer from the office. in fact it would take me about 5 minutes to grab everything but the computer which would leave me 10 to untangle all the cords! =P



see that sidebar over there to the left? under the heading "right now"? where it has some countdowns?

i am completely ignoring line item #1 as it winds down the dwindling hours & minutes that remain in my (virtually) worry-free weather world...


doing some good

i was going to spare myself the criticism i will likely receive by voicing *my* opinions on the rapidly growing diagnoses of autism in the United States. i really didn't want to open up such a hot button issue...bear with me though. i think i need to get it out of the way & i am going somewhere very worthwhile with this.

don't get me wrong. i absolutely believe that it exists and that it is devastating & frustrating to many families. i hope that they find a cause for it. and a cure. i mean no disrespect to the children & families who suffer at its merciless grasp. i am just a bit disgruntled by how its increase has exploded into existence--are we over-diagnosing in some instances perhaps? and it deeply concerns me that children who need therapies & interventions & specialists may not be getting everything they need as a result of some possible "reaching for a diagnosis"...

try to understand that my reservations are not harboring malicious intent. i have worked closely with children--i just don't accept all the "labels" that *some* people so desperately long to slap onto a child who is just being a child, developing at his or her own unique pace, with his or her own unique personality...and who maybe just needs a little more guidance & direction in an area of development. that's all i'm saying. i do not mean to sound insensitive to autism. i'm not at all, i promise. it just seems, at times, that this is the trendy diagnosis of the 2000s--much like ADD in the 90s. out of nowhere, every family suddenly has a child showing red-flag characteristics. i grew up with kids who could have been given these same diagnoses, but they weren't acknowledged back then as they are now...and i worked with children seven or eight years ago who would have been considered autistic on some level if then was now. and you know what? the vast majority of them show no traces or viable reasons for concern as they have matured & no formal interventions were given--they simply adjusted & "caught up" (for lack of better words coming into my mind right now).

my skepticism is based wholly on those who are quick to jump on the bandwagon of the latest "pop-diagnosis" & who take advantage of an already overwhelmed system that is designed to help, but can't, as its resources are taxed beyond their own abilities. it is when the "bad apples" are essentially taking away services that other chidren actually *need* but will now be denied to some degree, if not entirely, that i get all bound up in a tight knot. i concede that we certainly know more now than we did two decades ago, but i still can't help feeling that there are some who really stretch the limits, reaching for some way to label *their* child. this overshadows many of you who DO have to face this sort of challenge everyday. it belittles the diligent work you must do to improve your child's quality of life & capacity to succeed. it is for YOU that i am offended by a society who, by & large, wants a mere diagnosis & not an actual solution.

bottom line is i realize that this is just my opinion. and only my opinion. and my intent is not to cause a heated debate.

i really want to focus on something positive & beautiful that i saw.

something i was shown on ESPN of all places. it brought tears to my eyes in fact.

there is a program that was started by a family whose son is autistic. they found that the ocean was very therapeutic for him...and that surfing (his father is a former competitive surfer) brought something out in their son. it opened him up. it allowed him to connect & experience a freedom he was never otherwise capable of expressing. and when they saw what it brought to their son, they wanted to share it with other children & families. so they opened up a free surf camp for autistic children.

(the image is a link.)

when i saw the terror with which these children initially fought the experience tempered by the immediate, almost magical, transformation when they got out onto the water with their own professional on a surfboard...the ocean spray in their faces & the wind in their hair...the joy that shone in their facial expressions as they rode a wave back to shore. the sense of accomplishment. the "i did it!"s that they shouted. the hugs for their moms & dads. the "thank you"s...and the "i love you"s...

what a difference...if even for a few fleeting moments.

this is the sort of thing that makes me believe in the good of human nature again. and i applaud them for what they are giving to other families whose personal pain they are all too familiar with. and i revel in the happiness on the faces of these children.


another commercial vent

i don't know which fast food chain this one advertises for. i'm too deeply disturbed by what i have witnessed to retain that information. (which defeats the point in the commercial, i am thinking?) but it's for a chicken sandwich. and this guy that can't stop eating them. so someone tells him if he keeps eating them, he's going to turn into a chicken. and then...he does...he morphs into a big freaking CHICKEN.

that is just creepy. and the stuff of which nightmares are born.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sharing du jour: May 30, 2006

song of the day: "How You Remind Me", Nickelback

quote of the day: "When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened." (Winston Churchill)


add this to the list of commercials i can't watch

Subway. Eat fresh.

just don't watch John Lovitz say it. his lips are bizarre when forming the word "fresh".



"we are not nice guys" and other important notes

note to Boston's pitching staff:
when the offense scores you some runs in an attempt to get you back in the game, the idea is to not undermine their efforts by giving runs right back when your opponent takes their next turn at bat. we are not nice guys. we do not return favors.

note to Theo "Boy Wonder" Epstein:
the commercial you do on WEEI for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. you know...the one where you say: "Some people think following the Red Sox for a whole season can be hazardous to your health..."--yeah. this would be funnier if it wasn't so damn TRUE. quit trying to be a funny man & find us some *real* middle relief would ya?

note to Tito:
you really need a direct fax line in the dugout with you. RSN West & RSN FL need to confer with you a bit on some of your choices of late. we also need to talk you out of such things as putting Julian Tavarez into a game that we are already getting knocked around a sickening amount. i know that you don't have many options for relief. take this up with Theo. NOW.

note to Josh Beckett:
we love you in Boston. but really, it is ok to pitch around guys who send a ball homer-bound that will need a passport ready when it finally lands. if you don't pitch around the first guy who will do this & he sends a *second* ball out of the park, maybe consider doing this to the guy right behind him in the line-up who also embarrassed you in this fashion.

note to Mark Loretta:
we miss you. hurry up & feel better. we need your bat. desperately.

note to Toronto Blue Jays fans attending the game on May 30, 2006:
chanting "Manny sucks" will only accomplish making him laugh at you. this is MANNY we're talking about. chanting it on his birthday? when the Sox are getting their collectives butts handed to them on a wooden stick? that's just not classy.

note to Roger Clemens:
we need you in Boston. repeat may day, may day, The Rocket is needed in Boston. YESTERDAY. or tomorrow.


take me out to the ball game...

i TOLD you i was busy with the blog! ahhhhh....NOW it feels like summer in here!

spent the last day working on mine & and this one & i think we have things all prettied up now! i know that there are a few of you also waiting on me to get some blog revamping done for you. i promise that i have not forgotten! i just have to do things in the order in which they were received. ;-) so hang tight for me--i'm working my way through the list!

and yes there were spam comments. and not *just* spam comments but spam comments that were rather XXX in nature! so...sorry...but back to the word verification.


