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Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 9

Since November 2008, I've been documenting the bits of everyday life in a monthly format, through various incarnations. I've loved these "little life snapshots." But for approximately the past six months, I've been craving a change. More than a little tweak, this time, but a different perspective. After taking note of the bloggers I enjoy who do something similar on a weekly basis, I've finally blended my favorite aspects of their weekly posts with some of the framework of my monthly snapshots...and thus was born Snapshot from Along the Broken Road, v. 2.0

Checking in for the week of March 1 through March 7.

Firefly Summer (Maeve Binchy) - The best way to describe how I felt about this book is the overwhelming desire to proclaim "I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!!" Finally. It wasn't a bad story, it just dragged on for the first half to the point that I feared it would never *have* a point. I think the ending actually brought the same relief for me as it did for most of the characters. I will admit the ending was not at all what I was expecting, and yet it still felt satisfying, if oddly so.
Merry Market Murder (Paige Shelton) - I have about 60 pages left to go in this one. I love me a good little cozy mystery.

We had a "clean-up week" -- attempted to use up some odds and ends to prevent waste, as well as clear out some freezer stock. We had quesadillas (to use up some tortillas and sour cream). We pulled a flank steak out of the freezer. I had an almost empty package of orzo in the pantry, so T whipped up some chicken tenders and a salad, while I pit together some garlic Parmesan orzo. And we thawed out some sausage, spinach, and cheese stuffed shells that we'd frozen from a larger batch.

I almost cannot believe it's done (and it came at the price of getting very far behind on reading any blogs this week) but I *finally* got iTunes installed and all my music uploaded to the new computer I got...last June. I also successfully updated my iPad and my phone to iOS8. And I got a whole three magazines into the recycling, but three is better than none, right? All that, in addition to my inaugural spin around Flower and Garden Fest 2015, and a side trip over to Hollywood Studios to cross two items off my Fun To Do List: see the park hatless for the first time and check out the Cinderella carriage on display, promoting the upcoming movie release.

Merry Cookie (BBW) - Another one bites the dust. Farewell, delicious vanilla-scented cookie scent!
Christmas Cupcake (YC) - They claim there is an element of cocoa to this scent, but all I smell are vanilla and buttercream. Which, as we know, I happen to love.
Winter Garden (YC) - This one wasn't my favorite. I expected some evergreen and fresh snow. It just smelled "chemically" to me. The name of this candle makes me laugh, though, because every time I see it, I think of the town in Florida.
Twisted Peppermint (BBW) - This is the one that replaced Merry Cookie in the bedroom. This is one of my favorite Bath and Body Works scents. I stock up on the lotion to use year round. It's festive in the winter and honestly makes me feel cooler during the endless Florida summer. Considering we've been running about ten degrees above normal with June levels of humidity, it's been exactly the cool, fresh scent I needed.
French Vanilla (YC) - Pretty basic, but a classic.

I fell in love with this necklace at Target, but alas, gold tones look all wrong on me.

This is what we found when I peeled back the plastic seal. Ummmm...

Trees be blooming!

The flowers on this tree look like bottle brushes.

New month! I'm kind of intrigued by this one. Has anyone ever been to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden?

Can't. Get. Enough. Grapefruit and honey.

Too warm for the second day of March. Everyone up north wants to smother me, right now, but this is too soon for 80s.

Flower and Garden Fest plan. Lists are my favorite.

My favorites.

This is how I coped with Wednesday.

On my way to evening midweek Lenten service.

This is the secret to making Girl Scout Cookies last longer.

Oh, yes, I did. The Disney Side App officially kills me dead. (Sorry, Android users. Only released for Apple devices.)

I lack spatial skills. Nothing like having to call your pickup-truck-driving husband to come rescue his own birthday gift.

Wee oranges!

I miss living close enough to come up to Disney's Boardwalk to walk in the evenings.

Park Without Hat.

I never noticed that they included Coit Tower in the San Francisco part of Streets of America in Hollywood Studios. I did not enjoy Coit Tower. I may have made an unpleasant face when I noticed it.

Cinderella's carriage on display at Hollywood Studios (promoting the upcoming movie release). This was the other reason, unrelated to The Hat, that brought me over to this park.

DP. That's ME.

One Man's Dream is such a hidden gem of an attraction.

Strawberry Cupcake from the Boardwalk Bakery. It insisted on coming home with me. It was right to insist.

4 with their own thoughts:

Janet Spering Thursday, March 12, 2015 4:11:00 PM  

I think those red flowers are mimosas! We saw then in VA last summer.

*krystyn* Friday, March 13, 2015 1:56:00 PM  

What is wrong with the ice cream when you opened it? Just looks like that's how it settled?? Can't tell.

~**Dawn**~ Friday, March 13, 2015 2:14:00 PM  

Krystyn: Oh, it just looked like someone had taken a single scoop out of it before sealing it up. I am sure it was just a packaging fluke, but it made us laugh.

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