Monday, July 13, 2009

Grace in Small Things 172:365

1. remembering how, flying over the clouds, it looked like i was peering down over snow drifts.

2. i cannot believe that my bridesmaid bouquet actually perked up & is looking very pretty still, after going without water for 36 hours. i wasn't even going to bother at first, but then i thought i would at least attempt to keep them alive a little longer in a vase. i had no idea they would spring right back the way they did. let's hear it for the resiliency of gerber daisies!

3. sorting through my photos from the past weekend, getting ready to begin editing them.

4. getting back into my usual daily routine.

5. i was actually able to enjoy watching the Home Run Derby last night. amazing what *not* having a Red Sox player participating in it does to improve the event for me.

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