Friday, February 28, 2014

What I Learned in February: 2014

1. Home projects always end up being more than you signed up for.

2. When you are super late watching the winter finales of television shows on your DVR, the wait to find out what happens next is that much shorter.

3. People *say* they want to be happy, but what they *show* is that they really just want to something about which to be angry.

4. Humidity is a friend to my hair. For real. For some reason, this cut plus a little humidity brings out these soft natural curls.

5. All garage doors have springs. Which I learned when the one on ours broke. I have no recollection, whatsoever, of seeing springs on any of the garage doors I've previously lived with.

6. This little useful tidbit from a friend on Facebook:

Every month, Chatting at the Sky shares what she learned. Big things and little things. Life lessons from the serious to the silly. I've decided I want to participate. Just another means of capturing who am I along this broken little road called life.

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