Monday, May 29, 2006

sharing du jour: May 29, 2006

song of the day: "Some Gave All", Billly Ray Cyrus

quote of the day: "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." (John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address Washington, D.C. January 20, 1961)


Sunday, May 28, 2006

there should have been no need for The Memo

there should have been no need for me to pace in (what was at one time anyway) a shutout game. there should have been no need to pull out the starting pitcher when he is capable of going nine innings & was pitching the kind of game where success need not be tinkered with. there should have been no need to call on the "assistance" of the bullpen who all but ruined a fine outing by Lucky Number 49.

great to see Coco back in the lineup. let's hope Manny makes it back in tomorrow to round out the batting order. hoping no news is good news on the David Wells front. and severely missing Timlin for another 12 days.

i leave you with what shall heretofore be known simply as "The Memo", as submitted by friend & fellow diehard fan, Daniel, which arrived in my inbox & sums up my feelings on the disaster otherwise known as "The Ninth Inning: May 28, 2006".

(for those who do not know: RSN = Red Sox Nation. and i will question why it is you do not know this.)

To: Tito
From: Dawn and Daniel
Date: 28 May
Re: The "EZes"

Whereas, RSN FL and RSN West are becoming wearied of watching nearly perfectly pitched games be shortly turned into near-death scenarios, and

Whereas, the culprits are known as one "Seanez" and one "Tavarez," with the latter also known as "The Ugly One," and

Whereas, this dastardly incompetent duo has threatened numerous wins, undoing the work of our heroic pitching rotation, and

Whereas, the aforesaid members of RSN can no longer abide the *pacing* and hypertension caused by the above, and

Whereas, the aforesaid members of RSN recall the days of the Great Tom Gordon, "Halloween" Mike Myers, et al., and ardently long for them to be restored,

Now, therefore, RSN FL and RSN West hereby enjoin and demand, in the Name of the Stahl, and of the Dineen, and of the Young, and by the cryogenically preserved Head of the Williams (peace be upon him), that you forthwith desist from utilizing the EZes, and that you immediately (as has been suggested by Surviving Grady), have the offenders drugged, gagged, and tied to a deep space probe.

RSN FL and RSN West


Saturday, May 27, 2006

they come through

i am going to admit that i was skeptical going into last night's game. the Sox are "my boys" but let's face it, D-Rays' pitcher, Kazmir, has had their number. and who were we matching him up with? David Wells. of DL fame. back after only one appearance in 2006. i thought this game would be painful. i couldn't figure out why we didn't shuffle the rotation a bit to have Beckett or Schill opposite Kaz on the mound so we might at least have a slim chance at a win. i chalked it up to Francona figuring we were bound to lose to Tampa the night Kazmir pitched. and we were bound to lose on Wells' first trip back to the hill--we'd just get them both out of the way at once ya know?

well. i stand corrected. this:

contributed this:
4.1 innings. 54 pitches, 42 strikes, 12 balls. 5 hits, 1 run given up, no Ks, no walks.

but i was right. this game would be painful. in the most ironic of ways.

line drive. off the right knee. the one that he just rehabbed. *again*. (what is the deal with our pitchers getting hit lately anyway?!) i am not a big Wells fan but after the performance he was having--as i flashed back on DiNardo, who had been his stand-in--i was excited to have another strong pitcher to fill out the rotation, especially with a pretty weak bullpen. all to have it taken back with one swift swing of the bat. initial reports are that it is just a deep bruise with no structural damage. i just don't know how much more abuse he can sustain on that knee...

i was also completely stunned by a decent showing from the relief staff last night. Tavarez held the Rays in check. Seanez didn't blow the game. (don't worry Daniel! i am not crossing over to the "EZes" side!) i wish someone could straighten Foulke out of this rough patch he's been in. he's giving up too much lately. not to fear though--Papelbon is here! and they won.

and there was hitting! oh the hitting! for the second straight night, *every* Sox starter got on base. Lowell, King of Doubles, racked up another & sent his first homer out of Fenway in a Boston uniform--just the way we like it. Big Papi drove in runs. Loretta is up to 11 in his consecutive-games hitting streak. and we finally only left guys stranded in the single digits.

and Manny provided the comic relief. we really have to convince him that sliding--he just shouldn't. ;-)

to ice the victory cake, the Yankees lost. in NY. to THE ROYALS. my sides ache from laughing.


pick your preference: parts 1-7

from This is me second blog

Part One
01..Long or short nails?
for me? long. but not *too* long. they used to be longer though when i had them done.
02..Early riser or night owl? both. which i know is weird. but i only sleep for 6 hours. that's it. then i am awake. i like the quiet of the late night & the early morning. it's being awake at 3pm that i do not so much like.
03..On the rocks or neat? on the rocks
04..Risk taker or worrier? worrier
05..Sleeptalker or sleepwalker? sleeptalker but only if someone is talking to me--and i will most likely not remember that we spoke at all
06..Coffee or Tea? coffee (if i must)
07..Skydiving or Swim with sharks? doesn't matter. i'd be dead from a heart attack either way.
08..Math or English? English. math is evil.
09..Body Piercing or Tattoo? body piercing. but all i have done is 1 hole in each ear.
10..Hot dog or Pogo? hot dog. what in the HELL is a Pogo?!

Part Two
11..Glass half full or half empty?
half full
12..Debater or peacekeeper? depeends on my mood really & who i am dealing with but i think that peacekeeper takes the edge.
13..Runner or walker? walker
14..Shop or clean? clean
15..Neat or messy? neat. but not *super* neat. i have my little clutter areas. *too* neat becomes sterile & un-cozy.
16..Short or Tall? tall
17..Bikini or one piece? bikini
18..Laundry or dishes? laundry
19..Dog or Cat? dog
20..Beer or wine? wine

Part Three
21..Sweet or salty?
oh man...sweet...
22..Europe or Australia? Eurpoe
23..Broken bone or surgery? surgery--at least this is planned and i can have pain management from moment one. a broken bone would require unmedicated suffering for at least a little while & i am a huge baby when it comes to pain.
24..Good speller or good map reader? good speller
25..Pizza or burgers? i cannot choose. you can't make me.
26..Birthday or Christmas? Christmas--it means *I* get to spoil others
27..Long hair or short hair? short
28..Pierced ear or gold chain on a man? gold chain
29..Crossword or sudoku? crossword. letters over numbers. every time.
30..American Idol or Survivor? if i must pick the lesser of the two evils, AI

Part Four
31..Backless or cleavage?
32..Sunrise or Sunset? another that i could not pick. they are both so beautiful in their own right...
33..Flossing or going to the dentist? flossing. i *hate* the dentist.
34..Find time or lose time? find time
35..Church or sleeping in? church
36..Elmo or Fozzie? elmo
37..Strawberries or Blueberries? strawberries
38.."Scrubs" or "The Office"? "Scrubs" though i haven't watched it in forever
39..Ballroom or Jive? ballroom
40..Surf or swim? not a water girl. i am much more a stay-on-dry-land-where-i-am-warm girl

Part Five
41..Raisins or grapes?
42..TV or music? no way. both.
43..SAHM (or SAHD) or work? now that i have a job i love? work
44..boating or hiking? boating as long as the water isn't rough
45..rap or punk? NO THANK YOU
46..Mushrooms or onions? ewwwwww!! onions. but not happily.
47..Going downtown or going uptown? going downtown
48..Truth or dare? truth
49..Monkeys or walruses? monkeys
50..chiropractor or physiotherapy? chiropractor i guess

Part Six
51..soup or salad?
52..boxers or briefs? boxers. or boxer briefs.
53..pushup bra or pull in the reinforcements? pushup or kicks? money or snooze? this is a hard choice. i love to blog. but i do have a mighty comfy couch for snoozing too...
56..escargots or frogs legs? *gag* i would eat calamari but not either of these purchase or last purchase? last purchase . the last one keeps the next one in check.
58..funny silly or funny smutty? silly
59..Christmas or Easter? there is no choosing. i need them both.
60..turkey or ham? turkey if we're talking about the real things. ham if we are making a sandwich.

