Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five Things: May 27, 2014

Long weekend holiday weekend, concluded. That makes Tuesday into Monday. And even though it is now a shortened work week, that doesn't make coming back any more fun. So, today I shall daydream.

Five Places I've Always Wanted to Visit

There are places I've been to which I would love to return, but I'm taking this list in the direction of the road never traveled.

1. Hawaii - Tropical locations seem to hold very little appeal to me anymore, probably as a result of where I live. Palm trees? Meh. I can stand on my back porch for those. And yet Hawaii has always intrigued me.

2. Charleston, SC - There's an aquarium. Gardens and plantations. Architecture and parks. A minor league baseball field. History. Sounds like camera paradise! (Runner up: Savannah, GA)

3. St Louis, MO - An aquarium *and* a zoo. Landmarks and museums and historical sites. An opportunity to cross another MLB park off my list. (Runner up: Denver, CO)

4. (for the sake of not copping out and taking up two spaces with one theme) Either Tokyo Disney or Hong Kong Disneyland - It's not a shock to you that Disney parks are my happy place. I've read trip reviews on my favorite Disney blogs and pored over scads of photos, devouring the details from afar. If I were going to do Disney internationally, it would have to be one of these two parks. Nothing against Disneyland Paris (which I wouldn't turn down), but I am so curious about some of the unique attractions and technologies in the two Asian resorts.

5. The Grand Canyon - Sure, it's cliche, I suppose. But I have a bunch of my grandparents' old photos and this is someplace they stopped on their travels. I'd love to see it with my own two eyes and get some photos of my own. But more than that, nature is astounding. Sometimes you just need to stand in awe. (Runners up: Jackson Hole, WY, and the Finger Lakes, NY)

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Janet Wednesday, May 28, 2014 2:31:00 PM  

I’ve always wanted to go to Charleston & the Grand Canyon, too! I’ve been to the other places, and I’d say GO!

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