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This Week on My TV: January 30, 2016

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Madam Secretary, 2x11 Unity Node) Ok so it was Maria Ostrov that was in the vehicle that went ka-BOOM! It obviously couldn't have been Elizabeth, since, hello, show is actually about her. But I won't try to pretend I wasn't a little bit worried that it wasn't someone on her staff or possibly Henry. -- You know (if you read these) that I think the writers do an excellent job constructing Henry and Elizabeth's marriage. The banter, the intimacy, the way they interact; it's all very believable. But even the fighting is done well. Part of it is, obviously, on the actors to execute the scene, but it starts with good writing, and that's what it is. -- So, it's official. Dmitri is dead. And now I'm sad...for him, for his sister, for Henry. -- I wonder if Henry is *really* out of spying or if they are going to make it impossible for him to extract himself. -- Elizabeth: Maybe that should be my epitaph, "she tried her best, but people still got hurt." Henry: Not "she liked eating popcorn at really weird times?"

**(The Blacklist, 3x12 The Vehm) That may be the weirdest opening scene ever, with the clown getting murdered. -- So...I have a question. Who had Liz and Tom's dog that whole time?? -- Red: You confiscated her firearm. Ressler: Oh, so you think a convicted felon should be allowed to carry guns? Red: All the ones I know do. -- LOL! Aram sent Lizzie "trashy novels" while she recuperated. He's the best. -- Red's known about the pregnancy for some time?? Does the man miss *nothing*? -- Observation: It's bizarre to see some guy in riot gear show up with a vase of white roses. -- "Doting husband with rock hard abs." You're so modest, Tom. -- I keep trying to figure this out. How did the ME know the castration was self-inflicted? -- Gerald: What the hell is this? Red: A terrible time of year to go camping, but I suppose we do what we must when we're on the run. -- OMG LOL Red at the campfire singalong. He's such a trip. -- Samar: Are you drinking Communion wine? Red: Yes, it's God awful. If they'd only switch to a good Burgundy, people would be much more devout. ... OMG, he's so irreverent. And I know I should be appalled (I am) but his remarks slay me! -- Red: Hell hath no fury like a fundamentalist scorned. -- That was a beautiful speech Red gave Liz about her mother. Even though she's back to being a brat. Sometimes, I really want to shake Liz. One minute she wants Red to go away and leave her alone forever, and then someone comes after her with malicious intent, and suddenly she's clinging to him like her life depends on it. -- Samar: I don't deserve a friend like you. Aram: Maybe not...but you have one. -- Aram is such a good guy. He's just there for anyone on the team, without question. -- Wow. Red has protection set up for Liz, despite her bratty behavior. (Of course he does.) He'll take care of her, ungrateful snot or otherwise. She should make note of that.

**(Last Man Standing, 5x14 The Ring) Nothing long and rambling, but how adorable are Mandy and Kyle?? I love that they're engaged. And how they got engaged. And that Mandy has grown up, at least a little bit.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Thursday, February 04, 2016 6:16:00 PM  

Ah, I love reading these posts and your Blacklist tidbits! Always, always, always enjoy them and my goodness, yes, Aram is too good of a guy! :)

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, February 04, 2016 7:12:00 PM  

Stacy: I always have so much to say about Blacklist because they do so much so well!

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