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This Week on My TV: February 1, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(CSI, S14E9 "Check In and Check Out") I can't believe they can still come up with unique cases this many seasons into the show. All these brutal murders in one hotel room? -- LSD being sprayed through the automatic aerosol air freshener. I knew that spray was going to spell bad news for Hodges.  -- What a horrifically sad story, but even more than that, the hotel manager was unbelievably twisted. I knew he was going to have something to do with it. He was just enough creepy when they first talked to him.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E6 "Who's Alice") Dr Lydgate: I don't recall any Alice, I'm afraid. We have so many patients. Jafar: Of course you do, but how many of them escape in the company of a talking rabbit? -- Alice: not just your average girl walking through the forest. -- Alice's father is not a nice man. Didn't tell his new family Alice existed at all?? And his mustache is crooked, which is driving me all sorts of crazy. -- Knave [on recently being released from being turned into a statue]: You ever been stoned? Feels like death when you come out of it. -- Tweedle: I don't understand. Red Queen: Of course you don't. You tweedles never do. Each one dumber than the next. -- Knave: Who's that? Alice: Oh, that's just the carpenter. Don't worry about him. Knave: Right. Don't worry about the man with the saw and the scary grin. -- I knew that beautiful forest was bad news. How creepy that all the trees are people who didn't want to leave it.

**(Reign, S1E6 "Chosen") Olivia just does not quit. I know Catherine is the one behind her advances, but I suspect she doesn't need much prodding. -- You'd think the king would know that getting involved with Kenna would bring all kinds of teenage angst, immaturity and impetuous behavior. -- So, Bash's mother was a pagan at one point and that is half his religious heritage? -- A dripping deer head hanging over Mary's bed while she sleeps?! That is creepy on *so* many levels. The threat implied, the fact that whoever hung it was able to drug Mary and get past her guard, the gross factor! -- There is a lot of jealousy at court: Mary of Olivia, Bash and Francis of each other, Kenna of Diane. -- The pearl headdress on the heretic servant was awful. And I am not sure what she hoped to accomplish by screaming "no!" at armed guards as they hauled her away. -- Like father, like son. Neither willing to give up their former mistresses. -- The screams of the traitors being burned at the stake were chilling.

**(Dexter, S8E11 "Monkey in a Box") Dr Vogel was almost a surrogate mother for Dexter. So now he's been in a pool of blood with two mother figures. Almost full circle? -- It was pretty bold of Deb and Dexter to discuss, in the middle of Miami Metro, how unusual it is for Dexter to not want Dr Vogel's  son for himself and is helping the police to catch him instead. -- Ah, so much symbolism. Tropical Storm Laura approaching Miami. A storm...named after Dexter's long dead mother...whose murder made him who he is...about to unleash its fury on Dexter's home. -- Oh my holy crap. Danny Vogel just stabbed the U.S. Marshall, stole his gun, and shot Deb with it, before fleeing. All because Dexter no longer needed to kill. I can't even imagine what is going to take place in the final episode of this show.

**(CSI, S14E10 "Girls Gone Wild") Morgan Brody, don't quit your day job. That karaoke wasn't as amazing as you think it was. --It's amazing to me that they always have a cell signal, no matter how deep into the desert or high up the mountains they go. -- Little details bug me. For instance: it sure is important to whisper *after* you kick open the door. -- It's a good thing Fin was out cold when Morgan was poking at that enormous bruise, because I'm pretty sure that didn't feel good.

