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This Week on My TV: February 8, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E10 "The Golem") I feel bad for Ichabod. To find out you had a child you never knew had been conceived and all the questions it must raise. -- John Noble is a brilliant actor. I am so glad he's found a place to land, in a show I enjoy, now that Fringe has run its course. And I really like the character of Henry Parrish. -- Stalking is creepy. That giant version of the doll Katrina gave their son (a golem?) is creepy.  I'm not ever sure what word to use for being stalked by that thing! --The scene with the hot chocolate vendor possessed by the demon was plenty creepy in its own right. Those milky eyes. -- Forceful Ichabod is especially swoon-worthy. -- Henry Parrish has a secret we don't know yet, I think. -- Ichabod [upon seeing the Christmas stocking Abbie gifted him]: You embroidered my name on some oversized hosiery! How odd. -- Of course we end on an ominous warning from Moloch. Just another reminder to watch this show long before I close my eyes for sleep.

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E6 "The Safety Dance") Finding money and random items in her pockets as she's trading out her summer closet for autumn: very Carrie. -- I really like Weaver, but it's difficult to get attached to any of these guys Carrie dates, knowing that not a single one of them is really going to last, not even in friendship, since we don't even  meet a single one of them when she's an adult. -- Procrastinating by wanting to shoe shop: very Carrie. -- Did Bennett drop Stanford's name as his roommate who is travelling? (I can't recall if it's been mentioned before or not.) -- I am dying. Carrie deciding that the topic that makes her feel uncomfortable and apprehensive is sex, so that's what she's planning to write her essay on for her writing class.  My, how she grows up. -- Uh oh. Maggie's got a pregnancy test! -- Never mind, I don't think I like Weaver after all. Kind of a jerk. -- I laughed loudly when Walt maced himself in the face. -- Difficult conversations on building steps: very Carrie. -- Carrie: And even though I'd gotten a pretty good grade, I didn't know enough about sex or love or the city to ever write about any of them...*ever* again. ... Ok, keep telling yourself that Baby Carrie. ::wink::

**(Chicago Fire, S2E10 "Not Like This") So Shay is just suddenly better now? -- Such a shocker that the whole neighborhood turned out to support saving Firehouse 51. And, of course, as the final sands slip through the hourglass, they find enough dirt on Gail McLeod to make her go away and keep her from shutting down 51. -- Man down! What will happen to Casey after getting hurt rescuing that baby from the burning building? Will this change Dawson's mind on moving over from paramedic to firefighter? And when all the firefighters from one house are gathered in the waiting area at the hospital, what happens if they are actually needed for an emergency? -- Any bets on whether Clarke actually killed his wife's ex-boyfriend? I can't really figure out why they would have bothered with adding his character just to unceremoniously remove him like that.

**(CSI, S14E11 "The Lost Reindeer") Phillips: Grandma may have gotten run over by a reindeer, but Santa got sleighed/slayed. ... Seriously?? Womp-womp. -- The little boy in the episode is Harrison Morgan from Dexter. Is there some kind of shortage in Hollywood, that the same actors are recycled amongst my shows so heavily?? -- The "office Secret Santa" mini-mystery was a fun holiday twist.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E14 "Manhattan Queens") I'm pretty sure one of the quickest ways to tick off Frank is to disrespect Baker. -- One of the weirdest abductions ever. But shouldn't Erin know better than to go head down an empty alley? I mean, she's from a family of cops! -- Garrett: There's something disturbing on the internet. Frank: There's a lot that's disturbing on the internet. -- It's pretty sad when dudes look better as women than some women I've seen. -- Tallulah: You catch on pretty fast. Danny: Well, that's why they gave me a gun and a shield. -- It was mighty amusing to watch Danny kick someone's butt with an umbrella. -- Sure seems as if we wouldn't see Jamie at all, without the family dinners. What's going on there?

