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This Week on My TV: March 14, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Chicago Fire, S3E16 Red Rag the Bull) Pridgen's grudge is clearly responsible for the man who jumped out of the building after running back inside the burning building to look for the kid who was still in there. -- Of *course* Baby Boden's nursery is decorated in fire trucks. -- How do they come up with stuff like an ice skate stuck in a guy's head with his son's foot still in it? -- Casey: I thought you were on furlough. Boden: I know everything. -- I really like Mouch and Trudy together. -- Woohoo! Boden's back!

**(The Good Wife, S614 Mind's Eye) I liked the perspective of this episode, as we see Alicia's thought processes in "live action." The only real issues I had with it was sometimes it was difficult to switch gears between what was in Alicia's imagination and what was reality. -- The guy they got to play "Will" was all wrong. His profile looked nothing like Will. -- I about died when Alicia's fantasy went from Will to Johnny to Finn. (Finn!) -- I liked the way Alicia's imagination way in shades of black and white rather than color. -- Why on earth did Alicia keep picturing Zach as homeless?! -- What is going on with Grace and her faith, all of a sudden?

**(Scandal, S4E14 The Lawn Chair) I will keep this brief. I'm going to take the unpopular view of saying I didn't care for this episode. We may have many things in society that need to be addressed and discussed. I don't like it to seep into my entertainment. It is a long-standing position I take with every show I watch: "ripped from the headlines" always end up being some of my least favorite episodes. I am well-exposed to the news. I read, I watch, I observe...and I form my own opinions. I watch television to be entertained, not have more reality jammed down my throat, whether it be factual or soapbox in nature. I respect the rights of the writers and producers to have opinions and voice them, but I'd rather not be subjected to them during my wind-down time. They have a right to express their views and opinions because the venue is their own...but I have a right to enjoy (or not) what I'm watching for entertainment too. And I didn't. I hope we move forward with Scandal getting back to telling its outrageous, edge-of-seat intensity stories, because that's why I watch and it's what I feel they do best.

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E14 And the Cupcake Captives) Sometimes I can't figure out how this show is still on the air when better shows have been given the boot. -- Depressed Sophie doesn't put in all her hair. LOL! -- LOL: Sophie not realizing the FBI agent that showed up at her bridal shower was really an FBI agent.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E13 Buy The Book) Molly's publisher is all kinds of skeevy. -- So after all that, Molly's book is going to be a flop?? -- I'm trying to figure out whether or not Molly is seriously going to collaborate with Peggy on a book.

**(Once Upon a Time, S4E13 Darkness on the Edge of Town) LOL: Regina setting Snow's bluebird painting on fire when she took back her old mayor's office. -- Why is there a sign in the library that reads "Habla Espanol?" Who, in Storybrooke, speaks Spanish?! -- LOL: "Have a cluckity cluck cluck day." -- LOL: Emma's "buckle some swash" line. -- Hmmm... So, the Sorcerer and the Author are two different people... -- Regina: I suppose we should go out and see what's killing property values *this* time. -- I *almost* felt bad for Gold when he thought his evil cohorts had doublecrossed him. Almost. -- How, exactly, is Maleficent "not entirely" dead? -- Wait a second. That demon thing was after the person with the potential to have the darkest heart and that person is Emma?! -- Hmmm... Snow and Charming have a secret that ties to Ursula and Cruella?

**(Better Call Saul, S1E6 Five-O) I approve of getting the story on Mike. I guess now we know why he's so unhappy all the time. I knew he was setting up his murdered son's boss and partner, but I didn't expect the gun the gun he tricked them into taking off him to be unloaded when they attempted to use it on him. The only issue I really had was that they jumped around just enough in the timeline that a couple of time I felt a little lost.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E14 The Distance) I'm just going to cut to the chase: I loved this episode. I loved how badass Amelia was, and how real, and how vulnerable, and I really just love Amelia. I loved the way Richard stepped in and talked Amelia down and refused to call Derek. I loved how Mer came into the OR and knew exactly what to say; she may not have been "that resident" for a long time now, but I have to believe those hours she logged by Derek's side made her exactly what she needed to be for Amelia. I loved Arizona (who I rarely love) taking charge in her OR and telling Bailey to help or leave. I loved the intensity of Amelia ripping off the glove and handling the seeds, radiation exposure be damned, to get the job done (but a piece of me wonders if there isn't some fallout from that coming, maybe?). I loved the full gallery, pure throwback to the early glory days of Grey's. This episode didn't play out the way I expected (part of me, a tiny part, expected a total miracle for Dr Herman -- why can't I call her Nicole? -- and a big part of me expected Herman to not wake up and for Arizona to have to make the hard decisions), but I didn't expect the middle ground of Dr Herman surviving without her sight. But I loved the speech she gave Arizona, about how learning to deal with her new reality was great, because there was something to deal with, because she is *alive*. And I loved the speech Amelia gave Stephanie about how they defeated death. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the Callie and Arizona moment, because, seriously, please don't take us back there *again*; the back and forth is just...enough already. Bravo, Grey's. You just keep knocking it out of the park this season.

