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Flower and Garden Fest 2015: Round Two

Round Two brings Festing with a Friend. I never mind Festing solo, but Daniel and I always have a blast when we Fest, so that's fun too!

We started off at...


Piggylicious Bacon Cupcake with Maple Frosting and Pretzel Crunch.

We descended on the Fest about 38 seconds after it opened, so it was still only 11am. This was a good semi-breakfasty way to kick off the late morning. It's kind of like having pancakes and bacon in a different form. There is sweet (frosting, cake) and salty (bacon, pretzel). It's all just very satisfying. And check out all. that. bacon.

Tastebuds awake and clamoring for more!


Seafood Ceviche (shrimp, scallops, and grouper with mango and avocado).

So much color! It was just as fresh (thank God) as it was bright. There is just so much visual appeal to a dish that is bursting with color...and flavor to match. With all those components, every forkful was a different combination of delicious. It was cool and refreshing, which was good, because the day was heating up in a hurry.

We were sitting at this little table, which was smack in the sun, and we needed to locate some shade.


Confit de Canard with Pommes de Terre Sarladaise (pulled duck confit with garlic and parsley potatoes). La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush (Grey Goose vodka orange, St-Germain liquor, white and red cranberry juice).

I'm just going to be honest. I have dreamed of this dish since the last Flower and Garden Fest. I am not even kidding. The duck is so tender, it practically melts in your mouth. The potatoes have so much flavor, they practically reach out and slap your taste buds. The are soft and creamy in the center, but the potatoes that were on top in the oven (the baking dish is inverted onto your plate) are brown and crispy. And just...I'm drooling now, just thinking about it. The slushes they do in the "France" fest booths are always delicious. The description of this one claims orange and cranberry, but I have to tell you, it tastes like grapefruit to me. Despite the fact that it started melting almost immediately, it was still cold, tart, and so refreshing. By the time I finished here, I was sighing with that "I could die happy now" sort of contentment.

We were on our way to use some Fast Passes (Spaceship Earth and Test Track), via a stand-by line detour at Living with the Land, so on our way, we stopped for some refreshment...


Crispin Blackberry Pear Cider. Cucumber Lemon Spa Water.

We traded these back and forth as we strolled toward the Land Pavilion. The water was kind of meh, for me, but that is partially because I do not like lemon in my cold water and partially because we were in the upper 80s, so this could have used a little bit of ice to not become lukewarm. The cider, though, was incredible. I tasted far more blackberry than pear. It was sweet but refreshing.

When we finished our attractions, we headed straight back for more eating.


Veggie Quesadilla (flour tortilla filled with Monterrey Jack cheese and mixed vegetables).

I couldn't even tell you what was in here for sure, other than cheese. I believe there were mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and onions. It was standard fare, but very tasty. I felt like it could have done with a little salsa or sour cream or something, though.

Circling back the direction from which we came...


Pineapple Dog (spicy hot dog, pineapple chutney, and sriracha mayo). Sparkling Pineapple Wine. Ace Pineapple Hard Cider.

They were not kidding about spicy! This is the same hot dog they use for the Kimchi Dog during Food and Wine Fest, just with different toppings. This packed a ton of flavor, but it was just a bit too warm for my preferences, though, so I was glad to be sharing. (Seriously. Daniel was laughing at how pink my face got!) We shared the two beverages as well. Both were tasty -- and definitely pineapple! -- but I surprised myself and actually liked the cider more than the sparkling wine. I am typically very partial to the bubbles, but the cider was just plain delicious.

We meandered our way around the World Showcase. Daniel tried some various dishes, but I was busy digesting. But I couldn't resist a stop at...


Bellini (sparkling wine and peach puree).

This is my kind of yummy. I sat in the setting sun and sipped my drink, while we chatted and people watched. I love that this is sweet from the peach, but it doesn't overpower the dryness of the sparkling wine. It's the perfect hot weather sip.

Room for one more...


Watermelon Salad with Pickled Onions, Baby Arugula, Feta Cheese, and Balsamic Reduction.

This is a repeat from last year and it's just really yummy. I would never think of putting watermelon into a salad with savory ingredients, but it's so refreshing. Actually, so much of what they put on the menus for this Fest is light and refreshing, with the emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It's perfect warm-weather eating. The onions were cut a bit thick for me, so I pawned them off on Daniel, but the rest was all mine. I am such a sucker for balsamic anything, and the serving was super generous. A great ending to the day.

Because Daniel was in town, there was another round on deck for the very next day! Stay tuned...

2 with their own thoughts:

Abby Sunday, March 22, 2015 10:44:00 AM  

So I look at your photos and I do not recognize the names of any of the restaurants...are these set-up special just for this event?

~**Dawn**~ Sunday, March 22, 2015 1:27:00 PM  

Yes, Abby. They set up these booths around the lagoon in World Showcase, just for the Fest. These are unique to Flower and Garden Fest. Food and Wine Fest has its own.

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