Part Seven
61..smoked or barbequed? (For you Texans this may be difficult 'cause I think you think they're the same thing)
62..DVD or movie theatre? movie theater
63..thongs or bikini? thong if we are referring to underwear--panty lines are unacceptable. bikini if you mean bathing suit. or rock? both. my music taste is eclectic & i cannot have my choices limited.
65..honey or jam? jam or city? country
67..oral or anal (sex)? *raised eyebrow* this is not THAT kind of blog
68..Brangelina or TomKat? *Dawn runs screaming from the room*
69..fireworks or bumper cars? fireworks
70..Bush or Harper? Bush


Friday, May 26, 2006

technology is a double-edged sword

it is amazing how much we have come to rely on the modern convenience of email. so much so, in fact, that i am losing my mind right now because the mail server for my email address is down. and i am not receiving any incoming mail.

so. if you are someone who checks in with me here. and you have emailed me in the last 12 hours. and i have not responded. that would be because the almight Gmail is currently under repair. i promise that i still love you & am not ignoring you. as soon as everything is happy in email land again, communications will resume as normal.

and rest assured that i miss you too.

back to counting ceiling tiles since the phone is virtually silent today & with zero email-provided distractions, ALL my work has been done since 9:45am.


you've been meme'd: May 26, 2006

from Divine Reality

Friday Fill-In
May 12

Nobody can be me like I can.

The last gift I bought was a secret still.

Every year I grow less tolerant of cruelty.

I've always wanted to know why we don't all see the doctors that *our* doctors choose to see.

Being happy makes life simpler

My favorite book is "Couplehood" by Paul Reiser because it is such an accurate representation of how a real relationship works.

Friday Fill-In
May 19

I like my pizza with fresh tomato slices, cheese & tomato sauce with some oregano sprinkled on top.

Playing with my camera at Disney gets me out of a rut.


Mmmm, I'm craving honey balsamic chicken from Macaroni Grille.

Today my hair came out good ok but it will definitely be time for a cut & some highlights in 2 weeks.

This weekend is supposed to be hot with a 30% chance of rain.

Friday Fill-In
May 26

My favorite ritual is waking up early & enjoying the quiet before anyone else is awake.

Oh how I love Autumn in New England.

I am super-duper successful because i choose to make myself that way.

If I were a vegetable I would be broccoli--yum.

My favorite pen is the Bic Velocity, black ink.

Memorial Day Weekend is made for remembering those in the military who have given the ultimate sacrifice...and cookouts.


from The Friday Five

Friday Five
May 19

1. What type of mood are you generally in on a rainy day? quiet & relaxed
2. What are your favorite things to do when the weather is gloomy? listen to the rain & play on the computer or watch a movie
3. Have you ever been kissed in the rain? yes i have =)
4. After the rain stops, do you continue what you were doing, or do you run outside to do something else? i tend to stay in until things have a chance to dry off some, unless i had plans that the rain was delaying.
5. What is your favorite drink/food to have when it's raining outside? nothing that's any different from when the sun is shining


from Friday Fiver

It's All Relative
May 12

1. How many siblings do you have? two--one full brother Josh (27) and one half brother Zach (who will be 8 on June 25)

2. Do you get along with your family? sure do for the most part--sometimes living 1200 miles away helps me to get along with some of them better than i otherwise might though ;-)

3. Think you look like anyone in your family? i am such a good blend of both of my parents that i look more like which ever one i am standing next to. i don't think i have ever been next to both of them at the same time as an adult though--that might be interesting to see who i would look more like. and when he was a baby, my brother Zach looked like he could have been my son but now he looks more like a combination of his mother & our brother Josh.

4. Do you want / do you have any children of your own? someday if that is what is in the plans for me. (turning 30 in less than 4 months is reminding me that i am running short on somedays though lol)

5. Special plans for Mother's Day? we went to Ken's parents' house for lunch.

May 19

What songs would you play to match these situations?

1. At a sporting event: "Dirty Water" of course ;-)

2. At a party/social event: "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang; "Get Down Tonight" by KC & the Sunshine Band

3. Utterly depressed: "Tonight I Wanna Cry" by Keith Urban

4. Driving in a car: talked about that here and here

5. Feeling lustful: "Your Body Is a Wonderland" by John Mayer


from Friday Fun

Friday Fill-ins
May 19

Just fill in the blank!!

1. The one thing I want to be sure I do this summer is get back to scrapping before my WDW pass is good again.
2. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a bowl of Special K Red Berries.
3. My favorite outfit is my white Adidas track pants & a tank top.
4. The accomplishment I am most proud of is completely paying off my car & eliminating almost all of my debt.
5. The weirdest thing about me is the way i pick off all the toppings from my slice of pizza & eat them first.
6. I want to become better at photography.
7. My least favorite household chore is scrubbing the shower.
8. My favorite music/song/artist is changing from minute to minute.
9. The color I like least is purple.
10. I am going to go to a Disney park; watch the Red Sox games; and relax this weekend.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

you've been meme'd: May 25, 2006

Are you more...

01) A believer in unwritten rules or a believer in written rules? i adhere to ALL the rules. mostly.
02) Water or fire? fire--i like to be warm.
03) Earth or air? air--wide open spaces & cool crisp air to breathe
04) Someone who eats their eggs plain or someone who spices them up somehow? plain unless we are talking about an omelette
05) Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and coffee for breakfast or muffin and a coffee for breakfast? the full deal if i go out for breakfast on the weekend. just something quick during the work week. hold the joe though.
06) Honest or likeable? i think you can be both but if i have to choose: honest
07) Chicken or fish? chicken
08) Admiring of Mahatma Gandhi or admiring of Martin Luther King Jr.? ummmm...Gandhi...
09) Hoping this summer is a hot one or hoping this summer is a cool one? cool for FL which would still be hot by most of your standards
10) Juicy or sweet? sweet


from Blogdrive Insanity

Wednesday Mind Hump
May 10

Hi everyone! I really like today's Mind Hump theme! It's Official Thank You Day.

