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This Week on My TV: May 24, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E18 "Bleeding Through"Har, har. Zelena gifted Regina a basket of *green* apples. -- Ohhh. What an impossible choice for Robin: the life of his son or protecting Regina's heart, which she gave him to keep safe, from Rumplestiltskin and Zelena. -- Belle [to Regina]: Why on earth, or *any* realm, would I help you? -- Young Cora: Someone once told me to act like what you plan to be, so I try to be a little better than what I am. -- David: Emma, will you please tell your mother we are not going to name your brother Leopold. Mary Margaret: Why not? It was my father's name! David: People will make fun of him. Mary Margaret: My father was a king. David: Which is why nobody made fun of him. -- Of course. David's courage. Regina's heart. Brains courtesy of Rumple. -- Wow. We knew Snow caused Regina to lose the love of her life because she spilled a secret, but apparently the apple (hahaha) doesn't fall far from the tree, because Snow's mother, Ava, spilled a secret to Prince Leopold that prevented him from marrying Cora, forcing her to give up Zelena. Without that secret being revealed, Leopold and Ava would not have married, and neither Regina nor Snow may have ever been born! Nicely woven. -- Yay! A Robin and Regina kiss!

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E24 "The Status Quo Combustion"I feel kind of bad for Leonard and Penny. I might be the happiest person to learn the news of their engagement, judging by everyone else's reactions. -- I feel like the living arrangements conversation between Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon is a variation on the same conversation between Chandler, Monica, and Joey. -- Leonard: Now that Penny and I are engaged, I thought we might want to talk about our living arrangements. Sheldon: Of course. She's spent many nights here and you're worried about preserving the myth of her virginity before the wedding. Leonard: I'm not. Sheldon: Good, because not only has that ship sailed, if it hit an iceberg, countless men would perish. -- Sheldon: Did you take a marijuana? Leonard: No. Sheldon: Did you get hit on the head with a coconut? Leonard: No! Sheldon: Well then I'm all out of guesses! -- Poor Amy. She tries so hard to move her relationship forward with Sheldon and he's just on his own timetable. He'll get there, Amy. -- I find it hilarious that Leonard tracks Sheldon's phone to locate him. -- Stewart's comic book shop caught on fire?? I would never in a million years have guessed that was coming. But it is fall-on-the-ground hysterical that he loves his new work/living arrangement taking care of Mrs Wolowitz. -- Sheldon: You tracked my phone? Leonard: Yes... Sheldon: Boy, you chase one balloon for three miles... -- I wonder what will come of Sheldon's adventure, getting away to think about how much and how quickly everything is changing. What will we get when he comes back?

**(Modern Family, S5E23 "The Wedding (Part One)"As soon as I saw the night drop box at the dry cleaner where Cam's tux was locked inside (due to family emergency), I knew Lily was going in. I also knew she'd get stuck on the moving rack. -- Something is clearly going to happen between Haley and Andy the Nanny. -- I can't wait to see how the rest of this plays out, between Cam's parents threatening to split up and the wildfire threatening to ruin the wedding.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E21 "One More Shot"Finally! I thought we'd never address Boden's baby. -- I don't want another new guy. I miss Clarke. -- I do love that everyone pulled together so that Dawson could get from the call she was on to her firefighter's test on time. -- Sheesh, Boden. Mills had to tell you how to properly propose??

**(Chicago Fire, S2E22 "Real Never Waits"Casey has very green eyes. -- Oh come *on*, Casey. You picked out a ring and are planning a proposal. And you tell Dawson to answer your phone?? Of course it was going to be about the ring. Idiot. -- Ah, crap. Weddings apparently mean I will cry now. Even those that happen at firehouses. I am such a sap. -- And also proposals. But Dawson didn't answer before the alarm rang for a call?! -- Yay! Maybe a little love at first sight for Mouch? -- I wonder what the story is between Casey and Dawson's lieutenant (Walsh? Welch?) at her new house?  -- Well, that was quite an ending for the season, with half the cast in a building that just exploded and no answering Boden over the radio.

**(The Middle, S5E22 "Heck on a Hard Body") The shower curtains Rusty made that were not NFL-approved so they were missing one letter that supposedly the brain would just "fill in and no one would even notice"? How about the "Cincinnati Begals" helmets without stripes?? -- Sue's last-person-with-their-hand-on-the-car-wins contest is right up there with my worst nightmare: sunburns and bee stings. Yikes. -- Sue: I'm going to win this thing, Darrin. Darrin: Yeah, but what if you don't? Sue: I don't know the word don't. Darrin: Oh, it means 'do not'. They just put that little thingy in place of the 'o'. It's not short for donut. I learned that the hard way. ... Oh, Darrin. LOL. -- This just makes me love her more. ... Sue: Really? You think I should...give up? Let me tell you something about me. I never *ever* give up. I have not made a hundred things but I still try out! When they tell me I didn't make the team, I show up and ask to be manager. When there are no parts in the play for me, I ask to make the programs! The more I fail, the stronger I get! My whole life has led me to this moment, so I will here on my one burning leg for as long as it takes. So ha, hahaha... [buzzz...gulp] I think I just swallowed a fly. But I am still not giving up. -- SUE WON! She's going to Disney World!

