Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things 257:365

1. the sheer joy of a pup riding in the bed of a pickup. inspired by the red hound i saw this morning, ears flapping in the wind, nose pointed high.

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins.

3. air conditioning. even though i wish i could turn it off already, i'm very glad that i have it.

4. what an exciting one-game playoff between the Twins & Tigers! there couldn't have possibly been a better game--evenly matched & into extra innings--to whet my appetite for the playoffs!

5. i'm relieved that it wasn't the Red Sox playing because i'm not sure i would have survived. ;-)

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5 with their own thoughts:

K13 Wednesday, October 07, 2009 8:37:00 AM  

While it may have been a good game, it was excruciatingly painful for any Tiger fan. How many opportunities can a team blow in one game? Geesh!!

I may never watch baseball again...

Lisa Michelle Wednesday, October 07, 2009 11:10:00 AM  

Yes that game was ridiculously nail biting.

You got my back for the Twin v Yankees and I got your back for the Sox v Angels. How exciting!!!

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, October 07, 2009 11:45:00 AM  

K: For years & years, the Sox made me beat my head against the wall. They frustrated me to no end. But I am thoroughly addicted. I couldn't not watch if I tried.

Lisa Michelle: Go Sox, go Twins! ;-) And go Cardinals. They are my NL pick. Because apparently I am recreating 2004 in my subconscious! ;-)

Ted D Wednesday, October 07, 2009 9:38:00 PM  

Dawn, I was right there with you. Don't think my heart can take that close of a game this early in the month. It's gotta build up a tolerance for drama. ;)

Pat Wednesday, October 07, 2009 10:50:00 PM  

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