1. Name two of your teachers from school whom you'd like to thank. Ms. Anne Norton (high school junior English & 3 years of homeroom teacher). Mrs. Higgins (7th grade).

2. Name two friends you'd like to thank. i can't name names & pick just two so i wil say: old friends. new friends. =)

3. Name two celebrities you'd like to thank. Tom Brady. Mike Lowell.

4. If you have anyone else you'd like to thank, you can thank them here! my faithful fans & stalkers ;-) my dad. my brother. my grandparents. the man. =)

Wednesday Mind Hump
May 24

Hi everyone! Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, cause it's Night Baseball Day!

1. Do you prefer baseball games during the day or at night? Why? the night. for some reason it just feels more...exciting to me.

2. What's your favorite baseball team? seriously. you have to ask at this point?!

3. What's your favorite baseball park treat? hotdog with kraut & a little bit of ketchup. hotdogs always taste best at the ballpark.

4. Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds are in a home-run hitting contest. Everything's the same - bats, balls, etc. Who are you rooting to win? Hank Aaron.


from Patrick's Weekender

Saturday Six - Episode 109

1. When is the last time you switched from one company to another for an important service? What made you switch? Did the company you were leaving try to make you a better offer to make you stay?
from Verizon to BrightHouse for phone service. we decided it was a better deal to switch from regular to digital phone, plus we get a discount for having our cable, phone & internet all through BrightHouse. no real struggle from Verizon to keep our business since we were moving out of the old house 7 weeks before moving into the new house--all we did was call to cancel the service because the house had sold & we were moving.

2. What emblem or logo was on the last coffee mug you drank from? i think it had a winter snow scene--the last mug i drank out of was in January or February when i was cold & drinking some hot chocolate.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being a world-class chef and 1 being someone who can't even scramble an egg, how would you rate your cooking ability? probably a 4 or 5 now. i was easily a 7 but i haven't really cooked anything in so long now thanks to living with one of the pickiest eaters alive that i am sure my skills are rusty.

4. Take the quiz: Are you a good cook?

You Are a Learning Cook

You've got the makings of an excellent cook, and the desire to be one.
But right now, you're just lacking the experience. You couldn't be a top chef yet, but you could be an apprentice.

5. When was the last time you prepared a meal for someone other than yourself or those already living with you? Was it well received? LOL! i think it was this past October for Heather & Catherine. we had kielbasa & sauerkraut & green beans. i am fairly certain Heather liked it. Catehrine deposited the kielbasa mostly on the floor (much to Casey's enjoyment) but i think she ate more green beans than Heather & i combined.

6. Since it is that time of year, what show's season finale are you most looking forward to? Which show do you wish would just go away? well it already happened but Boston Legal--can't wait for next season! and that would be Survivor that i wish would be done already.


from Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Yours :: mine
Charcoal :: bbq
Platitude :: trite
Graduation :: Pomp & Circumstance
Hungry :: lunchtime
Somewhere :: Out There
Nurse :: Alison & Gosia
Freak :: of nature
Unbelievable :: astounding
Walk :: the Line


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

numbing the pain

i can't talk about the last 2 games agains the Yankees. they are too painful to reflect on. i would rather get crushed or shut out than to win close games when we leaves runners stranded in the double digits.

and Papi...oh Papi. what happened to the days you came to the plate with 2 outs & bases loaded & you were actually a threat? 4 Ks tonight. Even A-Gon got on base. hurt me tonight.

but i can't dwell on this. Coco will be back soon. and we won't see DiNardo anytime soon.

and tonight i am posting only observations i have made during this series. all the game analysis you're going to get here tonight is in the first two paragraphs...

1. why do these guys get 2 strikes...step out of the batter's box...and talk to their bats? like this is going to make a difference in the next swing? i have 3 things to say that amount to one thing:
"Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball. Straightball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come." "Hats for bats, keep bats warm." "We should've got the live chicken." ---> unless you are a voodoo-practicing giant named Pedro, there's not much talking to the bat is going to accomplish. =P

2. WHAT is the deal with Youk's tongue forever hanging out of his mouth over that at first base? it's a wonder he doesn't bite the tip of it off what with all the diving plays he makes.

3. i really feel bad for Matt Clement. that ball he took in the head last year is going to haunt him for the rest of his career. he walked out there with an air of confidence tonight. took the hill. had some command. and then gets drilled in the calf with a ball hit back at him & i saw him come apart at the seams. the Yankees got inside his head & he wasn't the same. it broke my heart to see him drop to the ground when a ball was hit up the middle a few innings later. he's afraid. and i don't blame him one bit. but it's a crying shame. he's not the pitcher he was a year ago.

4. Coco should be back the beginning of the week if all goes well. this will move Youk back in the lineup a bit but his reliability will give us some much-needed depth later in the batting order. i will miss Youk at lead off but i think teamed up with Lowell, they might get some production going & start posing a threat beyond the heart of the order.

5. Manny being Manny. i've heard of running a stop sign but wow did he just plow past the waving arms of the third base coach to score the go ahead run at one point. he's lucky he didn't run him right over. i guess when Manny decides he's coming home, he doesn't care who thinks otherwise. but all in all, a respectable series for Manny with 4 homers & 10 RBIs. Manny is back to being Manny.

6. that is some kind of impressive infield the Red Sox have this year. i can't fault them for anything. they play with heart. they play to get dirty. they dive. they leap. they spin & fire. double plays. hits denied. leading the Major Leagues with defensive performance. you'd think these guys had played together their whole careers. they are a thing of beauty to watch out there, even in a loss. they are so fluid & so in tune. reminds me of another Terry Cashman song, "Baseball Ballet":

'Round the horn
Let's get one
Ya gotta cover every base
Men in motion
Each corner's Power, Speed and Grace
'Round the horn
It's like a dance
Have you looked at it that way?
Infield artists synchronized
Baseball in ballet

'Round the horn
Let's get one
Ya gotta cover every base
Men in motion
Each corner's Power, Speed and Grace
'Round the horn
Let's get to the diamond, it's the stage
Comin' home now
Bring it in
Baseball in ballet


good times. great friends.

ok. i promised way back here that i had a separate blog entry to make about the day i spent at Epcot with my good friends Nichole and Daniel.

normally (and i hesitate to use the word normal in direct relation to myself lol...) i am extremely shy & reserved when i meet new people. i tend to be very soft-spoken--when i speak at all. it is a rare & special occurance when i connect with someone right away & feel immediately at ease. there are a few of these special people in my life...and a couple of weeks ago, i added two more. =)

i mean it's not as if we didn't know one another through blog-reading & excessive email conversation. but to meet in flesh & blood for the first time and feel like you've known each other forever? that's just awesome. it was just the best feeling.

so we met & bonded over the Red Sox-Yankees game on Thursday (which Nichole blogged more about) and then on Saturday we met up for a day at Epcot. Nichole is such a good sport--she joined in & allowed me to take some funny hat photos as is my Epcot tradition.

the whole day was so much fun, enjoying the Disney Magic (you can get the breakdown in the previous link to Nichole's blog entry) and getting to know each other even better, but the thing that cemented our friendship was the laughter. especially that over a new legal tactic heretofore known as Happy Lawyer-Angry Lawyer:

all i can do is warn you to be aware of anything that might look suspiciously like a Japanese Daruma lurking about in the room when you must go in for a can mean no good should you find yourself on the opposing side of a force of the that magnitude...


