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This Week on My TV: January 23, 2016

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Last Man Standing, 5x13 Mike and the Mechanics) Mike [to Vanessa]: The weirdest thing just happened. A bird flew in and took your donut. All these crumbs you see are a result of the struggle. -- Eve [about going to Outdoor Man with Mike instead of moping at home all Winter Break]: I'll go, but I'm not going to do anything or talk to anybody. Mike: That's my job. You have to work up to that. -- Jay Leno = Joe Leonard. I am so easily amused. Also, is Leno bored or does he just like acting with Tim Allen?

**(The Good Wife, 7x11 The Rush) Does Matthew Lillard *ever* play a normal character? -- Rowby Canton: The law just gives people so many ways to be mean. -- I don't even know *what* to think about Lucca getting all bedroom-y with the client. What?? -- I really appreciate Marissa's character. She comes across as so real. I'm a bit disappointed that Alicia treated her so poorly when Marissa approached her about a job. -- David Lee [about another client leaving Alicia's firm]: She wasn't thrilled with having a law firm that works out of an apartment building. Client: Ugh, my God, there's this horrible woman there. David Lee: Yes, Alicia can be quite trying. ... Honest to God. David Lee is such a nasty person. And in this snake-y but childish way. -- I can't believe Alicia fired Grace! I actually thought Grace has been handling herself fantastically. -- So, Eli is back as Peter's right hand man. That has to be humbling. Although I'm not sure for whom.-- I about dropped when Cary made the firm's offer to Alicia and Lucca to come back. I wonder how *that* plays out, with Alicia having no interest and Lucca showing lots.

**(The Blacklist, 3x11 Mr. Gregory Devry) Mr Kaplan's seriousness and efficiency just crack me up. I don't think I've ever seen her so unprepared as she was during that clean-up ambush. Not even when that makeshift hospital Red was in got stormed and none of them knew if they'd get out alive. -- After that horrible ambush, I couldn't help thinking "Now they're going to need a cleaning crew for the cleaning crew." -- I'm pretty sure Ressler's face almost cracked that one time he smiled. -- I have no idea how I feel about Tom's proposal to Liz. -- Two things: How the heck did Ressler catch that truck on foot??? And it's not a complete episode until Ressler takes a beating of some sort. -- I have the overwhelming urge to smack both Ressler and Samar. They're acting like overly dramatic children. -- Red: Comforting to see that everyone's appetites for food, lies, and larceny have not diminished over the years. -- ::snort:: ... Red: Meet the fake Red. Faux Red. Fred. -- Red's "to make sure you're safe" clearly translates to: make sure you're keeping quiet. -- I bet Red is behind that apartment situation "working itself out" for Liz. -- The baby??? Lizzie is pregnant??? Judging by the displeased conversation Red had with Tom about the proposal, I'm going to guess he's going to be far from thrilled about *this* little development. -- I'm not even going to touch the "daddy's permission" remark Tom made to Red. I still think that's smoke and mirrors for the writers to mess with us. Not buying it.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Wednesday, January 27, 2016 4:57:00 PM  

We're so happy that Red and company are back :) I was very relieved to see Megan Boone on a talk show and find out she's pregnant in real life. She said it would be hard to hide on that show, with her running around shooting at people all the time, so they wrote it in. That made me feel a smidge better!

Have a great day!

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, January 28, 2016 6:31:00 AM  

Stacy: I wonder if that changes the trajectory of the show for the writers at all, sending them off in a new direction for Liz.

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