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E10 "The New Neverland") Our band of Neverland warriors has returned to Storybrooke and there are happy reunions all around...for everyone, but Regina. And I kind of feel sad for her. When, exactly, did I grow a soft spot for her, again? -- I wonder how long it will take before Pan-posing-as-Henry slips up on some mannerism or reaction, and someone figures it out. (Answer: not long at all. Almost the next scene, Emma started suspiciously asking him if everything was ok, because he was acting strange.) -- How come no one ever makes a yuck face when they down a potion or elixir? For some reason, I always imagine they would taste like cough medicine. -- And now we await the second coming of Regina's curse, now at Pan's casting.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E17 "Sunrise") I didn't so much care what Barney was up to, passing on The Playbook, but I've been concerned about Marshmallow and Lily Pad. It was also definitely time for Ted and Robin to confront their past and their current relationship. And then came the admission that he's still in love with her and that he's moving to Chicago after the wedding. Not cool that Ted was making a Hail Mary pass at Robin ON THE MORNING OF HER WEDDING. -- So funny that Ted was on the phone with Stella and Victoria like they're still old friends. Jeanette is still bat crap crazy though. -- The ghosts of Lily! -- I am so happy Lily and Marshall made up. I mean, Ted's "flashforwards" during the entire series showed them still together, but still, I feel better now. -- I am so sad for Ted. Don't give up, Ted! The Mother is literally so close, you could reach out and touch her!

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E16 "And the ATM") So, Max whines about having no money *and* having a boyfriend that's loaded? -- Deke is dressed up as...the Monopoly Man? -- I do not understand the deep-ish-voiced spasm Caroline had when she realized the million dollars in Max's account was actual real money placed there by Deke. -- Who was that random cook who walked out of the kitchen in the background? The diner is not that large. Wouldn't we have at least seen him before?

**(Mike and Molly, S4E11 "Dips and Salsa") Molly is a way better dancer than I am. -- I can't lie. If I were in the room alone, I totally would have tried dancing the way that salsa dance teacher explained it. But my husband already thinks I'm crazy. -- I am totally flashing back on an old episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, when Debra goes out dancing with Robert and Ray ends up getting jealous. -- I'm afraid if I let my guard down, the show is going to stop trending back away from obnoxiously crazy Molly and make her caricature-style nuts again.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E8 "Home") Cyrus back story. I'm glad we're finally going to learn some more about him. (And it turns out they dropped the ball on this as the episode progressed. They simply teased about his past and then didn't follow through. Jerks.) -- The Grapevine. A "telephone" that was, quite literally, a grapevine, as a form of communication in Wonderland. I got a pretty hearty laugh out of that. When a show is bound by no limitations, because it treads heavily on the side of insane, the possibilities become endless. And endlessly hilarious. -- Well, that's quite a conundrum, Knave, isn't it? Jafar's storm or trusting Anastasia? -- Whoa!! The Knave wished to end Alice's suffering, which released Cyrus from being a genie...and he turned himself into one! Those wishes are dangerous, man.

**(Mom, S1E16 "Nietzsche and a Beer Run") Who is Christy's fireman? I recognize him. Is he Max's (2 Broke Girls) artist guy that she liked in the first season? -- Wow. Fireman guy is a loser. Christy needs to find a new type. Baxter, Gabriel, now David the Fireman. The one good guy she was dating, she kicked to the curb. This is just a depressing trend, not a funny one. -- The face Christy made when she turned on the siren? Priceless. I would totally make that face.

**(Elementary, S2E12 "The Diabolical Kind") Holy crap, that was a ton of letters from Moriarty to Sherlock! -- Um, is that a painting of Watson by Moriarty?! What's up with that? -- I don't know why that guy just stood on the stairs, staring at a bunch of intruders dressed head to toe in black and night vision goggles. I would at least *try* to run away. -- Moriarty: You look a bit tired. Sherlock: You look a bit evil. -- Moriarty is such a worthy opponent for Sherlock. I'm glad we aren't done with her yet. -- So. Moriarty is a bit jealous of Watson, as evidenced by the chilly exchange they shared. Interesting. Moriarty doesn't seem the type to feel threatened. -- So crazy to see Sherlock in a state of vulnerability. He so clearly still cares for Irene/Moriarty.

