Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grace in Small Things 202:265

1. having a memory kickstarted of how Gramp would give us rides in the wheelbarrow if we caught him in time, before he headed up to his gardens or back home from them to get something he needed. (i thought i had a photo to scan in here but if i do, it isn't being cooperative in the locating process.)

2. Good Housekeeping, September issue, arriving in my mailbox.

3. these lyrics:
Be it the rain or the wind
Or the moon up in the sky
The spin of the earth
Or the change of the tide
I don't know what brought us together
What strange forces of nature
Conspire to construct the present
From the past
But I'll go on loving you...
("I'll Go on Lovin' You," Alan Jackson)

4. unlimited text with other Verizon wireless customers.

5. three Sox wins in a row.

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