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This Week on My TV: March 7, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E13 Staring at the End) I suspect that a lot of people want to ask me the same question Dr Herman asked Arizona: Are you ever not chirpy? (My answer: Not if I can help it.) -- Oh, the awkward newness of the "I like you more than I expected to" phase with Amelia and Owen. -- "Life will out." I get what it means, but it's such an inelegant phrase, rolling off the tongue. -- LOL: Amelia saying Derek has transcontinental smugness. -- Arizona and Dr Herman laying (lying?) (I *never* get the right) in the grass was so reminiscent of early Mer and Cristina. -- I wasn't sure I was going to, but I really enjoyed the back-and-forth between Amelia's lectures and the rest of the story.

**(The Good Wife, S6E13 Dark Money) Colin Sweeney. Possibly one of my favorite recurring characters on this show. He's so unabashedly creepy. -- Irony: The biggest drug dealer in Chicago's kid is worried about Kalinda breaking the law by talking on her phone while driving him home -- I would not hold up under the rigors of campaigning. -- Ed Asner has played some very icky bit roles in the past few years. This was definitely one of them, though with a dose of humor. -- Alicia: Do you always demand this kind of privacy? Redmayne: Everywhere I go. I hate people. -- Owing Bishop a favor *has* to be making Kalinda inwardly question if it was worth keeping Cary out of prison.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E12 The World According To Peggy) Eh. There were some humorous moments with Peggy pretending she chose to retire rather than was asked to leave, but very little of it was noteworthy or memorable.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E5 Alpine Shepherd Boy) I'm unable to decide which rejected client was the bigger whackadoodle: the secession guy or the toilet patent guy? (OMG, that toilet.) -- I can't figure out if Chuck's condition is real or something that requires psychological care. -- LOL: Jimmy studying Matlock and then distributing the Jello cups with his ad in the bottom, while he works the room at the senior facility. -- I am dying to know what the story is with this lot attendant guy!

**(The Middle, S6E16 Flirting with Disaster) Oh, Frankie. Who offers dip with bbq chips? Ew! -- Tag [on his car accident]: Nothing big. Everybody's still alive. -- I cannot remember the last time I laughed as hard was when Frankie was on her cellphone with her sister, speaking inappropriately about Axl's friend as the guys pulled up in her car and she thought the bluetooth played the conversation to them. -- Awww...Brick and Sue bonding on the way back from Brick's convention.

**(Modern Family, S6E17 Closet? You'll Love It!) I have to admit, I'm totally into this Haley and Andy thing. They're playing it up just enough and in just the right way. -- LOL: the annoying drone recording Phil's pants falling down.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E17 The Colonization Application) Leonard and Penny and the body paints...and I would be so worried about making a mess that would just never work for me. -- LOL: Raj snooping in Emily's room and breaking her drawer. I think she got the best possible revenge on him too, by leaving him wondering about her closet's potential contents. -- Oh, Sheldon and this Mars application. It is just three steps forward, two steps back for you, navigating an adult romantic relationship. -- Amy: If we had a family on Mars, our kids would be Martians.

**(Reign, S2E14 The End of Mourning) Well, if there wasn't bad blood between Conde and the royals before, there sure is now, after they accused him of being behind the poisoning of Henry via the Bible. -- Initially, my reaction was "Mary's uncle poisoned Henry??" I wasn't even shocked, because it is right up his alley, but I never suspected it at all. But with all the double backstabbing and deceit, of course it was really Narcisse working with Antoine to earn a bag of gold *and* get de Guise out of his way with Catherine. -- I'm glad we haven't totally lost touch with Greer. Especially since it appears she is now pimping out ladies of the night at the low brow inn where she is taking refuge. LOL! -- Mary's sparkling gown. Swoon. -- Oh, break my heart, why don't you, Conde, with that profession of love to Mary. -- Narcisse is plotting his way back. So many characters in this show amuse me, him possibly most of all. -- Hmmm... if Antoine wants to make Bash suffer, does that mean he will possibly attack him by hurting Kenna? -- What an ending. Francis and Mary basically declaring their marriage is a shell only for the sake of appearances? Francis "rekindling" things with Lola? Mary speaking in veiled statements about her feelings for Conde? Oof.

**(The Blacklist, S2E14 T. Earl King VI) The family game those Kings played was some seriously messed up crap. Yikes. -- Oh, Harold. You knew there had to be a price for getting you into that medical trial. There's always a price. And an inappropriate favor is most often the going currency when the piper collects payment. -- When Red realized he'd been tricked by Madeline Pratt, I believe the expression that crossed his face was multiple shades of displeasure. I love when Spader speaks, but he is so talented, he can say volumes without ever making a sound. -- Red [to the Kings' tailor fitting him for a tux]: Really, I'm all for being thorough, but now you're just taking the nickel tour. -- Weird and awkward: Tom and Lizzie's phone conversation. -- I thought it was weird they referred to Berlin as being "out of commission," because last I knew, he was *dead*. -- Weird and awkward, part two: Lizzie waking up in nothing but a lacy slip and Daddy King wheeling in and...snuggling her hand? ::shudder:: -- Nice touch, bringing General Yaabari back (briefly). -- Red [bidding on himself at the Kings' auction]: Nine. Nine million. My money must be good here. -- So, now we know that Harold's diagnosis is a fatal brain tumor. -- Red being all badass in a tux = swoon. -- Red [after the Russian roulette gun turned out to be loaded this time after he shot it at Daddy King]: Oh my God. What are the odds? ... I died laughing. -- Lizzie [to Red]: I risked my life for you because I care about you. Deal with that. ... Big admission! HUGE! -- What a strange ending, with Tom/Christof. I have to believe his story intersects with Red and/or Lizzie again, otherwise why bring him back?

**(Mom, S2E16 Dirty Money and a Woman Named Mike) So, Christy has managed to be sober in regard to drugs and alcohol, but now has a gambling problem? I'm not sure that's how sobriety is supposed to work... -- For people struggling with cash flow, Bonnie and Christy sure eat frequently at that diner.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E17 Occupational Hazards) Nicky: It's complicated. Frank: Make it simple then. ... This? Is the key to life. -- Kid [collecting charity money at the restaurant, about Frank]: Who does he think he is? Nicky: Well...he's the police commissioner. -- This episode had more creep factor than most. I kinda liked it (from behind my blanket), between someone being in Erin's apartment and attacking Morgan at the office. I noticed Erin keeps a gun in her desk drawer now, though. Can't always rely on Frank coming to her rescue. -- I'm going to guess Jamie isn't going to struggle with his shooting incident like Jenko did with hers. -- I'm pretty sure if you make Frank Reagan come and arrest you himself...just...bad news.

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