**(Scandal, S3E8 "Vermont is for Lovers, Too") Olivia's mother has been trapped in the bowels of that building for TWENTY YEARS?! -- I am starting to hate The Fitz Phone. -- I was so revolted by what Liv's mother was doing to herself, I had to actually cover my face. Eww!!! -- Ok, I guess Olivia hates The Fitz Phone even more than I do. And yet she didn't get rid of it til now? -- Oh so wrong that Cyrus is pimping out James on Sally's husband like this. -- Liv's father refers to her as "your daughter," not "our daughter," when speaking of her to her mother. -- Oh God, Fitz built a house for Olivia... Just when I want to hate him, he makes me love him more. I'm as bad as Olivia. -- I don't know what Liv's mother did, but it is super creepy now, given that other scene, when she says "couldn't you just *eat* her!" -- The chemistry between Liv and Fitz is undeniable, but what is with the angry faces during the sexy time scenes? -- Harrison is sleeping with Candace?! -- Cyrus better sleep with one eye open after what he did to James. And he totally had it coming to him with those photos on his cell phone. -- Liv's mother escaped!! And showed up at her doorstep!! Liv is going to need therapy.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E8 "Rhymes With Shout") Casey and Dawson need to just admit they like each other already. I hate the "dance." -- What exactly is Shay hoping to escape by transferring to another firehouse? She knows that "wherever you go, there you are," right? -- I don't care how much crossover is pushed on me, I'm not taking the bait on Chicago PD. -- Cruz is having a rough day. First, he sees the little girl in his neighborhood get shot. Then he finds out the Russian girl he likes has to go back to Russia. And now Voigt is blackmailing him about the fire where his brother's former gang boss died at Cruz's hand in exchange for having Leon go undercover informant with his old gang. Then the little girl dies and Leon wants to help the police. That is a *really* bad day. So...he proposes to Zoya? -- Nothing like a good tumble-and-roll out the broken window of a just-extinguished vehicle. -- Why do people on tv shows always say things like "I didn't know he was coming over, he just showed up"? Do they not look to see who's there before opening the door? -- Not a fan of the black shirt under the black tux with the black bow tie that Mills wore to that event he went to. He looked like he belonged on the Addams Family. -- Shay's bad-girl flame robbed the apartment after Shay gave her a key. Saw that coming from a million miles away when she was eyeing Otis's valuable collectibles. -- As Barney Stinson would say about that final scene between Dawson and Casey: bang bang bangity bang.

**(Parenthood, S5E9 "Election Day") I could see that "Max and Ruby" thing coming from a million miles away. But...isn't that the name of a preschool cartoon? -- Trouble is so clearly brewing for Amber and Ryan. It makes me sad for Amber. -- I so love Kristina. She made *me* want to vote for her. -- How am I not shocked that Crosby wasn't registered to vote? But who is Jasmine to assume that Crosby would have voted for Obama?! I don't presume to know who *anyone* will vote for, on the privacy of their ballots, not even the people I know and love best. -- Sure feels like there should be some fallout for Crosby bribing neighbors to vote for Kristina... -- Tears: When Kristina's friend with breast cancer showed up to vote. Kristina's emotions were palpable. -- Tears x 2: When Emma, the little deaf daughter of the woman Kristina interacted with during the debates, thanked her for the fact that she made a difference for Emma's education.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E9 "You Will Hurt Him") Where do they keep finding these partners for Dawson? -- That was a sudden change of direction for Severide's sister. I thought she wasn't interested in a relationship with him? -- Hahahaha. The look Severide gave Otis when he thought Otis might be hitting on his sister. Priceless. -- Oh crap. Mills has quite a decision to make. Now that things appear to be going better at the fire house, his name comes up in the lottery to get in over at the police department? -- Shay's first name is Leslie?? How did I miss this until now? -- Because it isn't at all obvious when Dawson walks by texting and Casey phone buzzes two seconds later, causing him to get up and walk out of the room. But did they seriously go at it in the fire house showers?! Nasty. -- I honestly thought Leon was going to be a casualty after that drive by gang shooting. -- It kinda bugs me that Isabelle calls Peter Mills "Pete." -- Dude. That's a low blow by Zoya. Grown women don't make other people do their dirty work. You break up with people yourself. Now poor Cruz is going to get dumped via one of his co-workers *and* send his baby brother away for his own safety on the same night. -- Oh sure. House 51 will be closing. Because that can happen and still have the show go forward. ::eye roll::

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E9 "Save Henry") Here's some back story about which I am wondering. How Regina ended up with Henry in the first place. They told it very well. -- It's always impressed me that, no matter the degree of her darkness and evil, Regina has always loved Henry very much. -- That was one creepy scene when Pan tried to rip Henry's shadow away from him after Regina saved him and replaced his heart. -- Whoa! I did not see the Pan/Henry switch twist coming at all! Well played, once again, Once Upon a Time!

