Thursday, May 8, 2014

Currently: May 8, 2014

This week at the Broken Road house...

Learning... which of my tv shows are getting renewed. So far, no surprises. A disappointment, perhaps, but not really a shocker.

Wanting... it not to be summer. It's so hot already. And that reminds me of an old saying my Gramp used to recite. But maybe that's better saved for a full blog post trip down memory lane?

Enjoying... the descriptiveness of the book I am reading. Feeding the five sense purely through the written word is not easy to achieve, but this book has managed to do so.

Missing... my Gram. She's been passing through my thoughts frequently over recent days. Nostalgia is bittersweet.

Playing... at Disney for the second weekend in a row. It will be my final tours (Saturday and Sunday) of Flower and Garden Fest. I am on a mission!

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