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This Week on My TV: February 15, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S1E11 "The Vessel") Abbie [as Ichabod emerges from behind a closed door, now wearing updated clothing]: Hell hath frozen over. Ichabod [unhappily]: Indeed. ... I. Die. Especially when he tried to sit down wearing skinny jeans. -- Abbie: You ever heard of boondoggle? Ichabod: If it's another type of constrictive trouser, I'd rather not. -- That body-jumping demon is super creepy. In fact, this may be one of the scariest episodes yet of this show, and that's saying something. -- Is it wrong that I am glad Ichabod decided to stick with his own clothes? -- George Washington wrote a message four days *after* he died? I can't wait to see how they spin this story.

**(Parenthood, S5E10 "All That's Left Is the Hugging") I only saw that Sarah and Carl kiss coming from the first time we met him. I'm not sure how I feel about this development. I like Hank and I miss Mark. Why does she have to get involved with so many likable guys? -- Oh c'mon, Joel. What exactly is the bug up your butt? It can't just be that Julia showed up at your work. You have to know she had good reason to. So what is up already? -- Ryan, you are going to lose Amber if you don't start fixing what's wrong inside you. -- Natalie, Drew is a good guy. Sweet isn't boring. Sweet is going to be a far more rare and valuable commodity than your immature self realizes. Someday, you're going to kick yourself if you let him get away. -- OMG WHY IS JULIA KISSING ED??? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH EVERYONE?! -- Oh, Amber. What did you do, Ryan? -- Egging Bob Little's billboard. I kinda love Adam for finding a way to give Kristina an outlet. -- Tears: Amber showing up at Sarah's door, tears running down her face, devastated that Ryan broke off the engagement to re-enlist. -- Amy!! Amy at Drew's dorm room door!! So, how long before Natalie is jealous because there is "another woman" actually in the picture?

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E11 "Going Home") I'm not sure which is more creepy: evil Peter Pan or his shadow. -- They are trying *really* hard to hide Ginnifer Goodwin's real life pregnancy. I wonder if they will give in and just use it for Snow's story. -- Does our little group just run all over town in a pack? Because that does look a little silly. -- That was some very close face-t-face for Rumplestiltskin and his father. -- That was some pathetic "crying" by Belle. -- Yes,  let's all just have a wrenching discussion of who's doing what and going where while there is a green curse rolling in. -- Lana Parrilla is really pretty. -- How did Emma not kiss Hook when he was standing there. telling her he would never stop thinking of her?! -- One year later: Well, hello, Hook! What was your message? What's going on with Snow and Charming? How will you get Emma to believe you? And how on earth did she fight that kiss??

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E7 "Rumor Has It") Bennett: What's next? Cellular phones for everyone? Larissa: Don't be ridiculous. *That* will never happen. ... It amuses me when this show pokes fun at itself and the 80s. -- Donna makes me really extra not miss high school. -- Carrie: Why do people always say 'no offense,' right after they've offended you? -- Carrie's wistful "I've always wanted to go to Paris..." You will eat those very words, one day, little Bradshaw! -- I keep waiting for Sebastian to propose to pregnant Maggie, especially now that he's sure Carrie has moved on. -- Oh no. Mouse's polaroid was the original "naughty text." -- Of course Maggie's pregnancy ended, ectopic but could have been miscarriage, because they won't tackle a whole teen pregnancy. -- Ah, the days pre HIPAA, when doctors would just spill your personal medical details to pretty much anyone who asked. -- Did Mouse seriously just flash the basketball team in the diner?! -- Young Carrie is levelheaded more often than adult Carrie ever was.

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E8 "The Second Time Around") Poor Maggie and poor Walt. Things sure have gone downhill for both of them since they broke up. -- Sheesh, Larissa is over-the-top pretentious. -- Walt's new favorite show "The Golden Girls." And Carrie's dad "not seeing it lasting" because it's just a bunch of old ladies sitting around talking about their lives. ::snort laugh:: -- It is really confusing when Sebastian Kydd's father calls him "kid"...or is it Kydd? -- I'm really glad Maggie's father was good to her after she came clean about the details of her pregnancy and who fathered it. Way better than Walt's parents treated him. -- Oh man. Mouse and West breaking up over Mouse getting into Harvard and her ultra competitive nature. Bummer. I liked West. -- Is Sebastian really moving to California for good? -- The Bradshaws have a "big fork and spoon" on their kitchen wall, just like Frank and Marie Barone on "Everybody Loves Raymond"!

**(Chicago Fire, S2E11 "Shoved in My Face") Did I miss a "so many months later" note at the bottom of the screen? Because the last time we saw him, Casey was going into surgery in pretty rough shape. Now he's heading back to work? -- Can anyone new join the house without making it an issue? Now the new paramedic is going to be chilly with Shay? -- Casey can't remember the combination to his locker, but he's going to insist everything is ok, just fine, he never felt better. Because they all lie when something is wrong. Why doesn't that immediately make someone, *anyone*, suspicious?? -- Is Clarke's wife seriously setting him up for the murder of her old lover? --"Everybody up, stay low?" How does *that* work? -- Things everyone saw coming from a million miles away: the "electrical fire" at the diamond exchange was really a robbery in progress, Baby Sister Severide hitting on Otis, Casey is going to fall apart but keep pretending nothing is wrong. I also predict something's going to happen between Shay and New Partner.

**(Parenthood, S5E11 "Promises") Yeah, I totally called the Natalie not liking Amy thing. It happened faster than I expected though. -- Carl's not going to give up on Sarah. He drives a hard bargain. She's going to cave. And, as Jasmine said, he's a doctor. That saves babies. ::tires screech:: Wait. Carl is a renowned doctor? So why does he live in Sarah's building again? -- Zeek-without-Camille is breaking my heart. She needs to come home from Italy and rescue him. -- Adam and Crosby gossip more than the girls! Julia confides in Adam about the kiss with Ed and the problems with Joel, and in the next scene, there's Adam, under the guise of protective brother, giving the dirt to Crosby! -- Aww, poor Hank. I want to hug his goofy, uncomfortable, confused self. -- Episode theme: Jealousy. Natalie's jealous of Amy. Joel's jealous of Ed. Hank's jealous of Carl. Zeek's jealous of Italy. -- Drew and Amy! DREW AND AMY! DREWANDAMY!! Oh, please, don't hurt him again, Amy... -- I cannot wrap my head around Joel this season. He's become a real jerk with next to no explanation. -- Ooo. Carl is leaving Sarah with a lot to think about. Totally respecting Sarah's request that her agreeing to be his plus-one to his award event not be about sleeping together. -- Near tears(but I held myself together): Adam and Kristina peeking into Max's room to see Hank and Max playing chess. -- Are we just forgetting Haddie ever existed? I know she's away at college, but that doesn't mean someone couldn't at least *mention* her from time to time. I feel like there needs to be a parody "where's Haddie Braverman?" Twitter account or something.

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