Sunday, March 15, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 10

Since November 2008, I've been documenting the bits of everyday life in a monthly format, through various incarnations. I've loved these "little life snapshots." But for approximately the past six months, I've been craving a change. More than a little tweak, this time, but a different perspective. After taking note of the bloggers I enjoy who do something similar on a weekly basis, I've finally blended my favorite aspects of their weekly posts with some of the framework of my monthly snapshots...and thus was born Snapshot from Along the Broken Road, v. 2.0

Checking in for the week of March 8 through March 14.

Merry Market Murder (Paige Shelton) - This was exactly what I needed, after the last book I read: quick, easy, and lighthearted (ish...I mean, it *is* a murder mystery). My initial suspect was the correct one, but I got sucked in by a red herring, and I never would have guessed all the details. A fun read all the way around.
When Crickets Cry (Charles Martin) - Oh, this book. The characters and the words and just...I'm almost finished and I don't want it to end.

Do you ever play "how many meals can we make with what's on hand?" It's one of my favorite games, because it means we stay under our weekly spending goal. The things that excite me as an adult would baffle my younger self. We always have a ton of chicken in the freezer, so T grilled some up and slathered it in barbecue sauce, did up a packet of cheesy potatoes while he was out there, and we pulled out some freezer sweet corn. We threw together some goulash and a salad. Had some linguine with clam sauce. And then, Friday, we made ourselves subs.

All the winter decor came down (almost -- I have a couple of things still there) and now everything looks empty, so I need to start thinking about spring. And then I spent the weekend at Epcot, enjoying some Flower and Garden Fest eats with my friend, Daniel, yet I still, somehow, managed to get a whole weekend's worth of laundry done, despite being gone twelve hours on Saturday and another nine on Sunday. I'll take that as a win!

Twisted Peppermint (BBW) - I'm starting to wonder if I will get this one finished before spring arrives. And if I don't, am I going to be returning an almost-but-not-quite done candle to the closet? Or will I just keep going with it until it's used up, even though I am dyyyying to get into my spring stockpile?
Holiday Bayberry (YC) - This one's a total classic and I kind of love it.
Celebrate Christmas (YC) - A little fruity, a little spicy.
Candy Cane Lane (YC) - I like this one in limited doses. It's definitely minty, which I enjoy, but combining it with vanilla and sugar makes it a bit sweet, because it's a stronger scent. I will say that when I'm sitting between Celebrate Christmas burning in the living room and Candy Cane Lane burning in the dining area, it makes the house smell like a Christmas kitchen: almost a total assault on the senses, but somehow it works.

It takes forever for the sun to come up now. ::grumble grumble Daylight Savings grumble:: This was almost 8am.

Morning glory.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Attempting to accessorize like an adult who has any clue what she's doing.

The fish version of Grumpy Cat. If you look closely, you can see his down-turned mouth and everything.

Shrimp! (He's my favorite.)

Rain shower reflections.

I have seen a lot of lizards in the thirteen years I've lived in this state, but never one that looked like this guy.

All the cotton candy colors.


Even the trees bloom sunshine here.

My favorite people are not afraid to embrace their dork side with me.

This was our Test Track sim car. Zoom zoom! (Fun fact: I always take a photo.)

I got to ride in the front seat. I never get the front seat!

Florida skies just quietly brag about being the best.

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