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This Week on My TV: May 3, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(The Mentalist, S6E17 "Silver Wings of Time"Why do shows always realize an innocent man was sentenced to death mere hours before execution and have to race a clock to find the evidence to save him? -- I love the random questions Patrick Jane asks potential suspects and then learning why he asked them as the episode moves along. -- Cho's dry humor and his total disinterest in everyone's personal lives. Quite possibly one of my very favorite things about this show. -- How long til Jane and Lisbon admit they have feelings for each other?

**(Last Man Standing, S3E21 "April, Come She Will") Vanessa: No one is getting money to leave this house until I do it and then I'm taking half. -- Vanessa's sister is 40 and that means she can no longer have children? -- Mike Baxter's exchanges with Larabee are like a well-choreographed, amusing dance.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E16 "It's Not Easy Being Green") I thought they did a good job telling Zelena's backstory. I especially liked the touches of the cyclone and why she is green. -- So...Zelena stole David's courage (the Cowardly Lion) and wants Regina's heart (the Tin Man). Whose brain will she require to fulfill the role of the Scarecrow? -- Awww!! Regina gave her heart to Robin!

**(Chicago Fire, S2E19 "A Heavy Weight"I'm not sure why they hinted it was such a big deal that Casey doesn't know Dawson's ring size while picking out an engagement ring. I don't even know my own ring size. -- Clarke is gone?? Just like that? Figures. He was the one character I actually liked. -- I don't remember Boden ditching his lady. Interesting that they decided to make her pregnant.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E19 "I'm Winning"I do kinda love April and Jackson together. I feel as if despite their differences or more accurately because of their differences, they balance each other out. -- So Callie and Arizona have decided to have another baby. I keep flashing back on scenes that show Arizona not handling a miscarriage well in a new house and it taking a huge toll. Am I imagining it? Was it a "what if" type scenario? Something from the past that we've moved on from? Or do we already know how this story plays out? -- The exchange between Miranda and Cristina was awesome, when Miranda reminded Cristina not to shrug off congratulations, but to look the giver in the eye, smile and say thank you. I feel like that's a reminder most of us can use. -- Derek's "emotional lie detector" machine thingy scares me a little. Says the queen of "doesn't show emotion unless she wants it seen."

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E20 "Go It Alone"No sooner do I state that I love April and Jackson together than their all-nighter puts a giant rift between them? And not just that, but it is their very differences that are at the root. ::sigh:: -- Question asked and answered: Arizona *did* have a miscarriage in the past. -- What on earth is causing the heart issues for that one family? -- Of course Owen and Mer would be there for Cristina at the Harper Avery Award banquet. I have to admit, I was a bit shocked that Cristina didn't win.

**(Unforgettable, S2E9 "Flesh and Blood"I appreciate when shows tie up loose ends. Jackie was definitely a loose end. This was something of a predictable plot, but I enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Carrie and Al.

**(The Blacklist, S1E20 "The Kingmaker"So the contents of the envelope were photos of Red entering the hospital where Lizzie's father died. Why was that supposed to be such a shocker? Liz may not have known about it, but the viewer does. -- Hahahaha! Dembe with the munchies as he helps Red try out some "product" he is considering bankrolling. -- Red: Ahhh... Smells like decadence and vice. -- Red: As bad as you may think I am, as far as you think I am willing to go to protect that which I hold most dear, you can't possibly fathom how deep that well of mine truly goes. -- You can be as angry as you want that the Kingmaker was killed, Red, but you know darn well you would have put the bullet in his head yourself, if you'd seen that Liz was in danger. -- So now Liz knows that Red killed her adoptive father and claims to be done. You're never done with Red, Lizzie. Might as well just accept it.

**(2 Broke Girls, S2E22 "And the New Lease on Life"Sophie was amusing. I have to admit I can't even remember if Max and Caroline get to keep their illegally sublet apartment or if they are looking for somewhere new to live now.

