Friday, February 21, 2014

Currently: February 21, 2014

This week, at the Broken Road house:

Snapping... photos. Every day. Sticking to my photo-a-day challenge like a champ. You know how Seinfled was "a show about nothing?" Well, these photos of everyday life are much the same. Who would have thought these "photos of nothing" would really be everything that makes me smile about my life?

Stopping... myself from saying what I think, which is sometimes more difficult than it would seem. I am thankful for a pretty strong internal filter, because mostly, it isn't worth the conflict or the wasted effort or the hurt feelings that would likely follow. I am also thankful for a husband, to whom I can relay these, um, thoughts, and they usually make him laugh or nod in agreement. It's good to have a safe outlet.

Spending... time scanning in more old photos. It's quality time, making sure these treasures are safely backed up in a digital format. More than that, though, it's good to touch these memories, to soak in them as I trot, back and forth, down the hall between the scanner and the laptop, watching the images pop up on my screen, giving them just enough editing that they can look as good as possible, yet not lose the authenticity of photos from another lifetime.

Starting... to make some visible progress on some goals. Namely, there are magazines steadily finding their way into the recycling, and the DVR is down below 50% capacity. Perhaps, I've finally found my rhythm. That's usually all it takes for me to get forward progress.

Skipping... my tentatively scheduled venture over to Disney World this weekend. It's supposed to be rainy (again? hello, dry season, what?) and I was reminded it is a marathon weekend, which I try to avoid (extra crowds and traffic route detours and meh). Maybe next weekend. I love that kind of flexibility!

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Colleen @ Mommy Panda Monday, February 24, 2014 12:44:00 AM  

My friend ran in that marathon and it looks crazy busy. Probably a good time to avoid that area if you can.

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