**(Revolution, S2E19 "$... Happens"Gunfight followed by sword fight. Texas meets Revolution. -- Nanotech are straight up creepy. -- Did Neville really ask Charlie if her ass was made of candy?! -- Umm, that was some awfully fresh blood Rachel stuck her hands in when she and Bass found Miles' jacket. -- Nanotech are also very bossy. -- It's kind of sad that I couldn't even recall whether or not we knew why Miles was so haunted by the shed he set on fire. I'm guessing the nanotech were responsible for that flashback of Ben?

**(About a Boy, S1E12 "About a Hammer"Based on what we know of Will, I'm not buying that Will built that tree house. -- Will's freakout over Dr Sam moving in when her apartment building is condemned better not cost him the relationship. I really like her. (Even if she does have some crazy eyes.) -- Dr Sam's moving to New York for work?! But Will *loves* her! NOOOOO!!

**(About a Boy, S1E13 "About a Rib Chute"Awww. I love what Will did to Marcus's tree house before moving to New York. But I'm bummed, because even though he chose to be with Dr Sam, I can't believe they will keep him on the opposite coast from the rest of the show's characters. So either Dr Sam needs to find a job back in San Francisco or I'm betting it won't work out with them, and I like her.

**(The Mentalist, S6E20 "Il Tavolo Bianco"That attorney who was trying to indict Patrick for Red John's murder in front of the Grand Jury looks like a gargoyle. -- Abbot is so totally on to Patrick's feelings for Lisbon. -- I wonder why I call all the characters on this show by their last names...except Patrick. -- When Fischer was watching Patrick hit on the mob guy's fiancee in order to get the mob guy to take a hit out on him, so you suppose she realized how he charmed her the same way back in the islands when she was tracking him? -- Only Patrick Jane would be happy to discover there was a hit taken out on him. He is such an amusing character. -- If I had to choose anyone on this show to have my back, it would be Cho. His sense of humor slays me and he takes his job very seriously. -- Looks like we aren't done with this story yet. The human traffickers are harvesting organs from the abducted girls?!

**(The Good Wife, S5E21 "The One Percent") Alicia: A hundred and forty thousand isn't that much. Mr Paisley: It's a lot of money. Alicia: To *me*. To you, it's what you made sitting here. -- It continues to bother me, tremendously, that September from Fringe is such an unlikable character as the State's Attorney. I especially don't like the way he is playing Peter with a lie about Alicia and Finn. -- Oh for Pete's (Peter's?) sake. You really think Alicia is involved with Finn?? -- The only time I like Eli better than when he's running a campaign is when he is protecting Peter's integrity from himself. -- Louis Canning aligning with David Lee and Howard Lyman? Between that and the utter contempt Kalinda has for him, I guess the writers are being clear that we DO NOT LIKE Canning. -- Rayna Hecht sure plays musical law firms. You'd think that would make her more unappealing. -- Oh, Peter, what are you thinking about doing?? You better not, if you ever want a shot at reconciling with Alicia.

**(Two Broke Girls, S5E21 "The One Percent"Caroline: Now is not a good time, Sophie. Max is mad at me because I went behind her back to try to help her graduate from high school. Sophie: Are you sure she's not just mad at you for the way you chew? ... Every time Sophie opens her mouth, there is a high probability that I will ask "What??" at the random nature of her commentary, and also that I will laugh. -- This show has the most awkward line delivery EVER. And after THREE SEASONS!!

**(Mike and Molly, S4E21 "This Old Peggy") Judging by the job Mike did when he was remodeling the basement into an apartment for himself and Molly, I can't see it going well as he fixes the hole his mother's bathtub made falling through the ceiling. Especially with Carl and Samuel helping. -- How many people can they actually fit in that clown car of a house??

**(The Middle, S5E23 "Orlando"Sue's level of excitement matches a) how I feel about Disney and b) counting down to vacation. -- Confession: Sue's troubles maneuvering tight spaces while driving is pretty much my secret driving fear. -- Sir Axl, Duke of Awesomeness. ::snort:: -- Wow. Brick's girlfriend. And her family. Just wow. -- I've never seen that "welcome to Orlando" sign. Just sayin'.

**(The Middle, S5E24 "The Wonderful World of Hecks"I've totally seen a "Frankie Heck" freaking on her family at Disney. -- I'm the girl who says "wrong direction!" when Frankie and Mike head to Epcot by turning toward Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. Also, I said "there aren't tables there!" when Mike and Frankie were dining in the France pavilion.

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