**(Reign, S1E8 "Fated") It's so good to see Francis and Mary acting like they are actually in love for a change. -- The king *has* to be realize he was opening a can of worms by getting involved with Kenna. -- I wish I didn't like Bash so much, because his love for Mary is futile. -- I'm confused. Did Catherine kill her canary on purpose?! Or was someone trying to poison her or send her a message? (Oh...she was making poison to use on Kenna.)  -- Kenna is playing a game far bigger than she understands by crossing Diane with  Katherine. The king loves Diane, and Katherine will turn on anyone in half a heartbeat. -- Why did Clarissa push Aylee down the stairs to her ultimate death when Aylee was going to die from drinking the poison meant for Kenna anyway?! WHO IS CLARISSA??? -- Well, now how is Mary going to ignore Nostradamus? His prediction about one of the girls dying before the frost melts came true. His telling Aylee she would never go home again came true. How can she risk the man/boy she loves when he says marrying her will kill him? -- Diane did NOT poison Kenna's drink! What is going on?? I can't keep up with all this double crossing! -- Clarissa stole Nostradamus' poison to make sure one of Mary's girls would die to make his prediction come true in an effort to protect Mary from Katherine? Oof. -- Double oof. Now my heart hurts for Francis, watching Mary ride away with Bash.

**(The Middle, S5E13 "Hungry Games") I totally do the "starve myself" thing before I go to my favorite buffet (Biergarten at Epcot). -- Ha! Sue finally able to successfully torture Axl, for a change, but looking at a brochure for the college he is going to! -- Mike: You can't look too close at stuff. You pull one thread and the whole thing unravels. No good can come from examining your life! -- Sue is a junior? Why did I think she was just a sophomore?! Apparently fictional tv character children grow up in the blink of an eye as well.

**(Person of Interest, S3E14 "Provenance") I'm so glad Mr Reese is back. I'm also not opposed to how he looks in a tux. -- Our little group cleans up very well. However, the top of Shaw's dress was a little awkward looking. -- I love that when Finch and Reese checked in at the event, the woman who welcomed them assumed they were a couple, since Reese was Finch's "plus one." The eyebrow wiggle Finch gave her when she commented, sotto voce, that Mr Reese was *gorgeous* was a thousand different kinds of awesome. I love that this show doesn't ever take itself too seriously. -- Reese in a fake mustache. I die! -- I feel like I just watched a hybrid of Ocean's Eleven meets The Thomas Crown Affair meets Ransom. -- The Man in the Suit, a well-placed Shaw, and a convenient Fusco save the day! -- Ohhh... The glass of whiskey for Carter. Oh, Person of Interest, you just played me like Parenthood.

**(Modern Family, S5E14 "iSpy") Suspicious Claire and Phil sets up for some classic comedy. Snooping and spying and stalking. -- Jealous Gloria was the epitome of stereotypical jealous woman but it was so funny to watch her spin out of control and try to play head games with Jay. Maybe she's mad, maybe she's not, did he do something to make her mad? -- Haley: I'm 420% sure. Phil [to Claire after Haley leaves]: Wow, she's bad at math. -- Mitchell: Hey, when did salmon become a thing to be put on salad? Cam: 2008 in the city. 2011 in the suburbs. -- Claire: I can't see anything. I hear them laughing. And you know why kids laugh... Phil: Because their hearts are filled with joy and not suspicion? -- Phil [wearing an umbrella-style headpiece]: This is so wrong. Claire: Ah well...Desperate times call for desparate...what is on your head. Phil: It provides glare protection, but apparently not from you! -- I am really liking the direction they are taking Haley. She'll still an airhead but no longer a loser. She has photography talent and is actually making some fairly intelligent decisions about her life!