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

for Nichole & Daniel

there is something in this photo for you guys.

do you see it? ;-)


tastes like summer

yesterday Michelle & i had a long in depth conversation about the merits of a tomato sandwich. the memories flooded in, deep & sweet...

in the heat of summer, those long lazy dog days of August, when the air would hang thick & heavy, so full of humidity it seemed you could scoop up a handful of it & toss it like a slushball. those days that are almost too stifling to eat, let alone heat up the kitchen further by cooking a meal. those were the days my Gram would head back to the garden & pick a couple of red ripe tomatoes off the vine. back in the kitchen, she would lightly salt thick juicy slices & layer them generously on pieces of bread, slathered with mayo. there is very little that competes with tomato sandwiches on a sultry summer afternoon.


sharing du jour: May 23, 2006

song of the day: "She's Like the Wind", Patrick Swayze

quote of the day: "You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time." (Jim Bouton, Ball Four, 1970)


it's games like this...

...that make me


why oh why can't the Sox score runs when Wakey pitches...?


Monday, May 22, 2006


see what happens when i give myself a blogging rest?

i blather.

oh & i removed word verification for those who can't stand to decipher it in order to comment. but ONE LOUSY SPAM AND ITS BACK, k? ;-)


{Snapshots of Saturday}: May 20, 2006

yes, i know that i was just at Epcot a week ago with Nichole & Daniel. if you glance over in the left-hand sidebar, you will notice that my time to get into the parks before summer blackout is rapidly dwindling. i had 3 available weekends left to enjoy the Disney Magic, so i went back again on Saturday, just me & my new camera, for the sole purpose of seeing what she can really do. the image above will link you to the album--and i know how many photos are in there. let me just tell you: that is only about 25% of what i actually took! =O

i found some cool things to photograph, including the exhibit in the China Pavilion on Disneyland Hong Kong! now to mention The Flower & Garden Festival always presents some fun photographic opportunities.

for those who have asked:
my new camera is a Kodak EasyShare Z740, 5.0 megapixel with a 10x optical zoom. and yes, i do carry her with me just about everywhere. =)


sharing du jour: May 22, 2006

song of the day: "Torn", Natalie Imbruglia

quote of the day: "Love must be learned, and learned again; there is no end to it." (Katherine Anne Porter)


wisdom recalled

my Gramp...he was a very wise man. he didn't say a whole lot, but much of what he did say lives somewhere in my psyche. on occasion, some tidbit will surface & be as crystal clear in my conscious memory as if he had whispered it in my ear just the moment before. i can see the twinkle in his eye...still hear the deep resonating laugh...

Gramp always had these little sayings that he would recite. sometimes out of nowhere & in relation to nothing. other times they were called for by a situation that presented itself. one such recitation was brought forth when i heard some people nearby complaining about "being done with the rain". these same people who where discussing in earnest, just a few days prior, how badly we *need* some rain here in FL.

and just like that, somewhere deep in the recesses of my memory vault, i hear:

as a rule
a man's a fool
when it's hot he wants it cool
when it's cool he wants it hot
always wanting what is not
never pleased with what he's got

so true huh? and it was as if he was standing just over my shoulder, shaking his head & reciting...

now if could just remember all the words to "I went down the augh to buy a purple cow for forty dollars" or "Dis ist der daumen..." (Josh?! LOL! i know you know what i'm referring to...)


you've been meme'd: May 22, 2006

Are you more...

01) A conscientious lawn mower who cuts it at least once a week or a procrastinating lawn moving avoider who lets it reach nigh jungle level before you cut it? i am the sort who has a professinal landscaper cut it once a week ;-)
02) One who likes to have sex while music is playing or one who likes to have sex without any musical distraction? i really don't so much care ;-)
03) The kind of person who would have a fire (bonfire or in a firebowl) despite local laws prohibiting them or the kind of person who wouldn't because, hey, they're illegal? no way! i am the ultimate good girl & i do not break laws. seriously.
04) A hard-spot-to-get weed-whacker user or an "if the lawn mower can't reach it, it's not getting cut" type? i refer you to answer #1
05) Preferring of wooden decks or preferring of stone / formed concrete blocks / brick decks? wooden are nice if you have the fancy custom-designed ones but i have grown rather accustomed to the stone-floored lanais we have here in FL
06) A fan of winter sports (hockey, skating, curling) or summer sports (baseball, golf, volleyball)? where is the football?! that's a winter sport isn't it?! and you cannot make me choose between baseball & football. it is a distinction that cannot be made.
07) Happy with your neighbours or unhappy with your neighbours? well...i don't have many neighbors yet. the ones i do have are nice enough. except for the people diagonally across the street who have the shrillest (is this a word?) daughter alive who feels the need to shriek every time she jumps into the pool. at 10:45pm.
08) One who tries to shoo away bees / run away from them or one who leaves them alone knowing they'll just go away once they realize you're not a flower and not a threat? i ignore them as long as they stay out of what i'm eating.
09) A lover of structured fun or a lover of unstructured fun? it really depends on where i am, who i'm with & what we're doing. there is a time & place for both kinds of fun.
10) Selfish with your possessions or selfish with your personal time? i don't tend to be selfish as a rule. but unless you're one of the select few: HANDS OFF MY CAMERA.


from Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Do Every Day

1. EMAIL!!
2. update the NSBR Daily Blog Thread on Two Peas
3. drink a glass of cranberry juice
4. something blog-related
5. check the Red Sox, Patriots & FoxSports websites
6. watch something on ESPN
7. count my blessings =)
8. walk the beastie
9. take a shower
10. clean something


from Friday's Feast

Feast Ninety-Three

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
well it's actually frozen yogurt but Roadrunner Raspberry which is white chocolate frozen yogurt with a raspberry swirl & mini dark chocolate raspberry-filled cups...ohhhhh or a Dole Whip from Magic Kingdom!!

What are 3 things you would like to put in a time capsule?
a printed copy of my blog. my high school yearbooks. Red Sox & Patriots paraphenalia.

Name something you are 100% sure of.
Divine Grace.

Main Course
What is something you do to calm yourself when you're stressed or upset?
light a candle & sit by myself for a bit

If you could receive an invitation to any important event, what would you like it to be?
the 2006 World Series. at Fenway Park of course. ;-)

Feast Ninety-Four

What is the last thing you had to have repaired?
the big window over my master bathtub that was cut lopsided when they built my house. *frowns*

If someone gave you $2,000 with the stipulation that you had to spend half of it on yourself and give the rest to charity, where would you spend the $1,000 and which charity would receive your remaining $1,000?
$1000? all for me? i would have to invest in some new clothing. including some gear from my favorite sports teams. and a trip to CA. ;-) the other $1000 would get donated to Give Kids the World i think...

