Friday, March 7, 2014

Currently: March 7, 2014

This week at the Broken Road house...

Declaring... this coming weekend will be productive. I have a To Do List and I will be its master!

Saving... little snippets of everyday real life through my 2014 daily photo project. I've enjoyed participating in other online daily photo challenges the past few years, but decided this year, I wanted to make it my own, inspired by some of my favorite old family photos that my Gram passed down to me before she died. The "special event" photos are nice to have; they mark time consistently. But those I am most often drawn to are the "real life" photos, the ones where I can see details of the house and time travel back to what life felt like on regular days -- the sort of days engraved in memory, because they make up the bulk of our living. I want to have photos of my "now" that bring back the same feeling as the photos of my "then" do, when this "now" has become a "then."

Demolishing... the disaster that is the table by my regular spot on the couch. That's one of the items on my weekend To Do List. There will be no photo documentation of this though, because that goes beyond "real life" into straight up I am embarrassed by myself. Ahem.

Sniffing... the last of my designated winter scented candles. Spring is coming, with its light florals and fresh clean scents, but until then, I plan to enjoy every last drop of what winter has to offer.

Despising... actually, nothing. When I looked up the dictionary definition of 'despise', I found: feel contempt or a deep repugnance for, synonyms: detest, loathe, deplore, abhor. Those are all some pretty strong words. Life is full of difficult and challenging circumstances, for certain, but I cannot, truthfully, think of anything about which I feel that much distaste at the present time.

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