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This Week on My TV: February 22, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E9 "Under Pressure") I think it's hilarious that Mouse and Donna mini-bonded over the bewilderment of Dorrit smiling. -- Payphones. Those cream and brown cordless phones! (Although I remember them with the long retractable silver antennas.) Magnum PI. This show is such a blast from the past. -- I don't remember having fancy lingerie when I was Carrie's age. I also don't think I would have stayed standing on the stairs in nothing but a negligee as people I didn't know poured in through the front door for my younger sister's apparent party. -- This Dorrit house party reminds me why I was never a party girl. I was Carrie: way too responsible and way too much of a conscience. -- Exactly how much collagen is in Donna's lips? I really hope that's a lipstick trick because yikes. -- Donna and Mouse waking up, spooning on the couch, made me laugh out loud. It was completely reminiscent of Joey and Ross's nap on Friends. -- They got that whole party-trashed house cleaned up in an HOUR?!

**(Parenthood, S5E12 "Stay a Little Longer") Gossips. Ugh. I give Julia credit for walking up to them and asking what they wanted to know. And then they act all offended that she called them on their gossip! -- For someone who doesn't often communicate very well with his words, Zeek sure does say an unmistakable lot with just a look. -- There has to be something else going on with Joel. Right? I mean, everything is just getting blown out of proportion with him, in ways that don't make sense. And I am clearly way too invested in fictional characters. -- ::sigh:: Amber needs to start facing this hurt. You can't avoid this sort of thing when you break up. It will force itself to be dealt with, one way or another. -- Adam and Kristina think Max doesn't know how to communicate well, but he sure seems to express himself well with Hank.

**(Elementary, S2E13 "All in the Family") I hate it when I find headless, handless bodies in a barrel. -- The victim's father was able to identify him basely solely on his torso?! -- Bell is just not letting go of his grudge against Sherlock. It's obviously driving Sherlock nuts. He's going to poke at this wound until he gets his way. But it would appear the needling and the harsh pep talk worked because Bell is back to being a detective! -- Watson was fascinated with the Mob as a child, said it was like a soap opera "back in the day." Later, when she found a possible suspect and showed it to Sherlock, he asked her if she collected their trading cards as a child. Something about that struck me as incredibly humorous.

**(Revolution, S2E10 "Three Amigos") So is Cynthia really and truly dead? Like not to be resurrected? -- I bet they see a crap ton of stars without any power. -- Rachel said she and Monroe were like gasoline and a match. I know a few people like that... -- Wow, the inside of the White House looks pretty nice, compared to the outside. -- Why is no one noticing any of the steamy, conspiratorial, long looks between Julia and Tom? -- Miles and Rachel perpetually look like they want so strangle Monroe. -- Red flag: no one knows what you're talking about or claims they can't help you while looking uncomfortable? THEY KNOW SOMETHING. -- I guess those oranges might be bad news after all. What were they injecting in there?? -- Aaron just found...Grace? (I kind of forgot about her.)

**(The Carrie Diairies, S2E10 "Date Expectations") Haaaa. Tony Hawk. Skate clothes. All going to be big one day.  And Carrie just thinks Sebastian's enterprise is a giant waste of time. -- What is up with Donna's cleavage dress? Holy crap. I do not remember that as school fashion in the 80s. Must have been because I was in parochial school? -- Have I mentioned lately how much it blows my mind that young Carrie and young Samantha look so believable as girls who could grow up into the women versions of those characters? -- Did Sebastian just take a bag of ice out of his *refrigerator*? -- Sure, Dorrit. Scott is "just a friend." -- Oof. Heavy subject matter. And I don't mean Valentine's Day. AIDS. Walt's got a lot to think about now. But Carrie's tearful scene over it all in Sebastian's apartment was...bad. -- Tom is so funny, manipulating Dorrit by telling her he doesn't like Scott, because he actually likes the kid and that would never go over with Dorrit. -- Carrie: Sometimes what we expect and what actually happens can be completely a good way. Of course, some things in life really are predictable. It's reassuring when things turn out just as we think they will, but more often than not, the universe pulls the rug out from under us. Will we be brave or will we run away, hoping to avoid the next cruel surprise? -- Finally something good for Maggie! I hope it stays that way.