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E16 "How Your Mother Met Me") The Mother The Mother The Mother!! -- So what happened to Max?? Did he *die* on her 21st birthday??? (Ok, yes, later confirmed. That is so sad.) -- Oh, I just want to hug her. -- WHAT IS HER NAME?! -- Love all the throwbacks to old episodes. Well done. -- I would totally make my English muffin sing. I kinda wish this character were a real person. I'd be her friend. This episode made me really, really happy. And also sad that we won't get to know her better. -- The Mother singing "La Vie En Rose" with Ted on the next balcony was amazingly executed. Standing ovation, HIMYM.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E15 "And the Icing on the Cake") There's Sophie! -- Why is Han limping? Did he always have a limp and I just never noticed before? -- Chef Nicholas makes me angry. The cheating slime. -- So Deke is rich. And Max can't love someone rich. Blah blah.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E10 "Weekend at Peggy's") I don't get it. When Molly met Mike, he had his own place. So why can't he afford one now? Why do they have to live with someone's parents? -- Mike sleeping in a trundle bed. That was awkwardly uncomfortable just to look at. -- Jim! (But I could have lived without watching him licking Peggy's feet.) -- Actually one of the better episodes this season. Maybe they are finally righting the ship?

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E5 "Too Close for Comfort") Chained to a typewriter. This *is* the 80s, isn't it. Irony that Carrie doesn't want to be chained to a typewriter, so she uses a journal. Grown-up Carrie doesn't want to give up her typewriter for a computer! -- Carrie, Mouse and Samantha eating at a little cafe. Oh how I love the little nods to SATC! -- I have to give the casting people props. They nailed it picking young Carrie *and* young Samantha. I am really impressed. Also really hoping we will get to meet young Stanford, Charlotte and Miranda as well. -- Carrie obsessing over whether he current guy is still hung up on his old girlfriend. And twenty years later, she'll still be obsessing over the same thing. --Blah. Miller. Dorrit needs to ditch him. -- Ha. Carrie blurts stuff out. Like "Are you still in love with Katya?" True Carrie. It is strange to see such an innocent and virginal Carrie though. -- Oh. Dude. Weaver. You don't read someone else's journal. Disrespecting privacy is a major dealbreaker. Especially when you keep your own writing such a secret. -- Carrie walking into a cafe to meet up with the girls! I think I have a "crush" on the way this show pays homage to SATC.

**(The Blacklist, S1E13 "The Cyprus Agency") This "adoption agency" is twisted. -- Meera *isn't* the mole?! -- When is Liz going to listen to Red's warnings about Tom? She has to know there's something to what Red says. When is he ever wrong? -- Wait a second. I thought the agency was twisted when it seemed they were kidnapping babies and adopting them out. But they were kidnapping young women and farming them to make the babies they were adopting out?! -- Ressler sure does take a beating. He's going to be a pile of broken body parts before this season ends. -- I knew Diane was the mole when we first met her and heard of a mole. -- What truth about Red's family?! -- Red: You talk too much. ... This will be a line I adopt for personal use, I believe. Minus the multiple gunshots, of course. -- The gunsmoke drifting in front of Red's face after he shot Diane was an excellent touch. -- Tom is a jerk. -- Mr Kaplan! She is a great periphery character.

**(Mom, S1E15 "Fireballs and Bullet Holes") Christy's father kind of had that desk-clearing tirade coming after rejecting her offer to get to know each other. -- Bonnie: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage not to set this evil dwarf on fire. -- I haven't decided, yet, how I feel about the introduction of the father if he's going to be a regular character.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E7 "Bad Blood") That death scene with Jafar's mother was rather dramatic. -- Red Queen: While you were gone, your fancy silver prison developed a Cyrus-shaped hole. -- So-terrible-it's-hilarious CGI alert: that floating tree branch and the tree from which Alice plucked it. -- I knew I recognized the Sultan, but I couldn't place it. And then it hit me: Aram from The Blacklist! -- Alice just used her second wish to send her father back home. I feel like the wishes are being used too easily. -- The man in the second cage is the now older Sultan, Jafar's father!

**(Dexter, S8E12 "Remember the Monsters?") Clever move by Dexter to get Elway away long enough to get Hannah out of the airport bathroom. -- I'm not sure how Saxon looked no worse for wear with the amount of blood he's losing. -- Not sure how Dexter conveniently parked his boat in front of the hospital, walked into Deb's room, disconnected everything keeping her alive, allowed her to die, wheeled her in her bed out the door, picked up her body and carried it onto his boat and drove away WITH NO ONE NOTICING. -- Hannah was certainly clever to be prepared for a way to bail herself out of that Elway situation on the bus. -- That was the crappiest ending ever. It would have been better if they just stopped with the pieces of Dexter's boat being found by the Coast Guard and no body being found, to leave the outcome open to speculation. I had read that Showtime wouldn't allow the writers to kill off Dexter. It sure seems as if the writers lost interest at that point and just slapped together whatever in protest.