**(Scandal, S3E10 "A Door Marked Exit") What an ugly, vicious fight between Sally and Daniel, leading up to her murdering him. Oh, Cyrus, what horrible chain of events have you and Mellie set in motion? -- Can you actually tell the President that a particular matter of "national security" is "above his pay grade?" -- Abby: Just let me see Maria Wallace's file. No need to make a federal case out of it! David: And yet that is what I do. -- I can't tell if this is an act for Quinn because she has A Plan or if she really is this naive and foolish. -- This show changes directions so quickly, my head spins. Do we hate Rowan for what he's done to Jake and Huck, or pity him now because we learned he was duped by his wife into shooting down a plane full of innocent lives for a bogus bomb threat she convinced him was real? -- Liv so rarely makes poor judgment calls when she fixes things for others, but she makes a crap ton of them in her own life. -- I almost thought we were going to have no more Jake, following his "I loved you" goodbye to Liv, and that made me sad. -- I cannot even keep track of what I am supposed to think or feel about almost every character on this show. -- Oh. Crap. Liv's mother in front of...was that the White House or the Capital? I was so flabbergasted, I forgot to retain that detail. What is she going to do??

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E15 "The Locomotion Manipulation") Annual Relationship Summit. ::snort:: Only Sheldon and Amy. -- I'm not liking "drinking problem Penny." Or Leonard's hair. -- Just about the time I was getting as annoyed with Sheldon as Amy was, not just for his insensitive behavior toward her on their romantic train ride dinner for Valentine's Day, but for the overall lack in forward motion in their relationship as a whole, HE LAID A BIG OLD KISS ON HER. And not just a peck on the cheek, like I was expecting while he was ranting and mocking all things romantic (wine...grape juice that burns, staring into each other's blinked, I win!), but a good long one. ::bounces up and down, clapping her hands:: -- The vet gave Raj her phone number! (Yvette the vet. ::snicker::) -- I cannot wait to hear Amy gush and swoon and obsess over The Kiss. Don't let me down, BBT!

**(Top Chef, S11E17 "Finale") Ugh. I am still not over the fact that Nick is in the finale after he should have gone home several episodes ago, but was saved by immunity. And I don't like "oh no, I made a fatal mistake that is sending me home" Nina. ::sigh:: It should have been Louis. -- It has to be disconcerting to have Tom say "oh yeah, I remember the panna cotta, it was terrible." -- I almost felt bad for Nick for how awful his servers were. Almost. -- I found it very interesting to get a peek at the debating between the judges as they hashed out who would win. I've wondered for many seasons what and how they discussed to reach their conclusion. -- I don't know how I feel about Nick winning when he cooked poorly enough to go home earlier in the season, to the point that judges were speculating if he should surrender his immunity. Never mind that the judges' commentary seemed to favor Nina quite heavily. -- Ummm, Nick was uncomfortably kissy with his mother.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E14 "Wednesday's Child") Oh brother. William Lewis in Olivia's daydream. When can we please be done with him? -- So...Olivia thinks she's pregnant, but she's not, but it turns out it sure seems she'd like to have a baby. -- Because of course the missing kid is diabetic. Perfect way to put the pressure of a clock on the case as his insulin pump runs lower and alerts his parents of his spiking blood sugar. -- They really come up with some twisted stories. Sometimes I worry about the people who can dream this stuff up. -- I can't believe they would actually allow that woman keep the adopted son after she tried to secretly unload him on a placement agency, without telling her husband and making it look like an abduction or runaway situation. -- Plot ripped from the headlines: This took a while to reveal itself, but I think it was a spin on the kid with the backpack who ran away and tried to stow away on plane. -- T's prediction: Olivia is going to try to adopt that unclaimed baby from the hotel room.

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