Thursday, March 20, 2014


1. What first tells you that spring is here?
First, the trees covered in pink or yellow blossoms, which drop to make way for the pale green haze of fresh leaves.

2. Name your five of your favorite distinctively spring habits or customs.
1. The midweek Lenten services and the special services held during Holy Week.
2. Being so hungry for baseball that we happily devour the meaningless scrimmages of Spring Training with nearly the same enthusiasm generated for post-season play.
3. Now that they are doing Outdoor Kitchens at Epcot's Flower and Garden Fest, I look forward to this even more!
4. Decorating with the softer, gentler colors of spring after the fiery hues of autumn and the jewel tones of winter.
5. The ecstasy of the first breath of orange blossoms on the breeze...and every last deep inhalation of them through the end of their season.

3. What is your favorite smell of spring?
Orange blossoms. No contest. Perhaps my very favorite scent of all. (Did you already figure that out?)

4. Favorite spring memory?
How excited we would get to see the first spring robin, hopping over the muddy yard and partially melted snow. That one bird held so much promise: the first brave green spear of spring flower poking through the soil, the first day that would be warm enough to leave your coat unfastened in the afternoon. We'd squish around the window, exclaiming and watching him go about the business of being a bird and breathe deeply in anticipation. It was a yearly rite of passage.

5. What's your favorite quintessentially spring food? Least favorite?
Favorite: the combination of lemon, cream and berries, and fresh new spring vegetables (not together though).
Least favorite: lamb.

6. Go-to spring beverage?
Pretty much anything that resembles this:

In essence, bubbles and fruit.

7. Least favorite/most annoying thing related to spring?
A tie between the creeping humidity and the film of pollen covering every outdoor surface. Unless I happen to have a very vocal mockingbird hanging out in the tree directly outside the bedroom slider, singing and squawking around the clock, in search of a mate. Then it's the mockingbird, because I may not require tons of sleep, but I do need *some*.

8. Place you'd most want to be in the spring: the lake, the city, the beach or the mountains?
The beach! Surprised? I'm thinking more along the lines of walking on the sand, playing with my camera, turning my face to the cool breeze. Not traditional summer beach-going, which could not be further from my scene.

9. Your absolute dream spring day would be:
Sunny and 75 for a high, breezy with big puffy clouds, and light crowds at Disney World. Coming home and sitting on the porch swing, breathing in orange blossoms on the evening air (yes, I am obsessed with them). Cool 50s at night, perfect for sleeping with a sheet and a light blanket with the windows open.

10. If you could go anywhere on vacation in the spring, where would you go?

Washington DC when the cherry trees blossom. It's on my "wish list."

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