Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 11

Checking in for the week of March 15 through March 21.

When Crickets Cry (Charles Martin) - Oh my gosh, this book. What a heartachingly beautiful story. The characters are so fleshed out, I feel as if I know them. The writing was just lyrical for me -- even in its description of things like rowing, about which I have no interest. I wish it could have just gone on and on, but the story was so satisfying, even in its ending, that I cannot complain. I noticed that several of the reviews expressed some confusion about the final chapter, but, without spoiling anything, it made perfect sense to me. You just have to read slowly and pay attention.
Wolf Hall (Hilary Mantel) - Slower reading while I get used to who all the characters are (I have to keep checking the list of characters in the front of the book). I do wish the author didn't use the ambiguous 'he' right after switching scenes so often without clarification, since the vast majority of the characters, so far, are male.

T grilled up some steaks and we served that with roasted asparagus and wild rice. Wednesday was BLTS...mmmm, bacon. Saturday, we had one of my favorite meals: grilled sweet and sour meatball kabobs over white rice.

Winter decor has been packed away and spring is almost completely out now, which means our guest bedroom is once again occupant-ready, instead of looking like the North Pole. I also swapped out our not-summer sheets for our lighter weight summer set (and for some reason, I have had terrible nightmares both nights since?). A few more magazines have made it out the door for recycling. And, you know, all the usual housework.

Twisted Peppermint (BBW) - I toyed with the idea of leaving this one out until it was used up, but it was only half finished and, let's face it, the siren call of spring scents was too difficult to resist.
Red Velvet Cupcake (BBW) - I like this one ok, but I'm not sure I would get it again, at least not in a larger jar. I'm not a fan of most chocolate-scented candles and this one is a bit heavier on the chocolate notes than I'd prefer.
Bunny Cake (YC) - This is a soft scent. Light hints of vanilla and lemon and coconut. Perfect amounts of sweet and fresh. Very subtle though. I have to be near it to smell it.
Vanilla Cupcake (YC) - This one claims to be vanilla, buttercream, and lemon, but I don't detect the lemon. Just lots and lots of delicious vanilla.
Buttercream (YC) - Detecting a pattern here? LOL! This one is a classic. Decadent vanilla.

Daniel is, quite possibly, the only person I've ever met who not only likes the Beverly (at Club Cool in Epcot), but craves it. I am always highly amused at the people who watch him in bewilderment as he tosses back two or three of these when they make a face and toss the cup after one sip.

It was a black ballet flats kind of day.

Sunrise through dew.

I was really early for church on Wednesday evening.

Sunset behind me, twilight ahead.

Sunrise burned through a hazy layer of fog. It looked like the sky in the desert scene of Living with the Land at Epcot.

Determination. I feel like there is a lesson to be learned here. You wouldn't know to look at this little basil, but something lopped off three of his leaves, leaving one tattered and scrawny leaf on a twig. I thought for sure it was a lost cause, but I couldn't bring myself yoink it out. This wee fellow is determined to be alive though. Adapt and push forward. Less than a week later? New leaves and thriving.

I do not understand why Dunkin Donuts makes their boxes such a challenge to open. I destroyed it trying to get in there. Just gimme my lemon-filled donut!

Cinnamon swirl raisin bread. Untoasted. Smear of real butter. Perfect mid-morning snack.

Real life. Three words come to mind regarding the guest room: Winter-splosion. Overwhelmed. Gulp. (Ok, so one of them is made up. Still.)

Imprinted with love.

New scent day! Stealth selfie style.

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