Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seek Wonder

Perhaps it makes me appear childlike. Maybe it makes others roll their eyes or snicker at me behind my back. I won't change it, though, because I believe it is a necessary ingredient in the recipe for joy.

I seek wonder.

I find it in the wee lettuces that push up through the earth in a pot at the end of our front walk. I find it in the glory of a sunset. I find it in the way the frost on the roof of my car sparkles in the morning light.

It is in an animated conversation. It is in the photos a friend shares of their newborn baby. It is in the perfume of orange blossoms on the wind.

I see it in the glowing lights of a Christmas tree in a darkened room. I see it in the roughly constructed cross that stands at the front of the church sanctuary on Good Friday. I see it when I look out the window of an airplane and down at the top sides of clouds and the Earth far below.

I suppose it could be seen as silly or simple-minded. I choose to see it as allowing the wonders of this world to astonish and impress me, to revel in tiny beauty and amazing grandeur. However others choose to see it, or me, I will continue to seek wonder each day and let it light my face with a smile.

For the days I want to write but need that extra push, and, just as much, for the days when the prompt inspires me, all on its own, whether I need extra motivation or not.

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