**(About a Boy, S1E9 "About a Kiss") Sheesh. Is everyone obsessed with Fiona's chest? -- OMG, there is a little girl version of Marcus at the babysitter's house! Hahaha! -- Andy's wife thinks TJ is hot? Really? -- I suspect the purpose of this show is to get Will and Fiona together, but I really like Dr Sam. I would rather he end up with her.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E21 "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence") Leonard: Should we call the girls and see if they want to come? Penny: Bernadette's working late. Sheldon: Amy's sick. Leonard: Awww. What's wrong with her? Sheldon: Well, she talks a lot, she always wants to hold hands. Leonard: That's not what I meant. Sheldon: Well if you were referring to her illness, your question should have been 'what ails her?'  -- Preach it, Sheldon: Penny. there's only one cookie with something in the middle that solves life's problems...and that's an Oreo. -- The psychic's reading for Sheldon, implying that committing to Amy holds all the answers to Sheldon's life, both personal *and* professional. Hmmm...

**(Person of Interest, S3E20 "Death Benefit") Haaaaa! Mr Reese packs weaponry, trip wire, a booby trap for the door, and a toothbrush when he takes a trip. -- John Greer: Surely you didn't think in a world where you're surveilling everyone that no one was watching you? -- Is Shaw the only person in the world who is unhappy when a fruity adult beverage with a little paper umbrella is in front of her? -- That is quite a convoluted message from The Machine. The number is in danger from Reese, Shaw, and Finch, because The Machine needs him dead due to his relationship with Decima and the danger that relationship poses to so  many other people. -- Did Mr Finch really jump ship?!

**(The Middle, S5E19 "The Wind Chimes"Sue and Darrin! Maybe others are threatened by your joy, Darrin, but I'm not! -- ::snort:: Rita Glossner poked Mike in the eye for attempting to take down her wind chimes. -- Mike and Frankie, if you try to break up Darrin and Sue, I will bring the fisticuffs!

**(Reign, S5E19 "The Wind Chimes"Initial thoughts: I don't care for Kenna's headpiece. Lola's wedding joy makes me smile, yet I can't help but feel like no one is allowed to be happy for very long on this show and that makes me sad for her. I keep thinking that Greer and Kenna could actually be happy if they would try to make the best of their circumstances, when the former has someone who adores her and the latter has, well, Bash (yum). -- Hmmm. Mary's half-brother is...interesting. And so is his suggestion that she needs to make an appearance in Scotland. -- Whoa. Olivia in bed with Nostradamus?! And Catherine won't allow him to be with her. Sad. -- Henry is a mess. Who was that vision he was having? -- Revisiting some of my initial thoughts: So, Lola's husband has a secret in his past, and the question is: does it involve the deaths of his former wives or does it involve wealth? I'm glad Kenna appears to be making a real marriage with Bash. -- Oh boy. Francis locked Mary in the tower for, he feels, her own safety because he suspects an English plot against her life using her half brother. I wonder how he's going to get back in her good graces after this?

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*krystyn* Tuesday, May 13, 2014 9:22:00 AM  

So this is kinda funny (for me anyway), I caught a total of 15 (max) minutes of Grey's 3 weeks ago and instantly decided I need to come back to the show. I promptly set the DVR to record in case I forget to watch (which will probably happen). And then last Thursday I totally remembered (at 9:20pm though) and watched the whole episode. SO much has changed since I quit watching. And I still love Owen and makes me sad that she is leaving! It looks like this Thursday's episode will be a doozy!!!!

~**Dawn**~ Tuesday, May 13, 2014 9:58:00 AM  

Krystyn: This has been a pretty good season, overall. It's a bummer Cristina is leaving but I like the way they are writing her exit (as opposed to the way they've done others in the past, ahem). Did you see the Burke episode? That was intense.

*krystyn* Tuesday, May 13, 2014 10:26:00 AM  

YES!! The Burke episode was the one that sucked me back in!! I couldn't believe how much time had passed since he'd been gone - he was married w/!

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