**(Parenthood, S5E13 "Jump Ball") Did Kristina and Adam honestly get a little giddy and excited that Hank may have Asperger's? That twisted. But such a real reaction. -- I would like to know what the heck is going on with: Amber, Joel, Camille, and Amy. They are all acting questionably in major ways. -- Tears: Amber's meltdown. That was difficult to watch.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E12 "Out With a Bang") Of course, the Jones cadet that Severide wanted to dismiss is now cheating on an exam. -- Oh, come *on*, Boden. How are you not at all suspicious about Casey insisting he's fine, great, good to go? They are *always* hiding that something is wrong! Maybe after his freak out at the restaurant with Dawson, someone will finally address this. -- Ok, I was obviously wrong about something happening between Shay and the new EMT. -- Ugh. That suicide victim, Daryl, left everything to Shay? And the brother, to whom she was going to give it all, was stealing Daryl's military pension? Ugly and uglier. -- OMG that woman with her hair caught in the escalator, RIPPING OFF HER SCALP. See?? I am *not* crazy for finding those things unnerving! -- Why do I suspect that Katie is going to destroy Otis? Something about her doesn't sit right with me. -- Called it: the Chief is the one who pranked Mills with the reporter and Shay used the inherited money to bail out Molly's. Sometime I wish this show were a smidgen less predictable.

**(CSI, S14E12 "Keep Calm and Carry-On") "I don't mess with married chicks anymore." Niiiiice. -- The bags that were robbed were all in overhead bins that were a distance from their owners. I *hate* when my carry-ons aren't stowed either above me or across the aisle. -- Called it: the old man was the thief. I did *not* call the rest though. That was some convoluted connection of the stories.

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E11 "Hungry Like the Wolf") You know, Donna may be abrasive, but she's usually right. Huh. -- I *knew* Carrie was going to write Bennett's parachute pants piece for the magazine! -- Carrie wore a black and white striped dress with a large red floral necklace. I really liked it. -- I kept waiting for Tom to stab himself in the hand while he was putting fork holes into potatoes and ranting about the woman who tricked him. -- Ugh. Sebastian's father is a real scumbag, coming to guilt his son into giving him back the money from his trust fund to cover his bad investment decisions. -- I actually like Larissa in this episode, the way she encouraged Carrie to take credit for the work she'd done well, and not to feel bad about Bennett getting fired, because he brought that on himself.

**(Revolution, S2E11 "Mis Dos Padres") Where did the guests at Nunez's house get all the nice, modern clothing? -- So, the mysterious building being built in Willoughby is going to be a training center like the one Jason was sent to. And Julia's new husband is behind it! I still want to know what they were injecting into the oranges at the end of the previous episode. -- The nanites are seeking out their parents? Wha...? -- Charlie's a fine one to be critical of others' stupidity and stubbornness. -- Connor: You know who obsesses about weakness? Weak people. -- Typhus outbreak! On purpose! In the oranges! It *has* to be.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E13 "Tonight's the Night") Casey is a liar-liar-pants-on-fire. Good thing he works with a bunch of firefighters. -- What is with everyone getting all hot and steamy? Is a jam-packed firehouse a turn-on or something? -- A season and a half into this show and I still feel nothing for a single one of the regular characters, but an elderly couple in this episode for three collective minutes reduced me to tears. -- Is blood dripping out of your ear a big enough deal for Dawson to be the first to know, Casey? -- Oh no! Baby Sister Severide, kidnapped!

**(CSI, S14E13 "Boston Brakes") It's been too long for me to confidently recognize them. Is that the day shift CSI appearing again? And have we met this reporter before, on another case? -- Brass has been very angry since that business with his ex-wife and their daughter. -- When a car is racing out of control and it seems someone has taken over its control, why does no character ever try shutting off the vehicle?! I mean, maybe that's been overridden too, but why not at least *try*? -- Apparently DB is taking on a rogue FBI agent or military man that he had to let walk away, for now? I'm not sure how I feel about this sort of open-ended CSI case.

**(Revolution, S2E12 "Captain Trips") How did Miles and company know exactly where to go to find Gene and Charlie after their return from Mexico? -- Regarding the fit of Charlie's shirt: Is she wearing the same clothes she had when the power first went out? Because girlfriend has no shirts that appear to fit without showing her stomach and half her chest. -- With all the rundown, barely slapped together places, why has no one decided to make their home in that abandoned, but fairly decent, town where Grace is/was holed up with Aaron and Priscilla? -- I am just not at all invested in this Tom and Julia arc.

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I love when you do these...especially if I find myself nodding along and agreeing with your commentary :)

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