**(The Big Bang Thoery, S7E14 "The Convention Conundrum") I love that Amy wore her tee-ARRR-uhh! out for tea. -- I kept expecting Sheldon's interaction with James Earl Jones to be a daydream. -- You're right, girls. I still don't feel like I am a grown-up, and none of the grown-up responsibilities are any fun. -- James Earl Jones was a *riot*! He does The Crazy Eyes to perfection.

*(Top Chef, S11E16 "Maui Wowie") LOUIS!!! Reigning champ of Last Chance Kitchen with eight straight wins! I am so happy he won his way into the round that sets up the finale. He has clearly earned it. -- I was a little nervous when Tom told Nick, Nina, and Shirley that they would be picking the winner of the final round of Last Chance Kitchen. I'm glad it was a blind choice, based only on the food, because it wouldn't have been fair for them to actually choose the person they would be competing against. -- SPAM for the last Quick Fire. How original, considering the location is Hawaii. -- I'm so disappointed that Louis went home. -- Are you kidding me? I have to choose between Nina and Nick in the finale? YUCK.

**(Reign, S1E7 "Left Behind") Mary handles herself with such wisdom and grace. And shrewdness. Appealing to the Count for the safety of her ladies.--  Of course Catherine would attempt to give Mary away to the Count in marriage to appease him. She is desperate for any opportunity to prevent Mary from marrying her son. -- Bash's blue eyes are startling. -- I'm rather impressed that Francis offered himself up as hostage in protection of Mary from both the Count and from Catherine. -- Catherine: They're taking Francis. Mary: For ransom? Catherine: He gave himself up to save you...and the rest of us. Mary: He would... Catherine: Yes, his integrity can be annoying. -- Ha. I would never believe Catherine, swearing on her immortal soul or otherwise. -- Holy intensity, trying to execute the escape plan! -- It was so obvious Olivia was going to bail on the plan and leave Mary and her ladies stranded. -- Francis proved himself kingly. -- Diane doesn't look old enough to be Bash's mother. -- Ohhhh... Francis loves Mary. Steamy love scene! You know, because teenagers know so much. ::wink:: -- What met Olivia in the tunnels? Clarissa? And what happened to her?

**(Last Man Standing, S3E15 "Tasers") I'll never give up hope that John Baker will succeed in winning over Kristin. It won't make me like her more, but maybe it would eliminate all the Ryan time. (I hope.) -- Mandy [to Kyle, who is drenched from standing in the pouring rain]: It's just like The Notebook! It makes me want to leap into your arms, close my eyes, and pretend you're Ryan Gosling. -- I have to say, Eve intimidates me a little too, never mind some teenage boy who gets told he's now her boyfriend. -- Mike and Vanessa sound like T and me getting up from the couch.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E13 "Betrayal's Climax") The "not based on real people or events" disclaimer. Wonder which part is going to be ripped from the headlines? -- The girl who played the rape victim, Avery, was not the most convincing actress I've ever seen. -- Sheesh. The second time this week there's been a jumper in an episode of a show I watch. At least this one waited until the giant air mattress set up. -- Oh look. An SUV accosted by a group of motorcycles. (Ripped from the headlines?) -- And now for the second time this week, someone gets the tongue cut out too. (Other one was Dexter.) -- It was really confusing trying to figure out if Manny got killed or just was unable to testify because he had no tongue. -- Overly dramatic teenage girl in the final scene. My favorite. ::eye roll:: Once again, it proved true: I never really enjoy the "ripped from the headlines" episodes.

**(Scandal, S3E9 "YOLO") Has Huck lost his mind or is he trying to scare Quinn straight? -- Cyrus, you are so getting your due from James. -- Abby: You can't show up with Dead Mama Pope and expect us to fall in line! -- Interactions with Jake make Fitz catty. -- Is it possible for a show to cause whiplash? Because I no longer know the good guys from the bad. Is it Liv's mother that's evil or her father? Is Quinn working for Liv or against her? If Liv's father is good, I have no explanation for B613. Did Fitz just help a terrorist (Liv's mother) escape the country?! And Sally just murdered her husband?! For real, I think I have whiplash.

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