What is one of your favorite songs from the 1980s?
"Hello" by Lionel Richie

Main Course
You enter a pet store. Which section do you go to first?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how athletic are you?
BAHAHAHA!! i am very athletically inclined when it comes to *spectating*. playing? not so much. way the grace department. =P


interleague play (aka Bizarro baseball)

a weekend series on interleague play. i am still undecided on how i feel about interleague matchups. i think the NL teams get the advantage regardless of whether the teams play by NL or AL rules. but it's kind of exciting to see some different teams--even if Francona's strategy & player substitutions & batting order shuffling makes my brain kind of tired. =P

some things you don't often get to see:

Matt Clement at bat. he looks so goofy standing at the plate, all arms & legs. he really comes off as so awkward & uncomfortable with a bat in his hand. but then he got that hit (pictured above)--i think he was so stunned that he connected, that it took him a couple of seconds to respond...and then once he started running, he was 2/3 of the way into right field before he could get the brakes working. LOL! thanks to a wild throw by Rollins, Matt was awarded 2nd base. And a Big Papi homer brought him home. you know he got some bragging rights scoring a run too! =)

nothing tops Josh Beckett though--getting on base & scoring the first run for himself when the Sox offense couldn't get their bats moving. and then as if he wasn't going to rib them for that, he gets up to the plate & sends one yard! you know this won't be the last time he mentions this game in the dugout this year. ;-)

there were, of course, the requisite home runs by Ortiz, Lowell & Youk. tek knocked one out too--i am still holding out hope that he will find his groove yet this season. but in Bizarro Ball, there was an homer by A-Gon, yet none by Manny. and Wily Mo has suddenly rocketed to second on the team in batting average, behind only Mike Lowell. i know this means i need to start giving him his due...i'm just afraid that as soon as i do, we'll be back to "Wily Mo being Wily Mo". he doesm't seem to have shaken his need to come up to the plate swinging for long balls instead of just making a hit & getting on base.

the one thing that hasn't changed:

i want to feel bad for DiNardo. i do. but for crying out loud. we were on our way to a sweep in Philly! and then he takes the hill & the game is over before it even starts. *sigh* which leads Francona to put any old idiot on the mound in a motion of surrender. this makes me crazy. we need another starter. and i am skeptical to believe that that starter should be Wells--we shall see...

at least the Mets managed to hang on & win 2-of-3 against The Evil Empire. especially after their closer botched Pedro's fine 7-inning closeout of the Yankees on Saturday afternoon. let's hope the Yankees have had the wind taken out of their sails. (as opposed to this loss getting them fired up!)

for those who understand:


amen to that!

listening to the radio this morning on the way into work. of course every morning show was all over the topic of "The Davinici Code".

i've been asked how i feel, as a Christian, about this movie. i've found it difficult to articulate my stance. country music news guru, Jimmy Carter, summed it up perfectly this morning in regard to the uproar amongst Christians over this movie:

"if your faith can be shaken by a movie, then your faith needs more exercise."

i think this sums up people's beliefs in anything really. because if they can be so easily challenged & influenced by the world around, clearly you do not back what you "claim" to believe with much conviction.

and that's where i stand.


did ya miss me?

decided to take a mini-break from blogging this weekend. but i'm back & refreshed & there will be some stuff here in a little bit. just need to get myself to work.



Friday, May 19, 2006

i don't normally pick up hitch hikers

...but sitting here on my commute into work waiting for my green arrow...

...this is what i saw reflected in my rearview mirror!

and he hung on the whole 10-mile trip!!
(excuse the less-than-stellar-quality photo--it is the actual image as seen in my mirror!)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

SPF: May 19, 2006

The Assignment:
For THIS Friday, May 19th, 2006

I am inspired by Wave of Modulation. She takes my breath away. Not only with her pictures, but her words that are so real, raw and soul squeezing. This week…it’s about WoM.

1. Something Discarded

2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.

3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

#3 is wide open - meaning if you took a picture that you wouldn’t have normally taken, but you thought, ‘hey so-in-so would love this’. Share with us your inspirations!!


1. Something Discarded

my something discarded is a tiny spiral of metal that gets stripped off of the amusement wheels hubs we manufacture at work. the hubs have to be absolutely perfect & identical in their dimensions to provide optimum safety & performance so they are machined down to the milimeter on high speed lathes--the blue tint is actually a result of how hot the metal gets when they are trimmed down at high speeds. these bitty shavings are then discarded.

2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.

ok, i wasn't *laying* on the ground but i was squatting down very close to it when i captured this shot at Epcot. these ugly little guys were chowing down non-stop on leaves & stems. they aren't particularly attractive in & of themselves, but the vibrancy of their colors & the flora in the background certainly does improve their looks some--in my opinion anyway--and soon they will be even more beautiful!

3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

my friend Andie is by far my photography inspiration--especially when it comes to shots taken at Disney World! i love that she looks for angles & content & opportunities that are not the norm. by looking at her photos, i have learned to observe the world around me from a different perspective--the one only *I* can have. i feel like my photos are finally capturing the moment as i see it--thanks to the way her amazing photos have shown me to look through my viewfinder from my own unique point of view. this photo from the Japan Pavilion at Epcot is a prime example of her effect on my photos.


the honeymoon is over

last night it looked to me like the Sox are back to expecting Wake to win on his own. i mean really...could SOMEONE have brought a bat to the plate yesterday? what is the deal with Ortiz & Ramirez suddenly striking out multiple times per game? they only thing they used to strike was fear in the opposing team. now they're just kind of...limp & stale.

i refuse to even discuss "Willy-who?" & the final out of the 9th. disgraceful. i'd rather lose in a no-hit shutout.

one night off. then Philly. where we laugh at our pitchers swinging bats because really, what else is there to do? reason #481 we should have held onto Bronson Arroyo...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

back in the swing

any concerns i had about the Sox being *too* rested coming into last night's series opener in Baltimore were quickly alleviated. as a birthday present to starting pitcher Josh Beckett, Boston meant serious business with bats in hand. ELEVEN RUNS serious!

some game highlights:

--Beckett pitched an outstanding game to go hand-in-hand with the strong offensive show. giving up only 1 run on 2 hits and 0 walks, he struck out 6 & threw only 80 pitches in 7 innings before being pulled to give the bullpen a chance to shake off the cobwebs.

--was especially glad that a late call for time-out by Orioles' batter Tejada didn't result in an injury for Beckett who was already mid-way through his release when the request was granted. a fired up ball of energy on the mound anyway, he was understandably ticked off by this & approached home plate to express his displeasure with the umpire. Varitek got in between to diffuse the situation, which thankfully didn't result in either player being ejected from the game.