**(Person of Interest, S4E17 Karma) Fusco: Can I punch this guy in the face? Mr Reese: Get in line. -- I think I kind of love that Fusco calls Mr Finch "Glasses." -- Mr Finch: We may never know what really happened! Mr Reese: Guys, we don't even know what's happening now. -- Whenever Mr Reese is sitting in his therapist's office, he looks positively beaten down. -- Aaaaarrrrrgggg. I do not do well without closure (oh, the irony, given that lack of closure was the topic of the episode) Did Morris do it? Was he innocent after all? I need to know! -- Yet another episode where Root is missing and we have no update on Shaw.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E17 Forgive You Anything) I did really feel badly for Mouch second guessing himself over meeting his child. I'm glad he finally got to meet her by the end. -- I'm not sure how I feel about this Rice guy. He kind of got on my nerves. And he's "taking the spot on squad vacated by Newhouse?" So is Newhouse really gone for good, then? -- What the heck is Brett's issue? She is breaking up with Cruz because she likes him and is too comfortable? That makes no sense. -- Boden is completely baby drunk. It's pretty cute, actually. -- Mills and his whining about squad is rapidly getting old. -- They're really selling this Chicago Med bit. That's two episodes in a row now. Sorry, not buying. -- When did Severide get all salt-and-pepper-ish?

**(Reign, S2E15 Forbidden) Oof. Mary's mother is rough. Rough on Mary, rough on Lola. I'm sorry she's dying, but sheesh. -- LOL: Greer is turning into an honest to God madam. I was just kidding about saying so last episode but clearly that's exactly what she is. -- High Lola was fantastically amusing. Saying the baby that was being proposed to her son was ugly and had her mother's unibrow. Speaking to Francis of their time in Paris. Coming on to Narcisse (who actually turned her down?! I never know how to feel about him.). -- Francis in that robe, parading through the castle with an army of witnesses to "meet" Mary in her chambers. That was way weird and uncomfortable. -- Kenna looked like Cinderella coming down the stairs in the dress and jewels loaned to her by that scummy Antoine. I hate that he's messing up her marriage. -- Oh, Conde. Of course two queens are throwing themselves at you.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E18 The Leftover Thermalization) Sheldon was actually very empathetic to Leonard in regard to Leonard not being given credit in a magazine least at first. -- I'm really not liking Penny's hair short. -- Sheldon's "ideas": Reverse SeaWorld where the dolphins can pet the humans. A size between medium and large called marge. -- Howard [looking through his mother's freezer at everything she saved in there]: If I find my foreskin in here, I'm going to have to kill myself. -- LOL: The look on everyone's faces at the table as they listened to Bernadette yell at Leonard and Sheldon...and Howard realized how much she sounds like his mom. -- This episode wasn't nearly as sad as the previews made it out to be.

**(Elementary, S3E16 For All You Know) Interesting twist, making Sherlock the suspect. I felt like this whole episode was turned on its head, though, between wondering if he'd actually committed a murder in his doped up state. And then seeing him get attacked and beaten and kicked. (At least it felt normal when it turned out he had managed to pickpocket both a wallet and phone off one of the attackers.) By the time they reached the point where Sherlock was outright shouting at Joan about how she has no idea who he was when he was in his darkest point of using, I felt flipped inside out. I had no idea he spoke above a muttered, rushed whisper!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E15 I Feel the Earth Move) Maggie's reaction to the earthquake was pretty on par with mine. Only I wasn't in an elevator. I would have *freaked* in an elevator. -- I love when they make Jackson act a little dorky. -- They've gotten very creative with the Grey's logo in the opening. This week, it shook for the earthquake. Last week, they made an incision like the one Amelia was about to do on Dr Herman's scalp. -- Ha. I love that they treated Mer's streak and jinxing it the exact same way we treat no-hitters as baseball fans. -- I couldn't get into the story of Ruby and her mom, because it just felt too implausible to me...and then I totally cried when Ruby launched into Owen when she got off the helicopter. I did kinda love Owen, Amelia, and Richard all singing "Stayin' Alive" on the phone to help Ruby give her mom CPR, even though I feel like that song being linked to CPR is like the most annoying irony ever. -- I like Maggie, but I'm just not feeling her budding romance. -- After the brilliance of the previous episode, I knew this one was going to struggle to keep any sort of pace, but I just felt next to nothing about it...until the final sixty seconds. WHO ANSWERED DEREK'S PHONE???

**(The Blacklist, S2E15 The Major) I cannot help but laugh with how matter-of-fact Red is about how they will talk to the diplomat he says they need: "You'll need to abduct him." -- That was some interesting insight on Tom's backstory. -- The Look Red gave to Ressler when Ressler's grabbed Red's arm. I don't even know what to say about that, other than I wish I looked that intimidating when someone was up in *my* personal space. -- I'm guessing Dembe may be the only person who can call Red on his B.S. totally without repercussion. -- And now for the big question: What was the deal with that judge and all his questions? Is he one of The Major's people? Is he part of The Group that wants the Fulcrum to stay missing? Is he just annoyingly and perilously curious? I can't decide!

**(Last Man Standing, S3E16 Red Rag the Bull) Vanessa: I have seen that bathing suit and there is room for it in my wallet. -- Mike: Closing the highway in Colorado because it snowed is like closing California because they're wrong about everything. -- LOL: Ed's rule of giving cheap stuff for wedding gifts because it's easier to split if the marriage ends in divorce. -- I would have said "awwww" when Ed told Kristin he only invests in things that succeed and that's why he plans to give them a weekend at the Four Seasons booked for their tenth anniversary...except that he's talking about Kristin and Ryan.

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