Monday, March 3, 2014

20 Questions: March 3, 2014

1. Have you ever been on a cruise?
I have not. I vacillate back and forth on whether this is something I actually want to do.

2. How late did you stay up last night?
Til 11:40pm, reading in bed.

3. What is your favorite movie to re-watch again and again?
Oh gosh. The Steve Martin remake of "Father of the Bride" is right up there. I also really enjoy "Tombstone" and the first "SATC" movie.

4. What color are your sheets?
We have two sets for our bed. One is a chocolate brown and the other is a pale tan.

5. Bacon or sausage?
Bacon, if it's done crispy. Otherwise, sausage. Links, not patties. And none of that chicken or turkey nonsense. If I'm having bacon or sausage, I want the real deal or nothing.

6. What is something you do more quickly than most people?
Fold a stack of towels super neatly. I guess all those hours spent folding towels on Caldor's early morning stock crew and for Bloomingdale's By Mail receiving department had some value after all.

7. When do you first recall using a computer?
At Immanuel Lutheran in the...sixth grade, maybe? Apple II C.

8. How many times, on average, do you eat out each week?
This would be an easier question if it were the whole month. Maybe twice, tops? (For the month, I mean. Less than once per week.) We like to cook at home! And we eat pretty well, I might add.

9. What did you last recycle?
I think the last items that went out to the recycling bin were a grape juice bottle, an empty Cool Whip container, and a couple of Pepsi cans.

10. Describe today with one (and only one!) word:

11. How is the natural light in your home?
Delightful. Glorious. Abundant. And I love it.

12. What makes you happy at this moment?
Sitting on the couch with my husband, relaxing, at the end of the day.

13. How superstitious are you?
Generally speaking, not at all. In relation to watching sports, lunatic levels. I also won't call out of work sick unless I truly am because I am afraid karma will catch me. I'd rather just be responsible than ill.

14. Do you like wind chimes?
Love them. We have a set T made out on the screen porch.

15. What was the cause of your most recent difficulty sleeping?
A bird in the tree outside our bedroom last night that decided it should start singing at 1:30am. Shouldn't birds be sleeping at that hour?!

16. What do you put in your mashed potatoes?
A little butter. A little salt. A little milk. And either some cream cheese or sour cream.

17. What television show is a lot better than you thought it would be?
Sleepy Hollow. The Big Bang Theory. Parenthood. The Middle.

18. What are you in the mood for?
Sleeping well, after last night's long and impromptu bird concert.

19. What was the first sound you heard this morning?
OMG, still that bird. If he starts again tonight...

20. Your best friend likes your ex. Are you mad?
Nah. Depending on which ex, though, I might question sanity.

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