--Tek, who has been struggling at the plate so far this season, reached base in all 4 at-bats with 4 runs, a homer & 3 RBIs

--Lowell kept his momentum with a triple, 2 runs, 3 RBIs & 1 solo home run

--And you could have knocked me over with a feather with Pena sent a ball into the outfield seats for a 2-run homer, following it up with a single the very next inning that drove in 2 more runs. i know i ought to start giving him more credit still stuns me when he is productive.

and thus continues the 12-game win streak Boston has over the Orioles...


in amusing news, the Yankees lost to the Rangers, relinquishing first place in the AL East back to the Red Sox, where once again they stand alone.

i was reading Surviving Grady this morning & absolutely cracked up over this line: Hey, how about Farnsworth spitting the bit? And Sturtze going on the DL? The media will be calling it The Curse of Johnny Damon or something. The Curse of Johnny Damon. LOL!!! i *love* it. heck i love the concept of any curse haunting the Yankees and leaving us alone. ;-)

tonight 5-2 Schilling faces the winless Chen. surely he can keep the Sox on the upswing right? we need to get all the distance between us & The Evil Empire that we can in the standings before the beginning of next week when we face the Yankees for 3 & the D'Rays for 4 in Fenway & then close out the month with 3 in Toronto...


sharing du jour: May 16, 2006

song of the day: "To Love a Woman", Enrique Iglesias & Lionel Richie

quote of the day: "Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls, for thus friends absent speak." (John Donne) -- courtesy of my friend Daniel =)


Monday, May 15, 2006

how i spent Mothers Day 2006...

playing with my camera at Ken's parents' house. to see the photos of their dog & the koi pond on their lanai more closely, click the image.


you've been meme'd: May 15, 2006

I say ... and you think ... ?

Immune :: protected from
Together :: you & me
Blank :: empty
Professional :: athlete
Thousand :: Island dressing
Penetration :: forceful entry
Shutter :: window
Upside down :: inside out
Neck :: kiss
Unlisted :: phone number


from Monday Madness

May 8, 2006
1. List three words that describe YOU. shy. sports fan. friend.
2. List three words that describe YOUR HOME. new. comfortable. airy.
3. List three words that describe YOUR TOWN. rural. redneck. small.
4. List three words that describe YOUR STATE. hurricane-magnet. Disney World. warm.

May 15, 2006
Fill in the blanks...

1. If I could change ONE thing from this past weekend, it would be that Nichole & Daniel hadn't gone home so soon.
2. One of my favorite recipes includes tomatoes, pasta, green peppers & Italian salad dressing.
3. If things don't go as originally planned, I tend to go with the flow.
4. My daily routine is very different from one day to the next, but very predictable from week-to-week.
5. The one television show I will probably miss, since the season is coming to an end, is Boston Legal.
6. I have a calendar hanging/sitting on my stereo in the office.
7. I'm really good (when i actually hang it on my wall lol!) about changing the calendar when the day/month changes.


from Stopping Traffic

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸A Lizzie Quizzie!¸.•'´¯)¸.•
May 15, 2006

1. What is the best memory you have of your mother? meeting up with her at Disney World last year & feeling the most of the past has finally been left there.
2. What are three things things you inherited from your mom? (free range) the shape of my face. the way i raise my right eyebrow when i am skeptical. my voice.
3. Did you honor your mother this weekend? i sent her a Mother's Day card.
4. How many weddings have you been in? How much did the last one cost you? four. $200 for the dress & shoes.
5. How much do you typically spend on a present? Do you buy off the registry? depends on the people getting married. anywhere from $75-$200. i buy off the registry for the bridal shower. for the wedding, i either give just cash or if it's someone i am very close to, i will also buy some sort of meaningful gift as well.
6. What is the last thing you bought yourself? Lionel Richie's cd "The Definitive Collection"
7. Checks, check card, debit card, credit card or cash? debit card
8. On a scale from 1-10, how happy are you right now? 8
9. Are you a responsible person? very much so. maybe sometimes *too* much...
10. Life is a journey.

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸A Lizzie Quizzie!¸.•'´¯)¸.•
May 8, 2006

1. How much tv do you watch a day?'s on from 5pm til i go to bed at 11:30 but really sit down & WATCH--probably averages out to about 90 minutes a night
2. On a scale of 1-10, how "handy" are you around the house? LOL! maybe 3 or 4. or 3. =P
3. Do you use air freshener, incense, or other smelly things in your home? :) spray air freshener. Glade Carpet Deodorizer. Glade Glass Scents. Yankee Candles.
4. Approximately how many days are you sick a year? probably about 2 weeks if you add it all up. but that would include the entire duration of a couple head colds. and unless i am throwing up, i don't usually call in.
5. If you could redo any room in your home right now, which would you choose? Why? my house is new! none need to be redone! i would love to add in another set of cabinets & countertop on the empty wall in my kitchen. and to actually decorate my second guest bedroom.
6. Have you ever had a nice fish tank? If so, fresh or salt water? not me personally, but we have a really nice saltwater tank at work.
7. Would you ever want to get a makeover?, not really. i like my hair style & i DO NOT like someone else doing my make up. i'd love some cash to go on a clothing shopping spree.
8. What is your favorite thing to do on weekends? hang out & relax =)
9. Send us to a cool webby! i mentioned this a while back but this Color Code Tool is fun for scrappers or playing around with color schemes in your blog.
10. The early bird gets the worm. (yes i copped out on this one but once it got stuck in my head i couldn't think of a single other thing that made any sense!)


rain, rain, go away...

washed out. the Sox had one game cut short & two completely called on account of rain this past weekend. that makes a grand total of three rained out games so far this season. and there's a 50% chance for showers during the Orioles-Red Sox game this evening--as is indicated by the symbol i borrowed from the Baltimore weather forecast. not much can be done about the rain, i know, other than to take the wait-and-see approach. however, all the rain delays reminded me of a song sung by Terry Cashman (not even sure what else he sings but my father has some cds of his baseball music anyway) that my brother was so kind to listen to & copy down the lyrics for me, since i can't find them anywhere online. (how's THAT for a run-on, confusing sentence! LOL)

anyway. i leave you with some song lyrics that resonate from my childhood and daytrips with my dad & Josh to Cooperstown and being raised on a summer of America's pasttime...

keep your fingers crossed that the Red Sox get to take the field tonight before the momentum they picked up from taking two-of-three from the Yankees last week gets dampened by that horrific loss against the Rangers in the five-and-a-half inning game on Friday night.

(sung by Terry Cashman)

There was sunshine on the diamond
Just an hour ago.
What a day for a ballgame,
I'd got me a hot dog and a Coke.
Now they're covering up the infield;
The umpire has called play.
I search my pocket for my raincheck;
Lord, I hate these rain delays.

But life's a lot like baseball
If ya know what I'm talking about.
Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes you're rained out.

Oh! the sky's as black as midnight;
Umbrellas spot the stands.
But when the clouds are all cried out,
I'll bet the sunshine comes again.

'Cause life's a lot like baseball
If ya know what I'm talking about.
Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes you're rained out.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

{Snapshots of Saturday}: May 13, 2006

hosted by Standing on the Edge

i had an awesome Saturday hanging out with my friends Nichole & Daniel (this earns a seprarte blog entry of its own forthcoming). got to take my new camera to play at Disney for the first time & i am IN. LOVE. clicking on the image above will take you to the complete album.


Friday, May 12, 2006

i love this photo

Mike Mussina this past Wednesday night staring down Mike Lowell just after releasing the pitch that Lowell would send on a free ride out of Yankee Stadium
(courtesy of


a picture is worth a thousand words

courtesy of The Remy Report


who says baseball is boring?!

they won it! i can't believe they won it!! last night's game that is. it HAD to be the power of the West Coast division of Red Sox Nation colliding with the FL division at ESPN Zone: WDW Boardwalk last night. (or maybe it was The Magic Shirt? ;-) the world may never know...) what i do know is that in the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, Jeter representing the tying run in scoring position, seeing Giambi at the plate brought back instant flashbacks of Tuesday night's first inning homer. i should have had faith. THIS would not let Red Sox fans down:

ya think The Evil Empire is scheming ways to get this one away from us too? after all, that is their plan: if a player scares the pinstripes off of us, we'll just buy him & eliminate the concern. =P

one they couldn't get their hands on was this guy:

because the Mirabelli-Wakefield show was hot again last night. a thing of beauty. man i love to see them work it on the field.

something i DON'T like to see...even to a Yankee (you should be hearing that with a tone of strong disdain btw. if you didn't, go back & reread in proper context please!) is a potentially season-ending injury. this photo turns my stomach. i can almost hear the snap...*shudder*

i'm not a Hideki Matsui fan but that's only because he plays for THEM & i can't like one of THEM. and gosh darn it, he terrifies me. that's how good he is. i'd love him in a Boston uniform though. but ouch. and he *still* tried to make the play. with his hand dangling from his arm in a sickening fashion that needed no x-ray to determine that it was broken.

and not in this game, but another one, Phillies outfielder Aaron Rowand ran to catch a flyball that was making an attempt to go yard...never saw the wall coming...hit it so damn hard his feet flew out behind him from the impact. FACE. FIRST. broke his nose. but did he let go of the ball? nope!

as much as i hate to see anyone get hurt, i love to see heart. i love to see them play with so much heart. i just wish they wouldn't get hurt doing it...


spf: May 12, 2006

SPF: Assignment in Pairs

1. Something you have 2 of.
2. Something you wish you had 2 more of.
3. “Two”

this would be my two "Nemos"--my two clown fish at work that are so smart they know how to beg for food when *I* walk up to the tank...but not anyone else!

something i wish i had two more of. i never ever buy up enough of this stuff when it comes out during the holidays. i love this scent. and i know that unless i start changing it up with something else, i will run out before they release it again. and then there's the worry that they might NOT release it again. *gulp*



Thursday, May 11, 2006

teetering on the edge

if i get one more spam--just ONE MORE--offering to get me some Prozac at a discount rate, i am going to start wondering if the Prozac-pushing is a hint.


ya know what stinks?

when you recently find a new blog...and you're just starting to get into it...just starting to get to know the place and BAM!


without so much as a "see ya later".


what goes around...

*sigh* exactly what i feared would happen. Yanks strike back with a win of their own. at least it wasn't a 14-3 whooping like we gave them. only a 7-3 half a whooping. lol...the funny thing is, as soon as Ortiz hit that 2-run homer in the 1st inning, i had the sinking sensation it was over for the Sox because that's just the hot start the Yankees got off to the night before.

that's ok though. tonight is another night. and Wake is pitching. Wake who beat them 10 days ago in Boston...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

holy crap!

Sitemeter tells me that someone in Bahrain is specifically Googling my blog url! now THAT has me curious...


stop it

sighing and/or rolling your eyes that is. you all KNEW this was coming with last night's rout of the Crankees. and if you didn't know the BoSox won & you live in the free world...just know that i am shaking my head at you. ;-)

this rocked Yankee Stadium last night:

for real. he made those pinstriped cry-babies look like they came to the plate with wet spaghetti noodles instead of the typical ironclad bats that appear to be 20-feet long & make even the most seasoned pitchers quake. he was In. Command. on that field last night.

and for the second time in as many games between these two rivals, the Sox were victorious. not without some humor & drama though.

humor = A-Rod doing his "which way did it go George? (Jorge? lol...sorry)" dance trying to locate the ball, not once but twice. Jeter going 1-4, Matsui & A-Rod hitless, and JD 0-fer against the Sox since cutting his hair & donning stripes.

drama = Bernie Williams getting tossed after the ump overlooked the bat dropped angrily at his feet but not the flipped helmet after being called out on strikes for the third time. and the piece de resistance: an Alex Gonzales homer. pick yourself up off the floor. i did in fact use the words ALEX GONZALES and homer in the same sentence. who knew he could even connect with the ball?! and there he was going 2-4, walked twice, a home run, 3 RBIs & scored 3 of Boston's 14 runs himself. who is this man & please do not try to give us the other one back!

one more thing. if i hear anyone else give BoSox fans flack for "classlessly booing" JD at Fenway last week, i am going to poke them in the eye & remind them that WE certainly do not boo our current boys just because they hit the skids for a bit. (i have been informed that in fact we have, so i will just leave it as I'VE never heard it happen anyway.) i actually felt bad for Randy Johnson (chalk that up for one on the list of things i never thought i'd say...) when the crowd booed him as he walked off the field after getting roughed up by the Sox for 3 2/3 innings. and that poor new kid in RF who just got called up from AAA-ball yesterday who mishandled a ball caught up in a gust of wind? man. i'd be begging for the first ticket back to Columbus. screw that! and they think WE need to show a little more appreciation in Boston?! ("they" being the collective fans around MLB, not targetting the NYY fans specifically, who, if anything, understand the boos for JD last week.)

whatever happens the next 2 games of this series, worst case scenario, the Sox & Yankees come away with 2 wins & 2 losses each for season match-ups. i can swallow that. not that i wouldn't LOVE to win the next 2 nights to be sure. but realitically speaking & all. if i were the Yanks, i'd be on the field tonight looking for blood & something to soothe my aching pride. and no matter what, Thursday's game is going to be The Bomb (lol at myself just for saying that...sooo not me ;-) LOL!) because it will be watched with my friends Nichole & Daniel--and i cannot wait!! =)

a quickie link to this morning's Surviving Grady & i leave you with this quote from said link: "You never know what might happen, and that's what makes this the greatest rivalry in sports. Tonight, Moose versus Schill. Fasten your seat belts."


Tuesday, May 9, 2006

let there be...

(btw for anyone who remembers what my house looks like on the outside, that top photo is the same model but without the stonework. hafta say...i may sound conceited but...i like mine way better.)


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